Oct. 28th, 2012

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It's purple. And has a feather.

Anyway, I have stupendous news. A good friend of mine, T. (aka, [personal profile] adelagia, has published her very first novel ever, and I am so proud of and excited for her! (Also envious, because I have never even seriously attempted to write a novel, much less finish one, so... yeah. WAY TO MAKE ME FEEL INADEQUATE *GOD*.)

Her author LJ is here: [personal profile] caryattwell

The novel is called The Other Guy, and I absolutely love the premise. Her explanation is here, but to try and encapsulate, you know the nice guy who heroines usually leave at the altar/throw over for whoever the hero of the piece is supposed to be? And there's nothing wrong with him, except that maybe he's just too nice (or maybe not enough of an asshole)? This is his story. OK, just read her explanation instead.

Summary: Emory James is, by his own admission, not the type of person the adjective exciting would ever deign to touch with a ten-foot pole. Cautious, reserved and staid, however, all crowd around him like best friends. Still, he gets by -- or at least he gets by up until his fiancée dumps him at the altar. Out of spite, he takes a solo honeymoon to Thailand, where he can pretend to be someone better than himself for a little while. In meeting Nate, a fellow traveler, Emory slowly discovers how to stop pretending.

You can find the book at Amazon and at Smashwords. :D Squeee!


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