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A disgusting story ahead: My dog is old (he'll be 15 in August) and he has diabetes. I give him insulin shots twice a day, but whereas it used to be well controlled, it seems to be less so now. I'm supposed to do a blood curve for him, and have the kit to do it and everything, but I haven't gotten around to it. The last time the vet did a blood curve, his blood sugar didn't drop down to where it should've been, so she increased his dosage from 4 units to 5. It seems to have helped a bit, but the problem is that he seems to be hungry all the time. When he's not looking for food, he sleeps. This is a dog who, when he was younger, refused to even eat burgers that my dad bought for him from Burger King, or the pork chop rice that my mom gave him. Now he's after anything and everything, including the cat food. Usually my mom takes him out for a walk twice a day. But because it's been snowy and rainy, we've just been letting him go out in the backyard. Yesterday, TWICE, he ate his own poo. Like, it is so disgusting!!!!!! I ran out to stop him the second time, but he had already consumed some. I looked it up online, and "nutrition deficiency" seems to be a commonly listed cause, but there are also reports that there's no proof that this is actually the case. I think he is just hungry. :/ It breaks my heart that he would be that hungry, but there's nothing we can do! He's fed a normal amount of dog food, and in any case we can't overfeed him because his insulin has to be able to control the spike in blood sugar. At this point I just don't know what to do.


I have purchased a domed cast-iron grill pan. My plan is to put it over a portable gas stove, so that I can do Korean BBQ at home. Can't wait to try it out.


For B.'s visit, we're going to go to Snoqualmie Falls first thing in the morning (he's going to be at my house at 7 a.m. -- what is WRONG with people who get up that early on the weekends?!), then will have a late breakfast at Dough Zone, which opens at 9:30. We will then head back to my place and he and his wife will hang out a bit, then they'll probably set off for downtown and walk around Pike Place Market or whatever, and my mom and I will meet them for a late lunch at Etta's before they head off to the airport.


Jade and I finished ep 11 of Answer Me 1997 last night. She's confident about the ending, and it's all my fault. :)) She knows my preferences, and she knows I wouldn't recommend or want to rewatch a story that didn't have a good ending for my ship, so unlike me (and all the people who watched it the first time around), she's not feeling angsty about who Shi-won might choose in the end. Sigh. I feel bad, because the uncertainty is part of the fun! I mean, sure, I was 80 percent sure they would end the way I wanted them to -- all the promotional materials, the duets the lead actors did, etc., all pointed to it -- but it was also fun to have to fear they wouldn't. It made the reveal more satisfying! Le sigh.

Also, she finds the second lead attractive. When watching I found him OK, but after reading all the comments on Viki about his "duck lips," I can't unsee them, and no longer find him very attractive. :))))
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This weekend, [personal profile] adelagia and I made kimchi! :D We are totes ready for when we're dating and/or married to Onew and Seo In-guk, respectively. LOL. (Links go to pics of said celebs, in case you're curious.)

Here's [personal profile] adelagia mixing up our batch. I had a HUGE tub, so there's more kimchi there than it might seem. More than six pounds worth!

I also made buchu (Asian chive) kimchi and dwaejigogi-bokkeum (spicy stir-fried pork), both of which were AMAZING. Soooooooo delicious. I only have a pic of the pork pre-cooking because I was too hungry to remember to take a picture of it after it was cooked. >< Also, I didn't have a pound's worth of pork belly, so subbed some shrimp instead. ALSO DELICIOUS. I think you could easily substitute with firm tofu for a more healthy version... which I may try in the near future. The buchu kimchi is a little too salty, which may or may not be because I didn't have enough chives... I halved the recipe, but I was using older chives, so I had to weed out a lot not-so-good ones. Anyway, I will probably use less fish sauce next time.


One of my Christmas gifts to myself arrived today, and I'm soooooooooo happy. I love American Giant's stuff, especially their Essential Full-Zip Hoodie. I have several of the Classic, as well, but I like the lighter weight and softer feel of the Essential.

ANYWAY... Recently, they came out with a new product, a stadium blanket. I saw the email about it, but wasn't able to actually take a look until two hours later... and they were all sold out already! GRRRRR. A few days later, they said they'd made a limited quantity available again, and I was able to nab two in the only color that remained at that point, a heather navy. I would link it, but it looks like they're totally sold out now, and have even deleted those webpages. Sheesh. Like all their stuff, the blanket is really well made, heavy with quality material, and very warm. <333333

(I was going to link a promo code for 15% off, but it looks like it can only be sent through email. So let me know if you want it! And of course, I get something out of it as well, natch.)

I'm a big blanket person, kind of like Linus. Even when I'm not cold, I like having a blanket on me. It just feels so much cozier! Anyway, I have a lot of blankets.


Watched another episode of Descendants of the Sun. I'm actually still OK with the show, despite the fact that, as expected, the two leads are already "broken up." It helps that I like the male lead, and the female lead isn't super annoying.


I wasn't going to take any time off during the holidays -- other than the days off that everyone gets -- because it's a super quiet time anyway, and I was thinking I'd save my vacation days. Only... it turns out that I have so much vacation saved up (I can only carry over a year's worth, which for me at this point is 200 hours/5 weeks) that I would be forfeiting over 43 hours if I didn't take it! Which would be intolerable. So now I'm going to take Wed/Thu off, as well as all of next week. I still might be sacrificing a few hours, but that's better than 43. I don't work for free, yo.


