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I have good news and bad news.

The good news is, Talis went for his eye checkup yesterday and he's in the clear! The eye has healed, so for the first time in WEEKS he got to go around without the cone on. You'd think he'd look happier. )

Now I'm thinking of getting pet insurance. J. raves about how great hers is, and I've been told that eye ulcers are very common in Lhasa Apsos, so it's almost certainly going to recur, probably in the eye that was unaffected before. ><

The bad news is, my Pontiac died. This is my secondary car that I use to take Talis around places and to park at the park & ride so that I don't have to worry about bad thngs happening to my primary car, so it's not a huge deal, it's just a bummer. I was hoping that it would last longer than it did, but also am surprised that it lasted as long as it did. I spent $1,500 on the car, plus maybe $200 in repairs, so it basically cost me about $100/month to own. I'm OK with that. Specifics on the car breaking down. )

So now I'm looking to donate the car. I read up about the various things to watch out for, such as the fact that many charities use for-profit companies to manage the selling of the car and keep part of the proceeds. I read that you should donate to a charity that gets at least 85% of the proceeds. But that has been IMPOSSIBLE to find. I also think it's kind of B.S. Only really big charities are able to do in-house car donations; most have to go through a third-party to do it. So, what, screw the little guys if they can't? (Consider that even Goodwill goes through a third party to do car donations.) Getting 50% of the proceeds is better than none. Also, proceeds come after fees are taken out. So what if a place gives 65% of the proceeds, but their fees are higher? Then it'll end up that the charity gets less of the money anyway, even if the percentage is higher. Ugh, so yeah, that's been a bit of a headache too.

And another Restaurant Week has come and gone. I did three more since my last post. :D

RW: The Georgian, Dahlia Lounge, and Crush )

Also, lulz that LJ changed the cut tags back. After all those changes they made that pissed off a lot of people and made them go to Dreamwidth, I remained unperturbed. But that horrible LJ cut might have done what all that other stuff didn't. And now that they've changed it back, I'm back to being fine with LJ. :))
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Yesterday was my manager's birthday. His family sent like 4 dozen cupcakes from Trophy Cupcakes. Every time I try to diet, something TERRIBLE like this happens. I ended up trying FOUR of them. )

Speaking of sinfully delicious desserts, the D/G gals are getting together on Sunday and I am bringing the classic chocolate cake from Bakery Nouveau. I ordered the cake a few days ago, paying for it over the phone, etc. Then I talked to K., and she was like, why don't you pick it up on Saturday instead, because you'll already be in West Seattle, and that cake tastes better the next day anyway (which is true)? So I just called them to change the pick up date, and THEY COULDN'T FIND MY RESERVATION FOR IT. OMG, well thank goodness I wanted to change the date! Otherwise I would have shown up on Sunday and if they didn't have the cake I would have had to go all ballistic and use my WTF voice and be super disappointed, etc. So, thankfully such a crisis has now been averted. I know. You are all as relieved as I am.

I'm going to have to clear out my garage so I can park my Pontiac in it. :( Right now, half of it is free and clear so I can park one car there (not the Pontiac). The other half is still being used as storage space, though my mom helped me clear it out a lot. I've been parking my Pontiac outside, which has been fine until the other day, when it was so cold that ice froze on the windows over night, making it impossible to see out. I had to pour glasses of water over the windshield in order to melt it off (thank goodness it was only a thin layer of frost) so I could see -- I'm very picky about my driving that way. Anyway, I don't want to have to do that every morning now that it's getting colder and colder, so I want to park it in the garage.

Last night around midnight, Jade and I went on one of our insane/stupid quests. I was watching HIMYM (last season's!), and some mention was made of Marshall loving the McRib. And it was funny so I emailed the quote to Jade. She was like, you know, I always hear about it being this thing that everyone loves. And I was like, me too!!! We were like, and it just so happens that the McRib is actually available right now, so obviously it was Meant To Be. Basically we decided to run out to our respective McDonald's locations and get the McRib, because we want to know what all the fuss is about. When I opened the bag, the BBQ sauce from the sandwich had leaked out of the box and into the bag. I took one look at it and thought, I should email Jade my preliminary thoughts about it now, because once I start this messy sandwich, there's no typing until I'm done. And... I liked it. The meat was kind of strangely rubbery, but the sauce and flavor was good overall. There was so much sauce the bottom bun was kind of soggy. Jade emailed: Pretty good, but needed more sauce. I was like, wha? Is she being sarcastic? Or does she want, like, a McRib stew? It turned out that unlike mine, hers barely had any sauce on it! Totally contrary to how it's advertised! She was so ripped off.

Got my first Amazon Fresh delivery this morning. :D They came between 4-6am. I hoped they wouldn't ring the doorbell or anything (they didn't). Get this though, they didn't send the email saying that I wouldn't be disturbed until 2am. Yes, I am up at 2am waiting for my 4am delivery. O.o Anyway, it was very exciting to open the door and see those Amazon Fresh boxes all stacked up. It was like Christmas!
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I woke up in the middle of the night with a SORE THROAT. Nooooooooooooo!!! [profile] jade_okelani has somehow transmitted her cold to me through the Internets! It's feeling better right now, I can barely tell it's there, but it doesn't feel fully normal. Please please please do NOT let me get sick. That would be intolerable.

Well, I have gotten [personal profile] akscully sucked into The Vampire Diaries and Damon. Muhuahahaha. True to form, she is now AHEAD of me and has started watching S2. I'm going to wait until 2 more episodes have aired so I can put the first 7 eps on a disc and watch that way. Meanwhile, Project Get Jade Sucked Into Merlin is moving ahead slowly, though not the runaway success of Project Get Akscully Sucked Into TVD. She just finished watching episode 5, and her comments make me and [personal profile] akscully giiiiiiiiggle. She said she loves Arthur's expressions. LOLLLLLLLLL she doesn't even KNOW.

Last night, had a fantastic dinner at Spring Hill with [profile] corianderstem and [profile] leiliaxf. Such good food and company! We may try to do the fried chicken dinner in February, so that'll need to be booked soon. :D Tonight -- Mistral Kitchen with [profile] belcantin, a fellow mod at [community profile] food_porn!

I'm trying to decide between AAA roadside assistance and Allstate Motor Club roadside assistance. :/ At about the same level of cost, these are the differences: 1) Towing - AAA is free up to 5 miles; Allstate gives a $100 benefit toward towing; 2) Lockout - AAA gives $50 toward lockout service; Allstate gives $100; 3) Out of gas - AAA, you pay for the gas; Allstate, $100 benefit; and 4) Tire change - AAA, free; Allstate, $100 benefit. If I'm getting it just for towing, I suppose I should go with AAA. But lockout service is actually the only thing I've actually used! So I don't know which to get. >< What's your vote???

