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Update on Lasik: I'm still enjoying not having to wear contacts/glasses, but my right eye seems to have gotten "fuzzy" again. Fuzzy is perhaps too strong a word; if I cover my left eye, I can see fine out of my right, it's just not as SHARP as my left. The result is that when I have both eyes uncovered, it "feels" like I have something in my right eye making things not as sharp, which makes me want to rub it, which is a big no no. Sigh. I'm not sure what's accounting for it, because previously I was told that it was due to post-op inflammation, but that should no longer be a factor. I guess I'll just have to see what comes out of my 1-month post-op checkup.

I have been making a lot of food recently. Details + recipe for Hong Kong style milk tea )

I've also finished a handful of K-dramas since the last time I think I wrote about them... Okay, maybe it's more than a handful... )

Football season has started again! I'm participating in 3 fantasy football leagues this year. Two are on ESPN and one is on, which totally sucks. Yahoo is my favorite, but it's not as popular as ESPN, and the one league that uses it, I bowed out of this season.
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I thought it had been ages since I last really updated, but I'm not that behind, whew. I guess it just feels like it, because it seems that a lot has happened since mid-Aug.

One big thing is that I got Lasik surgery!! YES A LASER CUT MY EYES AND I'M STILL HERE TO TALK ABOUT IT! All the deets. )
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Well I have been a busy little cooking bee! It's amazing how much I can do when I'm not working. Turns out time + energy = motivation! :P Much of what I've made has come from Maangchi, so a lot of Korean stuff. It's all turned out really well, and there's still budae jjigae to look forward to with [personal profile] adelagia!

Over the last week I've made:

- Sigumchi namul
- Tongbaechu kimchi (in addition to the mak kimchi [personal profile] adelagia and I made last weekend)
- Kimchi jjigae
- Sea kelp banchan (as Maangchi suggests, I used the expended kelp from making anchovy broth, stir fried it with a little soy sauce and sugar -- it was actually really good!)
- Ttukbaegi gyeranjjim
- Japgokbap
- Chili (using [profile] corianderstem's recipe, plus added some red wine and chocolate)
- Peach crisp
- a pot of soup (pork and various veggies)
- And I've been growing my own mung bean sprouts (today is Day 4)!


After my annual physical I found out I'm pre-diabetic. :/ My doctor says I should exercise more (natch) and stop eating out so much (which is more because of my mom than me). So my plan is to make big batches of homecooked meals, then freeze a lot of it, so that I don't have to worry about cooking on weeknights if I don't want to. To that end, I've ordered a 7 cubic foot chest freezer that will go in my garage, because my fridge freezer is so small and is constantly bursting at the seams.


Other than K-dramas, I've been watching a couple of other shows:

1) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy can get a bit much sometimes, but for the most part I really like this one. It's funny and charming, which is one of Tina Fey's singular talents, I suppose -- making something that shouldn't be funny at all somehow humorous.

2) The Man in the High Castle: It's good enough to keep me watching, but not good enough for me to rec wholeheartedly. I really want to like it much more than I do. The problem is that they don't really give you any characters to root for in any real way. They're all kind of superficially drawn and only vaguely interesting. I also don't really ship anything on the show, but I could ship Joe/Julianna if only they'd give us a little more on that front... Instead, they seem to be cooling off on it entirely. So now I'm just kind of like /shrug.
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Seahawks vs Green Bay... I don't... I can't... what an embarrassment. Does the team have an "off" switch when they play games on the road? They're 0-4-1 this season with 2 TDs. TWO. WTF. Our offense is offensive to me. Not that the D was that great this game, either. I realize Earl is gone, and that was always gonna hurt. I expected them to lose this game -- they were playing at Lambeau, they've been shitty on the road, they were coming off a big home game, Green Bay has been trending up, etc. But JFC. Oh and they snapped an 85-game streak of not losing by more than 10 points.

