Feb. 2nd, 2012

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Wow, I can't believe all the shit that went down at the Abbey after episode 4. Spoiler alert: Downton Abbey S2, eps 5 & 6. )

I've used my new sun alarm clock the last two mornings and I think it's working pretty well. I use it in conjunction with my regular alarm (a stereo that plays a CD). I think the 'light' helps me wake up with my regular alarm more easily. It's weird because, when my eyes are closed and the light is on, it seems like real sunlight, so in that way it's good. But when I actually open my eyes, the light doesn't look like sunlight AT ALL. It's like a strange blue-purple color, it's still pitch black outside, etc. But it does seem to make waking up with my normal alarm easier, so that's good. The first day I tried one of their "nature" sounds but it was more annoying than soothing, so I stopped that.

I've been continuing to use MyFitnessPal... I haven't been strictly following my calorie count, but I'm sure I've been eating way less than I used to (if my constantly growly stomach is any indication -- which it is), so that's good at least. Holy CRAP is there a lot of sodium in sausages (I made a divine split pea soup with potato and sausage the other night, but in future I may make it without the sausage or with way less of it). And calories in drinks are the WORST. Even a small carton of nonfat milk has 90 calories! And my morning coffee, with cream and sweetener added, yikes. I'm going to have to go back to drinking only water like I used to (not that I drink a lot of non-water now, but what little I do, I regret the calories almost immediately, because it's not like it's even very filling).

My mom is coming back to Seattle tomorrow. I found this out yesterday. It's such a long story that I don't even want to get into, but suffice it to say that she was really upset (for the reason she has to come), but also looking forward to it (seeing me/the pets/eating Seattle food, which she insists is superior to food in LA). We'll fly back down to LA together at the end of the month, when I'll be on vacation. I'm happy to see her again, of course, but this is NOT good for my new diet. My mom can out-eat me any time, and is always "upset" when I only pick at my food/eat very little (it's like not as satisfying for her if I'm not eating with gusto right alongside her).


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