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Every day should be like yesterday. Except for the part where I had to work in the day time. Anyway, had a blast watching The Hunger Games with [personal profile] adelagia and K, then going to Boiling Point afterward to have us some delicious stinky tofu hotpot. LIFE DOESN'T GET MUCH BETTER.

So, the movie. Most people who are going to see the movie have read at least the first book, so I'm unlikely to spoil plot points, but in the interest of protecting those who don't want to know how the movie compares (and who haven't read the books), I'm cutting this. Hunger Games spoilers -- movie and books. )

Talis had his follow-up eye appointment today. The ulcer is smaller but not completely healed, so he's going to have to do the procedure. It's going to cost $750+ ughhghghgh. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH BACON THAT BUYS? And maybe the worst thing is that once that's done and he's healed somewhere down the road (soon, I hope), he's probably just going to do it to himself AGAIN because he's incapable of leaving Jaime alone.

Freaking Wisconsin and Michigan St., grrrrrrrrr. Syracuse should have been the first 1 seed to go. That would've done wonders for me. But no, the Badgers had to lose by 1 flipping point and Michigan St. totally choked (leading to me losing my first Final Four team). Both Michigan schools this year were big disappointments for my bracket, because I picked them to go much further than they did.

I have to babysit for K and D tomorrow. I'm going to bring over Pandemic and maybe when the kids are in bed, I'll play with their parents. :))
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The Hunger Games tonight with T. and K.!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I hope the movie lives up to the book/hype. It seems awesome, and I have loved Jennifer Lawrence since Winter's Bone, but right now I'm skeptical of the actor they chose to play Peeta. Woody Harrelson as Haymitch and Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket seem perfect.

Poor Talis. My untrained assessment is that his eye is not getting any better. :( He has a follow-up appointment tomorrow, and I suspect they are going to tell me that he needs to take the next step -- getting his cornea scratched. That is going to suck, both because that doesn't sound pleasant at ALL, and because it'll probably mean that he's going to have to wear the cone for goodness knows how much longer. He's already pretty much lost all will to go on because he's had to wear it for so long.

Homemade bacon round #2 is almost ready. The curing process should be done by Friday and I plan to smoke it sometime this weekend. Speaking of smoking, I now have this book, which has really opened a whole new world to me of what I can do with my smoker. I mean, Chinese-style tea-smoked duck? I love that shizz! I never imagined I could make it on my own. Smoked garlic cloves to make the Best Garlic Bread Ever (their name, not mine)? Sweet! Only bad thing about the book is that it was written specifically for Cameron smokers, which I don't have, so I have to use the recipes as guidelines rather than following them exactly, because the Cameron smoker is a bit different from the Nordic Ware smoker.
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It was pouring snow this morning. What? It's officially spring next week! Every time I dare to think that Seattle weather could not suck more, it proves me wrong. -.- Granted our spring doesn't usually come until June/July (summer is 2 days in August), but it's never snowed this much before.

Going to see Hunger Games with K and [personal profile] adelagia on Thursday! Then afterward we are going to Boiling Point for my favorite stinky tofu hotpot. It will be bliss. The only way it could be better would be if it were Friday instead of Thursday, so that I wouldn't have work hanging over my head for the next day, but oh well.

Now that I have this wonderful smoker I keep dreaming of hosting an indoor barbecue party. Smoked ribs, barbecue chicken, Zuni Cafe mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, corn on the cob, watermelon, mmmmmmmmmm. This is a bit of a pipe dream though because a) the house is currently a mess, so entertaining is out of the question; b) the smoker isn't really all that big, so making enough food for even 6 people would be nigh impossible.

I don't know when it aired, but I just watched ep 12 of The Walking Dead S2. Wowza. )

We are down to the Elite 8 in Fandom March Madness! Basically we need to narrow down to the ultimate winner of each of the four categories. On the ballot:

COMEDY: Abed Nadir (Community) vs Leslie Knope (Parks & Recreation) **This is the one I'm most torn about!

TEEN: Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) vs Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games)

SCI-FI: Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones) vs Donna Noble (Doctor Who) **The most hotly contested competition. I'm surprised but pleased that Sansa's gotten this far. The thing is though that I don't think a lot of GoT TV show-only viewers understand why anyone would possibly like Sansa this much. I can only imagine that those voting for her know her full story (as told so far) from the books.