Speaking of work, we did a white elephant gift exchange... only I had my annual physical during that time so I couldn't actually participate. I contributed a set of R2D2/R2Q5 salt and pepper shakers and an R2D2 measuring cup set. (I may have little use for Star Wars, but I know other people love it, so that stuff makes for good anonymous gifts.) My manager played for me, and he had told me ahead of time what he'd gotten for the exchange (a cast-iron fondue set). Since they were going to allow "me" to go last, thus being able to nab whatever I wanted, I told him that that's what I wanted. I figured it was a safe bet -- I didn't know what random crap other people were going to bring, and I don't really trust my manager to know what I'd really want, so it seemed the most prudent course of action. I still need to get it from him, though.


My December beauty boxes have arrived! I know, it's once a month but seems so much more frequent, doesn't it?

What this month brought! )
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Finished another one of my WiP K-dramas last night, Oh My Venus. :D Overall I do recommend it; it has a great cast, and for the better part of the first half, was extremely cute and charming. There was a whole chunk of the middle/end, though, that I really could have done without. The end was good, so at least there's that. It also manages to accomplish something pretty impressive... surprise and charm me with the hero's proposal. It happens in a way that I didn't expect, was unique, and was actually good. It's hard these days to have a proposal on a show that is any of these things, because it's done so much and in so many different ways.

I feel that this earns me the right to start another drama... I just have to decide which Seo In-guk series I want to watch next. Reply 1997, which stars a younger SIG? Hello Monster, where he plays a hot criminal profiler? Or Shopping King Louie, where he plays a chaebol who loses his memory? SO MANY LOVELY CHOICES.

I'm feeling fine now, but have lingering cold symptoms like having to blow my nose and a stupid cough. I have a dental appointment tomorrow AND my annual physical; I reallllly hope it's not going to be an issue.

[personal profile] adelagia and I are supposed to make kimchi over the weekend (rehearsal for being married to our future hot celebrity Korean husbands), and I have purchased a large tub, a fermented vegetables container, fresh squid, and a couple of other things. I'm planning to use regular plastic gloves as opposed to dishwashing gloves, but that should be okay. I've made kimchi once before and did the same thing, even if it was a slightly smaller amount. Then we're going to make tapioca coconut cookies. :D

I accidentally -- YES, IT WAS AN ACCIDENT -- opened [profile] jade_okelani's Christmas gift early, and it's awesome, a Breaking Bad-themed cutting board. I can use it for the first time for the kimchi making!
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Hmm. I was doing okay with the updates for a little while there, and then... that stopped. Sigh. Okay, so what have I been doing since my last real post? Lots of things!

1) Stressing about work. What else is new, right? Yeah, so that's happening.

2) Over winter break I played the Portal 2 co-op game with my brother, and it was so fun. So I finally played the original Portal and the single-player campaign of Portal 2 and had a blast. It is amazing how much longer the second game is. It's like 3 games in one. But really I love it because Wheatley is so funny. And because puzzle games are my favorite kind.

3) Caught up on a few TV shows: Dexter... The Mindy Project... New Girl. [profile] jade_okelani and I also just finished the first season of Nikita. We've been trying to watch Revenge but it's slow going; we want to like it more than we actually do. Spoilery comments on all the mentioned shows. )

4) Finally finished The Twelve. I am so looking forward to the final book in the trilogy, City of Mirrors. Also, Ridley Scott better hurry up with the film adaptation of this series. Spoilery talk. )

5) My new bed has finally been delivered! It's soooooooooooo woooooooonderfuuuuuuulllllllll, I LOVE MY NEW BED. I had them move my old bed into the guest room, and it's now there taking up basically the entire room, but my guests are going to have a great night's sleep, lol. I mean, that's basically what a guest room is for, anyway! The Salvation Army is coming this weekend to take away the bed that was in there previously. It's practically brand new.

6) Bought these awesome drinking glasses. A couple of years ago, I realized that I really like drinking out of thin glasses. I'd never really thought about it before one way or another, and then I was at dinner somewhere, and they had super thin glasses, and I was enjoying drinking out of my glass so much! There's something about drinking out of thin glass that is very satisfying; it's like the perfect mouthful every time. LOL, I don't know how to explain it. Those of you who've had the same epiphany, you understand. Or maybe I'm just a messy drinker and thin glasses make it enjoyably foolproof, I don't know. In any case, Riedel makes super thin glasses -- it almost feels like you could cut yourself on the edge (though of course, you can't) -- and I'm loving them. They look spectacular, too. Of course, they also feel pretty fragile, so they're probably not recommended for households with young children. (Aside: Riedel also makes specific glasses for water/juice, but I got those too and they're basically just shorter versions of the whiskey glasses, and I prefer the taller ones.)

7) Saw a play! J. and I stuffed ourselves with delicious Italian food, then went to the Green Lake Bathhouse theater and saw "The Understudy." Synopsis: A slick comedy where High Concept meets the down-and-dirty of the entertainment business when Jake, a grossly overpaid Action Movie star, decides to turn an undiscovered Franz Kafka play into Broadway hit. Things begin to implode when Harry, an embittered and idealistic understudy, arrives for rehearsal and discovers the stage manager is his ex-fiancée. I enjoyed it a surprising amount. I normally don't like plays very much -- there's always this stilted play language that from the first moment a character speaks, it's like, "Oh God, play-speak." It starts out like that, but quickly fades into one of the most enjoyable plays I've ever seen. J. and I agreed that the actor who played Jake was particularly good.


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