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Ahhhhhhhhh summer, how I love you so. Even if I have grown Seattle skin and can't take weather that's over, say, 75 degrees. :/ STILL. I can't get enough of the sun. (Unlike most native Seattlites, who tell me they miss their gray clouds if it's too sunny too many days in a row. CRAZY.)

The best thing about Seattle in the summer:

8:45pm the other day

One of the things to love about summer, period:


Meanwhile, [personal profile] adelagia and I have switched where we're going to be staying in San Diego... AGAIN. Some might say we have a problem.
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The pets and I did not have a good night last night. I had a rare night where I had trouble falling asleep, so I don't think I fell asleep until about 2am. At some point, Talis woke me up, whining to go outside. Then he woke me up again at some point, because he wanted to get under the covers (when I woke up this morning just his head was outside the covers, like a furry human being, so cute). I could not believe it when my alarm went off at 6:30 ... and then at 7:30 ... >.> It was so dark outside!!

Sooooo I was too late to catch the bus, which actually turned out to be a good thing because I have my annual physical this afternoon that I totally spaced on, so I needed my car. Driving into work, my XM Weather thingy kept saying "Extreme weather detected nearby" while I was trying to groove to Glee's Rocky Horror album, and I was like "OMG shut up!" but didn't know how to make it stop. I guess right now Seattle is beset on all sides by snowstorms and lightning strikes and monsoons and locust swarms and God knows what else.

While I would never try to claim the title of Biggest Merlin Fan Ever, I think this at least qualifies me for contention: I've purchased the region 2 DVD sets from Amazon UK, and have also gotten myself a multi-region DVD player in order to play them. Before doing that, however, I wasted a bunch of time trying to hack my current DVD player to be region free (nothing I found online actually WORKED, thanks for nothing, Internets), because I thought multi-region players were like $750 or something. Turns out, not so much.

Also? The Amazon UK site is adorable. It's all, "shopping basket" this and "dispatch to this address" that. And then there are like, different prices (all in pounds, so it's not a conversion thing) listed for the Merlin sets on different pages of the site, and then when you check out, the prices are entirely different again! LOL.

I think partly why I was having trouble sleeping last night was because my ears were cold. I somehow don't have any hoodies in my possession anymore. Looks like I'm going to have to get one for sleepy time.
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YOU GUYS. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. EPISODE 1X19. WHAT. But my birthday isn't for another 2 weeks! )

K. and I went to Tilth last night and it was so good. The desserts were nothing special, but the cauliflower flan, pumpkin soup, and ahi tuna were fabulous. It's a good deal, too, considering their 5-course tasting menu costs $60/person. O.o

I'm thinking of getting a wool comforter to supplement/replace my down comforter, because of the coldness. Anyone have experience with those? Last night both pets were pressed right up against me, I think because of the chill. It's nice in some ways, but it does also make me feel trapped -- I often make small adjustments in sleep, and now when I do it I get a complaint either in the form of a growl or a meow. -.-

I finally decided on the fried chicken dinner at Spring Hill for my bday dinner, except when I called to make the reservation I was told that they're booked up on the fried chicken dinner until FEBRUARY. What the hell. This is what happens when other people find out about my local favorites. Now I have to think of something else. Grrrr.
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This was me this weekend: Fall asleep by 1am. Get woken up by the pets around 9am. Take Talis to the park. Make lunch. Eat lunch. Fall asleep again by about 1pm. Wake up around 4 or 5pm. Wonder what the hell is going on.

I thought I was getting sick or something. I mean, I do love sleeping, but THAT much seems overkill. But then all was explained when Aunt Flo arrived. I always get super tired and want to eat chocolate. In positive news, the massive amount of sleep has made my complexion look great this morning!

Sat. night K. and I had dinner at Olivar, which specializes in Spanish cuisine. I love the place, it's super cute and the food's great, but parking is such a PITA!

Then we went to see the closing night of episode 18 of Sex in Seattle, "an exciting episodic theatre show exploring the lives and loves of four contemporary Asian American women." I've never seen a play that used an episodic format; it actually worked better than I thought it might. At the beginning they sum up where each of the characters are in relation to the others, but it's not at all tedious. K. and I got our tickets for free, through Arts Crush. I'm not usually a huge fan of plays; with live theater I tend to prefer musicals or if a play, a whodunit. The acting in plays just seems so overdone to me, usually. Of the four women, there was one who was super over the top with her acting. K. and I were like, she needs to tone it down. Why doesn't someone save her from herself?? Then we found out that she's the one who wrote it. So of course no one's going to have the heart to tell her what she needs to hear. Plus she could be like, "Oh yeah? Well then I'm not gonna let you be in my play!!!" Teehee.