DRAMA: John Watson (Sherlock) vs Mary Crawley (Downton Abbey) **I just do NOT understand the Mary love. I liked her a lot more in S2, but still. John is so awesome.
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As I'm writing this I have "The Tournament" on, which looks terrible, just terrible, but I'm watching it because Ian Somerhalder and bonus, Kelly Hu, are in it. OMG there's a scene in a diner in the UK and there's a bottle of HP sauce on the table. Awesome. OMG WHAT the way Kelly Hu just took out that guy in the church was badass.

Merlin 3x07 spoilers. )

Also, I finally finished The Hunger Games trilogy. Mockingjay spoilers. )

Edit: Oh, what the heck. Spoilers for How to Train Your Dragon, The Tournament, and Iron Man 2 )
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OMG!!!!!!! Amazon Fresh is finally delivering in my area! *does a dance* I've been waiting for this for sooooo long. Some of you may not have heard of it because they're only in the Seattle area right now, but I know so many people who use Amazon Fresh and LOVE IT. I know, I thought the whole grocery home delivery thing was dead, but Amazon has somehow made it work. I have not heard one bad thing about it, only people raving about how great it is.

It is ridiculous how excited I am about this.


OK... I have Mockingjay in hand (thank you, Amazon, for the expediency), but I don't actually feel like reading it. I read the first few pages, and it just sunk me into depression. I guess I'm just not in the mood for dark, post-col (as we used to call the genre in XF fandom) stuff. :/ I do want to know what happens, but I also don't want to ruin the book for myself by reading it before I'm ready. I'm going to wait, and will hope that everyone will be very careful about spoilery information!


[community profile] trashy_eats is currently in LJ Spotlight and we have soooo many people posting now, I can barely keep up. Yet I can't look away. It's like a gastronomic car crash.

I joined the comm thinking that there would be a lot of food that's bad for me, but prepared in creatively delicious ways (like English muffin pizzas), maybe some different but interesting combos (say, chocolate-covered bacon), or maybe just stuff that's bad for you but also yummy, like the deep-fried Twinkie I've always wanted to try.

But I've found that a deep-fried Twinkie is child's play to these people. I thought I knew about trashy food; it turns out I know nothing about it. I am constantly amazed by the ingenuity (and iron stomachs) of these posters. Some examples (which my uncreative mind would never have come up with) follow. Keep in mind that these aren't just things people eat because they were dared to or something, but because they honestly find it delicious (and many times come about due to lack of funds -- truly, necessity is the mother of invention):

  • Warm a tortilla in a pan till it's a bit brown. Slather with mayo. Roll up and eat. Proclaimed by the poster to be "HEAVEN... I swear it's awesome."

  • Variations of peanut butter ramen. Cook ramen noodles until soft, then add spoonfuls of chunky peanut butter. Add other ingredients such as scrambled egg or scallions if you are "feeling wealthy." So many people have posted their versions of this dish.

  • Ramen, period. Apparently I am the only person on the planet who has never used ramen for anything other than making ramen (though I will dress it up with egg or veggies or whatever). So very many posts about what else you can do with ramen. And the best trashy post ever, for "Gourmet Ramen a la Felon" -- recipe from a guy who learned how to make his variation in prison after bartering some cigarettes for food.

  • "Deathwiches." Basically, sandwiches inside sandwiches, your creativity is the limit. Example: Go to McD's and order a Big Mac and McChicken sandwich. Open up the Big Mac. Place McChicken sandwich on top. Place the other half of the Big Mac back on top. Eat. (This is a fairly tame example. Apparently McD-specific ones are called "McGangbang.")

  • Instant stuffing + instant gravy + canned chicken + crushed pineapple. Proclaimed "a staple meal."

  • This entire post, in which the poster has made trashy eating a lifestyle.
I love this community, though in a different way than I thought I would. There are very few things shared on the comm that I would actually want to make and eat myself (though I AM intrigued by chili dog pizza), but I am constantly entertained by the posts and taking my brain to places it never would have gone on its own.


To those of you who asked for books from me and provided a way for me to get them to you, I plan to mail them out today. :D What with those and the PBS and orders, I'm going to be one of those annoying people at the post office who have more things to mail than I can carry at one time.