Almost as bad as the team doing poorly was the crapshow they made of my fantasy football games this weekend. I managed to squeak into the playoffs in both leagues with a 7-6 record (go figure; I have a whole different cast and play entirely different people, but still managed to get the exact same record). One game is now an impossibility to win, unless Ezekiel Elliot gets like 70 points ON HIS OWN, while the other one will take monster games from LeGarrett Blount and Julian Edelman tomorrow night, which, given my luck with these things, they will not have. UGH.

I even drafted Eli Manning with the intention of playing him in place of Russell Wilson. I don't how he'll do tonight, but it certainly can't be worse than how RW played today, good gravy. I didn't end up playing Eli because I felt that I was not being fair to RW or the team coming off a good game, and I would feel really bad if Eli was horrible (very real possibility) and RW was amazing, for multiple reasons.

Next season, I am not drafting ANY Seahawks in my fantasy football leagues unless it would be absolutely ridiculous not to (like the next SEA player is miles above the next-best). It's too fucking stressful. Every week, I end up not playing FF the smartest way because I have to consider stupid shit like "feeling guilty" if RW has a good game. If I have no Seahawks on the roster, it won't matter who I put in; I just have to pick the best players, and the Seahawks doing well or poorly won't affect my FF games (well, other than when my opponent has a SEA player, of course).


I was felled this last week by some kind of cold or flu or whatever the hell. This one was brutal. When I got sick in New York, it was like a little baby cold compared to this one. That one I was completely over with in less than two weeks, and never even got to the really bad symptoms. This time has been the mother of all viruses. (And how annoyed am I to get sick twice in such quick succession??) I'm still not fully over it, but am on the road to recovery. A few days ago I was like, LET ME DIE, I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE. I don't even know how/where I got this thing. And if it's the flu, eff you flu shot for not covering this strain.

Oh, and even better? Aunt Flo came to visit. So I had to deal with that on top of body aches and hacking my lungs out.

On a more positive side note, have you heard of Thinx? It's period underwear, to put it bluntly. It's my second month using them (I have a full cycle set), and it's official, I love them. [profile] jade_okelani is a fan as well. You can read this article to learn more; I've read several like it where women tried to use them as their ONLY source of protection, and I think they're nuts. Or their cycles must be quite different from mine.

More TMI. Seriously, I am very frank in here, so don't click if you don't wanna know. )


I have accomplished the feat of finishing two of my many WIP K-dramas. I finished High School: Love On, which was okay, and Coffee Prince, which was better than okay but had the most boring and annoying side pairing of all time. I've also watched a few more episodes of Oh My Venus, which has gotten to a super angsty part, and I have no idea where they're going to go from here. It's quite disappointing, actually, that it started out so lighthearted and cute and has now brought us to this. Sigh. Henry Lau is still the best part of the drama. Also? Much of it seems to hinge on the viewer finding So Ji-sub brutally attractive. I mean, he IS attractive; he's just not THAT hot (to me).

Because of finishing off two of them, I allowed myself to start a new one -- "Hello My Teacher" aka "Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy." It stars Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo-jin. Gong Yoo is the primary male lead from Coffee Prince that I ended up really loving, and Gong Hyo-jin is the female lead from Master's Sun. She's another one of those actresses who gets a lot of work and critical accolades, and I don't understand why. To me she's basically Korean Maggie Gyllenhaal. Anyway...

Synopsis: Na Bori is a 25-year-old woman who desperately wants to be a teacher at the high school she was expelled from, so that she can work with her high school crush, young art teacher Ji Hyun Woo. However, the only thing that enables her to get the coveted job is by signing a contract to essentially babysit Park Tae In, a 20-year-old troublemaker who starts attending the high school, of which he quickly becomes the king.

