Nov. 14th, 2012 09:27 pm
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...despite the fact that Jace is ALL WRONG, and I was fearing that I'd just have to pretend this movie didn't exist, it actually looks pretty good.

Goddamn that Robert Sheehan, I might actually have to ship Clary/Simon. Also Alec is way hotter than I imagined in my head. Or rather, I find him so annoying in the books that any attractiveness I might have ascribed to him is erased; not so the Alec in the trailer. Maybe movie wise, I have to ship Clary/Simon and Jace/Alec, lol.

Thank you [personal profile] akscully for pointing me to the trailer!


[personal profile] akscully: The problem is that I'm going to expect Simon to just go off on a foul mouthed rant at any moment.

[profile] jade_okelani: No, the *problem* is that he *won't.*


NATHAN COME BACK TO ME *runs away sobbing*
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Okay, so I have this epic fic planned wherein I use like a dozen different prompts from the [community profile] be_compromised promptathon. I have an outline planned out and everything. But it's SO big and daunting that I don't know if I can actually write it -- at least with any kind of speed. And I kind of feel like speed is important, because I don't really want to use a prompt that's been done (and probably very well) before. >< I mean, given the amount of time and effort that would be involved to tell the story I want to tell, seriously, I don't want to produce something that's just a retread of someone else's work. But I can't stop thinking about the story. For this I blame [personal profile] allisnow, whose "friends with benefits" prompt got the muse whispering in my ear. I wrote a big old "friends with benefits" story in my XF days, and I have always loved the concept and would love to apply it to Clint/Natasha, but... yeah. Start from the beginning of this paragraph and go in an endless circle.

And before even tackling that, I'd really like to get this other story I have written edited and posted, but Jade has been super busy lately so hasn't had time to beta it. And I just can't post a story (not a drabble) without that; everything in me rebels at the thought. No posting unbetaed stories. Period.

Last night I indulged in a spending spree, buying an Avengers-related t-shirt that I've been wanting for awhile (what kept stopping me is the idea of paying $20 for a t-shirt. No t-shirt should cost more than $5 imho, lol). Once I get it, a photo will be forthcoming. Then I bought a gazillion Blu-rays/DVDs, basically to round out my Jeremy Renner collection. I'm still missing Take, Fish in a Barrel, Thor, and The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things, but I have most of the others now. A photo of all of them will also be forthcoming. I also preordered The Avengers. The end of September is soooooo far awaaaaay.

For Mortal Instruments fans... this is something worth reading, imho. Cassie recently made (or rather, re-made) this post on Tumblr, regarding "Magnus and whitewashing." Going to copy the full text here, because I think it's important. )

She's completely right, and after reading it I felt vaguely ashamed for ever wanting Robert Sheehan to play Magnus. I even said, not too many posts ago, that I thought he was perfect "other than the fact that he isn't Asian." I guess it's because there are so few Asian American actors being given work, period, especially in that age group, that not one single appropriate actor occurred to me. And yes, other than not being Asian, Robert Sheehan did fit my idea of what Magnus would be like: tall, thin, fabulous.

But I shouldn't have lessened the importance of his ethnicity, given that I am Asian American myself, and should be supporting minority characters, given how few of them there are. And especially because it would seem, just like from the Rue situation from Hunger Games, that some faction of people are confused as to why they would hire an Asian actor (or in Rue's case, a black actress). Never mind that BOTH OF THOSE CHARACTERS are fully described by the author as being Asian and black, respectively. Do those people just not know how to read, or is it just so ingrained in them to think of all people/characters being white that they can't imagine any differently, despite being outright told so, and multiple times in the books? It boggles the mind.

Anyway, this was the bit that got to me most: Technically, Magnus is biracial. I would be perfectly happy with a biracial actor playing him — but otherwise the option is an Asian actor, not a white actor. It doesn't matter if any of Magnus' background is white. Casting him white would erase that part of his background that is Asian. And important. There are plenty of roles out there for white actors. Most roles are for white actors. This is not one of them. There is very little I have control over as regards casting. I cannot pick an actor for Magnus. I don't have that ability. But I can say, and say strongly, that I want them to cast an Asian or half-Asian actor, and I did. It is pretty much the one ironclad demand as regards casting that I have made, i.e.: if you don't cast an Asian actor, I'll never talk about this movie again, nor will I see it.

I should've felt that strongly about it myself from the get go, but sadly I'm also somewhat cynical when it comes to Hollywood, been let down countless of times before, so rather than take up my pitchfork about something I figured was probably inevitable (that they'd just cast however they wanted to, with no regard to "how it's supposed to be"), I just let it slide. But I am super glad that she made a stand about it -- any kind of stand, really, because hardly anyone ever does, and the fact that it's just accepted (by myself included) is disappointing and sad.


Jul. 19th, 2012 03:39 pm
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OK, this is ridiculous. I've been trying for the last 10 minutes to talk about MI casting news, but every time I switch to my Tumblr window I get completely distracted by this Hawkeye art. There's something about it that completely mesmerizes me. )


Two big pieces of MI casting news:

Magnus Bane: Since they've cast my choice for Magnus as Simon, they have selected Godfrey Gao, who I've never heard of, but I'm fairly sure I can live with him:

*is mesmerized again*

Where was I... oh, right. OK, so now that Magnus is THIS GUY, all I have to say is that the pressure is on wrt Alec. Alec better be the hottest, most likeable guy ever, because otherwise I have to continue to not understand what the hell Magnus sees in him. Because, you see, Alec is a whiny little bitch most of the time.

