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Apr. 26th, 2017 01:29 pm
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I am now in Germany! Well, I've been here for a few days, and am leaving in another couple, but I have a lull in the work I'm doing right now so might as well take the time to update LJ, lol. It's kind of crazy, though, the workspace here is TERRIBLE. There are hardly any power outlets for dozens of people, so people just camp out at an outlet or queue up to use one, it's insane. If I have to come back next year, I'm going to have to remember to bring a power strip.

I'm pleased to say that my experience with this trip has been a lot better than it was last year. Last year, I basically only knew one person, O., who was great to work with work-wise, but on a social level she wasn't really that person. This year, I'm not only traveling with one of my writers, which is great, but my business owner this year is J., who isn't as good on the work side, but is great for the social side of things. Last year, O. and I had one dinner together; this year, J. has arranged at least two team dinners so far which have been fun! More details on the trip. )

I have one and a half more days here -- I fly to New York on Friday -- and V. and I are hoping to get in at least two massages (one today, one tomorrow) before we go, because J. found a Thai massage place that costs only 30 Euros an hour.
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I haven't gotten my GIF assignment for the week, though I am looking much more forward to this one than I was the last one, but there were a few moments I wanted to GIF, for myself. I wanted to share them with y'all!

Gratuitous gifs from the Broncos @ Seahawks game. )

And if you don't care about football, but like food, I have recent photos to share!

Like, sushi and stuff. )
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My Best Picture nominees viewing continues!

Beasts of the Southern Wild: Loved it. I can't believe Quvenzhane Wallis was 5 years old when she was cast! Love the story, the directing, everything. It reminded me a lot of Whale Rider, which is a movie that I love to pieces. However, like Whale Rider, I suspect that the various nominations this movie got are its "awards" -- as in, congrats that you made a wonderful movie, we'll acknowledge it with these nominations, but we're going to give the actual awards elsewhere. Not having yet seen Life of Pi or Amour, right now I'd give directing to Benh Zeitlin for this movie.

Lincoln: I wanted to think it was amazing, but I just didn't. I found it really boring, actually. I have the greatest appreciation for Abraham Lincoln himself, but I'm just not that interested in the Civil War (I'm more of a WWII buff). It's one of those time periods that I don't particularly enjoy reflecting on for entertainment purposes, watching people try to defend slavery, countrymen killing countrymen, etc. Daniel Day-Lewis probably has Best Actor in the bag, but I'd love to see Bradley Cooper pull off an upset, he was so impressive in Silver Linings Playbook. It's not going to happen, though.

Other than Life of Pi and Amour, I still need to see Django Unchained and I'll be done!

Met K for dinner last night. We went to Brave Horse Tavern to try their Sunday night fried chicken dinner. It was OK. The chicken wasn't as good as at Ma'ono, the collard greens were too sour, and the biscuits and gravy were way too heavy. What was really good was their homemade soft pretzel with three different kinds of mustard, and their plain cheeseburger. Yes, we ate all of it. Stop judging us.

Talis still has an ulcer in his right eye. :/ Poor little thing has been wearing one of those Elizabethan collars for more than a month now. I was hoping it'd heal up on its own while we were in LA, but it didn't happen, so now he has to have a "procedure." That's been scheduled for Jan. 25. Meanwhile, I've been buying his antibiotic eye drops from the vet's office for $30/bottle. While in LA I needed it replenished. Rite-Aid wanted $40 for it and they couldn't get it until the following day. I ended up going to Costco, which not only had it in stock that very day, but it only cost $12.80! Crazy.

I completely forgot that I have a cooking class tonight -- Singaporean chili crab -- and took the bus in to work today. D'oh!! Now it's going to be a mad rush trying to get home and take care of the pets before heading out again. >
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I seem to be the only person who's ever on the internet on Fridays. Hello? **echo echo ECHO** But that just means I can be as random as I want.

1) Today was a pretty awesome day. I didn't get into the office until after 9:30. A bunch of people are out of the office, including my two immediate managers, so I took a 2-hour lunch. On the way back from lunch, we decided to get some coffee at the cafe, and on the way we were randomly stopped by a guy who was giving away fancy cupcakes (he was a vendor who was here to schmooze clients). I mean, talk about serendipitous!

2) I sound like the worst employee ever, but you have to cut me some slack. One of my coworkers has left the group for a new job at the company, and until we hire someone to replace her I am doing two jobs. I'm already fairly stressed out about it. :/ And while August was fairly quiet, we are rapidly approaching busy season. I don't know how I'm going to survive.

3) I was also bummed to miss our intern -- it was her last day today as well, and I didn't realize she was going to leave so early. She left a card on my desk, along with some Lush (Whoosh) shower jelly, which was super nice of her. I LOVE LUSH. I'm not as obsessed with it as I once was, but I still love their bath products.

4) I was watching Psych last night (S5E02), and out of the blue, Shawn and Gus are eating hot dogs, and Shawn goes, "These Japadogs are delicious." And Gus replies, "You know, I almost took Lassiter to the Japadog cart once, but I felt like I was cheating." !!!!!!!!!! The show takes place in Santa Barbara, and I was like, whaaaaat Santa Barbara has Japadogs?! (This was one of the places we went to in Vancouver.) Except they totally don't. JAPADOG is only located in Vancouver and New York (and that location only opened this year). Then I remembered that [personal profile] adelagia told me Psych films in Vancouver. So it was a shoutout to that city. :D I love the idea of the whole cast/crew sitting around eating Japadogs.

