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IT'S HAPPENING. [personal profile] adelagia and I are taking a Korean I class at BCC in the spring. I'm super excited, but also disappointed because I have to miss at least two classes (that's 20% of the course! :() due to work travel. I really, really, REALLY hope that I don't have to miss more, but who the eff knows. I've told [personal profile] adelagia that she has to take good notes on my behalf so that I won't be forced to take her first-place underwear (Answer Me 1997 reference! WATCH IT!"). :)))))

You know how when you take language classes in high school, the teacher has you pick a common name in that language? In preparation, I have consulted this Korean name generator. My Korean name: Shin Yeon-Ji. (If I input Sarea Okelani, it's Kan Sung-Ra, which sounds like a medieval warrior princess! :D Well, IMHO.)

[profile] jade_okelani and I have finished watching Boys Over Flowers. The most terrible thing has happened... she DIDN'T LIKE YI-JEONG/GA-EUL. /cry I don't even know what to say about it. She and I agree on almost every ship, and I didn't imagine this would be one where we diverged, when it is the ship EVERYONE WHO EVER WATCHES THE SHOW PREFERS. Sigh. She says that she doesn't feel like YJ "wants" GE enough. Whereas the people who ship them obviously feel differently. But you can't "convince" someone about a ship; that's like making someone feel something they don't, which is impossible.

Jade and I are now watching Goblin, which we've both heard good things about. We saw the pilot last night, and I thought it was okay. I love Gong Yoo, though he looks weird... I don't know if it's that he aged, or the military made him skinny, or what, but he doesn't seem as good-looking/charismatic as he was before, lol. But maybe it'll come through more once we get his character to loosen up more; I definitely liked him most in Coffee Prince and One Fine Day when he was smiling and being goofy. The girl seems okay, though she kind of reminds me of the girl from Cinderella and Four Knights, who I was meh about. (But that might've been more the character/story than the girl herself.) What's weird is that there are two guys in Goblin who remind us of SIG, but only in a disappointing way because they're not him. :))))

On my own, I finished watching Mirror of the Witch, which was seminal for my K-drama watching because it's a period drama. It's the first Korean period drama I've ever watched more than the pilot of, and I actually finished it! It starred the girl I liked from High School: Love On, Yoon Shi-yoon from Flower Boy Next Door, the guy who hates Onew in Descendants of the Sun, the second female lead from Answer Me 1997, Kwak Si-yang from Oh My Ghostess, and the guy who plays opposite SIG in The King's Face, another period drama that's on my watch list. WHEW. I'd forgotten how much I liked Yoon Shi-yoon, and this brought it back. :) I liked the show for the most part. Spoilery comments. )

Bad news about Talis... it looks like he has an ACL tear. Ugh. Last week, the day after I took him to the vet to have him checked up because I suspected he needed a dental (he's been yelping randomly and has really bad breath; I know the signs as I've been through it before), my mom took him on a walk to the park. On the way back, she says, he started limping badly and she had to carry him home. She mentioned that he had been obstinate about moving with her to the trash can after he was done with his business (typical for him), so she had to pull/drag him (I've been through it myself), and I suspect that this is when the tear happened. So now I have to take him to a specialist, and either he has to have surgery (he's old, so I'm not thrilled with the idea of putting him through that), or he has to get one of those custom braces made. Ughghghghgh.
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A disgusting story ahead: My dog is old (he'll be 15 in August) and he has diabetes. I give him insulin shots twice a day, but whereas it used to be well controlled, it seems to be less so now. I'm supposed to do a blood curve for him, and have the kit to do it and everything, but I haven't gotten around to it. The last time the vet did a blood curve, his blood sugar didn't drop down to where it should've been, so she increased his dosage from 4 units to 5. It seems to have helped a bit, but the problem is that he seems to be hungry all the time. When he's not looking for food, he sleeps. This is a dog who, when he was younger, refused to even eat burgers that my dad bought for him from Burger King, or the pork chop rice that my mom gave him. Now he's after anything and everything, including the cat food. Usually my mom takes him out for a walk twice a day. But because it's been snowy and rainy, we've just been letting him go out in the backyard. Yesterday, TWICE, he ate his own poo. Like, it is so disgusting!!!!!! I ran out to stop him the second time, but he had already consumed some. I looked it up online, and "nutrition deficiency" seems to be a commonly listed cause, but there are also reports that there's no proof that this is actually the case. I think he is just hungry. :/ It breaks my heart that he would be that hungry, but there's nothing we can do! He's fed a normal amount of dog food, and in any case we can't overfeed him because his insulin has to be able to control the spike in blood sugar. At this point I just don't know what to do.


