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[profile] jade_okelani reminded me that Outlander had started airing, so I checked it out. I knew 20 minutes into the first episode that I was going to love the series. I ended up mainlining 4 eps last night, I watched 3 more this afternoon, and then I have a final ep to watch tonight of the initial 8 eps that have aired. Seriously, I love it. It's a fantastic adaptation.

In general, I like the casting. Claire is a little taller than I'd imagined. Initially I wasn't too convinced of the Jamie they chose -- the actor is a little too pretty and not "enough" of a redhead -- but I actually love him, so hurrah. I even like Frank Randall, because I liked the actor from Rome, even though he's older than I'd pictured for both Frank and Black Jack Randall. As for the MacKenzies and others, I barely remember the characters, so none of them have bothered me.

More general stuff about the show. )


I read Gone Girl lightning fast, because I wanted to read the book before I saw the movie, and I didn't realize the movie was so close to coming out until the day it released and I still hadn't read a word. But! I read the book this last week, and saw the movie today. Spoilers for the book and movie. )


I don't know what it is with my mom, but she reallllllllly loves the Seahawks now. Even though for 66+ years she's never given one single shit about football. It's bizarre! It really, really is. For a little while it seemed like she might start liking football in general -- I will watch any game that's on -- but her enthusiasm cooled and now she only cares about football when the Seahawks are playing. She was SO disappointed last Monday when they played Washington and it aired on ESPN, which I don't have, so we couldn't watch it. When she found out about tomorrow's game against Dallas, she got so excited and began planning the weekend around the game. (Only one TV in the house gets reception for Fox, my computer room, so we're going to cram uncomfortably in here. I don't know how that's going to work.) Just now, we had this conversation:

Mom: We get to watch the Seahawks tomorrow!
Me: Yeah. But you know, they might lose.
Mom: Tsk. Why do you have to say those things?
Me: Well, the other team is good!
Mom: It's the Cowboys, right?
Me: Yeah, and they're actually really good this season. They've won 4 games and lost only 1.
Mom: Well, I guess after tomorrow, they'll have lost 2.

Ha!!!!! That doesn't actually make me feel confident about the outcome, but I have to admit I am tickled by her sudden fervor.
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I had to share this vid. It's SO wonderful and makes me feel so nostalgic. Need more HD Veronica Mars vids! I just finished rewatching S1. I'm so going to do a gifset recap.

Anyway, this vid also uses a fantastic cover of "We Are Young."

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Music meme gacked from [personal profile] mynuet, which I couldn't resist because it has to do with a Zombie Apocalypse! If I guest starred on The Walking Dead, this is TOTALLY what would happen.

Put your player on shuffle. This will give you the soundtrack to the zombie apocalypse.

The overall theme for the Apocalypse - "Water," Elizabeta
You are like water
I cannot hold you much longer
You slip through my hands
And I'm watching you trickle away

[I'm obviously doomed when this pretty, reflective song is my theme. I hope I at least get a good character-building arc.]

Plays during your first zombie kill - "See the Light," Green Day
Well I, I just want to see the light
And I need to know what's worth the fight

Well I crossed the desert
Reaching higher ground
Then I pound the pavement
To take the liars down

[Quite appropriate for my first zombie kill, no?]

Plays while you're getting chased by a horde - "Too Close," Alex Clare
There's something inside that I need to release
Which way is right, which way is wrong
How do I say that I need to move on
You know we're headed separate ways

[The music's great for a chase scene. I obviously get away. Hahaha that I wouldn't even have this song were it not for [personal profile] elle_blessing. It was Meant To Be.]

Plays when you're forced to kill your loved one - "Bust Your Windows," Glee
I bust the windows out your car
And no, it didn't mend my broken heart
I'll probably always have these ugly scars
But right now, I don't care about that part

[Well, I'm either building a defensive wall around my wounded heart or I didn't really have any loved ones.]

Plays when you find your new love interest - "Approach (instrumental)," Dong Yo (Boys Over Flowers)

[This pretty instrumental is perfect for the start of new relationship! If only we didn't have to live such a harsh, violent life.]