I'm working on another Merlin story, but there's also a Damon drabble I've been thinking about (yes, they should just rename the show to Damon).
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I'm trying something new, y'all: sugarless coffee. Not sugar substitutes, which my taste buds abhor, but lack of sugar, period. It's embarrassing how much sugar I need to put into my coffee. I'm like Umbridge with her tea.

I figure it's a matter of adjusting my taste buds. If I drink sugarless coffee more regularly, then I'll get used to how bitter it's supposed to be, and less sugar will be required to make it taste sweet, when I feel like putting sugar into it. Fewer calories, too!

I don't think I can stop adding milk/cream to my coffee, though. That's where I draw the line.


I started watching Dr. Who! I'm on disc 4 of S1. Random spoilery commentary. )


My library system needs to get with the program and start offering a hold-on-holds function. It's really annoying to put different seasons of a TV show in the queue, then have them come up out of order (alternatively, I could put a later season in my queue after viewing an earlier season, but then that means I might have to wait a realllly long time), or have a dozen things become ready at one time, etc. The King County library system has it, it shouldn't be that hard to implement this functionality!


Had a lovely time yesterday with the D/G gals (minus poor sick Elle). We tried doing a potluck for the first time, and while it totally worked out, I think next time we do it we'll have to be a little less blase about who is bringing what. LOL.


OMG, speaking of the D/G gals, I was showing them my little garden and bemoaned how it's the end of the season and haven't gotten any zucchini, haven't even seen any female flowers, period, they've all been males so far and they've all died off w/o having a female to fertilize...

Well, I went out in the garden this morning and saw that two flowers were open, and one of them was a female!!!!! Yippee!!!! So I plucked the male one and used its little pollen wand to fertilize the heck out of the female. I hope it was enough. There's a teeny tiny zucchini there, and I want it to grow!


I got a new haircut! It was looooong overdue. That's when I tend to get my haircuts, btw. When it's way, way, WAY past time for me to get one. I had what I call "tabula rasa hair" in that it was so long and had long outgrown any style that you could do just about anything to it. Anyway, I guess it's just one of those things that I feel like it's a big waste of money unless there's some obvious change or something. And paying $75 for a proper salon cut is even more wasteful to me.

Enter Tippr. I purchased a voucher a few months ago for a haircut at the Gilt Edge Society, a salon in Belltown (right near Tom Douglas's restaurants, actually). I really liked Cadance, the gal who cut/styled my hair. She was way hipper than me with her multitudes of tattoos and bleached pageboy cut, but she was super cool about my more conservative preferences in terms of my hair, while being very helpful about what might look good on me and a style that required very little maintenance (I don't have the time/patience in the morning to spend on my hair). She did ask me to use some serum on my hair in order to protect it from the heat of the hair dryer, but she didn't push any products on me. I told her I had serum at home from the last time a stylist convinced me to buy product (that I never used), and she just showed me how and when to use it.


More car stuff...

AAA. I've never needed or wanted AAA, but now that I have the clunker it's probably a good investment, just because of the towing alone. I kept putting off getting it, though, and it's a good thing, because the other day Allstate Roadside Assistance cold called me and wanted me to try their service for $1.99/2 months, which has basically everything AAA has, except for the maps (which I don't need/use) and the discounts (again, don't need/use). So I'm covered for the next 2 months, woot. And after that I can cancel and join AAA if I want.

When I bought my Lexus I was told that I would have a little certificate waiting for me as a gift from the dealership. Family members and I have purchased a number of new cars over the years, and that's never happened. A car dealership, give something back after milking you for all you're worth? Hah! So I had pretty low expectations. At one end I was thinking, maybe a $25 gift card to Starbucks. At the higher end, a $100 gift certificate to a restaurant. They called me the other day to say that it was ready, so I picked it up at the same time I got my new plates. A $150 Visa gift card, so I can use it anywhere. :O How unexpectedly awesome. I have to say, I am pretty impressed with this dealership.


TV Show Meme, Day 26 - OMG WTF? Season finale.

I'm going to go with the season 1 finale of Alias. I don't want to get into details and spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched, but I will just say that it was awesome (much like Alias S1 itself).


Aug. 18th, 2010 11:53 am
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I love Paperback Swap!! I've just requested a few Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys super mysteries that did not come with the set I bought off ebay, including the one [personal profile] akscully claims to be the best of all (and others seem to agree, since it's one of those rare paperbacks that has not only maintained its cover price but actually has gone up in value). Woot! Haha, I don't even know if I will like the books but I love finding stuff this way.


I drove the Pontiac to the park & ride today! And it didn't break down! You might remember that I'd been TRYING to do this very thing the first time I ever used the car and that's when it went caput. So I've finally been able to use it successfully for the purpose for which it was intended.


Looks like summer is about to draw to a close around here. I'm going to harvest some basil before too much cold weather kills them and make some pesto to freeze. I've heard that the best way to do this is to make it with everything but the cheese, then freeze in ice cube trays. But then I'm like, if that's true, shouldn't it also be made without the olive oil? Because if it's okay to freeze one kind of fat, why not the other?


I found a Julia Quinn novel at the library yesterday that I hadn't heard of before (maybe because I lost interest in JQ's books awhile back, though I do think fondly of the Bridgerton series): The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever. I read it in one night, which I love about these kinds of novels. It was... okay. The premise was about a girl who falls in love with her best friend's older brother as a little girl, then she grows up and they get to know each other/strike up a romance as adults. On some level I always enjoy novels with this sort of premise (don't know why; I never had a best friend whose older brother I crushed on). Anyway, it was very enjoyable in parts, but overall was just a typical sort of romance with the usual plot twists and a few clunky/forced scenarios. Still, if you're looking for a mind candy read, I'd rec it.


When D. came over to help me with the Pontiac mess, he was like, OMG you need to clean your gutters! So now I am going to get an estimate for that, as well as for cleaning off the moss on the roof. Plus I need to hire a new gardener (whole separate story on that). And hire an arborist to trim the trees whose branches are getting way too close to the house. One of the things I miss about condo/apartment living is not having to worry about this kind of stuff.


