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First things first. The latest Game of Thrones trailer. )

There's no telling how much I'm going to spam you guys once this starts airing in less than a month's time. NO TELLING. I'm sorry in advance.

I just had a 15-min massage. It's amazing how that little something can make such a big difference in my stress level, which was pretty high this morning. Why? I woke up at 7:30a. I have to leave the house at 7:40a to catch the bus. I was in a bit of a rush, to say the least. Then I had to run a meeting from 9-10a, for a project that has been a big thorn in my side. Then there was a last-minute request from our GM to provide input on a budget request we're making. I was so happy when I remembered that I had the massage scheduled. Recently we had an internal company poll that we do annually to find out how people are feeling about their jobs/careers/the company/etc. and they REALLY want us to fill it out so they can get a pulse for where employees "are." Our team in particular was really striving for 100% participation, which we achieved, and as a reward they got some massage therapists to come in and give everyone 15 min massages. My next real massage is scheduled for April 9, which seems sooooo far away.

Now I have a question for you guys (poll style!). I've been wrestling with something and am curious what others thing. I always struggle with being selfish. :P

Let's say your cousin wins an auction at a charity event for an authentic Indian feast for 8 prepared by an Indian grandmother in your cousin's home. You're invited, along with some of your cousin's friends, and you're super excited. But let's say your cousin also has really high-tech stuff in her house, and her stove is convection, which means many traditional pots/pans don't work on it, so the Indian grandmother doesn't feel comfortable cooking with it, and suggests that the dinner happen at her house instead. And let's also say that if that's the case, your cousin doesn't want to bring her small children, who do fine in their own home, but maybe not so much in someone else's. So your cousin apologetically asks if it would be okay for you to not attend the dinner, so you can babysit the kids instead, because she's never had a stranger babysit them before. She also says that if you really mind, you should be honest with her. Your response is...
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Poor Draco apparently has a scar on his arm to look forward to. Oh well -- at least it'll attract some of the ladies, huh?

[Poll #455834]


WoW: Shameless Guild Petitioning

We've started a guild. If there is anyone who's playing World of Warcraft who would be willing to help us out, pleeeease create an Alliance character on Silvermoon and ping Essia (or Sarea or Vatrixsta), and sign our petition! We would be so appreciative! We'll do the Night Elf stripper dance for you! (Or the geeky macarena, your choice.) You won't have to stay in the guild if you don't want to -- apparently, as [ profile] heinous_bitca found out, signing a petition does not automatically add you to the guild -- or heck, if you didn't even want to really play on Silvermoon. Your faux character's sig would still be appreciated. :D Let me know!

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Okay, I'm a little more excited by March Madness now, because I love contests! [ profile] selinakyle47 is holding one, and you can get the details here. You don't have to do anything to enter but fill out a bracket, and you get to win LJ time/fic! So you don't have to know anything about basketball to give it a shot -- just pick the names you like best, or something. <g>

The play-in game is today, so if you turn in your bracket before tip-off, there's a chance for an extra point. Otherwise, the 'true' tourney starts on the 17th, which is coming up quick!

My selections are a bit random, as I just have no clue this year (not that it helps me overly much even when I do think I have a clue).


And for my final fan author appreciation...

Saturday pick: Jade Okelani ([ profile] jade_okelani)
Fandom: The X-files, Harry Potter, Smallville, etc.

What I have to say about Jade. )


This was possibly the closest vote yet. Draco will likely follow in his father's footsteps, eh? Well, there are good parts and bad parts to that... What's in store for our bad boy next?

[Poll #455125]


My shoulder hurts from being on a computer/using a mouse so much. (Though I leveled up to 19 last night, and my pet is 18! Pictures soon.) I saw my new masseuse on Friday, and I've already undone all her work. :( I might have to schedule something sooner than my normal 6-week interval. She's v. new agey and I'm not, but she's also really flexible, which is cool. On Friday she didn't have anything better to do, so my massage was for an hour and a half! I fell asleep. I don't know if I've ever fallen asleep during a massage before. One time, I even jerked awake. Tres embarrassing.
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Thursday pick: Lissanne ([ profile] silverbookworm)
Fandom: Harry Potter

Read more about Liss. )



My new video card did arrive yesterday (though I wasn't home to pick it up, so actually had to go to the FedEx facility to get it), and I have now played WoW! Finally!

Me, [ profile] akscully, [ profile] jade_okelani, and [ profile] sumdumgai and his friend played for hours last night. It was so fun! I'm a Night Elf Hunter on Silvermoon -- called, predictably, Sarea -- if anyone wants to join us. :D


Dare I hpoe that Alias is becoming a good show again? Indications from last night seem to affirm in the positive.

