Mar. 16th, 2012

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Thanks to everyone who made suggestions on cleaning the smoke stains off my stove. I also asked an LJ domestics comm and my foodie list at work. 90% of people recommended Bar Keeper's Friend and Bon Ami, so I picked those up from QFC (I've looked for them at Walmart before to no avail, and thinking that Walmart would have a larger selection of cleaning products than a grocery store, assumed I wouldn't be able to get them anywhere local. How wrong I was). First I tried ketchup. An ex-bartender told me that he used to wipe down various surfaces with ketchup at the end of a night, that it was an old barkeeper's trick, because the acid in it cleans off most things and makes brass look shiny and new. It did not, however, work on the smoke stains. Bon Ami worked though! I was thrilled when I saw it actually make a difference. I still have some darker gunk to work on, and I'm going to try BKF, but seriously, up to this point NOTHING had worked on those stains and Bon Ami did. Plus it has two other things going for it: All the ingredients are natural/biodegradable, and it cost $1.69, compared to BKF, which was $3.99!

Now I have another question about domestics. Does anyone have a professional house cleaner/maid service that they use? I don't think I've made any secret of the fact that I hate cleaning. I'm considering buying this Tippr deal for house cleaning, but my problem with hiring someone to come do it is this: 1) I don't like the idea of people being in my house when I'm not there; 2) If I left the house I'd have to take Talis and/or Jaime (maybe not Jaime) with me; 3) I'd feel very awkward to be there, doing nothing while they're cleaning my house. It's like being in your hotel room when the maids are going about doing their jobs; and 4) I'd have to de-clutter before they arrived, which is half the battle! I think this inability to accept either situation is why I've never hired a cleaning crew, even though it makes perfect sense to do so as I rarely do it myself. So if you have used professional house cleaning, what's been your experience?

Well my bracket is trashed already. Sigh. I've already lost two of my Sweet 16 teams, and with Texas currently getting trounced I'm set to lose at least another one before the day is done. WHY can't I ever have a bracket that at least performs middling?! It's embarrassing to be at the bottom of the pack!

In Fandom March Madness news, LESLIE KNOPE IS THE WINNER! Yay!!!! I'm pretty impressed with the fact that 4 of the winners of the 5 seasons it's been going on, I've been a big fan of the champion -- and the one season I wasn't, it was because I hadn't really watched the show (Supernatural). Still, based on what little Supernatural I've seen, Dean *is* my fave, so there's that. Witness:

2008 Champion: Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)
2009 Champion: Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
2010 Champion: Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
2011 Champion: Troy Barnes (Community)
2012 Champion: Leslie Knope (Parks & Recreation)

I'm particularly impressed by Troy's win last year. There are many great characters on Community, and I didn't think anyone else had the good taste to love Troy the most. But happily, I was wrong!

Going to Tilth with K and fam this weekend. Tilth is one of those restaurants that I absolutely love and always go during RW, but which is just slightly a little too pricey during regular times... maybe because I always want to have their $90pp prix fixe. Sigh. Why can't I win the lottery already? Surely I'm due. :P
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OMG, awesomeness.

This artist is celebrating the return of Community by artwork depicting each of the characters as a Game of Thrones character! Two of my favorite fandoms colliding!

Greendale is coming! )

And the fun doesn't stop there. There's also the return of Arrested Development. And this blog brings you... Arrested Westeros!

I've made a huuuuge mistake. )

March Madness update: OMFG MISSOURI WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. That's my first Elite 8 team to be out. DAMN IT. At least others had them going to the Final Four, but STILL. &$@#&$#@* I am BOTTOM DEAD LAST in my office pool. FML.

This is funny... but also how I feel about spoilers. :))


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