TV Show Meme, Day 22 - Favorite series finale: Sex and the City

It was perfect, totally perfect. So good, in fact, that the movies are almost unwanted. It's sort of like coming up with the perfect ending and then tacking on more, drawing it out in an unnecessary way. Every single storyline had a satisfying conclusion that was done well. Every series finale should strive to be like S&tC's.
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Sorry for blurriness, but it is so hard to get photos of the two of them together because they're constantly moving! Anyway, a recent cute photo of Talis and Jaime. I like to pretend they always get along this well.

Talis & Jaime Being Friendly

Also, a wacky coincidence... I got contacted by someone whose name is Jaime, and her fiancee's name is Talis. O.o She found my LJ because she was searching for her wedding site or something. Anyway, she asked for a couple of photos of my pets because she wanted to share with friends/family about "the other Talis and Jaime," which is a cute idea. But how crazy is that?! Talis and Jaime, getting married! LOL. Makes me want to dress up my pets in little wedding outfits. But I won't.

The car saga seems resolved, for now. Knock on a lot of wood.

I picked up the Pontiac from the Nissan dealership on Friday. They made me sign a form that said I understood this was a one-time fix only, that they did as a courtesy (due to my threatening to be a huge PITA). Joe said, "I'm going to be candid. It's an older car and it IS going to break down again in the future." Which, of course, is something I realize. I just hadn't expected it to break down the day after it left their lot.

I left the car at work overnight, then the next day my mom and I picked it up. We drove a couple miles to a local lube place I've used before, when I had my Corolla -- I remembered their oil change to be really inexpensive and I had liked the guys there. The oil change was $25, which I think beats even Wal-Mart's price. I asked them to let me know if they found anything else wrong with the vehicle. They said the car was leaking oil from at least 3 different places, and if I planned to keep the car, I should probably fix them (I guess the valves were bad), but if I wasn't going to keep it, then maybe not. I asked how much it would cost to fix; they quoted $660. I asked if the car was dangerous to drive. They said no, but that it would use oil a lot faster than normal. So I'm probably not going to do any repairs. Even if I changed the oil every month for $25, that would be much more cost effective considering I'm not planning to keep the vehicle. Also, if at this point that is the worst thing that can be said about the car, it's more than I could have hoped for.

My mom and I opted not to take it on the freeway, and drove it home (well, she drove it, following me) on surface roads. It made it home, and I have been able to use it a couple of times for short-distance trips, so, so far it seems to be doing OK. *crosses fingers*

Many people have advised me to sell or trade in the car as soon as possible (after I get the title). If I sell it privately, I'll disclose what I know of its recent problems and that it needs those valves replaced. I'll bet some car-minded person could fix those valves at very little cost, since most of the expense is in labor. Alternatively, I could trade it in at a dealership for another vehicle (a Japanese car for sure, if I go this route), and will likely get much less for it, but without the hassle of selling it privately. I can't sell OR trade it until I have the title, though, so hopefully the car will hold out at least until then.

I finally took some photos of both cars. If you're curious. Photo intensive! )
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All right, guys. Here's the car story so far. It's not completely resolved, but I'm at an OK place with it right now so I can purge.

So first of all, there's not one, but two, cars involved now. There's the new car I bought recently, the Lexus HS 250h, which I picked up yesterday. I'm currently experiencing new car euphoria. I love it! The backup camera seems like it's a bit skewed, but I'm going to take it in to have them look at it over the weekend or something. Otherwise, it's great. Let's hope that's a minor thing and doesn't turn into a huge production, because I really need to have something go right.

My favorite new feature on the HS: it has a USB port, so I can plug my iPod in and cycle through songs and albums, etc., on my navigation panel. It'll display all the pertinent info for the song, like I'm listening to it on my computer. Wheee! Yeah, it's kinda clunky (I haven't yet figured out a way to fast forward through the alphabetical lists), but still nice. My IS 250 had an auxilary port so I could listen to the iPod through my car speakers, but I couldn't interact with it through the car.

The car is 85% recyclable, which is very cool. I've never had a hybrid before, but so far it seems to drive the same as my IS (though I never really took advantage of the IS's power). Being an anal/competitive sort of person, I now want to eke out the most gas mileage I can out of this thing and see how well I can do. (It's a luxury vehicle though, so it's not like the workhorse Prius, which can get like 50-60 mpg. Average for the HS is about 35 mpg.)

Oh, plus I like using a mouse to interact with the navigation/climate/audio panel rather than touching the screen (as I did on my IS). I don't like fingerprints on screens; it freaks me out when someone comes to my desk and points something out to me on my screen and TOUCHES IT. I'm like, just point, I know what you're pointing at, don't touch the screen! Yeah, bit of OCD going on there.

The only bad thing about this car-buying experience so far (knock on wood) is that I was mistaken about my payment dates, and so essentially, I've paid for an entire month's lease on the IS that isn't even mine anymore. Ughghghgh. Talk about flushing money down the toilet. I could have given it to a homeless man on the street and it wouldn't have been wasted in this fashion.

I'll post pictures soon. :D

But now comes the bad story. As I've said before, I wanted this car purchase to be the last one for a good long while. I hate the car buying process and never want to go through it again, if I can help it (this seems ironic now -- stick with me and you'll see why). That also means that since this is now MY car, and will be my car for a long time, I want to keep it nice.

I often take the bus in to work. I drive 2.5 miles to my nearest commute center (a church parking lot, in my case), park my car, then hop on the bus. I get home the same way. I also drive down the street every day to take my dog to a nearby park. My dog is not nice to car interiors. He gets aggressive when he sees people, and will scratch at the seats/doors. I don't want him to do this to the new car. I also don't want to leave my brand-new car in the church parking lot, exposed to the elements and other employees who park there who deliberately drive their worst cars and probably don't care if they get dinged -- but I do. So I came upon a brilliant idea. I should buy a cheap clunker vehicle that just needs to be reliable enough that I can use it to drive 7 miles a day (to/back from the bus; to/back from the park)!

You can see where this is going. )
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So I'm embroiled in car stuff again.

I have no one to blame but myself.

You'd think having just gotten my new car finally, that I would be done with all this car stuff, but no.

It's even worse than before. I've felt close to tears half a dozen times, I've berated myself, I've raised my voice, had confrontations, all stuff I hate.

There is a possibility it will all settle down by this afternoon, but given how things have gone, I'm not hopeful.

But hey, the sun is shining again after days of absence, so that's something good.