I've started rewatching The X-Files from the beginning, and am on S2 now. (I'd burned myself out on XF so much that I couldn't even watch a single ep for YEARS.) There are so many little things I'd forgotten! Krycek started out as Mulder's partner! Scully was young and chubby! Skinner is interesting! It's amazing how quickly they became "Mulder and Scully." There were only like, 3 episodes in which they seemed like they were getting to know each other. And then it was all familiar touching and glances that lingered a second or two too long.


Wow, I guess I've blabbed enough for one post. So I'll end with...

TV Show Meme, Day 25 - A show you plan on watching (old or new)

HBO's A Game of Thrones, of course! I am so flipping excited for this one, it cannot come soon enough.
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Conan O'Brien: The FDA egg recall has hit a total of 380 million eggs. I can't wait till they find the tired, evil hen that did this.



If you've requested books from me and aren't someone I regularly see in person, please provide your address (if you haven't already). Sadly, the day has not yet come when I can beam them to you using only the powers of my mind. ;-) Also, a few of those books have been requested through the PBS system, so they're no longer available. If I have somewhere to send them I can take them out of the system. If you've changed your mind that's fine too. :-)


Tried a new burger joint per [profile] jade_okelani's recommendation: Five Guys Burgers and Fries. They have a ton of great press/awards from the east coast/south, but I think they are slowly making their way westward. Apparently they started out in the DC area; I can't believe I never heard about this place when I lived there. They have 2 locations in the Seattle area, one in Northgate and one "coming soon" in Lynnwood (yay). It was very, very good. I still like In-N-Out burgers more, but their fries are way better.

I got to use Lexus Destination Assist for the first time trying to find this place, lol. Jade had told me it was called "Five Brothers." So this woman was trying to help me find it, and we kept going back and forth on what it could be; I knew the location and that it served burgers. The coolest thing was her finding it for me, then "beaming" the location to the navigation system in my car, which then led me to it. For as long as my free trial lasts, I won't have to call Jade for addresses/directions to places!


Books I am excited about:

- Mockingjay, the last book in the Hunger Games trilogy. Amazon has told me that they've shipped it. Yay!

- Clockwork Angel, Cassie Clare's new steampunk series, which is going to be out at the end of this month.

- The Passage by Justin Cronin, which [profile] corianderstem highly rec'ed. I've been looking for a used copy at HPB, but couldn't find one until the other day when I found a signed first edition -- argh! I can't resist such things! So I ended up paying more than cover price for it. Sigh, hopefully one day it will be worth more.

- Tongues of Serpents, which I hope to have soon. I'm #3 in the queue!


I watched Inception again this weekend. Still love it. Even after second viewing I still have some unanswered questions. If your brain wants to go there... )

I also saw The Switch, which I had great hopes for because I love the leads. Ugh, what a total waste of talent. It was terrible. It sucked the life out of me when I was watching it. Spoilery stuff. )

Finally, I also saw Brick, a whodunit set in high school, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I LOVED it. He is so mysteriously hot. And it's an excellent movie, even if the dialogue takes getting used to.


TV Show Meme, Day 24 - Best quote: "Remember when he ate my goldfish, then you said I never had a goldfish? Then why did I have the bowl Bart? WHY DID I HAVE THE BOWL?" - Milhouse, The Simpsons

LOLOL that still cracks me up. Oh Simpsons, there's no one like you.
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To those of you who have read Suzanne Collins' novels The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, are you on Team Gale or Team Peeta? (I suppose I'll let "undecided" be a choice as well.)

I thought it was pretty clear from the beginning who Kat was going to end up with (the intended OTP), but apparently it's not as clear cut as I had thought! Jade and I differ in our opinions! :O Totally shocking. So now I'm curious, who do you think she'll end up with? And, perhaps a different question entirely, who do you think she *should* end up with?

Inquiring minds want to know!
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UPS's delivery schedule annoys me. Yes, why don't you deliver during the hours when people are most likely to be at work? GREAT idea. It's not so bad when they can leave the package at the door (then the worry is just that someone's going to take the package before you get home), but when it requires an in-person signature, sheesh! There's so much delay as they try to deliver over and over, and then you end up having to drive out of your way to pick it up from their service center. That's what I had to do today to finally get that Nikon macro lens I bought. I could have had it DAYS ago!

