Apr. 5th, 2012

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Hilarious: Ryan Gosling saves writer's life

Jarett Wieselman‏: "Ryan Gosling saves woman from being hit by cab, NYC-ers begin hurling themselves into traffic."

And Rock musician gets rabies shots after bat pees in his eye

Everyone knows you should get a rabies shot BEFORE you have a bat pee in your eye.

One of our vendors at work yesterday catered Din Tai Fung for lunch and I am practically still full today from it. I love DTF even though it's extremely overpriced because the food is good and there is a dearth of good Chinese dumplings here (in fact, the supposed second "best" place to DTF around here is so crappy I won't even go). It's 1,000 times better to eat at the restaurant though, because the food's piping hot.

[profile] jade_okelani is finally getting an Xbox! This means I might have some motivation to tidy up my living room after all -- I'll need the Kinect space to play multiplayer games w/ her. :))

I confessed to [personal profile] akscully yesterday that I'm starting to develop an interest in Robb/Sansa. I put it in my interests, and even trying four different variations, I was the ONLY person who had it listed. Wow. I'm MORE OF A DEGENERATE than anyone else on LJ when it comes to this? Really? I almost feel duty bound to start a Robb/Sansa comm, except I'm kind of afraid that [personal profile] grrm is going to come yell at me. True story: I was never that interested in Robb until Richard Madden made me like him.


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