I have purchased a domed cast-iron grill pan. My plan is to put it over a portable gas stove, so that I can do Korean BBQ at home. Can't wait to try it out.


For B.'s visit, we're going to go to Snoqualmie Falls first thing in the morning (he's going to be at my house at 7 a.m. -- what is WRONG with people who get up that early on the weekends?!), then will have a late breakfast at Dough Zone, which opens at 9:30. We will then head back to my place and he and his wife will hang out a bit, then they'll probably set off for downtown and walk around Pike Place Market or whatever, and my mom and I will meet them for a late lunch at Etta's before they head off to the airport.


Jade and I finished ep 11 of Answer Me 1997 last night. She's confident about the ending, and it's all my fault. :)) She knows my preferences, and she knows I wouldn't recommend or want to rewatch a story that didn't have a good ending for my ship, so unlike me (and all the people who watched it the first time around), she's not feeling angsty about who Shi-won might choose in the end. Sigh. I feel bad, because the uncertainty is part of the fun! I mean, sure, I was 80 percent sure they would end the way I wanted them to -- all the promotional materials, the duets the lead actors did, etc., all pointed to it -- but it was also fun to have to fear they wouldn't. It made the reveal more satisfying! Le sigh.

Also, she finds the second lead attractive. When watching I found him OK, but after reading all the comments on Viki about his "duck lips," I can't unsee them, and no longer find him very attractive. :))))
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This is a very good article on why I love Earl Thomas so much as a player, and why I'd commission two pieces of art of him (maybe one day I'll have the entire Legion of Boom!). OK, it might also have a little bit to do with how adorable he is. [personal profile] slitherhither sent me a link to an interview he did during the Chargers preseason game last night, and he was so cute in it! His laugh at the end! <3

Speaking of the game, I was nearly as meh about the results as I was about last week's loss to the Broncos. There's not much to be proud of in crushing an opponent when you play your starters for way longer than they played theirs, imho. I mean, I guess maybe they were trying to ensure a win for the first game back at home of the "season" to give the 12s something to be happy about, but beating up on a lesser opponent is almost as cringe-worthy as not being able to play up to the level of a really good one. It's like, okay, so we're way better than the Chargers, big deal. We still lost to Denver. Bah. Also, I rather like the Chargers, so that's part of it, too.

It was nice to have the game on for the drive back from Portland to Seattle, though. I was in Portland just for a couple of days (one overnight) with my mom. I didn't have as good a time this time. Partly it was that my mom didn't seem all that into it, partly it was that the people seemed way snooty this time (actually they kind of seemed like it last time, but I think I cared less because I was with T. and B., and when you're having fun with your friends you can overlook a lot of crap), partly it was that transportation was a pain in the ass (we drove instead of taking the train/public transport), partly it's that there's really not that much to do in Portland other than eat, and with my mom it's even more limited.

We went back to Veritable Quandary, Tasty N Alder, Pok Pok, and tried a place new to me, Andina. Andina was REALLY good. It was actually my mom's favorite meal of the bunch. We also went to Salt & Straw twice. The sea salt and caramel is still soooooooooooo good. I tried the bone marrow and bourbon cherries and pretty much thought it was disgusting. My mom tried several flavors, and once got an olive oil and Stumptown coffee split scoop, but ultimately liked the olive oil the best. We went to the location on Division the first time, and the one on 23rd the second time. Funnily enough, we sat down at a table next to a woman seemingly giving an interview to a man who was typing up everything she said. I had JUST read the "About Us" on the Salt & Straw website, so recognized the woman as Kim Malek, one of the founders. Not sure what publication the guy was interviewing her for. But how funny is that?

My mom and I were both worried about Talis, who tends not to do well in kennels. We picked him up first thing this morning. He had dried dog shit on his nose. -.- I don't think I will use this kennel again. It was just unimpressive all around, including a new vet that when she saw him a couple weeks ago for his mandatory pre-board checkup, seemed afraid of him. I know Talis is a problem dog, but over the last year he's seen soooooooooooooo many vets, and they have all been calm and collected, so that they seemed in control and confident. This vet inspired exactly zero confidence. She couldn't get a look at his left ear in the backroom, so I offered to hold him down for her (as I am unafraid of him). There was a pause and then she said, "I don't feel comfortable with that. Is that okay?" Well of course it's okay, but I also felt like she was not someone I wanted to entrust the health of my dog to, if she doesn't even have enough of a spine to examine him fully. SHE'S A VET, for god's sake. There will be problem animals. And mine is only 20 pounds! Anyway, when we got him home he kept begging for food like a starving thing. Which he probably was, because he doesn't eat well when he's not at home. He's a weird dog.

