Jul. 23rd, 2012

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OK so, I saw The Dark Knight Rises. I was disappointed. I'm going to be like one of 10 people in the world who didn't like it, and I've made my peace with that. It was the same with Lost in Translation (*fistbumps [personal profile] adelagia*). But anyway, before I talk about the movie and the issues I had with it, let me share something non-spoilery that happened before the movie began.

The first thing I said to [profile] corianderstem when the theater lights dimmed was, "I hope we get a Bourne Legacy trailer." I was so excited when those familiar opening frames started playing. I've seen that particular trailer a hundred times online, but never in the theater, and seeing it on a huge screen was super awesome. However, it was the very last trailer, and the theater we were at likes to do this showy thing where they LOWER THE CURTAINS AGAIN before the actual feature presentation, so the final minute or so of the BL trailer was obscured by the FUCKING CURTAINS!!!!! Which then rose again to show the actual movie! Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! I was so fucking annoyed. Like anyone needs the fake anticipation of the curtains rising again for the actual movie. Totally ruined the only big-theater viewing of the BL trailer that I've seen. -.- You know, if you're going to insist on doing something like that, do it RIGHT and just STOP the projector AFTER all the trailers are DONE. Gawd. :-l x 1000000000000000000000

Spoilery The Dark Knight Rises commentary. )

After the movie, C. and I went to eat at the Ballard El Camion, which just has such yummy food. And long lines that don't let up.

On Saturday [personal profile] adelagia, [personal profile] slitherhither and I ended up having an impromptu Taiwanese cuisine day, starting with Boiling Point and ending with Henry's Taiwan. It was lovely to see B., who is so busy these days that we rarely get to see her. In between, we played Pandemic and had frozen yogurt at Peaks.

Did you know you can play Pandemic for free here? (When I told [profile] jade_okelani she was like, "Well now when are we ever going to do anything else?") It's kind of clunky and not as satisfying as actually playing with the actual pieces, but still, it totally works. The only thing is that it's a German site, so it's half in English and half in German, which makes for a somewhat confusing/frustrating experience getting started, lol. But yay that I can brush up on my (nonexistent) German? [personal profile] akscully was a very good sport and helped me figure it out, even though by the time we finished playing a couple of games with Jade it was like 4 in the morning for her. :))

Two hilariously funny things from Tumblr recently:

1) My neighbor's dog won't stop baking! ) Best response to a typo ever. Seriously, this makes me laugh so hard every time I see it. It's just so ridiculous. I think I might have to frame it and put it up somewhere in the house, because every time I encounter it, it's going to cheer me up.

2) "Scary Smash" - Kids make up a story, adults act it out. This one stars Joss Whedon. It's awesome.


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