Spoilers for Alias: The Index )


By one vote, we think Draco will likely fade away into obscurity, having achieved nothing but annoying Harry. Them's the breaks. Now what?

[Poll #452128]


I am super annoyed right now. Want to know why I'm super annoyed? It's because of a teacher. Not teachers in general, but one specific teacher.

>.< )
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Wednesday pick: White Otter
Fandom: Roswell

Read more here. )


Jade has posted Mynuet's prize fic for [ profile] the_feast! You must read this funny/sweet/entertaining story here. It's called "Gaco and Drinny," which is the funniest title EVER for a story about D & G switching bodies (blame Shar, it was one of her elements). Anyway, there's also a follow-up ficlet to the story, but that is only posted to our YGroup. Because they rock, and deserve a little something extra!


The Draco Poll - Question #2 )


I made chili last night. It was sooooo easy and sooooo yummy, which is a great combination. What are your favorite yummy/easy recipes, and will you share them with me?


Edit: FedEx Online says that my new video card is "on vehicle for delivery," which is a whole day sooner than their original estimated arrival date. FedEx, if you actually get it to me today, I will sing your praises to all. There may be WoWing tonight, oh yes.
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Tuesday pick: Mustang Sally and Rivka T
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Read all about them here. )


After reviewing the answers for the Draco poll so far, I have come to the conclusion that I did it all wrong. There are ties between answers because you could vote for any option at any time. The right way to do this is to do a small poll each day, eliminating the answer from the day before. I think we'll see much more accurate results that way.

So, thank you for the people who've polled so far; please bear with me as I try and get this right. I've added a few more choices, so please review the selection carefully before making your pick. Every day, I'll eliminate the answer that receives the most votes, and a new poll will be posted with the remainder. After all is said and done, I should have a more accurate picture of what we're all thinking re: Draco, and will, of course, share the results with you. <g> Also -- you may find that none of the choices seem very likely -- that's fine; some of them contradict themselves, so obviously it can't all happen in the books. The point of the exercise is to determine where our mindsets are wrt Draco and canon. Thanks. :D

[Poll #450814]
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This weekend: Installed WoW. Spent hours with brother trying to determine why screen kept freezing. Discovered graphics card was a dud. Ordered new one. Began proceedings to get money back for dud card. Wondered why this new computer venture has been so cursed.

So to take my mind off this new hellishness, I am going to do two things to cheer myself up.

First, I'm going to make fun of [ profile] jade_okelani by posting a small bit of chat (we've been redesigning our site):

sarea: *links to picture of Lego!Draco*
jade: draco is quite appealing with his giant wand
jade: though i suppose harry's no slouch, either
jade: and he has a broomstick to boot.
jade: what?
sarea: i'm SO quoting that on livejournal
sarea: you're too obsessed with their phallus symbols

Second, a poll. :D This poll is All About Draco. Draco and canon. So if you have any interest in either/both, I'd love to hear your opinion. What'll Happen to Draco? poll )
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Academy Awards Poll Winners :D )


Confession: In the last three weeks, I have consumed three pies. By myself. I'm even considering getting another one. The blame rests solely on Marie Callender's, which has pies for $5.99 in the month of February. Luckily, the ordeal is almost over. (If I were a cat, and cat food were pie, this would be me.)


Speaking of ordeals, my new computer may be working at last. *weeps* Let me tell you, if this had been my experience last time, I don't think I would have been so enthused about it this time. As for the next time, well, I can't even think about it right now. I mean, partially because of what I went through, and partially because I can't fathom that I'll ever need more than 160GB of space or need to go faster than 2.19GHz.

I'm not caught up on LJ, but I wanted to say thank you so, so much to everyone who left a reply about either the story or the icons in my last two posts. I honestly meant to reply to everyone, but my weekend (and life force) was sucked away by computer issues.

Herein lies my long tale of woe. )

Now that everything is working, I am really excited to finally implement multiple-screen technology. :D Windows has had this capability since Windows 98 or something -- it automatically detects if you have two video cards, and going into Control Panel --> Display --> Settings allows you to set it up so that you can use both monitors. It is really cool and convenient, because now I can have two things open at the same time (say, a browser and Photoshop), on two different monitors. I also like to move download windows to the other monitor, so I can kept track of progress without needing to click on it from my taskbar all the time. It's also cool because it allows me to use that extra monitor lying around, as well as my video card from two computers ago. You can learn more about doing this here.