I'm sure I found it when looking stuff up on High School King of Savvy. Anyway, Gong Yoo plays the troublemaking high school student. :D I've only seen the pilot, and so far I'm "meh" on it. It seems to have all the stereotypical characters you'd expect of a K-drama, as well as flight-of-fancy fight sequences and such. I suppose such things should be expected, given that it aired in 2005. The content and the format (it's in 4:3 aspect ratio, *shudder*) shows its age. I'll give it a few more episodes to see if Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo-jin can somehow work their magic.
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How does time pass so quickly? I swear I just updated this thing!


One thing is that I'm feeling very run down. I thought I might be coming down with something, but I think it's that I don't get enough sleep, and what I do get isn't very restful. My dog often wakes me up at odd times during the night, my mom gets up way earlier than I do, I like sleeping late, etc.


A few days ago, my internet went out. This happens from time to time, and usually hard cycling the thing does the trick. Or it's a broad outage, and there's nothing to do but wait for Comcast to fix it. This time, they couldn't reach my line remotely, and there were no outages reported, so they scheduled a technician to come out and take a look. My appointment was for noon-2 on Saturday. For two whole days, I lived without internet. [profile] jade_okelani suggested that wild animals might have been the cause, and I replied that yeah, and now they were making me live like one. -.- At 11 a.m. on Saturday -- no joke -- the internet mysteriously came back. WTF? No idea what happened. I canceled the technician, half convinced that at 12:01 p.m. it would go out again. Thankfully, it's been on ever since, but as I have no idea what caused it to go out in the first place, I will have no recourse the next time it happens except to complain to Comcast again. I've been hearing about a lot of people switching from Comcast to something else, but I'm resistant to doing it myself unless something really pisses me off, because I think I'm grandfathered in on some internet plan that they don't offer anymore. My internet bill is significantly lower than what I've heard others having (though granted I only have very basic cable).


Since it's been awhile since my last update, two more football weeks have come and gone. The Seahawks lost to the Packers, which I expected but was still disappointing. Then they shut out the Bears, but the Bears are super terrible so it's actually concerning to me that we couldn't put it away early. I have no idea how the rest of the season is going to go.

In terms of Fantasy Football, things are not looking great this week. I've lost all 3 of my ESPN league matchups, which is annoying because it's like I'm benching the wrong players every week. It's such a crapshoot! I get FF advice from SB Nation, but I'm starting to think that I'd do better just eeny-meeny-miney-moe-ing it. I'm doing better in my Yahoo league -- in fact, I'm pretty proud of the fact that after 2 weeks of play, I am in first place (as the only girl and only non-doctor/engineer!). However, my lineup this week killed me. Why did they declare Chris Ivory eligible if they weren't going to play him?? Why couldn't Eli get OBJ the ball? Why did all my starting RBs suck so much?? Right now I'm ahead of my matchup opponent, but tonight he has two players playing -- including Aaron Rodgers -- so I fully expect him to pull ahead and deliver my first loss of the season. :(


I finally finished The Martian. I really liked it, though I thought it ended rather abruptly. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the movie is going to do "the next scene" after the last scene in the book. The voice actually reminds me of Tim Urban of Wait But Why, author of the article about the Fermi Paradox that I loved so much. I'm going to get to see the movie on Thursday at a special pre-screening, because of something I did at work. Woohoo!


Made zucchini bread this weekend but it was disappointing. :/ The zucchini bread I'm used to having in restaurants is really dark and moist. This recipe, which had such high ratings, delivered a zucchini bread that was light tan in color and nowhere near as flavorful.


Finally finished The Vampire Diaries season 6, so I should be all caught up now. Spoilers. )


Has anyone heard of the band Right the Stars? I think I heard about them from one of those self-published YA books, and I really like two of their songs. But I couldn't find any of their stuff in the usual places, and they don't even have a Wikipedia page. WTF?? And they have 3 albums out! I finally had to buy their CDs from Amazon. What strange thing is this, that I actually have to buy physical CDs to listen to music? (Okay, they're on iTunes, but it was actually cheaper to get the CDs.)