Oh! I nearly forgot! I have joined an NFL-managed Fantasy Football league. I have never, ever played FF before, and have ZERO clue what I'm doing. I actually joined two, and the draft for the first one starts on Monday night. I really need some pointers before then. If anyone on LJ has ever played FF, I'd appreciate someone cluing me in. I'm not sure how I should draft and in what order. >
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Omggggg you guys, yesterday was SO HOT. Mostly a recap of me being really hot and sweaty. And not in a sexy way. )

On Saturday, I met up with [personal profile] adelagia and we did our usual thing. It's so usual, in fact, that I got an email from my mom asking me what I was doing over the weekend and she guessed that T. and I were going to have hotpot and play games. >.> I LIKE ROUTINE OK. Why do people feel they can talk to us just because we are in public. )

I've gotten caught up in the Olympics. Every time the Olympics happen I have zero interest in it, but then the headlines and highlights and what not get me into it. I basically like swimming, gymnastics, and anything that creates a controversy. :)) I was/am so sick of hearing about Michael Phelps (I really hope he sticks to his word about retiring), but at least he seems like a decent human being. Unlike that douchebag Ryan Lochte. More rumination on a select part of the Olympics and my newfound crush on Nathan Adrian. )

Okay, as if this post weren't long enough -- seriously, if you actually clicked into the cuts and read all that, I commend you -- I'm going to talk about TV now.

I'm nearly done with Psych S2. )

Breaking Baaaaaaaaad 5x04 'Fifty-One' )

In writing news... there is very little writing news. I'm working on two promptathon stories, but there's no way on earth either of them will be done by whenever the promptathon is supposed to end (though I just checked and it looks like the deadline's been extended, so we'll see if I can make the new cutoff date or not).

I think I'll try to catch The Bourne Legacy (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) this weekend, and pair it with Total Recall, which isn't doing well at the box office or in reviews, but which is GP enough that I'll see it.
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I have good news and bad news.

The good news is, Talis went for his eye checkup yesterday and he's in the clear! The eye has healed, so for the first time in WEEKS he got to go around without the cone on. You'd think he'd look happier. )

Now I'm thinking of getting pet insurance. J. raves about how great hers is, and I've been told that eye ulcers are very common in Lhasa Apsos, so it's almost certainly going to recur, probably in the eye that was unaffected before. ><

The bad news is, my Pontiac died. This is my secondary car that I use to take Talis around places and to park at the park & ride so that I don't have to worry about bad thngs happening to my primary car, so it's not a huge deal, it's just a bummer. I was hoping that it would last longer than it did, but also am surprised that it lasted as long as it did. I spent $1,500 on the car, plus maybe $200 in repairs, so it basically cost me about $100/month to own. I'm OK with that. Specifics on the car breaking down. )

So now I'm looking to donate the car. I read up about the various things to watch out for, such as the fact that many charities use for-profit companies to manage the selling of the car and keep part of the proceeds. I read that you should donate to a charity that gets at least 85% of the proceeds. But that has been IMPOSSIBLE to find. I also think it's kind of B.S. Only really big charities are able to do in-house car donations; most have to go through a third-party to do it. So, what, screw the little guys if they can't? (Consider that even Goodwill goes through a third party to do car donations.) Getting 50% of the proceeds is better than none. Also, proceeds come after fees are taken out. So what if a place gives 65% of the proceeds, but their fees are higher? Then it'll end up that the charity gets less of the money anyway, even if the percentage is higher. Ugh, so yeah, that's been a bit of a headache too.

And another Restaurant Week has come and gone. I did three more since my last post. :D

RW: The Georgian, Dahlia Lounge, and Crush )

Also, lulz that LJ changed the cut tags back. After all those changes they made that pissed off a lot of people and made them go to Dreamwidth, I remained unperturbed. But that horrible LJ cut might have done what all that other stuff didn't. And now that they've changed it back, I'm back to being fine with LJ. :))
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Update on Talis's eye situation: So we went to see the specialist, who was super nice -- loved her. The good news is that it's not serious. Details, plus a couple of photos. )

I didn't even know there was a new Temeraire book out until yesterday! And I've even got [profile] naominovik on my flist! Guess she's not as good at updating as [personal profile] grrm is. Then again, since she publishes more regularly, maybe it's good that she spends less of her time LJing and more of her time actually writing. Go Naomi! If you guys haven't read the Temeraire series, it's fabulous. Don't wait for Peter Jackson's TV series or whatever it is he's doing. I thought I'd be the last person who would be interested in a fantasy series about a man and his dragon, but I WAS WRONG. The general premise of the series is a reimagining of the Napoleonic Wars with an air force of dragons. Trust me, it's awesome.