Plays when you make your final stand - "I Kissed a Girl," Katy Perry
This was never the way I planned, not my intention
I got so brave, drink in hand, lost my discretion
It's not what I'm used to, just wanna try you on
I'm curious for you caught my attention

[Unfortunately this was probably the least appropriate song in my playlist. Seriously, that's what plays when I'm making my final stand? Maybe I'm staying belligerent to my last breath.]

Plays when you seem to have made it through! - "Susie Q," Creedence Clearwater Revival
Oh Susie Q, Oh Susie Q, Oh Susie Q, baby I love you, Susie Q
I like the way you walk, I like the way you talk

[The music's fine, the lyrics are... well, maybe you had to be there. But at least it successfully conveys the joy of being alive?]

Plays when you discover you've been bitten - "Be My Escape (acoustic)," Relient K
I've given up on giving up slowly
I'm blending in so you won't even know me
Apart from this whole world that shares my fate

This one last bullet you mention
Is my one last shot at redemption
Because I know to live you must give your life away

[Oh the tragedy of it all! This song is appropriately emo for my looming zombiefication. Great lyrics too.]

Plays when your friends have to put your zombie ass down - "My Mother," Zoltan Krulik

[I added this category to the meme. :P I think it's necessary! Anyway, this piece isn't in English so I don't know the lyrics, but it's mostly about mood anyway. It's hopeful and reflective at the same time, and leaves you with a sense of hope for mankind, even if my sad zombie self won't be part of that future.]
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I'm here to share some music with you. <3

Video heavy. )
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I have slowly but surely been developing a huge crush on Jeremy Renner. HIS FACE. He wins at everything.

I don't think I realized that he was starring in the fourth Bourne film (I like Matt Damon and those movies). That makes me SUPER EXCITED for it. I would normally not be into any franchise movie without the original star, but... JEREMY RENNER. Plus Edward Norton is in it! And Joan Allen's back! I'm so there.

He's practically the only reason to watch Mission Impossible 4 (which was admittedly a fun action flick). And of course, he's one of the many, many reasons I'm excited about The Avengers.

Pink's video for "Trouble," which is a great song but a fairly ridiculous video, is watchable because Jeremy's in it. True story.

Also, this.

I made this lemon-scented pull-apart coffee cake today. It's pretty time consuming, as most baked goods involving yeast are, but it's delish (and makes your house smell awesome). Pictures and some baking notes. )

The other day while at Whole Foods I impulsively picked up a couple of heirloom tomatoes, even though they're not exactly in season yet and the price was outrageous (hurry up and get here, summer! I want to eat ALL YOUR TOMATOES). Today I made a simple and delicious tomato sandwich, recipe courtesy of Saveur. It's not much of a recipe, really. Just thickly slice a tomato. Butter two thin slices of toast, then spread mayo on both (yes, BOTH butter and mayo). Stack a few tomato slices inside, add a smidgen of salt and a tiny bit of sugar, then devour. It's incredible. I might've eaten two of these sandwiches. >.>

Tonight I'm going to be healthier. Making my favorite black cod dish along with a stir-fry vegetable medley. D made it for us for dinner last night, and I scarfed tons of it. Sometimes nothing is better than a heaping plate of veggies. Afterward he, K and I played a few games of Pandemic, none of which we won, lol. I couldn't really tell if D was all that into it; I know K really likes it though. Pandemic's turning into a pandemic. :))

SUCH fun.

Mar. 27th, 2012 09:33 am
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Last night I went to the Whole Foods near me that opened about 2 weeks ago. I'm super excited to have a gourmet/natural grocery store close by (though I'd rather it were Trader Joe's), but I also fear for my grocery bills. I left the store $50 poorer and I'm not sure where it went. I did buy some heavy whipping cream to make butter. Also, I loooooooooooooooove WF's bulk foods aisle. I bought all the stuff I needed to make the best granola ever. It's amazing (to me) how yummy it is, considering it's like, ridiculously healthy. There are many organic nuts involved. Recipe: Olive Oil & Maple Granola. )

I also made the World's Best Garlic Bread. That's actually the name of it, not what I think of it, lol. Though it IS very good; I just don't think it's necessarily the best ever. It involved smoking many garlic cloves. Do you know how long it takes to peel 40 cloves of garlic (I don't have one of those handy roller thingys that takes the skin right off, though after this I might have to get one)? Usually I mince garlic so I just smash them right on the cutting board, but in this case they had to be intact. By the dozenth clove I felt like I'd been doing it for hours and would never get to do anything else. Recipe: World's Best Garlic Bread. )

My only true ship in ASoIaF is Rhaegar/Lyanna, and there's a very quiet LJ comm for that ship. Today someone posted a fanmix based on Lyanna, from the POV of the other characters (which is pretty much the only way we know anything about her anyway). I thought it was a really cool idea and left a comment saying as much... and it turns out that the fanmix artist used to participate in D/G fandom! What a small world. Anyway, the fanmix is neat.