5) There's a new meme, similar to the "Hey girl" Ryan Gosling meme, only this one involves Jeremy. They all start out "Woman--" and use f**k liberally. And is most decidedly not PG-13, because of language and suggestiveness. Here are a few of my favorites so far. #FLAIL )

6) Can't get enough of Hawkeye. )

7) I have absolutely nothing going on this weekend. It is great. Maybe I will make cheese, like [profile] carrie_leigh did. Maybe I will watch Bourne Legacy for the fifth time. Maybe I will just make some pour-over coffee and read some bad teen lit. WHO KNOWS. THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER.

8) OMGGGGGGGGGG I love my new Blu-ray player. I guess I'm just totally behind the times and don't keep up with technology, but I had NO IDEA you could do so much stuff with them now. I only just figured out how to wirelessly connect my Xbox 360 to my computer so I can watch all the stuff on it; I didn't know you could do that with Blu-ray players now too. WOW! It took me a little bit to configure the settings on my computer and on the player to make it work, BUT NOW IT WORKS AND IT'S AWESOME.

9) I saw this today and totally thought it was Jon Snow. Seriously, doesn't it look like it?! But no, it's not. It's fake Jon Snow.

10) I have just ordered more fancy coffee. I'm so Seattle.


Aug. 21st, 2012 10:40 pm
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Back from Vancouver, where [personal profile] adelagia, [personal profile] slitherhither and I had a blast. We didn't kill each other and remain friends, which is always a 50/50 prospect when traveling with people for the first time. So yay for that! :D More details about the trip. Warning: Many pictures of food contained herein. )

Edit: I was so concerned with detailing all the food we ate that I didn't make note of the non-food stuff. >.> So I am copying and pasting some other stuff from [personal profile] adelagia's post on this exact same trip, for posterity. Non-food stuff! )
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Hmm I thought it was less than a week since my last post but apparently I was wrong. >.> TUMBLR HAS EATEN MY LIFE. I can't even be sorry about it. I'm dazzled by all the pretty pictures there. I start to write, but then after a sentence or two I just go to my dash and refresh. >< And depending on what's there, I then totally get sucked in. Apparently I just need the internet taken away from me if I want to get any writing done, because I have no willpower to speak of.

I'm also running on very little sleep. I did it while Jade was here, but that's because we were packing our days with FUN things. Now I'm getting up super early because of work, even though I don't go to bed until like 1am. The other night I went to bed after *2*, because I was watching GoT S2 w/ Jade and we went off on a big random tangent afterward. I really just want to find the nearest bed and sleep for aaaaaaaaaages. But speaking of GoT, I realized that I never talked about the S2 finale. I'm sure you all have been dying to know what I thought of it... not. But I'm a completist, and one day I might want to know what I initially thought, and will be annoyed with myself if I don't do it, so here we go. Spoilers for GoT 2x10 'Valar Morghulis.' )

OK, and the following is for [profile] dearnana. She wanted to know exactly what Jade and I ate at all the places we went to during Jade's visit, so heeeeeeeeeere it all is!! We don't overeat. Why do you ask? )


Yesterday I hung out with J. We took a little walk (omg at how out of shape I am, it's seriously sad), then watched Moonrise Kingdom (which I only saw because she SO wanted to see it, and also because Bruce Willis and Edward Norton were in it -- otherwise I never would have, because I generally can't stand Wes Anderson movies. I hated Rushmore and actually walked out of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. MK was ok), then had dinner at El Camion, which I think is the Mexican food truck that [personal profile] slitherhither told me about ages ago and I've been wanting to try. It was DELICIOUS. I had the pollo verde tamale, two tacos lenguas, and one taco carne asada. You guys, I've had a revelation about tamales. I've always hated them growing up, because they were always, without fail, dry and disgusting. For the first time ever, I had a tamale I enjoyed when in Chicago, at one of Rick Bayless's restaurants. It was moist and wonderful, and I realized that that's how they're supposed to be. I had another good one at a Salvadorean place near Crossroads, and now from El Camion. So now I love tamales, but they have to be done properly. Because when they're dry and wrong... ugh, they're terrible. And [personal profile] adelagia, the tacos lenguas were REALLY good, the chunks of tongue were cut really big and tender. Mmmmmm. I really regretted getting the carne asada one, lol.

What a boring update. Sorry I don't have more interesting things going on. Why don't I top it all off by saying that I am still waiting for @#%@ing summer to start in Seattle. It's &#&@ing JULY already! Right now it's &#!@ing 59 @#$&ing degrees. <caps>$@*$</cap>

A few things from Tumblr that I want to share, that's not my usual Clint/Natasha squeeage:

- "Clint" flips off Loki - very well done animated .gif that totally always makes me grin

- Some pretty awesome artwork of the Avengers if they were Death Knights (from WoW). At least, according to me, not the artist. But that's what they look like!!

