Apr. 25th, 2012

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Kerrigan as a ghost agent. She had red hair, which she usually wore in a pony tail, and green eyes.
I am soooooo excited for the Heart of the Swarm expansion to Starcraft II. I can't believe there still isn't even a release date for it yet. I not only love Starcraft's gameplay (though sadly I don't think I will ever actually be a good player), but the storyline is awesome. I really like video games whose stories are so strong that I want to play just to see what happens next (Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time comes to mind as well -- the movie changed a lot of it -.-).

Sarah Kerrigan is just such a fabulous character. In the original Starcraft (which takes place in a distantish future... think Firefly), she's part of a rebel force and rigorously trained from an early age (think Sydney Bristow) as an espionage expert and assassin, eventually becoming a ghost agent. Because she was conscripted at such an early age, she never had a chance for a normal life.

Kerrigan as the Queen of Blades, with mottled green skin, covered in a glossy protective carapace, yellow eyes, and Medusa-like insect-leg type hair.
At some point she's betrayed by her commander and captured by the Zerg (the insectoid antagonists of the series) and "infested," turning her into a powerful human/zerg hybrid and she eventually becomes the Zerg leader when circumstances allow her to regain sentience and free will. (It's similar to the Sylvanas Windrunner storyline from World of Warcraft.) She becomes known as the Queen of Blades, and her goal is to take over the universe with her Swarm. Meanwhile, her former allies have to stop her, including her former colleague Jim Raynor, who has to fight her but also wants to save her if he can (in canon they do not have an explicitly romantic relationship, just professional/friendly... here's where fanfic should take over, lol). Anyway, Kerrigan's original voice actor was changed for the sequel, which normally I wouldn't like, except that the new voice actor is Tricia Helfer! Number Six herself from BSG! That is totally awesome, so I am down with that change.

At the end of the first installment of Starcraft II Kerrigan mostly regains her human form, but apparently retains her Queen of Blades personality, still determined to gain full leadership of the Swarm and out to seek revenge on those who betrayed her when she was human. Her story is going to be the focus of the Heart of the Swarm expansion, which is why I'm so excited for it.

A survey by GameSpot ranked Kerrigan as the greatest villain in computer gaming. Not bad for a girl.

Trailers for the game. Eeeeeeeee! )

Even if you don't play video games, tell me that's not a fun/riveting storyline!


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