I know I'm being incredibly vague here, but I don't want to tell the story until it's all been resolved. Otherwise it'll be like the worst soap opera ever.
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Last night I went sailing! [profile] corianderstem invited me along on her friend's excursion. I've lived here for 10 years and I think that was the first time I've actually ever gone sailing (not counting ferry rides). Sad, isn't it. Two not-so-great things happened. 1) A. and I were talking while sitting on the... uh... front? We were going fast so the boat was tilted and we were braced against the... uh... rigging? We were chatting and suddenly we heard a little bump and rattle, saw a flash of hot pink, then heard a splash of water. At the same time we realized what had happened -- her camera (bought last month) had slid out of her pocket and into the Sound! A. took it well, and luckily there weren't any photos on it except for the ones she'd taken that evening, but still, that really sucked. It happened so quickly there was only enough time for our mouths to drop open. Lots of people on other boats were dressed in pirate gear due to Sea Fair. From that point on there was no end to the "Do you have a cannon? No, it dropped into the water" jokes. Get it? Cannon? Canon? LOL. Poor A. So the second not-so-great thing was that I was called upon at some point to pull in some rope for a sail. Then the wind caught the sail, and I held onto the rope too long, and now I have a painful rope burn on my middle finger. It was cold last night on the water so I didn't really feel it then, but on the drive home -- MAN that stung worse than anything. I put some burn gel on it, which soothed it a bit, but now my finger is in a bandage.

Still, despite these mishaps, it was super fun. Thankfully my awful motion sickness didn't seem to be affected by being on a boat.


I've finally gotten a new car. It's this one. The same dealership I worked with last time was the one that finally made me the deal I wanted -- gave me the discount I wanted on the new car as well as top KBB price for my leased car/trade in. While it may not have been the best deal on the face of the planet, it's good enough that I'm satisfied. My plan is to drive this car for like 20 years. Or more. I despise the car buying process soooooo much. This car isn't as fully loaded as my old one -- I will miss rain-sensing windshield wipers -- but it has all the stuff I really care about, primarily the navigation and backup camera. I'm also happy it's a hybrid and will help with gas consumption (and the fact that it uses regular gas, unlike my premium gas-chugging former car).

Only negative is that I don't have the new car yet. They have to put some thingy on the fuel whatsit as part of the fix from a recent recall, and it now has priority, being sold, but for the moment I am driving a loaner -- my own car that I sold them, lol. So at the face of it, nothing's changed. I just hope I can get the new car soon, because I'd like for my mom to be able to check it out/ride in it before she goes back to SoCal, and because I worry about things like something happening to the car while it's still on the dealership's lot.

Oh, the color scheme I wanted was a white exterior and black interior, which I guess is not a very popular color combination. They had like 100 white/tans but only one with white/black.


TV Show Meme, Day 20 - Favorite kiss: Logan/Veronica from Veronica Mars

Logan and Veronica's romance started out very similarly to Draco and Ginny's in that they hated each other's guts. That evolved slowly (very slowly), with Logan being a douchebag to her pretty much the whole time. Then suddenly in this one episode, out of nowhere, they kiss -- and it TOTALLY WORKS. Though there was actually very little build up to this romance, when it happened it didn't seem out of place, and in fact, seemed totally RIGHT. It explained so much of their vitriol toward one another (if Logan had secretly been carrying a torch for Veronica in his unacknowledged heart of hearts, but couldn't do anything about it because she was his best friend's girl). The kiss itself was sudden and hot ... and afterward, when they're looking at each other as she's walking away, confused and vulnerable, it's just so good. I'm not sure the show had me completely sold until that moment.


Aug. 4th, 2010 02:01 pm
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I'm feeling out of sorts. I don't think I've been getting enough sleep.

I've been grumpy and argumentative in my meetings all day.

This, however, is very cool news: Judge overturns California's ban on same-sex marriage. There's rarely anything to cheer about on the political front, so yay for that.


My mom's arriving tonight and I did NO pre-cleaning whatsoever. None. Unless you count washing my dishes. She's going to flip at the state of the house. So that's something to look forward to.


Still a total mess with regard to the whole car buying effort. Current thinking is that I am going to wait a month, then use a coworker's brother as a buyer's agent and just hope for the best. Sigh.


TV Show Meme, Day 19 - Best TV show cast: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

It may not have been my favorite Joss Whedon show (Angel or Firefly would take that award), but when it comes to cast, very few shows can match Buffy's. Okay, Friends is up there too, and maybe on a different day I would have chosen it instead. But it's not a different day, and I pick BtVS. I mean, it wasn't just that practically every character was cast impeccably (even the annoying ones). It was also that the main core -- Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Giles -- worked so well together. They inhabited those characters. And the supporting sphere was just as impressive, including Angel, Spike, Anya, Tara, Drusilla, Darla, Oz, Faith, and yes, even Kennedy (see note above re: annoying characters). The popularity and critical acclaim of the show is obviously due to immensely talented and hardworking people both behind and in front of the camera, but there's no doubt that Buffy's cast played a big part in its success. Yay Scooby gang!
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Buying a new car is so tiresome. Don't want to get into the long, boring details, but I should remember to put it in the "pros" column for buying vs leasing, because with a lease, it's guaranteed that I'll have to go through this stupid process again in ~3 years. Am planning to take my current car to my usual dealer this weekend to get it appraised. Since that's been one of the unknowns in this equation so far, it'll be kind of good to have a definitive number to work with.

OMG and now a new wrench in the works. Remember how I have the best/worst luck ever? Well, now on the verge of buying another car, I just received a call from dealership #2. They're starting to sell the HS again, but the car won't actually be ready for delivery until later in the month. If I buy the car before then and sell them mine, they'll loan me a Lexus to drive in the interim. They wanted me to come in tonight so that they could appraise my car and work out a deal (I highly doubt this is likely, but I do want to get it appraised by them, so I can compare it to tomorrow's appraisal). I was reluctant because I took the bus in today, so I'd have to take the bus home then drive all the way back out to them (they're close to my work place). So the guy's like, don't take the bus home! We'll have someone pick you up at work and chauffeur you home in a Lexus, so you can pick up your car and drive here! SIGH. Well, why not. Like I said, I want to get it appraised by various dealers anyway, and this will be the impetus to get it appraised by them. I wish my dad were here.

Oh, and there's the worry in the back of my head about whether this is really a good time to be shelling out this kind of $$.

Edit: Total waste of time as I suspected. WHY do they insist on playing these games? You KNOW if my offer is out of the ballpark, just say so from the beginning and don't waste both our time. Gah. I just don't want the car as much as they want me to want it.