Lunch with the DG girls yesterday was fun and fab as usual, even if poor [personal profile] adelagia was slaving away at work and couldn't join us, and [profile] lyndsiefenele forgot what day it was and woke up when we were all supposed to meet (but [personal profile] slitherhither and I did walk around with her at the Ballard farmer's market and also to look for an ATM). Heehee. I was forced to order something new at Senor Moose because what I always get at dinner isn't on their lunch menu, and I really liked it! It was their carne asada sencillas, which came with seared steak, avocado, salsa, beans & cheese, and grilled bell pepper. I also tried [personal profile] elle_blessing's cactus, which was actually pretty good! The texture was like grilled bell pepper, but more cactus-y in taste. :D

It was pretty warm the last couple of days, and I repotted a number of my seedlings that were getting rather large, as well as the potted basil. The basil, btw, looks absolutely fine now that they haven't been in that window. I KNEW it was sunburn. Anyway, I've been trying to harden off the seedlings, except the 10-day forecast says rain, rain, rain! Argh. So how can I harden them off in terms of heat, when there's no heat to be had? Sigh. I guess I'll just have to restart the process in June, when it will hopefully be drier and warmer. I also think I am going to try to make my own organic pesticides because something has been eating the basil plant that's outside in the bed, and I can see other insects around. Ew. BTW, I totally thought that outside basil plant was dead, but this weekend I noticed that it has new growth! So it's trying to survive! All the rain that's expected in the next 10 days may end up drowning it though. :/

I went to Flower World again this weekend to pick up some soil. I took many, many pictures of chickens. I will have to share them sometime.

I've started Kushiel's Dart. I'm finding it a bit difficult to get into because of the writing style. I need another fun, fast read like The Hunger Games or Mortal Instruments.
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I finished Catching Fire. Spoilers... )

Last night's fried chicken dinner at Spring Hill was very good. Fried chicken is one of my favorite foods. There was SO MUCH chicken. The sides were rather skimpy, but there was a pile of chicken, even more than it appeared initially. Since the kids only had 1 piece each and there's only so much my mom, K., and I can eat, we had lots of leftover chicken. Since reheating fried chicken never works out well, I'll probably use my share of the leftovers to make some other chicken dish. The batter on the chicken was tasty and super crispy, my favorite. Sides were: mashed potatoes with gravy, macaroni & cheese (made with Beecher's, one of my favorite cheddars), jalapeno cornbread with honey butter, crispy oven-baked broccoli, and lightly seasoned spears of cucumber. We thought WE were hardcore because we got the dinner with basically just 3 adults eating (D. ordered a Caesar salad and basically ate that plus some sides), and behind us was a table of 6 adults who got the same thing (the dinner is supposed to serve 4). But then the table next to us put us to shame... 3 adults and a little girl, and not only did they get the fried chicken dinner they also ordered a side of Spring Hill's Monday spaghetti entree (which is not small) as well as two huge meatballs. I have photos, but they're on my SD card at home. D'oh.

Not sure if anyone remembers this, but back in November I was rear ended. Over the next 3 months I went to physical and massage therapy, then I had to wait and wait and wait for them to gather all the expenses and what not to make me an offer of settlement. At long last, after some back and forth, I think the whole thing is going to be settled, which is one less thing for me to worry about, so yay.

K.'s birthday is coming up and it's a big one, so I am thinking of being a good cousin and making her a vegan chocolate cake since she's off dairy right now. I can't imagine a vegan cake actually being any good, but if you know of a recipe for a good one, let me know please.
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Spoilers for The Hunger Games and first half of Catching Fire )

My mom is coming home with me tonight and will stay for a couple of days before returning to K.'s. My house is a sty. I dread her reaction.