Woohoo, Hump Madness has begun! The matchups aren't anonymous, but the actual drabbles are, so I can at least say when I have a matchup going on. To be honest I don't expect to get very far. I haven't written a word since the last DG fic exchange and even that was a struggle. But this'll be a good opportunity to experiment with different pairings, since they're only drabbles. [profile] jade_okelani is also participating, but with the way the bracket is set up, she and I wouldn't compete head to head unless we both made it to the final matchup. Whew.

OK, so David Benioff, writer of the great City of Thieves book I was talking about yesterday, is married to Amanda Peet! I'm now reading The 25th Hour, his first novel. Anyway, his photos on the dust jackets for the two books crack me up because they're so different:

I'm so GQ suave!I'm so dorky and lovable!


Mar. 20th, 2012 12:39 pm
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Gasp... we have joined the ranks of those hooligans in California! Liquor can now be sold in grocery stores! (Thanks to [personal profile] ropo for the link. I truly don't keep close tabs about the sale of liquor. I'm not [personal profile] akscully, for pete's sake.) Sounds like it'll be good for the state economy. Or something. And also Costco, they clearly had a lot invested in it. It's never been a huge deal for me, of course, being someone who only buys liquor rarely, and then only because I use it in cooking. Plus there was a state liquor store right next to the Safeway down the street from me, so it was already convenient. It was just a very odd thing during the first year or so after I moved here to realize that I couldn't get booze at the grocery store, that Washington had state-run stores. It seemed very quaint. What a cute, uncorrupted little place I've moved to! Now, of course, it's just as bereft of morality as any other decent place. :))

LOL just heard this from a coworker, I guess it's making the rounds on Facebook amongst Seattlites: "There are four seasons in Seattle: spring, summer, autumn, winter, and enough." It's officially spring, but it's like 37 outside. It is totally ENOUGH right now. I am so done with how cold it's been. It snowed AGAIN on Saturday before T and I met up!

Finally saw The Walking Dead finale last night. Zommmmmbiiiiiiies. )

I am in love with the following songs at the moment:

- We Are Young, fun.
- Some Nights, fun.
- Drive By, Train
- The One That Got Away, Katy Perry
- Lights, Ellie Goulding
- A Thousand Years, Christina Perri (I wanted to leave this one off because of its association with Twilight, but I didn't know that when I started liking the song, so)
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WOW was this effort challenging. As anyone who watches the show knows, the music used on Breaking Bad is extremely unusual in that it is very diverse, running the gamut from Pink to Nancy Sinatra to Narcocorrido (Mexican drug ballad). Some of the genres covered on the show include neo-bop jazz, southern rock, English pop, rap, country, dance, modern and Mexican rock (there's actually a lot of Mexican influence), to name a few. O.o Most TV shows stick to either new popular music (in order to introduce new artists and ultimately, sell songs) or a score with only the occasional popular song thrown in. I don't think that I have ever encountered a show that uses established songs solely because it adds to the mood of a particular scene and not because they want to promote an artist or sell MP3s. It's great, but it also makes creating a limited playlist really hard. ;-)

I tried to stay true to the show by including a good selection of the variety of types of music it uses, while also attempting to highlight more significant moments on the show. Naturally, this unofficial soundtrack is biased toward my own musical preferences!

The tracks are compiled and numbered in the order listed below; they're meant to be listened to in that order. There were so many great tracks that I found it difficult to cull the list down to what would fit a CD, but then I figured that most people listen to music on their MP3 players these days anyway, so what was the harm of an extra-long playlist? :P I ended up compromising; the 6 tracks in italics (which can be considered bonus tracks, I suppose) can be removed from the list if you actually do want to make an audio CD; the remaining 23 should fit.