TV Show Meme: Day 09 - Best scene ever: Liz dancing with Future!Max, Roswell

There was like, maybe 5 people who actually watched Roswell, but I'd be surprised if any one of them weren't touched by the scene of Liz dancing on her balcony with Future!Max, knowing she had just destroyed any chance of them ever being together ... all to save humankind. The back drop of Sheryl Crow's "I Shall Believe," Liz basking in her final moments with Max, Liz being left ultimately alone... so good.
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Dad's visit - the new car

Okay, so the whole point of my dad's visit was for him to help me make a new purchase/lease on a new car, because I'm crap at haggling/dealing with car sales people, etc. I'm fine at the outset, but once they start getting into the nitty gritty of the terms and moving things around and using terminology I'm not familiar with, I get lost. And then I feel really flustered and uncomfortable and hating the whole situation, because it makes me feel like I'm being taken for a ride without knowing it.

Well, no one could have predicted what ended up happening. It just wasn't meant to be, I guess! )

The Pets

Jaime/Talis: They're still not best friends or anything, but by this point they definitely tolerate each other's company, and from time to time, even enjoy it, I think. Sometimes Jaime will deliberately bat at Talis playfully, or flirtatously run by in order to provoke Talis into running after him, or nip at Talis's tail when he walks by. They constantly sniff at each other, and the other is better and better about letting the sniffing go on for longer and longer periods of time without complaining.

Then! Yesterday! They were both on the bed with me, Jaime was sleeping on the left edge of the foot of the bed, where Talis normally likes to be. Talis was next to me, got up to go to "his" spot, saw Jaime there, and instead of chasing him away or whining until I did something about it, he just flopped down just below him! And when he moved again, it was to sleep right next to Jaime, and their tails even touched! At one point Jaime woke up and meowed when he felt Talis on his tail, but he didn't seem overly concerned and didn't leave, just went back to sleep!

Photo evidence! )

TV Meme

Day 04 - Your favorite show ever

There were several contenders for this one, but in the end I have to go with Friends. I was never as obsessed with Friends as I've been with other shows, never wrote fanfic, wasn't completely invested in any one storyline for very long. For the most part I was content to go where they led. There were episodes that were hysterically funny and episodes that made me cry. It was probably the show my friends and I quoted the most from, and made us crack up every time. Almost every episode is memorable in some way, which is saying something considering it was on the air for 10 years. On rewatch you can jump into any episode from any season and enjoy it without having to watch everything that came before. It never fails to bring a smile to my face or make me laugh, which is a big deal on days when I find it hard to do either.
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Finished the second book in the Airhead series, Being Nikki, and am now on the third. It's so crazy, but entertaining. Stuff like this is why I love Meg Cabot: "What girl wouldn't want a guy to go on a wild computer hacking rampage against a majorly environmentally irresponsible corporation, just for her?" LOLOL.

So I think I've mentioned before that my dad is going to be here in a week or two to help me look for a car due to my current lease ending. I've drawn up a list of places to take him to eat, because he's picky in a weird way, but am also considering making one meal at home, including ginger and green onion crab, and his favorite -- rocky road ice cream. I haven't made chocolate ice cream before, and in this case, I think I would also try making the marshmallows myself also. It's kind of ambitious in terms of the ice cream I usually make, so I'm not positive I'm going to do it yet, given that my dad will quite frankly probably not appreciate it as much as his favorite Dreyer's. :P

I've ordered a cat tree from Overstock. It's supposedly easy to put together. I hope for Jaime's sake that that's true.

Speaking of ordering things online, a couple of weeks ago I ordered some cookbooks from Barnes and Noble, the first time I've ever ordered from them (I usually prefer Amazon and Borders), and possibly the last. After waiting and waiting for the books to arrive, I finally checked their tracking number and it said that it was delivered two days after I placed the order! Except, I so have not received them! I suppose it's possible that someone stole them from my front door, but I've ordered tons of things online and that's NEVER happened. Apparently they are doing some kind of tracking with UPS or whatever, but I was like, you can do that if you want, but the fact of the matter is that I have not received my order and I have no intention of paying for merchandise I have not received, even if UPS comes back and says it was delivered (and why wouldn't they? Why else would they have marked it delivered in the first place?). I mean, I DIDN'T GET IT. I can't go around paying for stuff I never get, if that were the case I'd never order online! This is stress I so don't need.

You know why? Because I had An Adventure the other day -- and not the good kind. It's the kind where I was forced to deface my own car. And yes, it was mostly all due to my own procrastination, but that doesn't make it any less embittering. What happened. )
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I wish there was a way to only see one post if it's been cross posted to various communities. This is particularly a problem with the cooking communities. Some people want to post their stuff to EVERY single cooking-related community there is, and I simply don't need to see the same damn posts over and over and over again.

Well, we survived the weekend. Random observations about the kitty cat companion trial so far. )

I may be going away for a long weekend during July 4 and am not sure yet what I'm going to do with Jaime. I know one of the benefits of having a cat is that they don't need much minding, but I don't know if 4 days alone is reasonable. How long have you kept your cat in the house alone, with no one looking in?

Also, wanna hear something funny? Homeward's cats page has been updated. It shows what animals are currently available to adopt, their histories/preferences, and if they're currently being fostered. Jaime? Totally gone, not even there, not showing that he's being fostered. Apparently they are so convinced it's going to work out with me that he's been taken off the adoption list entirely!

When I first leased my car, I scratched the door against a pillar while trying to park in a parking garage at work. The car had like 800 miles on it. >< I took it to get repaired at this place I've used several times before, and at first it looked great. But as time passed it became more and more obvious that the paint was a slightly darker shade of silver than the rest of the vehicle, particularly obvious in sunlight. I thought (hoped) it was just me, but I've had several people mention it to me so I know it's definitely off. I procrastinated about getting it back to the repair shop to redo, even though I believe they have a lifetime guarantee on their work. Well, I finally had them look at it, because my lease is ending soon and whatever I decide to do, the door needs to be the same shade of silver as the rest of the car. They admitted that it was a darker silver. So now I have to find some time to give them the car for 3 business days. >< What sucks is that I'll probably need to rent a car during that time, so that's extra expense. In theory (and in my opinion), they should cover the cost since it's their mistake, but if they won't do it I don't know that I want to spend the time to fight with them about it. Still, something else to stress about, sigh. Edit: They've agreed to take care of the rental car. Yay!

