Mar. 19th, 2012

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I have now watched nearly all of Miranda (with the exception of the last episode of S2). It's great. It's like so much British comedy for me, wherein there's at least one part in every episode that has me on the floor laughing. I just wish it didn't have a laugh track. It doesn't need it and makes the show seem really dated. I love Miranda, and Gary (Tom Ellis) is like, the perfect guy.

What is even more exciting than that is that I found out they made an Inbetweeners movie!!!! I freaking LOVE that show. It's kind of like Extras in that all of the guys look like total assholes by the end of every episode, and is hilarious in the way that only British shows can be hilarious. If you haven't seen it, you should. It's about "the misadventures of four high-school boys as they navigate the humiliating transition into adulthood." Anyway, I was always really sad that it only had 3 seasons, especially since the third didn't end on a very satisfactory note. The movie has changed that! For once, you end up feeling hopeful for the guys, and sends them off with some good vibes. It gave me the 'closure' I wanted. :D Edit: Be warned though that it can get pretty crass, and more often than not what happens to the guys is just painful (in a mortifying way) to watch.

UGHGHGHGHGH omg they're developing an American version of the show. WHY DOES U.S. TV HAVE TO DO THAT!!! It's SO ANNOYING! And says a lot about the general American population, that they can't relate to other cultures -- even one as similar to us as the British culture -- AT ALL. It's so pathetic. I bet it's going to bomb. I hope it bombs. STOP FRACKING WITH THE ORIGINALS. GOD. Remakes are almost always lesser versions of the originals (they dumb it down, it's not as funny or good in any way), which were brilliant to start with, so why fuck around with it? UGH.

March Madness update: I am now second to last in my pool. -.- The good(ish) news is that despite my horrendous performance in the first and second rounds, 6 of my Elite 8 teams are still alive (and all of my Final 4/championship game). This coming Thursday, I need the following teams to win: Ohio St. (if they don't win, I'm doomed anyway since I have them as the eventual champion), Kentucky, Wisconsin, Kansas, Michigan St., North Carolina, Xavier, and Florida. I haven't actually done the math, but I think that if everything goes my way (which it won't, but you know), it's possible I can still end up in the money. Or at least won't have totally embarrassed myself. My Final Four are Ohio St., Kentucky, Michigan St., and Kansas. Of these Kansas looks the weakest, and they have to get past North Carolina, which has been looking very strong. So the best I expect to do is 3/4 of my Final Four picks, which could actually end up being much worse.

I ended up buying the Tippr housecleaning deal. I figure at the very least, it will force me to tidy up. I'll just have to deal with my other issues.

I was telling K and D about Pandemic and D was very interested. Apparently he loves playing board games, but can never find people to play with him. K was like, we should invite you and your friends over to our house and you can play games with D! LOL. As I told [personal profile] adelagia it was like she was setting up a play date for her husband. :))


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