Before the play started we put our names on slips of paper for a raffle drawing. I had this feeling I was going to win (this has happened to me a couple of times before, and I won those times too), so I hoped it was something cool (they didn't actually say what the raffle was for). They were shaking the bag to mix the names up when one slip of paper flew from the bag. "Wow, it's meant to be!" the gal exclaimed. Yep, it was my name. Clearly I had folded it in such a way as to make it aerodynamic. (WhyTF can't I ever get that feeling with the lottery?) Anyway, it was 4 tickets to Burien Little Theater's 2010-2011 season. I told K. she should take the tickets and go with her kids -- from the name I assumed it was a children's theater. She was like, didn't you hear them say that the theater is currently showing something called Reefer Madness?! LOL. Hmm, okay, not a children's theater, then. Also, that night I thought we were going to drown while walking back to the car, it was raining so hard.

Then last night K. and I went to the ID to have noodles at Mike's Noodle House. I've been hearing about this place but hadn't actually ever been. I'm usually not the hugest fan of egg noodles, but these were actually pretty good. Eaten with some red vinegar and chili sauce, yum!

I'd forgotten how frustrating it is to write fanfic for a TV show. It takes a long time to craft a story, and yet every week, new twists and turns get introduced into canon, which may blow up your story to smithereens, either by direct contradiction or by making you lose the will to write any more of the story. In a way, that actually makes shipping unconventional ships more rewarding, because very little ever really changes to threaten what you were writing. It was already implausible to begin with, so who cares what new thing canon introduces?

Meanwhile, Jade has watched one -- ONE -- episode of Merlin. She doesn't have "time" because she's "working." Gah! Doesn't she know I'm waiting on tenterhooks here, to find out if this is going to be a case where we ship the same thing, or are at odds? Where is the consideration!
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OK all you people who live in Seattle and enjoy food: Restaurant Week is back again! Oct. 17-28 (minus Fri. & Sat.). WHO'S WITH ME?? $25, 3-course meal, awesome restaurants! You know you want to go! I am keeping that entire week+ open so I can go to as many as possible. <g> So let me know if you're interested and we shall plan to go. There are a few restaurants I want to hit for sure -- Dahlia Lounge, Mistral Kitchen, Spring Hill -- but am also open to anything.


Speaking of food, I've actually been cooking quite a bit, and have just posted a big roundup about it here.


Dealing with some work insanity the past couple of days. Sigh. And I so tried to avoid having this happen. I wish my work didn't so often consist of making sure other people do their jobs. You're not in control of your own destiny when that's the case, and there's a lot of sitting around worrying about how other things are going so that your bigger picture can fall into place. The good news is that everything went well, despite Murphy's Law coming into play.


Did someone recommend Patricia Gaffney's To Have and To Hold to me? Was it maybe when I was talking about Laura Kinsale's Seize the Fire and that novel's bastard of an anti-hero? I ask because it was apparently in my library queue so I picked it up yesterday. But what I found odd was that it was an "inter-library loan" (meaning not one of the 16ish libraries in the Sno-Isle library system that basically share a catalogue) -- it's from Harvard-Westlake School in California. O.o How random is that? For that reason it cannot be renewed, so I pretty much have to read it right away (there is a serious back up in my reading queue).

The problem is that there's another one I also have to read right away -- I just got Tongues of Serpents! I think there's a big waiting list for it right now, so I probably won't be able to renew and if I wanted it again would have to wait in the queue all over. It always takes me a page or two to get back into reading a Temeraire novel, because of the language. But it's cool because once I'm back in it, it reads like any other book.


I finally caved and bought the BSG series on Blu-Ray. There's conflicting reports on exactly what's included (The Plan y/n?), so I'll have to see when it gets here if it's missing anything.

Finally on S6 of XF. I know a lot of people didn't like that season... but I don't know why. It's hands down my favorite season. Almost every episode is totally rewatchable (unlike the second half of S5, after Bad Blood). I guess I like the lighter fare, though I will admit that the lighter fare wouldn't be as good if all the dark stuff hadn't happened to them before that. Still, just last night I saw Triangle, the two Dreamlands, and How the Ghosts Stole Christmas, and I'm only on disc 2! I LOVE YOU SEASON 6, I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE ELSE SAYS.