Jade and I watched Need for Speed last night. Her first time, not mine. It's not a good movie, but it's definitely guilty pleasure, and as she said, "It's so close to being good!" :)) Love Aaron Paul, and I actually really like the ship in the movie. Dakota Johnson is in it, though at the time that I first saw the movie, I had no idea who she was or what she had been cast to play. I just thought she was a random actress with a "charming" gap in her teeth. Also Rami Malek is in it. He even smiles! Weird. Also we see his butt.


In going through old LJ posts, I noticed that I used a lot of quotes in my subject lines that I didn't ID, which drives present!me crazy, because it sounds so familiar and yet I can't place it. I've decided that whenever I use a quote in a subject line from now on, I'm going to ID it in the post. That's all; carry on.

"They're really blue" -- Jules to Tobey (about his eyes) in Need for Speed
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I'm sorry to say that I'm in a general state of blah. I shall go through why that is, one by one.

1) The Seahawks losing. :( )

2) Plumbing issues. Why does my house hate me? )

3) Problems with my right thumb. Woe. )
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Welp, I have reached the stage of my cold that I dread the most... wherein I cannot smell or taste anything. :( Sadly I did not discover this until I was in the shower, using some of the awesome Lush stuff that [personal profile] adelagia got me for Christmas. What a waste!! I held my loofah to my face and was like, "LET ME SMELL YOUUUUUUUUUUUU" but even inhaling as deeply as I could, I smelled nothing. Cry.

In positive news, my sense of melodrama is as healthy as ever.

[personal profile] 13oct, I have not yet tried your onion and honey thing. Mostly because it sounds really disgusting. But now that I haven't got a sense of taste, maybe it's time.

So. Whipped feta. How come I never knew that's a thing? I love Mediterranean food, and Greek fries, but until the other night at Vios, I'd never heard of or had whipped feta. It was AH-MAZING. It came with their bucket of fries. I don't know how they get it to be that consistency (almost like ranch dressing), while retaining a lovely, strong feta flavor. Recipes I've searched for online typically call for mixing feta with cream cheese or yogurt, and I actually tried it with Greek yogurt today, but it didn't work. It was just too thick. With 4oz of feta, I should have used maybe 2 tbsp of yogurt... but that hardly did anything to turn it into a spread, so I used a whopping 6oz of yogurt. I even tried to add extra liquid using olive oil and lemon juice, but nothing worked. :/ And the result was something that was far too tart (even with my muted taste buds, I could tell), and still thicker than what I had the other night. I don't see how cream cheese is going to help with the consistency, though this does look pretty damn good. Anyway, now I have what basically tastes like a very flavorful sour cream, which isn't bad, but it's not the whipped feta I was aiming for. Sigh.

You know what's oddly satisfying? Frankenstein soap. You know all the little odds and ends of soaps that you've used down to a small sliver, then couldn't be bothered to use the rest and opened up a new bar? When those slivers (and sometimes I get lazy before the sliver point) reach critical mass, I like to soften them up, then smoosh them into one super Frankenstein soap, which makes it big enough to use again, and has all sort of interesting scents (if you use different Lush soaps like I do!).

Robb NO!!!

Jan. 11th, 2014 04:17 pm
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Good news and bad news, but mostly good. The bad is that my cold symptoms are worse than ever. I always think, okay, I should be able to get over this in a few days, AND I NEVER DO. This is why I hate getting sick... it always seemed to linger and linger and linger. I always wake up with a sore throat because it gets so dry while I'm sleeping. When I'm awake, it doesn't feel so bad. Now it's all about the congestion. Ugh.

Now for the happy stuff.

1) My new computer has shipped!! It was originally estimated to ship *next Friday*, which is really rather ridiculous, but still, way to lower my expectations then overdeliver, HP! If only my friend [personal profile] akscully could learn from you.

2) I have tidied up my entire workspace at home in preparation for the new arrival. :D Long overdue, of course, but whatever. It got done finally.