Nominations for this round of the [community profile] dgficexchange are in, so if you are so inclined, you can cast your votes here. Voting closes on June 12. I haven't voted on the fic awards yet because I want to read all the finalists (I did the art one though), so I probably won't be voting until the very last day, which is pretty much my MO for everything in life.
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I finished Catching Fire. Spoilers... )

Last night's fried chicken dinner at Spring Hill was very good. Fried chicken is one of my favorite foods. There was SO MUCH chicken. The sides were rather skimpy, but there was a pile of chicken, even more than it appeared initially. Since the kids only had 1 piece each and there's only so much my mom, K., and I can eat, we had lots of leftover chicken. Since reheating fried chicken never works out well, I'll probably use my share of the leftovers to make some other chicken dish. The batter on the chicken was tasty and super crispy, my favorite. Sides were: mashed potatoes with gravy, macaroni & cheese (made with Beecher's, one of my favorite cheddars), jalapeno cornbread with honey butter, crispy oven-baked broccoli, and lightly seasoned spears of cucumber. We thought WE were hardcore because we got the dinner with basically just 3 adults eating (D. ordered a Caesar salad and basically ate that plus some sides), and behind us was a table of 6 adults who got the same thing (the dinner is supposed to serve 4). But then the table next to us put us to shame... 3 adults and a little girl, and not only did they get the fried chicken dinner they also ordered a side of Spring Hill's Monday spaghetti entree (which is not small) as well as two huge meatballs. I have photos, but they're on my SD card at home. D'oh.

Not sure if anyone remembers this, but back in November I was rear ended. Over the next 3 months I went to physical and massage therapy, then I had to wait and wait and wait for them to gather all the expenses and what not to make me an offer of settlement. At long last, after some back and forth, I think the whole thing is going to be settled, which is one less thing for me to worry about, so yay.

K.'s birthday is coming up and it's a big one, so I am thinking of being a good cousin and making her a vegan chocolate cake since she's off dairy right now. I can't imagine a vegan cake actually being any good, but if you know of a recipe for a good one, let me know please.


Jan. 11th, 2010 05:23 pm
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Sadly, my vacation has come to an end.

I'm happy to be back amongst all my things, of course, but I will miss the mild weather (it was 75°F when I left) and general sunniness (it's cloudy here and my house is extra dark). Vitamin D, my new best pal. As always after a long absence I'm kind of at a loss where to start... so I'll just blab away with no real plan.

I'm eating delicious fudge from Fynt (really, his mom) to fortify myself.

1) Some time after my last post, I was rear ended. Again. I know, I can't even use exclamations or act surprised at all by this point. It was still 2009. I knew it wasn't going to let me go easily. Basically, I needed to make a turn out of a parking lot but had to cross several lanes, so I was having to wait for a lot of traffic. The asshole behind me decided that in revenge for making him wait 30 seconds, he was going to deliberately hit my car (he was in some crappy old car that had seen better days) and zoom away. Because my mom gets hysterical about these sorts of things, I did not chase after him, and because it took me a few seconds to even realize what had happened, I didn't get his plate. Now my parents' new car has a badly scuffed bumper. (And remember, it's only new because my mom was in that serious car accident that totaled their old car a few months ago, for which she is still getting physical therapy.)

2) Right before I left, one of my aunts was hospitalized due to needing gall bladder surgery. She's back home and is recovering OK. I know, 2010 isn't shaping up to being any better than 2009 so far.

3) My flight home was good. The flight was at 3:30, they were going to board at 3, and I got there at 2:40. I noticed that my battery was critically low, which was a problem because after I landed I needed to a) get in touch with K., who was picking me up, and b) get in touch with S., who I was picking up after K. and I had dinner. I found one of those charging stations (BLESS those things), and decided to charge my phone until 3:15. I figured that that would give them 15 minutes to start boarding, and besides I'd just read in the paper about how airlines were failing at on-time flights since the recent flight scares. At 3:14 I unplugged my phone and went to use the restroom. When I came out, I heard my name being called over the loudspeaker and that it was my FINAL CALL. I was like WTF and went over to the gate. Their digital clock read 3:16. They had somehow boarded everyone else in 16 minutes!! I was the last person on the plane. We left early, we got some good wind, and then some expected turbulence didn't happen, all of which got me back home half an hour early. Which is always nice.

4) In case you enjoy them as much as S. does: Williams-Sonoma peppermint bark is on sale right now. $10 for a tin that usually costs (a ridiculous, imho) $26.50. It's really good peppermint bark. I'm going to bake some into brownies. :D I think it's out of most stores, so you probably can't get that price w/o ordering them online and paying for shipping. Surprisingly, W-S didn't charge tax, even though they do have brick-and-mortar stores here. I just don't get how the tax thing works.

5) My physical therapist thinks I should continue treatment for another 4 weeks or so. That's fine w/ me as long as the other insurance company pays for it, which they should, hopefully without incident. Sigh. I'd also like to start massage therapy, because while I was in CA I got like 3 of them and it seemed to help a lot.

6) While on vacation I saw Sherlock Holmes and Avatar. While neither make my best or favorite movies lists, they were fun. I'm considering seeing Avatar again at the Pacific Science Center's IMAX theater because I can get tickets for $3.50. Any Seattlites interested in joining me? First to express interest gets it, because I can only get 2 tix per show.

7) If you've never had caramel-flavored Bugles, they are sooooo good. Basically they're like caramel popcorn, salty and sweet and delicious.

8) Watched Dexter seasons 2, 3, AND 4. Wow @ 4's ending. Just wow. So well done. I thought the show was good after season 1, but now it's definitely up there with the exceptional ones.

9) Given all the things I bought and received over break, it didn't all fit into the suitcase I brought. I had to use my mom's larger suitcase to take home (and paid the extra fee, grr).

10) Discovered after years of avoiding wearing earrings (because my ears would get all itchy and aggravated) that I can only wear gold earrings. I always thought that my ears got all inflamed and angry because I wasn't used to wearing earrings, period... but then discovered that they don't get that way with gold. So there's something in regular earrings and even sterling silver that affects me negatively. Sigh @ that, but yay that I can comfortably wear earrings again.

11) Read Audrey Niffenegger's Her Fearful Symmetry. It was beautifully written, and was interesting (definitely kept me turning the page), but was ultimately disappointing. Not because it wasn't The Time-Traveler's Wife (as Jade says, "She already wrote that book, see."), but because the plot and other elements of HFS was just kind of ... not well thought out. It's a much, much simpler book in terms of ambition. Maybe after TTTW she just needed something very different in both plot and execution. Just wish it was a cleaner book than it is ... and not, you know, in terms of sex/language.