Warning: There are SPOILERS for Breaking Bad through season 4 in the track listing. I wanted to provide context for where the tracks came from for those familiar with the show, but they do reveal a lot of information about what happens/the characters to someone who hasn't watched it.

Now for a giant note of thanks. I could never, ever have done this without the work of John Bishop, aka Il Idioto, whose awesome work in creating Breaking Bad bootlegs is what made this fanmix possible. While I did replace files here and there, the fact remains that his comprehensive collection inspired me and made putting together this unofficial soundtrack much easier.

Detailed track listing and download link(s). )
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You guys, this is so amazing and beautiful.

I've mentioned before how much I love the Game of Thrones main titles. There are apparently a bunch of covers out there by various people who have been inspired by the music. This one is a violin (acoutic and electric) arrangement, by Jason Yang, who also performs it.

This page list 10 different covers (though there are many more out there). There's also a gorgeous piano arrangement, an awesome heavy metal one, etc.
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There's a Woot off going on right now, and I've purchased stainless steel water bottles and a vacuum sealer (and missed out on 2 other things that sold out too quickly). WHY are there so many irresistible ways to spend money?! Anyway, I've been wanting a vacuum sealer for awhile. It seems like such a handy item to have. Especially for someone like me, who tends to buy a lot of stuff that I freeze for later use, then totally forget about it. >.>

I'm reading this book called Peony in Love by Lisa See. I actually started it back in December while at Jade's, and recently picked it up again. See wrote Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, which I loved and can't recommend enough. I don't feel the same way about this book, but I keep reading it because it's beautifully written and I love the cultural stuff. But the protagonist is so stupid and annoying.

I've been watching Carnivale. It took me awhile to get into it, and I still am not at the point of reccing it, but it's caught my interest enough to keep going, at least. It was canceled after two seasons and each season only has 12 episodes, so it's not a huge commitment.

Have I ever mentioned that you guys needs to watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles? It's so, so good. Unfortunately it was too expensive to produce so they canceled it after two seasons (I'm sensing a theme...), and it ended in a place where you're dying to know what happens next, but for all that, still worth it. One of the few friends I knew exclusively from WoW that I keep in touch with started it at my recommendation, and he loved it. It's for girls and guys alike!

Music wise, I have a few recs for y'all. Lately I've been wanting to listen to nothing but dance pop, something lacking in substance and has a constant, catchy beat. <g> I've had to turn to K-pop to find the best of what I'm looking for. :D

- Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls is seriously BADASS. If you're in a place where you can play some music, click on that link and crank it up loud. It doesn't matter that half of it is spoken in a language I can't understand, because with dance music the beat's what's important, it's not like any of it's conveying anything of significance anyway, lol.

- Can't Nobody by 2NE1 is also quite awesome.

I also read a positive review of Britney Spears's latest album Femme Fatale on Slate, so it made me want to check it out.

- Hold It Against Me is the first single from the album, and I like it OK, but it's not my favorite

- Inside Out is probably the one I dig most

- Though Till the World Ends is also pretty awesome

- (Drop Dead) Beautiful has that dance beat I've been enamored of

- I also like Criminal, which is about as ballady as this album gets

I've been bad about keeping up with my AeroGarden progress on LJ.

Week 3 )

Week 4 )

Day by day it doesn't seem like much growth happens, but when you look at the pics it's amazing, the difference.


Feb. 15th, 2011 09:45 am
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I'm in a good mood this morning, who knows why. Maybe it's the lemon ricotta cookies I made last night (they were soooooooooo good). They're almost more like little cakes. Or maybe it's the breakfast I had (mashed avocado on an English muffin). Or maybe it's looking forward to my lunch (leftover chicken fried turkey club sandwich from Spring Hill). Who knows. WHY ASK WHY.

I'm now reading a book recommended by [profile] corianderstem called In the Woods, by Tana French. Summary: When a 12-year-old girl is found murdered with chilling similarities to the disappearance 20 years ago of two children who had been his best friends, Rob Ryan and his partner must probe deep into the victim's troubled family history. I'm enjoying it so far -- Ryan and his partner have a Mulder-and-Scully thing going on (though to be honest I wish they didn't).