- This is a drawing -- that's right, DRAWING -- of Hawkeye that someone did, with some artistic "Loki blue" flowing out of his eyes. Seriously, it's so realistic it looks like a manip'ed photo.

- And a non-Avengers rec: An excellent, excellent essay titled "In defense of Sansa Stark." Sansa haters to the left. I didn't start out liking Sansa, it just gradually happened as the series went on, and I don't know if it's as easy to like her if you only watch the show, but this essay articulates much better than I could why she's just as much a kickass heroine as the other kickass heroines in the series.

Also, this is old news by now, but I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that I am SO JEALOUS OF UK SUBSCRIBERS OF EMPIRE MAGAZINE, who get this subscriber-only cover of the August issue. I NEED THIS. )

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It feels like AGES since I last posted but it's only been like 2 weeks. >.> That could be because Jade and I fit about a month's worth of Doing Stuff into a mere 6 days. In a nutshell: We ate at ALL THE PLACES, including Ma'ono's fried chicken dinner TWICE, Tilth, Il Corvo, Molly Moon's, Dahlia Lounge, Boiling Point, Benihana, Lunchbox Laboratory, Staple & Fancy, and also made it up to Lynden for pie (which was a big disappointment). We did NOT get to do the SAM scavenger hunt, because the director sprained her ankle the day we were supposed to do it. We did get in THREE viewings of The Avengers (bringing my total to having seen it 5.75 times) and some TV that we wanted to get each other hooked on. She now loves Community as much as I do (YAY!!!!!) and I really liked Raising Hope. I wanted to like Leverage more than I did, but it was only one episode so hopefully it'll grow on me. I liked White Collar more (but then... Matt Bomer. Come on). Also we went to the Tulalip Casino... twice. Jade likes to gamble. The first time, I just watched, and she won $110. The next time, I played, and she won $25 while I won $200. We are good luck for each other at blackjack. However, my car totally got dinged on the streets of Seattle by (what I am convinced was) a falling brick. The driver's side window/just under it is totally scratched/dented, which sucks. :/ We even went KARAOKE-ING at Rock Box in Capital Hill. If you know anything about me, you know that I cannot carry a tune to save my life, so this was a big deal. Only people who could not sing were invited, lol.

Another reason it's been so long since I posted is that I haven't been feeling LJ. Partly it's because whenever I don't post for awhile, things accumulate and then I feel overwhelmed and I don't want to catch up, etc.

Annnnd partly it's because I've been cheating on LJ with Tumblr. >.> I can't help it! Tumblr gives me what I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed. I'm here btw. All my peeps seem to be there. All the crazy and awesome people who afhdaghgfldsdsh over Clintasha and Rennerson and post awesome pictures and gifs and talk about Clint/Natasha/Jeremy/Scarlett 24/7. I have to check it several times a day because if I don't then it becomes overwhelming like Twitter, except I don't care about Twitter, but I will be upset if I miss anything awesome of the Avengers variety, especially if it has to do with Jeremy/Scarlett (and just to be clear, sadly there is no Jeremy/Scarlett, except in the collective fandom's mind. I don't see how she can go to Hawaii with losers like that new bf of hers who won't even defend her from overeager fanboys, when you KNOW Jeremy would Take Care of Things, but whatever).

Anyway. LJ is still a better place to find quality fanfic, so I'm going to try and juggle both (full disclosure: I'm terrible at multitasking). For my new Clint/Natasha friends, HIHI, and here are some 'Welcome to my LJ' gifs and images! May not be safe for work. )

I have so, so, SO many plot bunnies you don't even know. They're all vying for attention, which sadly as the effect of paralyzing me, writing wise. Many of them are totally GP ... but I don't even care. It's fanfic for pete's sake. The most important part is the P!

TMI... The last few days I have been super tired and I thought it was because I didn't get much sleep when Jade was here. Then yesterday I found out the real reason why... it's because I'm a GIRL. :P

Subject line: Troy from Community, the episode where they're in an 8-bit game.
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They aired the last 3 eps of S3 of Community all in a row last night. >< WHY DO THEY HATE THIS BRILLIANT SHOW. No one ever watches the good comedies, which means shows like Community and Arrested Development get undeservedly short runs. It makes me sad. Spoilery comments through S3. )

I had a FANTASTIC dining experience with K. on Wed night. She was invited awhile back, after being noticed at Tom Douglas's restaurants a lot, to join this special mailing list for VIP customers. Occasionally she gets invited to special events. Wed it was "Thai night" with guest chef Joseba de Jimenez (who used to own Harvest Vine). Cut for length. )

And finally, I bring you... The Avengers fanwork recs! I keep meaning to do this, but then another day passes and I consume more fanworks, so the list just keeps growing and it's getting overwhelming. Since not everything is on LJ, this is a good way for me to keep track of my favorites. This is a compilation of stuff I've found that I enjoyed, as well as recs from others.

Avengers recs! Clicky this way. )

Wow, that was so fun. More to come, I'm sure.