3) One Direction’s ‘Happily’ gets an acoustic makeover and it’s ridiculously AMAZING - For once an over-the-top headline is actually quite accurate. It is ridiculously amazing. TY [personal profile] adelagia for letting me know this existed!

4) Another TY to [personal profile] akscully, for sharing this gifset:

Larry's face in #3...

And finally:

5) Three guys' reaction to the Red Wedding. I know, I know, this was ages ago on GoT, but I haven't seen this vid before and it's one of the best reaction vids I've seen. Usually the reaction vids are of girls who are freaking out while the guys in the room look all stone faced; these guys lay it all out there. LOL. It starts when the wedding itself begins, so the real "action" starts around the 5-minute mark.

"I don’t care. I don’t even care now. I’m completely dead inside."
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I've stayed home the last couple of days because I hate it when people go into work sick and spread their germs around. This morning I had to go to a meeting (my boss set it up weeks ago, and was adamant that we all had to be there IN PERSON), but drank a ton of water to keep the coughing at a minimum. My symptoms aren't too bad, all things considered, but I sound pretty terrible. Or as my coworker J. told me: "I hope you feel better. You sound like Kathleen Turner. Old, decrepit Kathleen Turner, not the young, hot one." -.-

While convalescing at home, I rewatched Arrow season 1. Oh, life is so hard! But I discovered something while watching it. I still love Stephen Amell/Oliver Queen, but all the stuff about Laurel, which was just barely tolerable the first time around, is now almost totally intolerable because the first nine episodes of season 2 have spoiled me so much. OLICITY 4EVAH!!! I don't even mind Laurel so much; I just can't stand Laurel/Oliver. The show opened with him having CHEATED ON HER WITH HER SISTER. THE SHIP IS DEAD.


OK. I'm calm again.

In original writing news, I am working on two different stories right now. Story #1 is the young adult romance I've been working on for weeks, and have over 40k written. It stalled a week or so ago because I was writing this one scene and it just wasn't working, but I didn't know where I wanted to go with it or how to get it there, so it just. kept. happening, and I was really unhappy and discouraged. That's when I started working on story #2, which is based on some personal experiences (and which [personal profile] adelagia inspired me to start on), and has turned into a potential series with [profile] jade_okelani. You know. In theory. Anyway, I finally had a eureka moment this morning wrt story #1 and what to do with the scene I've been working on. It's going to mean scrapping almost all of it, which I really find hard to do in general, but in this case, if it'll get it moving again, I gladly pay the price.

Meanwhile, I can't wait for my new PC to arrive, which won't be for ages yet. :/ I miss doing everything that I normally would do on my desktop, plus writing on a tablet is for the birds, I tell ya.
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Yeah, I'm sick. It's got to be just a cold because I don't have body aches or anything like that; if my throat wasn't sore I'd be feeling pretty normal.

I know where I got it, too. Monday night I had dinner with J. and R., who I haven't seen in over 15 years (CRAZY). We were pretty good friends in college, though we did have our moments of tension (such as when R. decided she couldn't be friends with me because I was too boy crazy. lOL! Which was probably true, but also, judgmental much?). I'm just really bad at keeping in touch with people. If they don't live within 30 minutes of me, or participate in fandom, it's just too hard to keep that friendship going. Anyway, J. and R. are really good friends, so when R. was called by one of her Jewish friends in Seattle to perform a bris on her new baby (R.'s a physician, not a mohel ;) ), R. came up to stay with J. and we all got together for dinner at the Vios pub (downstairs from Third Place Books!). Had a great time -- R. is exactly as I remembered her, though I think we are all more mature and have more perspective now (I hope) -- but J. mentioned that she had a sore throat. We all shared dessert and I thought R. and I avoided eating the parts J. touched but apparently I was not successful. GRRRRRRR.