This weekend, A. and I are going to do a "meet and greet" with our cats. :D If they get along, A. has very kindly agreed to watch Jaime while I'm in Chicago. (Speaking of Chicago, waiting has paid off! My airfare has dropped by $72!) Then we're going to The Market Arms, where I'm going to likely get a classic "full English" breakfast. :D :D :D

So I guess there was a big uproar at the Grammys because there was a bunch of upsets (sorry, Justin Bieber fans). I looked at the winners list, and Lady Antebellum, who I'd never even heard of before, won all these categories with their song Need You Now, including Record of the Year (it's the title track). I really, really like the song, but I'm not sure I get why it's sooooo fantastic. It doesn't seem particularly unique or a breakthrough or anything. It's lovely though. And Arcade Fire won Album of the Year. WTF is the difference between Record and Album? Is there really a big enough difference to warrant two separate categories?

If you're looking for a distraction today, fill out my 2011 Academy Awards poll!
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I'm slowly getting used to the fact that my entire Merlin relationship with [profile] jade_okelani WAS A LIE. There are still moments when I remember something I really wanted to say, but held back because I didn't want to spoil her, and then it occurs to me that I probably wouldn't have been spoiling her at all. Or the times [personal profile] akscully and I were flailing and giggling at her behind her back on locked Merlin threads, except that it turns out she was reading them all along and laughing at us behind OUR backs. Grrr.

One of my favorite bands of all time is Linkin Park. I just love their sound. Last month they released a concept album, "A Thousand Suns," that's gotten mixed reviews. One critic said, "This sounds like a really good Linkin Park cover band." Ouch! LOL. I recently listened to the full album, and after several play throughs, I've decided that I like it. Screw the critics. Yes, it's quite different from their other albums. Despite the nuclear warfare theme, the general sound of the album is fairly mellow (especially for LP). I think Chester only screams in one song! My favorite songs right now -- Waiting for the End, Burning in the Skies, and The Messenger. I actually like ALL the songs, but those are good ones to start with. Actually the entire album should be listened to in order, since as a whole it's supposed to tell a cohesive story, but I won't ask that of you. ;)

Had a great weekend. I took Friday off, and in the morning K. and I went to Julep for pedicures. Now it's ALL ABOUT FOOD. )

I've been dreading my blood workup results because I was sure my cholesterol must be really terrible, but it was shockingly not that bad. I mean, it wasn't good by any means, but I think it was actually better than last time, and it wasn't too far off the mark. The one thing that was really bad was that I was low in vitamin D, which is true of every person who lives here, lol.

I have so much TV to watch, it's awesome. Currently almost done with The Sopranos S1. I still don't see why all the critics say it's the best show that's ever been on TV, but I'm enjoying it. I like most of the main/featured characters in their own way, except Christopher, who I wish would get killed off but probably won't. Then there's How I Met Your Mother, which I'm apparently a season+ behind on (I thought I hadn't watched S4, but oh how wrong I was). Really looking forward to S5. There's also Dexter S5, but Jade has convinced me not to watch it until the whole season has aired. It's only 13 episodes, so I'm pretty sure I can resist as long as I don't start it. Then, of course, there's the current seasons of Glee, Merlin, and Vampire Diaries (I finally had to look up when they each actually air, so that I'll know when the next ep is available for download). I've paused on Supernatural for now. It's just not the kind of show where I'm dying to see the next episode. I gave my discs to my mom, who loves that kind of thing.

Oh that reminds me, I saw a movie recently, The Last Exorcism. Spoilersssssssss. )

Because of the Merlin 3x10 trailer, I have plot bunnies hopping around madly in my head and they seem to be multiplying by the hour. I'm just like, don't you guys know it takes me like 3 years to write a story? Go away! And take your chicken with you!
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Okay, I've mentioned this briefly before, but the music from "Into the Wild" just kicks ass. My favorite songs right now: "Long Nights," "Society," and "Hard Sun," which is a cover apparently. <3 Links go to YouTube so you can listen w/o downloading anything. I'm not vouching for the vids, which I haven't seen and I think are fan made. Eddie Vedder, you are a such a rock star!! Hmm, that kind of praise doesn't quite have the same ring when it is literally true.

I'm sorry but is totally useless. Their forecast was all rain, all the time. Right now it is cloudless and sunny. Yesterday after a very brief bout of rain, it was pretty sunny and clear in the evening. WTF? I moved the aloe plant into the house because of all the rain forecasted! The poor thing is so starved for sun and now it's not even getting some that it would have gotten.