Totally random cuz I just saw it on Tumblr: Look how cute Emilia Clarke is as a natural brunette!! I didn't recognize her at first! )
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GAME OF THRONES. OMG. How great was last night's episode?! Vanessa Taylor, you are my new Jane Espen! GoT 2x6 'The Old Gods and the New' spoilerrrrrssss )

Meanwhile, [profile] jade_okelani and I are nearly caught up on The Vampire Diaries. Spoilers through 3x18 'Heart of Darkness' )

Had brunch this weekend with some local UCLA alumni. I only went because I felt I owed it to the organizer, H., who I met a year+ ago at a Dinner for 12 Strangers. But I ended up having fun. I always seem to dread these things, but then end up having a better time than I think I will. We ate at Emmer & Rye, which I was not impressed by at ALL. We all ended up having to season our own food with condiments, which would NEVER happen at Tilth. I'm so never going back there. The neighborhood was cute, though. Anyway, ended up talking ASoIAF with a copule of the girls and now we MAY be starting a book club. I've always wanted to be in a real book club! Though initially all we may end up doing is talking about ASoIAF, trading theories and what not. The problem with this is that I am so convinced that I am right about my own theories, I'll just be like, how can you not see how wrong you are? :))
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I love all the Sexy and I Know It parodies. First was the Nerdy and I Know It Starcraft video, now there's these Hunger Games "texts." Seriously this new LJ cut sucks. )

Game of Thrones 2x3 'What Is Dead May Never Die' )

Restaurant Week: Tilth )

I'm starting to realize that I really don't need to wait for RW to enjoy these restaurants more often. What generally ends up being the case is that we basically get the dessert for free... yet the desserts are often the weakest part of the whole meal (with the exception of Mistral Kitchen and maybe the Tom Douglas restaurants). I'd almost always rather have another savory course.

I just found out that ordering an entire case of Head Country BBQ sauce was totally unnecessary. It turns out that the butcher I occasionally go to carries it. >< SIGH. I wonder if there's any chance at all they'd take it off my hands and I could get meat in exchange. Hmm.
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] akscully! May your summers be long, your Starkcest be plenty, and your quest for alcohol be fruitful. <3

We are now in the Sweet Sixteen of Hump Madness. Thank you to everyone who voted me on... even if you didn't know you weren't doing it since it's anonymous. :D Anyway, the Sweet 16 Slytherin and Hufflepuff brackets are up here. Go vote for 4 of the 8 lovely drabbles available for your reading pleasure! Any guesses on which of the drabbles is mine? :D

I'm now in the middle of S3 of The Wire. S2 was not nearly as good as S1, and S3 is shaping up to be about the same as S2. S1 was just so charged and emotional, and that same level of emotion just hasn't been matched yet. I love Herc and Carver, though. They're like the original Troy and Abed. Aidan Gillen is in S3 and he plays a smarmy politician. Hmm... what's familiar about that... When fandoms collide!

Last night I went to Joule with J. All of the eating. )

Went to a 5-year-old's birthday party on Saturday. The sun was out, but it was still freaking cold, especially when the wind blew. K. got a selection of sandwiches from Macrina, and the roast beef and mushroom was far and away the best. For dinner they made spaghetti with a parsley, chard and walnut pesto (note to self: should make pesto more often, even if basil's not involved), which was delicious. Even more delicious was the Bakery Nouveau chocolate cake. I got the 8" one even though there weren't many of us because we all love it so much that leftover chocolate cake would be welcomed by all. Afterward we played Ticket to Ride and Pandemic. OMG D. takes sooooooooooo long with his turns. We could get a whole other game in if he didn't take so long. >< I'm typically very decisive when I play games so when others take forever I'm like, "Goooooooooooooooooooooo." :))

So that was my weekend. Too short as usual. Sigh.
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I FIXED MY WATER HEATER! Yay. I found the breaker panel (it was in the garage) and it wasn't super well labeled so it took me two attempts, but I found the right ones for the water heater. The switch wasn't actually in the "off" position, so I was a little afraid that that wasn't the answer, but as soon as I flipped it back and forth, I saw the little light on the heater's control panel go on. There was a small moment of panic when, checking it again after 15 minutes to make sure it was still on, it was instead giving one blink, meaning that there was a start-up failure. So I flipped the breaker back and forth again but had to run off to dinner with [personal profile] slitherhither so couldn't wait around to see if it had really taken the second time. When I got home, it was blinking. I finally had to pull out the owner's manual and figure out that I actually needed to reset it (consisting of changing from one mode to another). And after that it was all good! I woke this morning and was able to take a hot shower, yay!

So dinner last night was at Lark and had a blast with B. Good convo, good food, it's nice to be an adult. I'd been to Lark once before and it was good, but last night was better than my first experience. What we ate. )

Lunatix Loop, the Matt Leacock game I bought from that guy in the UK, arrived the other day. Yay! Sadly I didn't do a lot of research on it beforehand, and it turns out that it's a 4-player game. >< BUT the cool thing is that our little group will have one more player come June... because that is when [profile] jade_okelani is visiting! Eeeeeeee! She's purchased her tickets and everything. I'm trying to plan out our itinerary -- because I'm like that -- and there's just NOT ENOUGH TIME to do everything. She's only going to be here 7 days, and there are a number of things we've planned that are immovable (such as seeing American Idiot, which is going to be here during that time! Actually that helped us narrow the dates), and so very many things we'd like to do. So that's exciting.