If you haven't yet seen Arrested Development, YOU MUST. It is absolutely brilliant. I rented the S1 discs from Blockbuster, and the pilot was just amazing. Jade tells me that it's the episode they submitted for the Emmys (and shows never submit pilots), and THEY WON. Very deserved, too. It's completely wrong, and so damn funny.

I used to love Jason Bateman as a teen, but that faded along with my crushes on Kirk Cameron, Ricky Schroeder, Brice Beckham, and the like. The Jason love is back. He's just fantastic. I had no idea! (The last time I saw him was in The Sweetest Thing, and he was great, but his role was really small, so I thought it was a fluke.)

So, yeah. Highly recommend AD.


As if this entry weren't long enough, here's my Alias: Echoes commentary )


Oh, and I keep meaning to say this but always forget: If there is anyone left on this planet who does not have a Gmail account but wants one, let me know.
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Warning: Playing World of Warcraft may be detrimental to your relationship with your significant other. Hahaha, especially if you're 15. I think my favorite part is: "of course i don't want you standing around while i'm getting my butt kicked. and i certainly don't want you off making your own kills at the same time. anyway, you seemed to miss the point entirely. you took me at my word, which is probably the worst thing to do when someone's angry. you left me to die nine times." YOU LEFT ME TO DIE NINE TIMES. I'm so using that from now on. And you must not miss all the hysterical comments that people left in reply to the post. It's just as good as the post itself. (Link from [ profile] akscully)

More D/G stories have been posted to [ profile] the_feast! Check them out, and please leave feedback for the authors. :D

And now it's time for my second annual Academy Awards poll!

As usual, I'm going to try and see at least all the best picture nominees, although to tell you the truth I have no real desire to see two of them. I'm stunned they dissed Harold & Kumar and The Notebook. Stunned. *snicker* (All nominees are here. Link from [ profile] jade_okelani) If you have no clue, you can consider shadowing our last year's winner, [ profile] _lore. ; )

This year's prize is courtesy of [ profile] jade_okelani and [ profile] ropo -- thanks, guys! It is a Harry Potter Slytherin Crest Leather Wallet -- cool, huh?

Rules for participation. )

[Poll #424791]

* Edit #1: Under Best Foreign-Language Film, "Yesterday" is actually South Africa, not Spain.

Note to Robbie: Since V. votes in the actual Oscars, you must encourage her to use her powers for good and not for evil. If she has trouble deciding what to vote for, tell her she may use this poll as a guideline. Heeheehee.
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So now I've seen 'The Aviator' and 'House of Flying Daggers' )

No Alias commentary this week, as I was a dumbass, didn't set a timer, and missed it. Jade volunteered to Priority Mail a copy to me, but when I learned that Sark wasn't in it (STILL), I told her not to bother. She gave me the low down on what happened in the ep. Sounded pretty forgettable to me ... the only parts that seemed worth watching was the Nadia stuff. We think they should just retire Syd and Vaughn (since they seem incapable of not shoving that pairing down our throats), and Nadia/Weiss can take over. That would rock so much.

My computer putting together has been delayed again, because the place where I finally ordered my video card has informed me that they're backordered. YOU COULDN'T TELL ME THAT THE DAY I ORDERED IT? &!#&%*@!!!! Anyway, I have ordered another one from somewhere else, but I hate waiting.

Secret Santas at [ profile] dearsanta have been revealed! I was so, so lucky to get [ profile] _lore, who wrote me this fabulous D/G fic: Listen While You Can (linking again in case you missed it the first time). She's a Snape/Lupin fan normally, and LWYC is the longest thing she's ever written, and it's all for me!! Squeeee! And now I can also pimp [ profile] jade_okelani's Like a Stone, a character piece about Harry that is just so wonderful. (I wrote an USTy Snape/Lupin called Renewal for the lovely [ profile] kellie528.)

Many thanks to everyone who filled out the poll. I learned lots of interesting things. Thirteen of them, to be exact. Such as... )
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Commentary on Alias: The Awful Truth. Spoilers abound. )

Well, I have picked out the parts for my new computer. It's tres exciting. I've ordered most everything except for my mainboard and the graphics card; will likely do that later tonight. The specs and my notes about each: Herein lies computer pr0n. )

I'll have the opportunity to look at a Best Buy 35 min. from me, because it was the ONLY place that isn't completely sold out of World of Warcraft (Jade and I actually saw one at a Target in LA, but it was kind of beat up and we stupidly put it back), which is one of the games I want to play on my new machine, as well as Sims 2. <g>

So anyway, because I don't abuse the polls feature enough, here's one! I've laid out all the specs on my new system above, and it cost a pretty penny. How much, exactly? (Counting the asterisked items, the mainboard, and the video card, but NOT the monitor.)

[Poll #418088]


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