Jan. 17th, 2012

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Snowmageddon is upon me. So much snow everywhere ahhhh. It's particularly bad up north where I live; once you get out to the eastside and Seattle it's not quite as bad, but I think it's going to get there. Last night I did drive to West Seattle for the Spring Hill fried chicken dinner, and it wasn't bad at all once I was on the freeway. It was delish, as usual. They started doing 'flavors,' but the original is still the best. I still wish the sides were more traditional fried chicken sides, but I must admit that the spam musubi and macaroni salad are pretty darn delicious.

Obviously, this terrible weather happened just to keep me from getting/reading Death Note Vol. 7. SIGH.

I can't believe Sherlock S2 is already over. Seriously, three episodes does not make for a proper season. Sigh. Like S1, I thought the middle episode was the weakest...they probably do that on purpose. But unlike S1, I thought the finale was the best. Sherlock 2x3 'The Reichenbach Fall' spoilers )

I can't believe the Golden Globes came and went and I barely even had it on my radar. Also that the best picture/actor/actress/director winners were total unknowns to me (as in, the movies).

I'm amazed that Homeland won for Best Drama. Wow. I've been enjoying it from the start, I mentioned it a couple of times, but... I don't think it's that great. I mean, that's why I haven't talked about it much. No surprise on Peter Dinklage. Great choice on Jessica Lange -- she is fabulous in American Horror Story.
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OMG! )

Now ep 18 )

It's overrrrrrrrr. )

The best thing about Asian dramas is that they're like books... they have a beginning, middle, and end. There's no "monster of the week" type episodes, so that the show can drag on for however long the network can keep it alive. It tells a full story, which is why the endings are usually very satisfying.


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