12) I may be going to Esalen in April.


Dec. 8th, 2009 11:10 am
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So I got my H1N1 shot yesterday. Before jabbing me the doctor said cheerfully, "You have the perfect arm for needles, just so you know!" OMG. Gimme the shot w/o the commentary, doc. I already know that I have upper arms that [profile] jade_okelani calls "matronly" ... I am so envious of all those celebrities with their skinny upper arms ... anyway, I don't need to be reminded of what I lack. Also? Great for needle punctures isn't exactly a great consolation prize.

I have my car back. *jumps for joy* Oh in-dash navigation, backup camera, seat warmers, radio that tells me what song is playing, climate control, MP3 plug, one-push windows down, I'll never take you for granted again! I was considering turning in this car once my lease is up, but now I'm thinking I may just keep it. I've already put lots of $$ into it and I love it, so why not. Plus after the accident it'll be worth less on the market anyway.

It is so ridiculously cold here. In the winter I remember why I despise living here so much. I haaaaaaaaate the cold. The only saving grace is that it's sunny. But that's why it's cold, because there's no cloud cover. So it's like, do I wish for gloomy clouds or warmer weather? That's my crappy choice here in the NW. -.-

One of my coworkers wore a jacket the other day that I totally coveted. It looked super warm, but was stylish at the same time. I asked what kind of jacket it was, and he was like, "Oh, it's from Patagonia. You should totally get one." So I check out Patagonia, and find this really awesome lightweight down jacket (intended for skiing, but I get cold easily!). But guess what. IT'S $600. OMG. That is reDONK. That's when I notice that most of their regular jackets run about $250+. And here I was thinking that I would 'splurge' and spend $100 on a nice jacket! Crazy. I guess this is why eBay is my friend.

Oh, I have another great place to eat (hot sandwiches): Tubs Gourmet Subs. They only have 2 locations, and they're both nearish me, but god their sandwiches are good. The bread is fantastic and grilled just right (we've tried several times to get them to divulge where they get their bread, to no avail), and many of their sandwiches use a garlic mayo that's really yummy. Most sandwiches also come with a hot BBQ dipping sauce that really adds oompf to the sandwich (though of course you can get without). My and S.'s fave sandwich is the Firecracker, but the Joker's Dip is good too, and they have weekly sandwich specials that I haven't regretted getting also. Really, just about anything there is good.
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Okay, I'm not gonna lie. I am pretty proud of myself. Those of you who follow [community profile] food_porn already know what I'm talking about.

Click to see why. )

The other day we went to Flo-Anna's Diner for dinner. Isn't that a great divey greasy spoon name? Even though it was totally a diner ("This is so where Diner Dash was invented."), the place was clean and well kept, and the food was not quite your average greasy spoon fare. The place is run by some Greek women, and once a month they have a Greek night. We weren't there that night, but I ordered the Greek burger, which has feta cheese and tzatziki sauce in place of mayo, and it was really good. S. and I both enjoyed it very much. We will be back! Some day. Only downside is that it's in sort of a sketchy neighborhood.

I am supposed to get my car back on Monday or Tuesday. It's currently with Lexus so they can do their diagnostic tests and what not, and if it comes back clean then the body shop just has to do a bit of detailing and it'll be ready. I am SO READY to have my car back.

My cousin is going to drive me to and from the airport for my winter vacation, which is great because it'll save me $88+tip in airport shuttle cost (not to mention bother with Talis). Only downside is that I have to drive to her place first (she lives much closer to the airport), which means that my car is going to be at her place for the duration of my vacation. That's a downside because they don't really have a garage to speak of, so it'll be out in the elements, and also, over Thanksgiving break, their neighbor had his car stolen. >< Knowing my luck, and how much 2009 hates me, the same thing could happen to mine. Sigh.

This weekend I saw Boondock Saints 2. I liked it and thought it was a good follow up to the original, which I saw only recently (in preparation for seeing the sequel). I enjoy its "style" and the method of filming, as well as the touches of humor. Guess who's in the sequel? Darla herself! She's a redhead, and initially S. and I were both like, we KNOW that woman, who IS she... ohhh! Loved the cameo by you-know-who (not Voldemort).

Okay, now I'm off to play some Professor Layton (sequel) and then bed, as I've got a busy day tomorrow. First is getting my H1N1 shot (work is providing them, so it's not like I can say, "Give mine to a child instead" -- plus I am going from a "moderate" state to a "widespread" state in a week). Then a meeting. Then a physical therapy appointment. Followed immediately by an appointment w/ an endocrinologist. Then right after that a conference call. I'm wondering if I will have time to eat tomorrow, or if I am going to be super grouchy.
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One of my big pet peeves: people who rush into an elevator when it opens. By "rushing" I mean "can't even wait for the people already in it to get off." I work on the top floor. If you're waiting for the elevator on that floor and there are people inside when it opens, most likely they need to get off (it's rare for people to have gotten on the 'wrong' elevator going up when they need to go down), because there's nowhere else for them to go. Even on any other floor, pause before entering to make sure no one wants to get off. Because you know what? Even if you're an asshole who rushes into the elevator before anyone can even exit (which I find extremely rude), YOU'RE STILL NOT GOING ANYWHERE UNTIL THOSE PEOPLE HAVE LEFT. So now you're not just a rude asshole, you're also stupid. It saves you NO time to be that rude, so why do it?

I made a shepherd's pie recently, and S. liked it so much that I was 'forced' to make another one 2 days later. It's easy and delicious. I mean, what's not to like about ground beef mixed with veggies then topped with a layer of mashed potatoes and baked?

A week from Tuesday, I'll be boarding a plane for LA. How crazy is that? I guess it probably feels more crazy to me than to you. :)) It just seems so SOON. Officially I'm going to be on vacation for 2 weeks, until the end of December, then the first week of January I'll be working remotely from LA. But that'll be fine because then I can still have lunch/dinner with the folks down there, and it'll be sort of like a vacation without actually taking up any of my vacation hours. Though I do have a ton of those. I just have to remember to take Talis to the vet to get his health certificate after the 10th but before I leave, so that I can use the same certificate going and coming (otherwise it's another $70!).

I had my first physical therapy session for my back (from the car accident) on Monday. Hopefully it's going to go well. It's not like the pain is severe/debilitating, but it's there, and after hearing all the horror stories about people who have life-long problems with their backs after an accident I'm not taking any risks.