And the VERY LAST TV Show Meme!! I started this way back in June. Wow. O.o I took my sweet time with it, didn't I?

Day 30 - Saddest character death

Since this is potentially spoilery, my answer behind a cut. )
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I've been to several new restaurants lately and a few have been good enough that I'm going to rec them. Two are Chinese restaurants, which is shocking given the dearth of good Chinese food here!

1) Szechwan 99 - A hidden gem in Lynnwood. I weep that I've had such good Chinese food near me all this while and I've only just found it. It was fate how I found it. I was looking for a reputable dim sum place in my area (I hate dim sum but my mom likes it), couldn't find one, but ran across this place, which has 4 stars on Yelp. Decided it wasn't worth the risk when there are some tried and true Chinese places we like to go to while she's here, so didn't even make note of its location. After a trip to Trader Joe's, I was supposed to turn left at this one major street, a street I ALWAYS turn down, and yet my mind was somewhere else and I bypassed it. I had to turn down a random street I'd never been on before. And guess what was there? Szechwan 99. Freaky.

Since it seemed like fate, we decided to give it a try. IT WAS SO GOOD! I mean, okay, in comparison to Chinese food in places like LA, NY, Richmond (Canada), it was just good... but for Chinese food HERE? Some of the very best I've had. We ordered the Szechuan 99 Fish (fish fillets breaded and fried, perfectly seasoned with Szechuan spices, garlic, salt, and pepper), ma po tofu, and hand-shaved noodles with beef. Everything was very authentic tasting, which is such a relief. That's a weird word to use, and yet the best I can come up with. Usually, it just doesn't taste right somehow. The fish was my favorite, while the tofu was my mom's. I usually love ma po tofu, but in this dish I like the tofu to be silken and really mashed up, whereas their version uses firmer tofu. The flavor was still great, though. The hand-shaved noodles were good, but I like them better at Szechuan Chef in Bellevue.

2) Fu Man Dumpling House on Greenwood (I guess it's in an area known as Bitter Lake) is the closest I've found to a good dumpling place in the Seattle area. I've actually been here before, a few years ago when someone recommended it to me. I was hugely disappointed at that time, however, because it was nowhere near as good as I was used to; it didn't seem authentic.

On second try, I lowered my expectations to a more reasonable level for the area, and I've decided that it's good enough that I'll be returning every once in awhile.

It's a total travesty how there are NO good dumpling houses here, and this suffices as the 'best.' :/ It's definitely okay, certainly if you have a craving for dumplings, but it pales, totally pales, in comparison to the real thing. Every time I go to LA I insist on going to a dumpling house so I can gorge myself on proper Shanghainese dumplings (more commonly known to non-Chinese folks as "potstickers" -- but are soooo much more than that, many different kinds and varieties of both filling and outside 'wrapping,' which can be paper-thin dough or toothy buns). Even the condiments aren't right -- dumplings should be served with black vinegar and thinly sliced ginger, with soy sauce and hot sauce if you desire it. Fu Man has the latter two, but instead of black vinegar uses a pink/white kind, and also has a 'garlic sauce' that's good, but unfamiliar.

I realize that I don't sound all that complimentary for a restaurant I'm supposedly recommending, lol. Unfortunately, it has to be compared with the real thing, and in such a comparison it doesn't stand up well. However, getting the real thing around here is nigh impossible, so that being the case, Fu Man is the most acceptable substitute around. That's actually high praise, because I won't even bother with dumplings elsewhere. A truly mediocre dumpling is not worth eating.

Anyway, my favorite is the pan-fried dumplings and the boiled dumplings aren't bad either. We didn't get to try the steamed dumplings because they were out that night. Avoid the chow mein; it's flat and flavorless. The noodle soup, however, is good.

3) The Stone House in Redmond is something the east side doesn't have a lot of -- high-end dining, specializing in local/sustainable fare. I went for lunch today and it was fabulous. As the name indicates, the restaurant used to be a house, remodeled into a quaint and lovely little restaurant. They were pretty busy for lunch today and there was only one server. O.o That is about the worst thing I can say about my experience; she was constantly running around and so tables were waiting longer than they usually would. Not sure if this is a usual circumstance or whether they weren't expecting to be so busy/another server called in sick. Even so, she was smiling and friendly every time we spoke.