Tomorrow I am going to see my doctor about some pain I've been having in my shoulder for, oh, about a year now. I kept thinking it was going to heal/go away on its own, and it seemed to be getting better, but recently it's flared up again so now I'm like, uh oh, I wonder what's wrong with it. :/

On Saturday the handyman from Tippr is going to come, and according to him, he thinks he can take care of all the things on my list in the time allotted to me. All I have to say is, if that is true, it will possibly be the best $45 I have ever spent.

Friday is K.'s birthday. There will be cherry sorbet. :D K. and D. have given me their Sirena espresso maker. They had it for several months and used it every day. Then something went wonky with it, and since the repair shop was near me, I took it in and picked it up when it was ready (it was still under warranty, and it was just that a gasket or something needed to be tightened). However, while it was gone they got used to the counter space they regained, and D. got snobby about homemade espresso. So they were going to sell it on Craigslist for like $50 but said that if I wanted it I could have it. I decided to give it a trial run, because why not? I made my own Americano this morning and okay, maybe it wasn't as good as the one I had at Macrina, but it was just as good as any I can buy at work -- maybe better! And it'll probably improve, too, once my familiarity with the machine increases, so that's exciting. I'm using 2 shots for 8-10oz of hot water, plus lots of cream and vanilla syrup. :P
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It turns out that this guy I've been working with for like 6 years is a hottie. I never knew this before because we'd never met. He lives in another state and every time he's ever come out for work I've always missed him. Yesterday we had a rare big group gathering and met him for the first time. I was like, uh wow, okay. He's married so at least I don't have to feel all regretful or anything. :D

For the first time since participating on [community profile] gardening, I haven't found responses to a post I made helpful. :/ It's about how I think I'm burning my basil seedlings. It may be that I'm just in denial, but I REALLY don't think the problem is bugs or diseases. I'm pretty sure that what's happening is that the windowpane is intensifying/concentrating the sunlight coming through, especially the sunlight in the afternoon. It hasn't been a problem before now because it's been so cloudy most of the time. I haven't seen evidence of bugs at all, and if there were bugs, they would probably be affecting ALL the basil in the pot, as well as all the other seedlings that I'm keeping in the room. Not only that, I used the same potting soil for everything, so if there were diseases in that soil, again wouldn't it affect ALL the seedlings? Or even if it were a basil-specific disease, it should also affect the basil I planted in the cells with the tomato, etc. seedlings. So, yeah. I'm just going to move the pot around the windowsill to see if I can stop whatever's happening, and if that doesn't work, I'll just put it under the Grow lamp. I'd really rather not, though, because it's getting crowded under there and the potted basil has been doing *much* better than the celled basil, which kind of proves that there's no substitution for real sunlight.

I watched the "Into the Wild" movie and didn't much like it. I didn't like the actors (except Kristen Stewart), and I didn't think the way it was directed really made the best use of the material. I know, I guess Sean Penn won all these awards for his work, but I'd bet that few of those people who lauded him ever read the book. It's not even that I wanted to have everything that was in the book, in the movie (like all those side stories). I just would have rather have seen more linear storytelling, really get to know Chris the way we do in the book, see the events that made him who he was, why he made the decisions he made, etc. I thought the Chris in the movie was even less sympathetic than he was in the book, there was no context for why he would have camped out at this random bus in the Alaska wild, we didn't truly understand why anyone would be so drawn to him (the few minutes each of these 'tramping' buddies got, was far too little) or that he had a strong relationship with any of those people, as it was clear in the book that he did. So, pretty disappointing adaptation, as far as I'm concerned. However, what's REALLY good about the movie is Eddie Vedder's music. *SO* good.
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Typing this is a little difficult right now, because I went to the eye doc this morning and had my eyes dilated. I'm also making a big fashion statement with the fake sunglasses they gave me.

Well my two big projects are over, and I'm enjoying the short lull before the next two start. Moderate cheer!

I am in love with a song called "Fireflies" by Owl City.