Senor Moose w/ the two of them tonight. I am hoping to talk K. out of Indian food on Sunday. I just don't want to make Indian food that's dairy-less. It just won't be as good. It's SO dairy dependent, imho. I mean, it uses cream, yogurt, ghee (clarified butter), paneer (fresh cheese) ... if you take all that away, you take away the SOUL of the cuisine. Okay, maybe I am being a bit over dramatic, there are obviously plenty of dairy-less Indian dishes out there. But it is true that some of the best dishes are made with dairy, and if you make ALL the dishes without dairy, it ruins the meal. It'll be boring and uninteresting. That's just how I feel. If the meal were ONLY for K. that might be one thing, but the meal is also supposed to be for my mom. Why should all of us who aren't on a dairy restriction suffer?! Sigh. Maybe I'll just have to make 2 versions of things.
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I am so, so close to being done with The Hunger Games. If my bus hadn't been so fast this morning, I might have been able to finish it. Yes, that's right, I actually read on the bus, which normally makes me feel completely ill. But I'm so immersed in this universe, apparently, that I can do it. Spoilers galore. )

I was picking up sandwiches for dinner w/ my mom, K., and family last night and the girl behind the counter was like, "Are you enjoying that? I just finished the second book and it's SOOOOO GOOD!" Sheesh, how did everyone know about this series except me?

K. has requested that her husband and I make an Indian dinner for her and my mom on Sunday, Mother's Day. It will probably be very similar to the one I made before, except chicken tikka masala instead of makhani, roti instead of naan, and add a dal. Except... crap, I've just remembered that K. is currently on a dairy-restricted diet because her nursing baby is on it so she has to do it too. I don't think Indian cuisine is a very good choice if you're restricting dairy... I mean, all the best stuff has cream or yogurt in it! Hmm, will have to check and see if she really still wants to do this, and if so, I may have to substitute dairy-less dishes for a couple of the ones I was planning to make. That makes it not as good for the rest of us, though.
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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I have done something maybe stupidly spontaneous. As I got interested in food and cooking and food photography, in the back of my mind I've always considered getting a macro lens. But my existing lenses were always good enough, so I never really did any research on it. Well, I was going through a random food blog last night and she had great photos, as well as an info page about her equipment. And... well... you guessed it, she had a macro lens. Then came the feverish researching last night and this morning, and then I did it. I bought a really, really ridiculously expensive macro lens. Also, I love Ken Rockwell. He's my Nikon god. He's almost exhaustively thorough, yet easy to understand, and most importantly, always seems to know what the key points are that I care about. During my research, there were several lenses that came up as a possibility, and no matter how many reviews I read, I still didn't know how to tell the difference between them, or which would be right for me for my purposes. I was able to figure it out w/ Ken's help. Seriously if you have a Nikon go there for answers for any questions you might have.

All right, so I caved and started The Hunger Games. I was considering saving it until around August, when the third and final book is supposed to be out so I would have any between-book angst, but I was really excited to read this one and when you're that excited about a book it's not easy to pretend it doesn't exist. I have a few nitpicks here and there but I'm already totally hooked. Spoilers... mostly questions. )

Every time I watch Gosford Park I like it more. It's just so subtle and brilliant.
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I have somehow misplaced my checkbook. Ughhh. I hope it's just been lost in the shuffle of purse switching and not that I've actually lost it, because that would be a nightmare.

I made my Korean meal!! It was mostly a success. All about it on my food blog. :D

Based on a recommendation from [profile] corianderstem, I'm going to be starting a new teen series soon: The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. It sounds soooo good. I've always been into the whole post-apocalyptic thing. They were always my favorite kind of XF stories, when I was into that fandom. And it's probably why I love Ender's Game so much. As for finishing Breaking Dawn ... it'll happen ... one day.

I am getting really, really annoyed with the weather. I bought a little rosemary starter and a bigger marjoram plant at the farmer's market yesterday, planted them in the evening, and it freaking HAILED in my neck of the woods this morning. Not to mention it's been cold, cold, cold and super rainy. All the stuff in the raised beds look like they're freezing and/or drowning. Seriously, is spring EVER going to arrive in this godforsaken place???? Yes, I am totally losing it over the lack of warmth, which I do every year, but is even more pressing this year due to my enthusiasm over the garden -- a garden that has not grown one bit (in fact, it's gone backwards -- the basil starter I planted is pretty much dead), thanks to this horrible weather. I think I am going to start some indoor herb plants, because the ridiculous 9 months of cold we have around here just does not leave me with any confidence. In less ranty news, the marjoram smells sooooooooooo wonderful.


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