Apr. 9th, 2012

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I think I'm getting the hang of Tumblr. It's, as [personal profile] akscully says, a "superficial way to interact with fandom." I can't imagine building friendships or having meaningful conversations over there the way you can on LJ, but it's a great way to consume and share amusing things. Two GoT 'The Night Lands' examples. )

I'm such a loser that I didn't step foot outside my house all day yesterday, so I didn't even know that it had reached 70°F. !!! But I'm not going to let Seattle fool me this year, as it has every spring. There are a couple of warm days and I think, "Yay, spring is really here!" forgetting that spring does not come to Seattle until July. In ASoIaF terms, THIS IS THE TIME OF THE FALSE SPRING. It'll get us all excited then turn into winter again. -.- Mark my words.

The reason I was such a shut-in yesterday was because a) I was mainlining The Wire; and b) making delicious things to eat, like the Best Biscuits Ever and a veggie burrito that's so good, I don't even notice or care that there's no meat in it.

OK, The Wire. IT'S SO GOOD. I mean, that should come as no surprise, because every critic ever says that it's a great show, but after The Sopranos I'm a bit wary of such claims. Not that The Sopranos isn't a good show, but after watching 4+ seasons of it I didn't feel like it was the best show that's ever been on television, which is something that's commonly said. It's also said of The Wire, but while Breaking Bad still has my vote on that score, I can at least understand why people say that of The Wire. It's just so fucking real, and has heart, and tells a good damn story. It's inspirational at the same time that it successfully conveys the gray areas of life. I like the characters, even the bad ones, because I can understand where they're coming from. That is totally juxtaposed with the characters on The Sopranos, who I pretty much hated all the time. They all seemed like selfish assholes, whereas The Wire's characters are about living the life you've been given or have chosen, but it's real life and you do what you have to to survive. I guess that's supposed to be what The Sopranos is about too, but it's just different.

Slightly spoilery thoughts from S1. )

I also watched a British movie called Exam, which had a fantastic premise but didn't actually deliver on it. I had many issues while watching it (though it was entertaining enough), and even more after talking about it with [profile] jade_okelani. Premise: The film is set in present-time United Kingdom in an alternate history, where a disease called The Virus has made a large part of the population dependent on medication that must be taken every few hours to prevent falling into a coma followed by death. Most of the film takes place in a single room, where eight candidates take an exam for an important job as the Personal Assistant to the CEO of a mysterious bio-tech company that is said to work on a cure for The Virus.


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