The last two days, [profile] romanticalgirl's hubby has been helping me set up a bed in my garden where I will hopefully start growing veggies! Yay! I think he's almost done, just need to fill in the top with some compost/soil, and then ... well, then I'm not quite sure how ready it is, what else I need to do before I start planting things, but it's practically the next step. So exciting. I wish it were spring instead of fall, though. I'm a total newb obviously, and since it's October, I'm probably going to just start by planting some garlic, which you're supposed to plant in the fall, and possibly some kale. I need to run to HPB and pick up a couple of gardening books. When the bed is done, I'm going to take pictures and show y'all what a great job he did! Wheee, garden!

Tonight my cousin and I are going to Union for dinner. They're participating in this month's 3-for-$30 deal, and she loves Ethan Stowell restaurants. We've said that we're going to try and go to as many of the participating restaurants as possible during the month, with a minimum of 4. :D

I don't know how many of you are like me, but I prefer hardback books to paperback. They're more satisfying (though less convenient) to read, somehow. Anyway, when I realized that I loved the ASoIaF series, I decided to get them all in hardback. I got a $5 copy of A Game of Thrones on Amazon or, and when it arrived, guess what I realized? It's a "silver first" that GRRM talks about on his site! I don't think it's worth as much these days, and my copy isn't in pristine condition, but still. The real silver first, by total coincidence. Doubt the seller knew what s/he had.

So anyway, speaking of ASoIaF, I'm more than 3/4 of the way through A Storm of Swords! Spoilers. )
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Why do they even bother putting "door close" buttons in elevators? THEY NEVER WORK. They're only there to frustrate people. Because when you TRY to use them, pressing or pressing and holding doesn't actually close the doors. The elevators are always programmed to wait a certain amount of time before closing, and they won't close a second sooner.

Remember those Meyer lemons I mentioned a post or two ago? I ended up making these cookies from the zest, and this lemon curd from the juice (think pie or tart filling).

I tried my first recipe from Chef, Interrupted. It was ... less than I might have hoped for. I'm not giving up on the book, I love Melissa Clark, but will probably aim for something a bit 'safer' next time. This one was just easiest at the time. (In fact I just found this, another one of her recipes that someone else tried, which sounds divine.)

I finally got a new iPod to replace my ailing one. The good and the bad. )

I'm so freaking spoiled. Well, or maybe I'm not spoiled, I'm deprived, and that's why stuff like this makes me feel spoiled. I had a 17-inch monitor at work, which I got about 8 years ago, and at the time it was totally cutting edge. Well, now it's pretty crappy in comparison to the monitors out there now, so I emailed our team's admin to see if I could get an upgrade. Given the economic climate and the budget tightening, I was expecting to be told no (I should have asked for one last year!). But an hour after I sent the email, she came into my office lugging a 22-inch Widescreen Samsung SyncMaster 220WM, all apologetic because she couldn't get me a 27-inch one due to budget constraints. Pffft, like I care? The new one is already eons beyond what I was using. It makes me giddy just to look at it. (Though it's still not as big as the 24-inch widescreen, also by Samsung, that I have at home. :D)

You know who I'm really enjoying, music wise? Jem. I don't know anything about her other than the two songs I've heard, but her sound is very unique and I like her voice. Plus the songs are good.
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I have started to notice something about my iTunes at work that is really starting to freak me out. I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation for it (</Scully>), but damned if I know what it is.

So when I fire up iTunes, I see my music library. But under "Shared Music" I also see other people's music libraries! People I don't know. People who don't have access to my machine. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where iTunes is getting those libraries. First time I saw "Casey's Music" I thought, oh, maybe this is a 'fake' list that iTunes creates to show you how to use its cool features. But when examining the library, I can tell right away that it's an actual person's music library -- first of all, there's tons and tons of music in it, with whole, real albums and such. Then I thought, maybe it's just my own music, and it's just naming it something weird. But no -- I don't own most of the albums in "Casey's" library, nor have I downloaded them. And yes, I have tried actually listening to the music, and YES, I can actually listen to them! So whoever you are, Casey, I can listen to your music, and I have to say that I applaud your musical selections. But also, *freaks out*.