Nearly forgot. I wanted to share my favorite buttermilk biscuits recipe with you guys. I know, I know, everyone has their own favorite recipe for buttermilk biscuits, but I swear this is the best! Mile-high biscuits. )

And finally -- Game of Thrones renewed for season 3! Not that there was really any doubt. As expected they're going to split ASoS into two seasons. [personal profile] grrm has already said which episode he's going to write in S3. And he still thinks he can finish the book series before the the TV show catches up with the current published text? HA. The producers also confirm that, as I theorized, they're planning to deal with AFFC and ADWD as "one" text, since they deal with parallel events.
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Hilarious: Ryan Gosling saves writer's life

Jarett Wieselman‏: "Ryan Gosling saves woman from being hit by cab, NYC-ers begin hurling themselves into traffic."

And Rock musician gets rabies shots after bat pees in his eye

Everyone knows you should get a rabies shot BEFORE you have a bat pee in your eye.

One of our vendors at work yesterday catered Din Tai Fung for lunch and I am practically still full today from it. I love DTF even though it's extremely overpriced because the food is good and there is a dearth of good Chinese dumplings here (in fact, the supposed second "best" place to DTF around here is so crappy I won't even go). It's 1,000 times better to eat at the restaurant though, because the food's piping hot.

[profile] jade_okelani is finally getting an Xbox! This means I might have some motivation to tidy up my living room after all -- I'll need the Kinect space to play multiplayer games w/ her. :))

I confessed to [personal profile] akscully yesterday that I'm starting to develop an interest in Robb/Sansa. I put it in my interests, and even trying four different variations, I was the ONLY person who had it listed. Wow. I'm MORE OF A DEGENERATE than anyone else on LJ when it comes to this? Really? I almost feel duty bound to start a Robb/Sansa comm, except I'm kind of afraid that [personal profile] grrm is going to come yell at me. True story: I was never that interested in Robb until Richard Madden made me like him.
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Thanks to everyone who made suggestions on cleaning the smoke stains off my stove. I also asked an LJ domestics comm and my foodie list at work. 90% of people recommended Bar Keeper's Friend and Bon Ami, so I picked those up from QFC (I've looked for them at Walmart before to no avail, and thinking that Walmart would have a larger selection of cleaning products than a grocery store, assumed I wouldn't be able to get them anywhere local. How wrong I was). First I tried ketchup. An ex-bartender told me that he used to wipe down various surfaces with ketchup at the end of a night, that it was an old barkeeper's trick, because the acid in it cleans off most things and makes brass look shiny and new. It did not, however, work on the smoke stains. Bon Ami worked though! I was thrilled when I saw it actually make a difference. I still have some darker gunk to work on, and I'm going to try BKF, but seriously, up to this point NOTHING had worked on those stains and Bon Ami did. Plus it has two other things going for it: All the ingredients are natural/biodegradable, and it cost $1.69, compared to BKF, which was $3.99!

Now I have another question about domestics. Does anyone have a professional house cleaner/maid service that they use? I don't think I've made any secret of the fact that I hate cleaning. I'm considering buying this Tippr deal for house cleaning, but my problem with hiring someone to come do it is this: 1) I don't like the idea of people being in my house when I'm not there; 2) If I left the house I'd have to take Talis and/or Jaime (maybe not Jaime) with me; 3) I'd feel very awkward to be there, doing nothing while they're cleaning my house. It's like being in your hotel room when the maids are going about doing their jobs; and 4) I'd have to de-clutter before they arrived, which is half the battle! I think this inability to accept either situation is why I've never hired a cleaning crew, even though it makes perfect sense to do so as I rarely do it myself. So if you have used professional house cleaning, what's been your experience?

Well my bracket is trashed already. Sigh. I've already lost two of my Sweet 16 teams, and with Texas currently getting trounced I'm set to lose at least another one before the day is done. WHY can't I ever have a bracket that at least performs middling?! It's embarrassing to be at the bottom of the pack!

In Fandom March Madness news, LESLIE KNOPE IS THE WINNER! Yay!!!! I'm pretty impressed with the fact that 4 of the winners of the 5 seasons it's been going on, I've been a big fan of the champion -- and the one season I wasn't, it was because I hadn't really watched the show (Supernatural). Still, based on what little Supernatural I've seen, Dean *is* my fave, so there's that. Witness:

2008 Champion: Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)
2009 Champion: Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
2010 Champion: Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
2011 Champion: Troy Barnes (Community)
2012 Champion: Leslie Knope (Parks & Recreation)

I'm particularly impressed by Troy's win last year. There are many great characters on Community, and I didn't think anyone else had the good taste to love Troy the most. But happily, I was wrong!

