Jan. 19th, 2012

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Thanks to everyone who made useful (note this adjective, [personal profile] akscully) suggestions as to what should go into my emergency survival kit. I think I want to be prepared to the level of an unforeseen disaster that's quite serious. I probably (hopefully) won't ever need to use it, but it should cover the "light" disasters such as a power outage to something more severe.

I've decided I want to have two "kits" -- one for the house and one for the car, where it's kept in the trunk at all times, in case something happens while I'm out, or if I just need to GO. I figure if I'm at home my car should be with me, so in these lists I won't duplicate items -- the house kit can be assumed to have all things the car kit has (but not vice versa).

This is kind of a shopping/packing list for myself, but if you have any ideas/suggestions, let me know! What would you put in your kit??

I'm aiming to get things that are least dependent on other things as much as possible -- for example, instead of "lighter" I'd prefer a firestarter that doesn't require gas.

The packing list(s). )


Jan. 19th, 2012 06:53 pm
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I HAVE DEATH NOTE VOL. 7! Yay!!! It was a near thing though.

I double checked the shipping info, and while B&N usually ships stuff to me by UPS, this time they used the USPS. So I checked the tracking number, and it said it had been delivered 2 days ago! But I haven't checked my mail since, like, last Saturday, convinced that there was no way the USPS was delivering mail. I'm sorry to have doubted you, USPS. So I ventured out through calf-height snow to my mailbox, which is usually like a 1-minute walk but which took me like 5 minutes, because of gingerly having to go through the snow. I finally got there, put my key in and turned... AND THE MAILBOX WOULDN'T OPEN. It was sealed shut!! All the ice and what not had made it impossible (for me) to open. I kept trying and trying and trying, pulling with all my limited strength, but there's only so much grip you can get on a small key, getting colder by the second because it's still lightly drifting snow out there, my sneakers/socks were wet, etc. I figured I'd have to trek back home, get some warm water, and pour it over the mailbox edges, except I couldn't face actually going through all the snow and then back out again. I was like, ohmygod that Death Note Vol. 7 is in there, one inch away, TAUNTING ME, and I STILL CAN'T READ IT. I was extremely lucky though, because the guy who lives in the house that the mailbox is in front of, came home, and using pliers to get a grip on the key, managed to yank it open. Yippee.

I was rewatching Batman Begins, and the kid that Rachel saves/Batman gives one of his gadgets to looked SO familiar, but I couldn't place him. And then I finally realized who he was... JOFFREY BARATHEON. OMG. Thanks a lot, Batman. That kid's going to grow up to make a whole lot of people miserable. :))


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