Re: Amanda Knox. A verdict in her trial is supposed to be announced in about an hour. Obviously I haven't heard everything the jury's heard, but from the details I've read I'd be surprised if she weren't guilty (whether there's actually enough hard evidence to convict her, I don't know). I mean, changing your story multiple times (in big ways) is just a terrible move, whether you're guilty or not. It makes you look guilty as hell. Motive and opportunity are also easily established with her. I do have to admit though that I might be biased because I just plain don't like her. She seems like a really selfish, stupid, and airheaded person. That doesn't make her a murderer, of course, but it sure doesn't make me bleed for her. Edit: She was found guilty. Her sentence was 26 years, which to me is weird. It's like the jury is saying, "We're pretty sure she's guilty." Because if she actually did kill her roommate, she and her ex-bf/accomplice deserve the maximum penalty, since it wasn't like, manslaughter. But if the jury had any doubt about whether or not they were guilty, the two should have been acquitted. So the 'short' prison sentence for murder seems weird to me. Of course, they're appealing, so it may not even be that eventually, anyway.

I'm sorta sad about Dollhouse being canceled. The show was progressively getting better. But I do think that the execution (whether Joss's fault or the network's) wasn't nearly as good as the concept. The worst part was unfortunately Eliza Dushku in the lead role. She was a serious disappointment.
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Whenever I make mayo, I almost always end up making way more than I need. The homemade variety doesn't keep nearly as well as store bought (1 week vs months if not years), so there's really no sense in making a lot, especially as I don't generally eat a lot of it to begin with. But, the cycle goes like this. I decide that I am going to make mayo the old-fashioned way, with a bowl and a wire whisk. All it takes is patience and a good whisking arm. I'm okay for maybe the first 10 drops of oil. Then my whisking arm starts to get tired. I drizzle more oil into the mixture than I should. The arm holding the measuring cup at a tense angle to control the amount of oil starts to cramp. I think, it should be safe now to add oil in a thin stream instead of drops. I adjust my cramped arms. Rinse and repeat. I end up with a semi-emulsified, not-very-mayo-like substance. That's when I have to drag out the food processor -- which I had wanted to avoid the "work" of washing -- and make a new batch of mayo. The food processor makes it happen practically by magic, with very little effort. Once I have creamy, perfect mayo, I then add in the "mayo" (aka, semi-emulsified crap) that I tried to make by hand. Because if you didn't already know, if you have perfectly emulsified mayo, you can add mayo-gone-wrong to it and it will magically make it good. However, this is why I always end up with more than I need. Sigh.

Quiet Thanksgiving, as planned. When I picked up our Whole Foods meal, it turned out that they didn't have a 6-8lb turkey as we were supposed to get, so they gave us a 10lb one. For 2 people that is simply ridiculous, lol. Also, witness our naivete: WF asked that we specify a time that we would be going to pick up the meal; my cousin chose 11:30am. We both figured that we could have it for lunch AND dinner. Neither of us knew or realized that "fully cooked" doesn't mean "hot." We still ended up having to rub a paste (provided) over the turkey and baking it for over an hour. We also had to heat up the various veggies and accompaniments, so we didn't actually end up eating until much later than we'd originally planned. I mean, still easier than having to cook everything from scratch and less clean up involved, but yeah. Now I know.

I did no Black Friday shopping this year. I was, however, very lame. Just before midnight the night before BF, I read [profile] romanticalgirl's LJ entry where she talked about her BF plans. I felt pretty wide awake and had been looking for an excuse to do BF, so I emailed her and asked if I could tag along. She nicely said yes. She planned to start at 2am. We emailed back and forth for a bit and I was still excited. Then, just as I was preparing to leave the house a bit before 1:30am, I felt like I'd been hit by a sledgehammer. A wave of tiredness came over me and I realized that there was no way in hell I would be able to stay awake much longer without becoming Ms. Grouchy Pants and/or wanting to sleep in the car. So I told L. that I was lame and was not going after all. Yes, I felt really, really lame. I generally don't like to cancel plans once I've made them, but I just knew I was going to be terrible company. That'll also teach me to make spontaneous middle-of-the-night decisions about going out. Don't I know yet that those days are long over for me? :P

I ended up sleeping until 12:30pm. When I went to bed I had thought to myself that I would just go BF shopping at a more "normal" hour, say 8 or 9am, and maybe still get a couple of good deals on things. Given the time I woke up, I didn't even bother to go to any stores. Talk about conking out, sheesh. I think I have a low-grade something or other, because the last few days before that my throat was feeling funny/sore in the mornings, and then the major sleepathon happened.

My doctor ran a vitamin D test along w/ my cholesterol test and to no one's surprise, I'm low. It's a problem for basically everyone who lives in this sunshine-forsaken state. I'd been taking 250 IU/day along w/ my calcium supplement, but my doctor wants me to take 1,000 IU/day. I ended up getting what my cousin gets, Carlson Ddrops. It's in liquid form and 1 drop of it provides 1,000 IU. I usually put it on some food or in my coffee. It tastes like nothing. You'd think "a drop of sunshine" would taste like something. So far I've been pretty good about remembering if I've taken it that day, but I'm sure one of these days I'll forget and end up giving myself a whole lotta vitamin D. Luckily that shouldn't do me any harm. I don't think. Also, I'm going to see a physical therapist tomorrow for a consult re: my back soreness from the accident. AND I've decided not to be an ostrich and have scheduled for a consult w/ an endocrinologist. My cousin points out that I've already had 2 abnormal test results, I'm going to have to see one at some point or another, so might as well start the battery of tests now.

The garden has shown very little change. My cousin's gardeners have told her that winter is a verrrrrry slow growing season so I shouldn't be concerned. The cabbage looks leafier and the lettuce has pretty much died, but otherwise everything's about the same. There were a couple of warm ("warm") days a few weeks back, and that apparently made one of the bok choi plants bolt. So I guess they really ARE cold-weather plants, because it was so not warm; the sun just came out, that's all. I removed all the flowers, but I probably should have just let it go to seed. Now it's useless. Sigh.

Last night I beat Professor Layton and the Curious Village. The games/brain teasers are fun, but the conclusion was a bit anti-climactic. I thought Flora was annoying. Only thing left is that there are supposed to be 120 puzzles, but I've only found 115, and of those, I still haven't figured out 4 of them. They are annoying me. A lot.

At the moment I'm making the custard for mint ice cream. It's really way too cold to be making or eating ice cream, but some people simply will not be dissuaded.

Edit: Oh, for those of you who were interested, this was Enterprise's response to my complaint letter: The funny. )


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