I thought maybe it was a fluke, and that once I shut down iTunes, it would go away. It hasn't. Not even after multiple reboots. I can still listen to Casey's music (it's where I heard Mr. Brightside for the first time). Then TODAY, there was a new music library added! Someone named "G-Money"! G-Money has Madonna's new album (v. nice btw) and, coincidentally, Massive Attack's "Teardrop," which I deliberately looked for because it was on my mind after discussing it with [ profile] lissannej yesterday. O.o It's almost like ... my own private Music of Requirement program. Whatever music I want to listen to, "Casey" or "G-Money" will miraculously produce it for me. Which is cool, but no less freaky.

One of you out there must be able to explain this phenomenon. What is going on? How am I able to access these other people's music on my *locally installed* iTunes?!
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Tomorrow night I shall be seeing Batman Begins again (Danielle hasn't seen it, and had to totally twist my arm -- not), and having dinner at CPK beforehand. I LOVE their Waldorf salad. Mmmm.

The Christian love has infused me with generosity and love for mankind. Thus, for those of you who aren't lucky enough to own the Newsies original motion picture soundtrack, I bring you "Santa Fe," sung by the hot and talented Mr. Bale. Okay, so he's not going to perform on Broadway any time soon, but it's still a nice voice. And I enjoy that you can still hear his character's Brooklyn accent. :D

<333 Jack Kelly.

Santa Fe - performed by Christian Bale (Newsies) (.wma, 3.97MB)
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Happy Friday! I am so, so glad it's here. *hugs it*

If you could have one talent in addition to the ones you already have, what would it be? Mine has always been singing. I wish like anything that I could sing. I can't even sort-of sing. :( But anyway, so one of my obsessions is college a capella groups. I bet you didn't know that. Well, it's true. Hearing all that pure voice talent just does something for me. And it's different from hearing professionals, because ... well, it just is. I think part of me likes the idea that they're just singing because they love it, not because they're making scads of money from it (which is also why I prefer college sports). Plus, of course, groups like these typically do covers, and so one is usually already familiar with the song.

Anyway, a bunch of you on my flist are still in college -- do you know anything about the a capella singing groups on your campus? Are they any good? (I mean, yes, obsession or not, they still have to be good. <g> I've found that not all college a capella singing groups are made alike.)

Over the years, I've found a number of great songs sung by these groups ... my favorite, I think, are the Derbies from Brown University. Anyway, here are a few of my favorites:

* Romeo and Juliet, The Brown Derbies (Brown University), .mp3, 4.32MB

* That Lonesome Road, Awaken (UCLA), .wma, 2.32MB

* Can't We Be Friends, Mixed Company (Stanford), .wma, 3.12MB (I'm not absolutely positive that this is Stanford - the CD says the album was recorded in Palo Alto. Yale also has a group called Mixed Company, but why would they be recording at Stanford's stomping grounds? Thus, my contention is that it is Stanford's group.)

While I'm at it, I'm also going to rec "Miles Apart" by Yellowcard - an actual rock band, not a college a capella group. : ) I FINALLY updated the section on my LJ with the monthly song, so you can download it there. And if you never realized it before, yes, every month I try to put up a song I lurve for your listening pleasure. :D

If you download anything (right click and save, please), let me know how you liked it!


In unrelated WoW news, it is becoming quickly inevitable that I shall be quitting for good. Depends on what tech support has to say after my latest reply.
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Do you know how frustrating it is to want a book, and when you can't find it in your normally very well-stocked local used bookshops, you actually decide to buy it from an overpriced retail store such as Borders, only to discover that they're sold out as well (in all 5 locations near you), so you'll just have to buy it online, which you were avoiding because you didn't want to have to wait that long?

I'm sure you have some idea.

The book in question is The Comfort Women: Japan's Brutal Regime of Enforced Prostitution in the Second World War, which looks like one of the better-reviewed books on this topic. I became interested in it after reading a few articles over the past couple of days about how China's all up in arms over one of Japan's new history textbooks, and how Japanese revisionist history is really pissing off both China and Korea. Apparently, Japan is now denying that their military ever forced women (estimates are around 200,000 of them, mainly of Chinese and Korean origin) into being sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during WWII. Hmm, I wonder who I believe. So yeah, I've decided to educate myself a little more on this topic, but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of literature on it.

I might have mentioned that I recently got Garbage's new album, "Bleed Like Me." Because [ profile] seldon asked, and because I'd be curious to hear other opinions, I wanted to write about what I thought of it so far. Read on; music links included. )

A meme, should you choose to participate. Winner receives drabble of choice. )


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