Mar. 1st, 2012


Mar. 1st, 2012 03:57 pm
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Ughghghgh I am sooooo siiiiiiick. I love my visits to SoCal, but part of me dreads them too because more often than not, I get sick, especially when I visit [profile] jade_okelani. I don't know what it is! It's like I get super susceptible to non-Seattle germs while I'm here or something. And because my visit was so short this time, it's really wrecking the last half of my visit. :-(

I've been having body aches since the day before yesterday, I have a cough, a slight fever, and started out with a headache. I barely feel well enough to get up and have a meal, then immediately afterward I have to go back to bed because I feel so weak. I just hope at least the body aches will be gone by tomorrow, because I'd like to enjoy my last real meal in LA.

Anyway, because of being sick I slept most of the time that I was at Jade's, though we did get in three episodes of The Vampire Diaries. However, we could have gotten in so much more. AND me, [personal profile] ropo and Jade didn't get to play Pandemic as much as we wanted (yay that they both liked it! They didn't know it, but [personal profile] adelagia and I have often joked that if someone didn't like the game we'd have to seriously reconsider if we could be friends with such a person lol. Luckily this was not put to the test since we are friends with people who have good taste). I also finally met their friend VicTORia, who I have heard scads about but who I've never really spent much time with. She always hosts these fancy dinner parties and I finally got to attend one -- a Valentine's themed Girls' Gaming Night. It was actually really fun, though I wouldn't have gotten through it without the help of Advil. We played Taboo and a new game Vik had gotten called Zero.

I am REALLY not looking forward to going to work on Monday. I wouldn't have looked forward to it anyway, but now that I feel like ass, it sounds like pure torture.


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