As for the food -- yum. I started with their Penn Cove mussels. They're simmered in a red coconut curry broth, which had just the right amount of tanginess, creaminess, and kick. It's a really big portion (would easily serve 4 as an appetizer) for $9. And best of all, they give you several slices of bread to go with it, so that you can dip it into the awesome broth.

I wanted to try the French onion soup, and a couple of the salads... oh, who am I kidding, I wanted to try everything. But I managed to restrain myself.

For my lunch entree I had the flat iron steak sandwich, which was cooked medium rare without my having to specify, and filled with pickled red onion, tomatoes, an herby mayo, and argula. I loves me the argula. It was a bit heavy on the brown mustard, unfortunately, but was otherwise very good.

Then! I asked for my check and guess what came with it? A perfect little bite of brownie. I'm usually too stuffed at the end of a meal to order a full-sized dessert, but this was just the perfect little ending note.

Really loved my experience here, even with the slow service.
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Last night I went sailing! [profile] corianderstem invited me along on her friend's excursion. I've lived here for 10 years and I think that was the first time I've actually ever gone sailing (not counting ferry rides). Sad, isn't it. Two not-so-great things happened. 1) A. and I were talking while sitting on the... uh... front? We were going fast so the boat was tilted and we were braced against the... uh... rigging? We were chatting and suddenly we heard a little bump and rattle, saw a flash of hot pink, then heard a splash of water. At the same time we realized what had happened -- her camera (bought last month) had slid out of her pocket and into the Sound! A. took it well, and luckily there weren't any photos on it except for the ones she'd taken that evening, but still, that really sucked. It happened so quickly there was only enough time for our mouths to drop open. Lots of people on other boats were dressed in pirate gear due to Sea Fair. From that point on there was no end to the "Do you have a cannon? No, it dropped into the water" jokes. Get it? Cannon? Canon? LOL. Poor A. So the second not-so-great thing was that I was called upon at some point to pull in some rope for a sail. Then the wind caught the sail, and I held onto the rope too long, and now I have a painful rope burn on my middle finger. It was cold last night on the water so I didn't really feel it then, but on the drive home -- MAN that stung worse than anything. I put some burn gel on it, which soothed it a bit, but now my finger is in a bandage.

Still, despite these mishaps, it was super fun. Thankfully my awful motion sickness didn't seem to be affected by being on a boat.


I've finally gotten a new car. It's this one. The same dealership I worked with last time was the one that finally made me the deal I wanted -- gave me the discount I wanted on the new car as well as top KBB price for my leased car/trade in. While it may not have been the best deal on the face of the planet, it's good enough that I'm satisfied. My plan is to drive this car for like 20 years. Or more. I despise the car buying process soooooo much. This car isn't as fully loaded as my old one -- I will miss rain-sensing windshield wipers -- but it has all the stuff I really care about, primarily the navigation and backup camera. I'm also happy it's a hybrid and will help with gas consumption (and the fact that it uses regular gas, unlike my premium gas-chugging former car).

Only negative is that I don't have the new car yet. They have to put some thingy on the fuel whatsit as part of the fix from a recent recall, and it now has priority, being sold, but for the moment I am driving a loaner -- my own car that I sold them, lol. So at the face of it, nothing's changed. I just hope I can get the new car soon, because I'd like for my mom to be able to check it out/ride in it before she goes back to SoCal, and because I worry about things like something happening to the car while it's still on the dealership's lot.

Oh, the color scheme I wanted was a white exterior and black interior, which I guess is not a very popular color combination. They had like 100 white/tans but only one with white/black.


