Jul. 27th, 2012

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Jeremy Renner is reportedly in negotiations to replace Christian Bale in some David O. Russell movie. He's replaced Christian in my affections, so why not this movie too, I say. :)) Basic premise of movie: Based on the true story of a notorious financial con artist (Mel Weinberg) and his mistress, who were forced to work with an intense and ambitious FBI agent (Jimmy Boyle) to turn the tables on other con artists, mobsters and politicians.

What doesn't make sense, if what Variety is reporting is correct, is that Bradley Cooper will take over the role CB was to play (con artist Weinberg), while JR would take over BC's original role (FBI agent Boyle). Not that I don't like Bradley, but Weinberg sounds like a meatier role and more apropos for a two-time Oscar nominee like Jeremy. Plus, as much as I like seeing Jeremy star in big-budget action films, I really want to see him win an Oscar and that's not going to happen with him playing bland good-guy roles. Jeremy plays bad guys with such believable intensity. I mean, I like seeing him as the good guy, too, but his bad guys have depth and a gray quality that not everyone can bring (sorry Bradley, you definitely can't). Boyle sounds like it might be a more interesting good guy role than most, but considering CB was originally going to play Weinberg, I have to think that's the more interesting role (the only time CB bizarrely chose a less-interesting role was in Terminator: Salvation, when he insisted on playing John Connor instead of the terminator, which went to Sam Worthington). It just makes no sense to me that Bradley would step into Christian's shoes, when on an acting level Jeremy and Christian are more comparable.

You know, it's really strange. Friday always seems to take forever to get here. And yet, when it comes to my weekly writing assignment (which is due on Fridays), it seems to always. be. Friday. Argh.

I've now watched S1 of Leverage and I think, sadly, that's as far as I can go. Spoilery commentary. Also I touch on Psych, The Unusuals, Lie to Me, Monk, Community, and Fringe. >.> )

Breaking Bad has aired two eps of S5 and so far I'm keeping up with it. I really don't want to be spoiled, I guess is my main motivator. I just have one thing to say about the new season so far, which is pretty much the same thing that could be said about every season: Walt's such an asshole.

I'm also going to start S5 of Mad Men soon. I think I got spoiled for something, but I'm not sure. I'm just glad it wasn't more. I had to scroll by all of the stuff they'd post about it on Slate. Freaking news orgs shouldn't report on the content of TV shows! And certainly not on the front page! Grrrrrr.

Another fun vid: Two artists playing Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D minor" on a floor keyboard... possibly at FAO Schwarz?


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