I have purchased the new PC after days of hemming and hawing ([personal profile] akscully can attest to this). I ended up going with a compromise solution once I realized it was possible. I customized a base HP PC with a 4th-gen processor, building it exactly like the one I wanted with a 3rd-gen processor. Due to a coupon code I used from Chase Rewards I was able to make it cost (marginally) less than the 3rd-gen version, and with that being the case my brother said to opt for the 4th-gen, so that's what I did. Final specs:

- 4th-gen Intel Core i7-4770 processor quad-core [3.4GHz, 8MB Shared Cache]
- 16GB RAM (2 DIMM)
- 3TB hard drive
- Blu ray reader/multi-DVD burner
- Graphics card: 4GB Nvidia GeForce GT640

If I let myself think about it more I'd probably keep changing my mind, so I finally had to just make a decision and stick with it.

In ridiculous news, I had a bill from my healthcare provider for $7.88 moooooonths ago. I was going through all the dizzy spells and what not, so I put off paying for it (though I had already paid much-higher bills from earlier), because I figured other bills would be forthcoming and I could just pay them all at the same time. Except that did not happen. It was like the only bill for months, and I'm an utterly ridiculous person and kept forgetting about it, even after several reminders. And yes, I did keep thinking that I would have another bill at some point and could pay them together. Finally, after coming back from LA, I got a notice that the bill had been sent to a collection agency. And I also got another bill for $0.95. That's right, $0.95. So I called my healthcare provider and said that I wanted to pay for the $0.95, because clearly I needed to do it right away or it wouldn't be done, and I didn't want THAT to eventually be sent to the collection agency as well. That's when she found out about the $7.88 I was delinquent, and she said that she would pull it out from the collection agency so that my credit score wouldn't be affected (I didn't even THINK about that. Ridiculousness #2, if my credit score got negatively affected due to freaking $7.88), and I paid for that. Hopefully nothing will go wonky with the system or something and it doesn't actually affect my credit score. :/ Anyway, I said, well what about the $0.95, I don't want that to haunt me later. And she was like, "Oh, I think they've already forgiven that. I mean, they usually forgive really small amounts. I'm surprised the $7.88 got sent to the collection agency instead of just being forgiven." So ridiculousness #3, that if they regularly forgive small amounts, that that amount wasn't forgiven. HONESTLY.
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I have a major project due at work, so obviously to distract myself from it, I need to make an LJ post. :P It's actually why I haven't posted any ASOIAF topics lately, even though a few are percolating in my brain. The ones I want to talk about next require some research, and it can be a bear sometimes to find supporting quotes and what not.

Some random updates on the State of Me:

* My eye doc wants me to ditch my hard contacts and get with the times, as they're becoming "obsolete." I've just never minded having them -- they don't feel like anything in my eyes, so soft contacts are not more comfortable for me -- and I've had them for years. The biggest pain about them is that finding contact solution is a lot tougher than for soft, and more costly as well. I wore some soft contacts as a trial run for two weeks... and ended up ordering new hard lenses. Apparently soft contacts have come a long way in terms of letting air through, but hard (gas permeable) lenses have always been better for that, so that your eyes feel less tired at the end of the day. I didn't much notice a difference in that regard. What I didn't like about the soft contacts: )

* I'm nearly done with a YA book called Thoughtless, by S.C. Stephens. It has amazing reviews on Amazon (4.3 stars with over 1,200 reviews), so I was really looking forward to reading it, even though it deals with a true love triangle, which I normally despise. I think it was self published, so didn't have a proper editor (at least, I hope not). It reads like fanfic, which obviously isn't necessarily bad, as there's really good fanfic out there, but it reads like mediocre fanfic. The protagonists are in their early 20s, so it's more mature than your typical YA lit, which I was actually looking forward to. Unfortunately, the heroine -- if she can be called such -- is TSTL, and has the emotional maturity of a pre-teen girl. I tried to get past the love triangle thing, wherein she's seriously torn between the two guys (since that was the premise of the story and I chose to read it knowing that full well), but she just seemed extremely fickle and selfish (which is partly why I hate true love triangles to begin with). She kept wavering back and forth, and it just made me hate her. I liked one of the guys, but his perfectness was just kind of over the top. Anyway, I can't rec it. If you see it and are interested in reading it, go in with your eyes open about what to expect.

