Jan. 11th, 2012

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If anyone is on Dreamwidth, my name there is sarea. I actually always use DW to post and just crosspost to LJ because LJ is still where most people congregate. But I'm going to start including a DW footer with my posts, as perhaps eventually I'll just migrate there. Frankly I like a lot of things about DW more than LJ, not the least of which is that their entry length limit is a lot higher than LJ's. I don't really give a hoot about any of the recent changes LJ's made, but a lot of other people seem to, so whatever, I'm flexible. I probably should have just gotten sarea_okelani there too, to avoid confusion, but I've always wanted just plain sarea. LJ's "sarea" has made a total of two posts since they created the journal in 2001, and hasn't even made a single entry since July 8 of that year. -.-

This is one of the most heartbreaking things I have heard about recently. I can't help but follow all the reports about it, because it makes me so, so sad and angry. RIP, Danny Chen. You seemed like one of the best sort of people the world should have.

Jade and I want to see this movie "Haywire" that's coming out in another week or so. It's like Alias meets Salt meets Mr. & Mrs. Smith (well, the trailer's opening scene) meets City Hunter! Many A-list male celebrities... though the female lead not as much.

I've watched 2 more episodes of American Horror Story. Unfortunately, as [profile] corianderstem warned, it's already gotten away from being freaky and is on to being kind of hokey. I watched the "Halloween" two-parter, and it felt more like Buffy meets the X-Files than anything truly scary (perhaps appropriate since one of the writers was James Wong). Very different from the first 3 episodes, which freaked me the hell out.

The bad news is, apparently there's 12 cases of drug-resistant TB in India and this is how mankind will perish. The good news is, while I'm still alive and able to play Pandemic, I now know what to name one of the diseases.

I had the BEST dream last night. I dreamed that I was Ga Eul. And you know what that means, right? I got to be with Yi Jeong. It was AWESOME. You envy my brain.


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