TV Show Meme, Day 20 - Favorite kiss: Logan/Veronica from Veronica Mars

Logan and Veronica's romance started out very similarly to Draco and Ginny's in that they hated each other's guts. That evolved slowly (very slowly), with Logan being a douchebag to her pretty much the whole time. Then suddenly in this one episode, out of nowhere, they kiss -- and it TOTALLY WORKS. Though there was actually very little build up to this romance, when it happened it didn't seem out of place, and in fact, seemed totally RIGHT. It explained so much of their vitriol toward one another (if Logan had secretly been carrying a torch for Veronica in his unacknowledged heart of hearts, but couldn't do anything about it because she was his best friend's girl). The kiss itself was sudden and hot ... and afterward, when they're looking at each other as she's walking away, confused and vulnerable, it's just so good. I'm not sure the show had me completely sold until that moment.
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Sad news is, Seattle Urban Eats is no more. It was the other "dine around Seattle" program. Apparently restaurants were getting tired of having to offer the special menu for a whole month. Instead, they are doing something new -- emulating NYC's "restaurant week." From April 18-29, over 100 high-end restaurants in Seattle will be offering 3 courses for $25, for our very own Seattle Restaurant Week. Because the time period is so short, and because the really good ones will be snatched up quick, my cousin and I are making a reservation for Canlis (their entrees are like $50+, so a 3-course meal there for $25 is a ridiculous bargain) during that time period before all the details have been revealed. [profile] corianderstem or anyone else in the Seattle area who likes fancy food, let me know if you are interested! We should reserve in advance before they really promote RW and everyone and their mother makes reservations. :P
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Today I went to the Seattle Tilth Festival. Because it was an usually warm September day, people came out in droves. My cousin said that it was usually a pretty empty festival, but today it was packed. You could tell the vendors were totally unprepared for the crowds because everyone kept running out of everything super early.

I didn't do anything but walk around in the sun, but it was exhausting. I'm glad summer's not over, but it doesn't need to be in the 80s. Mid-to-upper 70s will do. I also ate a huge hamburger. In reality it probably wasn't that huge, but I had already eaten other things by then and I couldn't finish. It's too bad, too, because it was a great burger. I got it from Skillet, which is a traveling restaurant. It's an airstream trailer that travels around and you have to go to their site to see where they're going to be next. They're famous for their burgers (using seasonal/locally sourced ingredients) and their bacon jam (tasted like pulled pork to me). I took pictures: here is the airstream trailer w/ people waiting to place their order, and here was today's lunch menu, which is written on the side of the trailer.

I bought a big bag of Bartlett pears, a pint of sun gold tomatoes (they were SO juicy and sweet it was like eating candy. Almost), and most excitingly of all, German Butterball potatoes! Why is this exciting, I pretend you ask? Because those are supposedly the best kind of potatoes to make mashed potatoes from, according to the Zuni Cafe Cookbook. But I've never been able to find them, so I always end up using Yukon Gold (which are good too). Now I have to make those buttermilk mashed potatoes again with these potatoes, to see if there's actually a difference. :D

And now, time for a meme, gacked from [profile] jade_okelani.

Pick five of your favorite shows, in no particular order, before you read the below questions, then answer them!

My shows:

1. Alias
2. House
3. Lost
4. Angel
5. Sex and the City

They were almost all one-worders until I got to S&tC, but I couldn't bring myself to exclude it.

Now we play 20 questions. )

Edit: And since I'm bored, here's another meme, gacked from [personal profile] ceilidh.

All about my journal personalization. )
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Look what I got from [profile] romanticalgirl's garden today!

Piccy. )

It makes me want my own garden -- which, admittedly, I've been wanting for some time. But effort and money were always factors, especially considering that I've made no secret of the fact that I suck, really suck, at growing things. I've never managed to keep a house plant alive for longer than 6 months. I've tried many times to get an avocado seed to sprout and have never succeeded. I tried growing potted basil and thyme and killed the plants within 2 weeks. So being responsible for a whole vegetable garden is somewhat daunting. I think I'm ready. It's kind of a lot to invest if I'm just gonna kill everything, you know? Not to mention how heartbroken I'd be if I failed. But I won't know until I actually do it, right? /wibble

I don't know about the rest of you Seattlites, but I've started taking D. You know, the vitamin. It's the only vitamin our bodies produce, but guess what, we can't produce D without sunlight. -.- So yeah, taking it with some calcium caplets. (Seriously, could they be bigger?)

I heard on the radio that they're making a TV series out of The Vampire Diaries. On the one hand, I have to roll my eyes at All Things Vampire now. On the other hand, I have sort of a guilty fangirl excitement about it, even though I don't plan to watch it, because I loved that series as a teenager! I can't even remember what it was about, except that there was a girl involved, and two vampire brothers. It was so the stuff of teenage fantasy. And ha! I was into vampires way before it became the It thing! Anyway, it must have stuck with me through the years, because when the commercial got to the part where the guy introduces himself as Stefan, right away I was like, omg ... can they have made a TV show out of TVD?! I didn't even know that I remembered the name Stefan, but apparently I did. I might even have the books around here somewhere. Should I read them again, or is it better to have fond memories that might not hold up on reread? Decisions!
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Now that I've been brewing my coffee at home (and not even that expertly), I must say ... the coffee at work is really gross.