Going to Tilth with K and fam this weekend. Tilth is one of those restaurants that I absolutely love and always go during RW, but which is just slightly a little too pricey during regular times... maybe because I always want to have their $90pp prix fixe. Sigh. Why can't I win the lottery already? Surely I'm due. :P
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I don't know why I have been talking about food even more than usual lately. BUT I had to mention that I am very excited about the reservations I have this Sat for Joule, the restaurant that K and I go to monthly. K's going to be in NorCal until I leave for SoCal, and I won't be back until March, so this is my only opportunity to have their February supper. Since they're not good about updating FB about what that is on a monthly basis, I just called and asked what the menu is... and it sounds ah-may-zing. Joule's February Family Supper menu. )

One of my favorite coworkers in the world, C., lives in New York. She's turning 50, which she just told me and blew my mind, because she literally looks like she's in her mid-30s. Anyway, the last time [profile] jade_okelani and I were in New York, I asked her for recommendations on places to go to eat, and she gave great advice. Anyway, for her birthday her husband is taking her (and 8 guests) here. Her birthday cake is going to be from this bakery. Look at one of their cakes:

They also make cupcakes:

Seriously, I can't even imagine the work that went into these.

Now a little something for you gamer nerds -- and if you like old skool Eminem ("Guilty Conscience" is one of my favorite Eminem songs), this is a really awesome parody of that song + Starcraft II. I don't play SC2 enough to fully understand all the terminology, but it really doesn't matter.

Eminem + Starcraft parody! )
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This morning there was a car on fire on the 405. It was not like the engine was emitting a few flames. Literally the front 1/3 of the car was on fire, with big plumes of blackish smoke billowing out, obstructing vision. It was one of the craziest things I've ever seen. How does that happen? I hope the fire fighters get there in time to put it out, because if it gets to the fuel tank, I don't know how big the radius of the resulting explosion would be, but from my TV/movie watching, pretty darn big.

Also, I was getting gas this morning when the stupid nozzle popped out, dripping gas. Later as I was driving away, I wondered why I could smell gas so strongly, and realized that it was all over my hands, from when I picked up the nozzle off the ground. Ugh, disgusting.

I've been having really crazy dreams, involving romantic and/or sexual dalliances with inappropriate people. You'd think I'd enjoy that, except I wake up feeling depressed, because seriously, very inappropriate so it'll never happen. Last night featured this guy I work with who's based in Oregon, and I only see him once in a blue moon. I work with him primarily through email. He's very good looking, but also very married. ><

I'm reading this book called The Woman in Black by Susan Hill. A coworker lent it to me. It's very short and a quick read. It's very moody and cool, though I don't think it's half as frightening as I think I'm supposed to find it. Anyway, I guess they turned it into a movie and Daniel Radcliffe is going to star in it. I've just gotten to the point where I don't want to put it down, and of course now I'm at work. Sigh.

I've been playing really mindless and addictive video games (like Ranch Rush 2). It's a good thing I have plans this weekend with [personal profile] adelagia and [profile] corianderstem or I'd really have to feel sorry for myself. I also need to get Talis to the vet because we are leaving for LA next week (how is that POSSIBLE?).

Last night my mom and I went to Joule for dinner. It's one of my new favorite restaurants. It's supposed to be Korean/French fusion, but it's actually a lot more than that. K and I go at least once a month, to partake in their monthly "family style supper" menu (which changes monthly, hence our frequency), which is $35/pp and totally worth it for the amount and quality of food you get. During most of the week you can order that or off their regular menu. However, in the winter they also have Sunday "one pot" dinners, in which they serve only that menu, and each Sunday the theme and menu changes (the main course revolving around a 'pot'). It's $25/pp. Two weeks ago I went with K, and the theme was Vietnamese (my favorite cuisine). Last night it was Korean braised short ribs. Dudes, it was like, the best braised short ribs I've ever had. Unbelievably good. The chef/owner, Rachel Yang, is of Korean descent, so obviously she knows her way around a short rib. Man. She was there last night. K is convinced that the food's better when she's in the kitchen. Anyway, next Sunday the theme is jambalaya, which my mom and I aren't too interested in, so we're thinking of going for the regular family-style supper, except they haven't posted their February menu yet. They're unfortunately not very good about keeping their website/Facebook/Twitter updated -- updates come in fits and starts.

Rachel and her husband Seif also have another restaurant, Revel, that I've been wanting to try, but they don't take reservations there and I hate that because I can't stand the possibility that it's going to be super crowded and I might have to wait awhile, etc. It's particularly a problem when my mom's with me, as waiting around isn't easy for her in her condition. I try to at least call ahead, but it takes time to get to places from where I live, and sometimes in between the restaurant fills up (as happened recently at Din Tai Fung).

Re: Whitney Houston, I find it very sad that no one again will get to hear such a great talent sing.
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Happy 11/11/11! And it IS happy, because it just so happened to fall on a Friday, which makes me very happy indeed. I am done with The Longest Week Ever!

Last night, [personal profile] adelagia and I saw a pre-screening of The Muppets movie, and you guys, IT WAS SO GOOD. I was totally not expecting anything much from it, despite knowing that Jason Segel was nutty over it and he wrote (or rather, co-wrote) it. It was hysterically funny and I loved all the cameos. Personally, I'm not a Muppets fan. The Muppets and Sesame Street were both very pervasive things that I couldn't help but be aware of growing up, but I never watched either of them with any regularity (consequently, I often get them mixed up; case in point, after the last Muppet was introduced, I was thinking, "But there's still so many of them that aren't here yet... oh wait, I guess those are Sesame Street characters"). Still, I really enjoyed the movie, and I bet if I were a Muppets fan, I would have enjoyed it even more. As with Pixar films, I thought the material could be appreciated by adults a lot more than kids (there were plenty of kids in the audience, but they laughed at things like a Muppet running into a door, rather than actual funny things >.>).