When I was in SoCal, in my sick bed, I perused the shelf of books in "my" room, which doesn't really have much of my stuff in it anymore. I noticed a very old cookbook from 1968: Marguerite Patten's Every Day Cookbook. I assumed it was my mom's, but she doesn't have much interest in cooking and certainly not from recipes; she denied all knowledge of the cookbook. I have no idea where this book came from. I flipped through it, assuming it'd be outdated and irrelevant, but found myself actually pretty impressed with it. I did a search for it on the internets, and it came up at Amazon UK with seven 5-star reviews. Those people like it because it's so sensible and easy to use, and still extremely useful for cooking today, and I have to say that I feel similarly about the content, just having read through a bit of it. It's very comprehensive, with tips and tricks on common things (like gravy) that people either get way too complex with in modern cookbooks, or leave out entirely, assuming you know how to do it. It's not just 1960s casseroles and what not (though the CorningWare blue cornflower dishes do make an appearance!); it has recipes for beurre blanc and gnocchi and more complex dishes, though very matter-of-factly detailed. It's pretty darn awesome. The photos are horrendous; it's amazing how far food photography has come. But the content, the recipes, are still extremely relevant -- it really drives home that all of the cool technique and what not that's admired today isn't really all that different from what it was 43 years ago. In fact, what struck me is that apparently, this all used to be fairly well-known stuff to home cooks; what changed is that people stopped knowing how to cook, so when all that stuff came back, it seemed like some amazing thing. Another interesting detail is that people used to eat a lot more offal than we do today -- there are recipes for preparing tongue, sweetbreads, hearts, etc. You'd be hard pressed to find that in a modern cookbook unless it was a cookbook specifically about offal. So that's definitely disappeared from the modern table (unless you're in the gourmet food world, where offal is prized). But what was scarce back then that's incredibly common today -- avocados! In fact, the cookbook refers to them as "avocado pears." I had to read through a few recipes to make sure that it was, in fact, just an avocado and not some special other fruit that used to be eaten. I giggled when I read that we should be careful if serving it, because they're "an acquired taste." So yeah, I love the cookbook because it's practical and useful, but also kind of like a history book!

Life is short. I've purchased a meat slicer and an indoor smoker. REAL HOMEMADE SMOKED BACON, HERE I COME.

Did anyone watch Extras with Ricky Gervais? I don't know why it took me so long. It's BRILLIANT! Everyone on the show makes an asshole of themselves, including the big celebrities who guest star. Kate Winslet is obsessed with winning an Oscar, Patrick Stewart just wants to see tits, Orlando Bloom is in love with his own looks, Chris Martin tackily promotes Coldplay everywhere. I'm so sad that there were only two seasons of the show.

Now that I'm caught up on The Walking Dead, I've finally started watching Caprica. Again, don't know what took me so long since I love BSG. It's so good! I've only seen three episodes, but I LOVE the origin story of the Cylons and Zoe Graystone. Now I'm sad it was canceled.

I also attempted to watch the first episode of Babylon 5, which is a show Jade loves. For the first five minutes of the pilot I kept waiting for the screen to zoom out and show the 'real' characters watching this silly sitcom-like show about space/aliens... and then I realized that it WAS the show. I don't know how/if I can go on. I mean, other than looking like a sitcom, it also does that thing that I hate about so many fantasy shows/novels -- it totally throws you into the deep end of the pool with regard to the alien 'verse and the politics like you're supposed to know what's going on. Maybe if I just have it on in the background while reading my 1968 cookbook, I'll eventually get into it. O.o
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Remember that meme from way long ago where people took pictures of things that were requested of them, because they had or were getting digital cameras around that time? Well, I'm slow as always, but now that I finally have a digital camera, I want to take pictures of things! So ask and ye shall receive. (Pics of Christian Bale in the nude may take me awhile, but never fear, one day I'll have my company, Stalkers Inc., up and running.)

In the meanwhile, my dog is the unfortunate victim of my picture-taking escapades. Usually it's of him sleeping (sometimes in really strange, contorted ways), because that's basically what he does all day. I think he's awake like four hours out of every day, if that. The rest of the time, he's sleeping. Is that normal? I mean, I know it's partly due to the fact that I'm playing WoW so much, but it's possible I would curb my playing if he weren't sleeping all the time, giving me license to play more. It's a vicious cycle.

I have finally started to watch my Gilmore Girls DVDs. I've never even seen one episode before now. Is it wrong that when I saw Chad Michael Murray in other places, I thought he was heinous, and then when he showed up on GG I was like, "Hey, he's such a punk, I might actually like him!"? (This is why the Hatsumi/Shinogu shippers tried so hard to get me to see the error of my ways.)

Robbie's meme. )

To conclude: Make me take pictures of things!


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