I'm sad to be at work this early in the morning. I'm usually not even awake at this time, much less in my office. I'm also hungry and the notice that our Friday bagels have arrived hasn't come in yet. :/ I also have to remember not to eat a lot, because tonight [personal profile] ropo and I are going to Icon Grill! I've been wanting to check this place out, because they supposedly have really good mac & cheese. In fact, they have two kinds. The appetizer version, which are like, fried macaroni & cheese nuggets that you dip into sauces, and the side dish: "This Mac n' Cheese is unlike any you've ever had before. Four cheeses, tomato snow, crunchy topping and a final flourish of even more molten cheese." Mmm.

Afterwards we're going to go see HP6 on IMAX. And take pictures along the way (not, obviously, of the movie).

So far Robbie's visit has been filled with a lot of eating. We haven't even done that much, but still haven't found any time to cook at home or make ice cream, but that's partly because I'm not off work until next week.

Yesterday we went to Third Place Books, which is more of an upscale Half-Price Books. It's better because they tend to have rarer material and they're anal about the condition of the books, but it's not as good because they mix new and used books (so you might get excited by seeing something you've been looking for, only to discover that it's a new copy at new prices), and they sell used books for more than half (how much more depends on the book). Considering you can get 30-40% off books at Amazon and when Borders sends coupons, getting a used book for that price isn't a good deal at all. Anyway, I brought a box of like-new, mostly trade paperbacks to see what I could get, and they only took 3 of them! And one of the ones they took was A Nerd in Shining Armor, which was terrible. So yeah, I don't think their book buyers know what they're doing. <g> HPB isn't so choosy, they always take everything, as far as I know.

The cool thing is that I found Tom Douglas's Seattle Kitchen for pretty much half price -- and it was autographed! Tom Douglas is the most famous chef in Seattle; like, if you were entertaining visitors and wanted them to go back with the full Seattle experience, you would include taking them to one of his restaurants. I also found Alice Medrich's Cocolat, an out-of-print book that I bought for $30 not too long ago, for $10. Grrr. I'm going to try and resell my other copy.

Finally, I just have to mention the fun game [profile] jade_okelani devised for us. Robbie and I both like photography and have the exact same camera, so she's got us on a sort of photo scavenger hunt. We get different clues (which add up to a larger puzzle that we have to solve, every 3 photos), and she awards points based on composition, style, and her own whimsy. :)) I'll have to share my photos after it's all over (or possibly after each round, if we're allowed), because obviously I cannot let Robbie know my clues.

BTW subject line is in reference to "How I Met Your Mother," which I am really enjoying so far. (Got 3 seasons of DVDs for $15 each on Amazon! Looks like that deal's over, though.)

Also, happy birthday, [profile] corianderstem!
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Okay, well I'm going to try another cross post. Maybe it was an anomaly yesterday. (Hmm, and indeed, it showed up instantly on LJ. I guess the heat yesterday must've done something.)

So hunger did drive me out of the library. I had a sudden craving for fried chicken. (I LOVE fried chicken.) I went to Ezell's, yes the place that Oprah loves so much she had/has it flown out to her in Chicago. It was really yummy, but afterward I totally regretted leaving the comfort of the library.

It was so hot last night that I slept in the basement instead of my room, with a cold pack in a towel under my head/neck. I kept spraying Talis with water, which he finally figured out was a way of helping him, not punishing him, so he let me do it. Every time I put ice in his bowl they all melt away in a matter of minutes. I was reading DH, but the heat plus the heaviness of the book soon made it an uncomfortable undeavor; I started reading Greywalker, by Kat Richardson, instead. It's one of those series that deals w/ the supernatural, but so far I actually like the writing (which is usually what makes me give up on a book). Also it's written by a local author so it's interesting to read about all the familiar places.

I've purchased an ice cream maker off Amazon. It'll arrive just as this crazy heat wave breaks, of course, but still I'm pretty excited. Nearly every dessert cookbook I have has at least one recipe for ice cream, and I'm looking forward to trying them out. I've held off this long because my freezer isn't very big, and it needed some serious cleaning out before I could fit an ice cream maker thingy in there. With the rest of my house totally clean now thanks to my mom, I finally got up the will to clean out the freezer (let's just say, I found a giant, unopened bag of Trader Joe's frozen strawberries ... from 2004). Now I have room for an ice cream maker! I just hope it's not a bitch to clean. That's always how I end up not using something.