I finished Goong. It had great promise but ultimately I feel lukewarm about it. It had such good leads and such a good guilty pleasure storyline, but it focused too much on unimportant storylines and didn't take full advantage of their utterly adorable heroine and hot hero. Unlike It Started with a Kiss and Boys Over Flowers, they seemed to actively resist putting their two leads together, focusing instead on keeping them apart. I totally understand that to a certain extent, because if you put them together too early, you don't have a show anymore. But ISWAK and BOF both toe that line MUCH more successfully, giving us plenty of the main pairing while keeping them believably apart. Goong, on the other hand, actually gave us very little of the leads together, and kept putting them with other people, to the point where it was hard to believe that they would feel something more for each other than those other people. I mean, why would they? They're opposites and "don't get along," but we don't actually get very much of them getting used to each other's eccentricities, the way we do in ISWAK and BOF.

ISWAK is still my favorite Asian drama. I also really like BOF, but the trouble with that one is that I enjoy the subpairing much more than the main pairing, and obviously there's less of the subpairing. Kim Bum and Kim So Eun are so ridiculously attractive and good together (see my icon!). A few more images. )

I am attempting to create a setup where I can connect my netbook to my big TV, so that instead of having to burn DVDs, I can just watch stuff through my computer. Usually I transfer video files to DVD because I'd rather watch them on my TV than having to sit at my computer. But once I get the right audio splitter, I will be DVD free! Only problem at that point would be that I wouldn't have a remote or anything, and the cable is too short to have my netbook actually near me when I'm watching TV. So if I want to adjust the video in any way, I have to actually get up and go to the computer to do it.

Tomorrow... Puerto Rican food with [profile] corianderstem! Woot!
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Yesterday I had stinky tofu hotpot with T and B. :D Hotpot is soooooo delicious and good to have on cold days, which is all we've gotten recently. I'm mostly over my cold except for a slightly runny nose, and the chilly weather doesn't help. Then B had to work, so T and I headed over to Plato's Closet where I bought way too much stuff, including a North Face jacket that cost as much as like, 5 other items put together. But I really wanted it. Like I said, it's very cold lately! Then we went to a European deli, because I love buying salami and cheese from such places. Except the cheese I sampled (I asked for something sharp) ended up being even stinkier than the stinky tofu, lol. Then we went to Starbucks, where I made the mistake of getting a venti frappuccino with my free drink birthday card. I was really craving the taste of a frappuccino, but after awhile I was like, it really is too cold to be drinking this. T nicely did not say "I told you so."

I had to send my mom to the airport yesterday morning. Her flight was at 7am. You do the math. To add to the fun, the time change happened overnight, so we had to keep that in mind when planning the timing. (When are we going to STOP with this asinine time changing thing already! The reason for it is less critical than it used to be, and plenty of places are rightly opting to not observe the practice.) I couldn't even enjoy 'gaining' an extra hour due to how early I had to get up. All I could think about was getting back home/in bed!

It was really nice to have my mom around, but it's also best for our relationship that we don't live together. Her favorite meal while she was here was the salmon she had at Etta's, but her second favorite was the meal I cooked at home a few days ago! What I made. )

Saturday afternoon, we went to the Pacific Northwest Ballet with K and her little girls. The company performed "Love Stories," a selection of scenes from 5 love story ballets, including Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and Romeo & Juliet. The girls love the ballet, and were totally enraptured the whole time; I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that I fell asleep during the first act and the third. I guess I just do not appreciate ballet. There's no talking, or singing, or anything that keeps me engaged. They spend 20 minutes expressing themselves through dance, which frankly doesn't really 'speak' to me (they could get the same thing across in 2 minutes if they just freaking said what they were feeling); I don't find ballet dancing all that beautiful, in fact I find it kind of freaky and unnatural how they're always on their toes (which I know ruins dancers' feet), and the guys are not appealing at all. I mean, the girls get to wear skirts and such; why can't the guys wear something similar? Put on a pair of pants or shorts, for god's sake, you just look ridiculous. Anyway. So yeah, I'm severely lacking in appreciation for ballet. Even though I love Billy Elliot. Sorry, Billy.

An update on my media consumption!!

TV Shows: Still watching and enjoying Goong. Except for when they focus on matters relating to the adults/succession of the throne. That storyline bores me to tears.

I'm now three episodes behind on Merlin. >< I also haven't watched any more Vampire Diaries.

I've totally gotten into a reality TV show for the first time: Top Chef. :D I like it because it deals with "amateurs" rather than experts who everyone already agrees is at the top of their game. (It's the same reason I prefer college sports to professional sports.) Each season starts off with a selection of about 15 up-and-coming chefs, and they participate in challenges throughout the season until one is crowned Top Chef. It's really fun, I love the head judge Tom Colicchio, I love the guest judges, and I'm continually impressed by the creative/delicious-looking dishes that the contestants come up with. I could never do that with food; I'm much more a recipe follower than creator. I started with season 4, because that's the season Stephanie Izard won, but now I'm going to go back and watch the others.