* I went canoeing this weekend with J. Ohmygod at how much my arms hurt afterward. I didn't even do much, but I don't exercise, like, ever, so it was terrible. I mean, the canoeing at the time was awesome. We rented a canoe through the UW, the day was unbelievably perfect, and being on the water was fabulous. Every time I drive over the 90 or 520 and see people out on Lake Washington with their boats and kayaks and what not, I'm always like, how do you even do those things?? Now I know! But afterwards, when I was going to bed that night -- OMG. It wasn't a nice kind of ache in my muscles; it was REALLY, REALLY PAINFUL, to the point where I had trouble sleeping. :( (But we did go and get pedicures after, and that's always fun.)

* Had brunch with [profile] corianderstem to celebrate her recent birthday! We went to Tilikum Place Café, which I'd never been to before, but really liked it. I had their special eggs benedict of the day (salmon), A. had the caprese sandwich, and we split a peach-with-sage-sugar Dutch baby. It was all very good. Best of all though were their condiments: a house-made ketchup, and a habanero hot sauce from Belize called Maria Sharp's. It was so good! I had to buy a bottle from them right then and there (our server said that they get theirs direct from Belize, because it's impossible to find locally), though now I'm investigating getting it in bulk. >.>

* I've been on a Parminder Nagra kick lately. I saw her in the latest season of Psych, which made me want to rewatch Bend It Like Beckham (which is a nearly perfect movie, except for Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, who I don't find attractive at all, and also just looks way too evil for a tame hero role like that imho), which then led me to watching the short-lived Alcatraz series (which is OK).

* Speaking of JRM, I meant to talk about the City of Bones movie, which I saw with the DG gals a couple weekends ago, but it's now been so long I don't know if I remember all the details. Bottom line: The critics were right to pan it, and the fans are right to find it reasonably enjoyable. More in-depth commentary. )
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I woke up in the middle of the night with a SORE THROAT. Nooooooooooooo!!! [profile] jade_okelani has somehow transmitted her cold to me through the Internets! It's feeling better right now, I can barely tell it's there, but it doesn't feel fully normal. Please please please do NOT let me get sick. That would be intolerable.

Well, I have gotten [personal profile] akscully sucked into The Vampire Diaries and Damon. Muhuahahaha. True to form, she is now AHEAD of me and has started watching S2. I'm going to wait until 2 more episodes have aired so I can put the first 7 eps on a disc and watch that way. Meanwhile, Project Get Jade Sucked Into Merlin is moving ahead slowly, though not the runaway success of Project Get Akscully Sucked Into TVD. She just finished watching episode 5, and her comments make me and [personal profile] akscully giiiiiiiiggle. She said she loves Arthur's expressions. LOLLLLLLLLL she doesn't even KNOW.

Last night, had a fantastic dinner at Spring Hill with [profile] corianderstem and [profile] leiliaxf. Such good food and company! We may try to do the fried chicken dinner in February, so that'll need to be booked soon. :D Tonight -- Mistral Kitchen with [profile] belcantin, a fellow mod at [community profile] food_porn!

I'm trying to decide between AAA roadside assistance and Allstate Motor Club roadside assistance. :/ At about the same level of cost, these are the differences: 1) Towing - AAA is free up to 5 miles; Allstate gives a $100 benefit toward towing; 2) Lockout - AAA gives $50 toward lockout service; Allstate gives $100; 3) Out of gas - AAA, you pay for the gas; Allstate, $100 benefit; and 4) Tire change - AAA, free; Allstate, $100 benefit. If I'm getting it just for towing, I suppose I should go with AAA. But lockout service is actually the only thing I've actually used! So I don't know which to get. >< What's your vote???

I'm working on another Merlin story, but there's also a Damon drabble I've been thinking about (yes, they should just rename the show to Damon).


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