In other good news, I got my 3-tier tiffin this morning, woot! Now I have no excuse not to bring lunch to work.
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So what can get me out of my LJ posting lethargy?

The totally nutty heat wave going on here, of course. I guess it's official, today is the hottest day on record in Seattle history (records go back to 1891) at 102°F. I know, some may be scoffing that we're all bitching and moaning because it's been in the 90s the last few days and some of the country suffers that and worse on a regular basis. But you have to understand, this NEVER happens here. In fact, it so never happens here that hardly anyone has air conditioning in their homes. Seriously, there's no air conditioning in like 99% of houses here. Thus, we are SUFFERING. ([personal profile] ropo is very glad she's not visiting right now)

I'm actually writing this from the library, which is also a new thing -- for me, at least. I only just got my act together to get an account when my mom was here a couple of weeks ago. THERE IS AIR CONDITIONING HERE AND THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS. I wanted to stay home with Talis as a show of solidarity, which I did yesterday, but oh man it was miserable. Plus, while I feel really bad for him, there's no point in BOTH of us suffering, is there? I sprayed him with water, put ice in his water bowl, and put ice on his paws for a few moments (none of which he outwardly appreciated, btw -- he kept trying to get away from me) before I left. He's so silly he doesn't even go down to the basement area, which is MUCH cooler than the mid and upper levels (my mom swears that it's at least 10 degrees cooler). My house is at least generally not as warm as other places, which sucks in the winter but is good in the summer. However, this heat has even my house feeling too hot. :/ Still, it's not like it's totally unbearable (though Talis IS wearing a fur coat).

In other news, I want to get this tiffin, but there's like only one 3-tier one left in this entire area. It's supposedly being held for me until tomorrow, when I can go get it, but honestly. Also, I've just reread HPB and it only reinforces what I thought of the movie (liked it, but thought it a bit clunky in places and didn't fully realize the potential of the book), and am now rereading DH. I also saw La Vie En Rose (rented from the library -- I'm so behind the times, I so should have been getting movies this way all along), and you know, kudos to Marion Cotillard and everything, but god that woman was annoying.

Anyway, I plan to stay in this library until they close or until hunger drives me out.


Feb. 26th, 2009 01:08 pm
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Thoughts on Dollhouse ep 2. )

Exciting news: I've found a good burger joint on the East side! This may not be interesting to anyone but me. )

It snowed last night, and the skies are clear today, which means that it is absolutely freezing. Brrrr. Actually we're getting some cloud cover now, so here's to hoping I won't have to feel like I'm getting frostbite every time I walk Talis.

Once a year or so, nice restaurants (nice as in classy, not as in kind) in Seattle will get together and do something called Dine Around Seattle. They'll offer prix fixe meals at much lower cost than restaurants of their caliber usually charge. I think they already did this fairly recently. However, possibly because of the bad economy and wanting to get people into the restaurants, it appears they're doing it again. 30 restaurants offering 3-course $30 prix fixe dinners. And these are the nice restaurants, such as Crush (typically the chef tasting menu there is $125/person).

My cousin and I went to Rover's and Restaurant Zoe a year or two ago when they did this. We missed it this time around -- or so we thought. This time, excitingly, some of the restaurants (not Crush) are doing lunch as well. Still 3 courses (appetizer, entree, dessert), but for only $15! That is SO worth trying out these high-caliber restaurants with their "famous" chefs (at least in Seattle). It lasts until March 31, so if any other Seattlites want to meet up for lunch at one of these places, let me know!

I'm liking my haircut a lot better now. Sometimes it just takes a day or two for it to "fall into place."

A couple of days ago, I went to Circuit City again. I guess I keep hoping I'll find a good deal there someday. At the time, they said it was the last 6 days of their liquidation sale. The place was pretty cleaned out, though they did have a bunch of Guitar Hero games (none for Wii). I got on the phone with Jade, and of all the things I found that I might remotely buy, I could get the same or better price online. Even with 50% off or so. Which kind of speaks to the problem with Circuit City in the first place, doesn't it? I may drop by one more time to see whether I can snag a really good deal on a TV, if it's like, the very last day, but I'm not counting on it.

I was going to do that album meme, but I don't have image editing software here so I'll have to wait till I get home. Boo.


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