Books: I read Room by Emma Donoghue. I didn't much like it, and only finished it because it was a very quick read. I found the narrator, a 5-year-old boy, REALLY annoying. Adults should stop trying to write from the POV of a little kid, because it never sounds right. The kid always sounds way too adult, and way too kiddie, at the same time. I also found his mother really annoying. They're both supposed to be victims, and the whole time I found myself disliking them, so either I'm heartless or the author simply wasn't good at making me sympathize (beyond the very basic human level of feeling bad about their awful situation). Also, it was disturbing subject matter, but it actually wasn't as disturbing as the real-life stories we've heard of the same, so in that sense it almost felt like a protective fantasy rather than some harrowing tale that really draws you in and makes you feel every second of the horror and desperation of the situation.

I've never read a single Stephen King book. At first it was because I didn't have any interest in his usual genre, and horror still isn't my favorite. But then it was because he was so hyped, and so prolific, that I couldn't imagine I'd really be able to enjoy any of his books. But it looks like I'll be reading him for the first time -- a coworker who really likes SK gave me the first three books of The Dark Tower series, and since he's reading ASoIaF on my recommendation, I feel that it would be nice to reciprocate.
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[personal profile] grrm has been selling lesser-known books of his off his overstuffed bookshelves, and since I CANNOT RESIST such things I've been buying them to put into my own overflowing bookshelves. However, he signs each book and I enjoy reading his little inscriptions. :D Plus it doesn't appear that I will ever get to meet him in person to get my silver first of A Game of Thrones signed. Sigh.

I'm still not much in a reading mood, but I finally finished Lisa See's Peony in Love. That one took me months and months. Right now I've started the first Dresden Files book, Fevre Dream by GRRM (one of the books from see above), and The Grand Tour, sequel to Sorcery & Cecelia.

My mom is staying with me right now, which is wonderful because she's made such an amazing recovery. But on the other hand, she is DRIVING ME UP THE WALL. I thought that given everything that's happened, I'd somehow turn into a saint and have endless amounts of patience for her. I don't. Somehow, my mom is able to push my buttons like no one else, and she still does it. This has always been our dynamic and I guess it always will be.

Restaurant Week is over at last. This is the most I have ever participated in a single RW -- I believe I went to 12 places -- and it was too much, especially because half the dinners weren't all that great. Next time I'm going to restrict it to only 2-3 dinners, with no restriction on lunch, because RW lunch is always worthwhile. The final RW outings. )

Then today we went to Bellevue to eat at Boiling Point, which is a Taiwanese hot pot place that specializes in stinky (fermented) tofu. If you're not Chinese or totally immersed in Chinese culture, you won't like it. In fact, it'll be completely heinous. But my mom and I love it, LOL. Then I actually made dinner tonight! I made Jamie Oliver's vegetable lasagne. I so could not do it in 30 minutes, but then I made a different version than he did so it's not really a good test. It was really, really good but my version was too soupy; we had to use bread to mop up the sauce. To go with it I made a simple salad of butter lettuce and radicchio, with olive oil and lemon juice dressing. For some bizarre reason I had it in my head to make another dressing -- a sesame vinaigrette -- that I ended up having to save in the fridge.

[profile] jade_okelani and I have started Vampire Diaries S3! Spoilers for 3x01 'The Birthday.' )
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So I woke up with a raging sore throat. Sigh. I was really hoping to miss cold and flu season this year. I got my shot and everything! This blows. At least I got to enjoy most of Restaurant Week before it hit. Since my last post, I've gone to... lots of places. )

I have read and enjoyed very much Sorcery & Cecelia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot, by Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer. Thanks for the rec, [personal profile] laria_gwyn! It's a really quick and easy read, though it did end a bit abruptly, I thought. So imagine my joy to discover that it actually has not one, but two sequels! Set in regency England, the entire novel is told in letters between two cousins, Kate and Cecelia. There's a fully connected plot that includes magic, intrigue, pretty dresses, evil stepmothers, and even a bit of romance.

Because I've been spending so much time eating out (and cleaning/tidying the house for when my mom comes to stay with me), I haven't been watching anything. I haven't seen the latest Merlin ep, and I have yet to start You're Beautiful (recced by [personal profile] adelagia) or Goong (recced by [personal profile] akscully). For the latter, I had A. rank the hotness of the male lead (because the YB male lead is kind of hideous) in comparison to other male leads from dramas we've enjoyed in the past. FWIW, this was her order of hotness (the most important detail, obviously, when starting any drama):

Zhi Shu (It Started with a Kiss)
Yi Jeong (Boys Over Flowers)
Goong male lead (Goong)
Jun Pyo (Boys Over Flowers)
(somewhere way far down)
Tsukasa Domyouji (Hana Yori Dango)
YB male lead (You're Beautiful)

Hotter than Jun Pyo (who is pretty dang hot)?! I'm there! But I do have to wait for the torrent to finish downloading, which according to uTorrent is going to take just under a week. >< I suppose that's better than the 3 weeks it started out as.


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