Jocelyn Fray: Going to be played by QUEEN CERSEI LANNISTER! I mean, Lena Headey. WHEN FANDOMS COLLIDE. She makes a perfect Jocelyn, actually. Jocelyn is someone I see as uptight, controlling, and hypocritical, which totally describes both Cersei and Sarah Connor, the two roles I'm most familiar with Lena portraying. So woot!

Given all the casting news so far, I may have to completely change all my ship preferences, just for the movie. -.-

This is what's wrong with Tumblr: One of the artists I follow (who drew my icon, actually) just revealed that she was 23. This opened up a slew of comments about how "old" she was and one person was like, "I'm 18 and always feel soooooo old around these high schoolers and pre-teens."

SERIOUSLY? But at the same time, it explains a lot of the behavior over there. -.-

I keep waffling between excitement and total bitterness that Jade and Robbie are going to see The Bourne Legacy tonight. Right now I'm on bitterrrrrrrr.

I feel kind of loopy. I think it's party due to blood loss, and partly because I was up at 2am posting fic and then was up again 4.5 hours later for work purposes. Work is so never a good reason to lose sleep. -.- Though I guess you could say it was because of posting fic. Which, you're right, it's a better reason. Also, shut up, I don't need all this backtalk from you.
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I've just learned that Robert Sheehan has been cast as Simon in City of Bones. WTF? As thrilled as I will be to see him in something again (though he should never have left Misfits, imo), he doesn't fit Simon at all!!!!!!!! If anything, he's MAGNUS. I've said from the start that he'd be my choice for Magnus, other than the fact of him not being Asian. But SIMON? What? -.-

But this is just all too fitting for a cast that has Jamie Campbell-Bower as Jace. In the books, I prefer Jace to Simon by A LOT a lot. Now it seems inevitable that I'm going to like Simon more than Jace, and it'll ruin the books/movies for me, because Clary will look like an idiot for choosing JCB over Robert. UGH.

Maybe I just won't watch the movie so that I can continue to enjoy the books. I don't WANT to call JCB to mind when I'm picturing Jace! I JUST DON'T.
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Soooooo I finished City of Lost Souls. It's one of the best "middle" books I've ever read... and in YA, potentially the best. Middle books -- or maybe I'll even say, second books in a series -- tend to be some of the weakest. It's sort of treading water in between the beginning and the end, and consequently not much happens. TOTALLY not the case with CoLS. :D Major spoilers! )

Last night I went to a PCC Cooks class... except it was less a cooking class than it was that they served us dinner. It's the first time I've ever done anything through PCC Cooks (which K. loves), so I didn't realize the distinction, I guess. It was good, but not worth the $50 I paid, even with the recipes they gave us. :/ I mean, the theme was "Madame Butterfly," the cuisine was Japanese, and it was REALLY simple. Nothing I couldn't have looked up how to make elsewhere, and with it being so simple, there wasn't a ton of technique to learn either. We started with a lovely dashi soup, followed by seared ahi tuna and shrimp tempura, followed by teppan-style filet mignon (TWO CUBES, so it's not like the portions were all that generous), followed by cherry sorbet and an almond pirouette. Each course was also accompanied by a wine pairing, a teeny amount that was just right for me. When I realized there would be wine I took a Zantac, which helped me not turn into a total lobster. (There's a tip for those of you who tend to get the "Asian flush"!) In a way it was a good thing that there wasn't a lot of hands-on stuff involved, because I wasn't really feeling up to it. I've been dragging a lot lately. :/

Awesome news... Community's been renewed for 13 episodes. I'm trying not to be bummed that it's only 13 eps, but imho they'll only order more eps if ratings improve, and there's no reason to suspect that they will. Sigh. Everyone should be watching this fantastic show!

If all goes well, tomorrow there will be Boiling Point with [personal profile] adelagia, Tilth brunch on Sunday, and hopefully The Avengers w/ K. sometime during the weekend. Wheeeeeeee!


Aug. 10th, 2011 09:35 am
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It's the last round of the YA Crush tournament and Jace (Mortal Instruments) is up against Zachary (Shade). I'm on Team Jace but vote for who you like here!

I have seen 3 more movies since my last post. Captain America, Thor (that's where my subject line comes from :P), and HP7p2. I have enjoyed them all. But I think I enjoyed Chris Hemsworth the most. I cannot WAIT to see the Joss Whedon-directed Avengers movie!

Are there any other Starcraft fans out there? I haven't played Starcraft II yet but it's pretty much the same concept so I still know what's going on when watching vids. Anyway, Day[9], a pro player who mostly shoutcasts these days, hosts "funday Monday" in which there's a theme, something you have to do, during your games. In this particular instance, it's that you have to lift off your command center in some way (playing Terran, of course). In part 2, starting around the 14 min mark, he shows two games that were so funny I cried from hilarity. The second game... omg the second game. I mean, I'm not a great player myself so I can't call them idiots or anything but... let's just say it was a comedy of errors.

[personal profile] ropo told me about the Thundershirt, which is apparently just some shirt that dogs wear that will solve excessive barking, anxiety, etc. Has anyone actually ever tried this on their dog or know someone who has? Does it actually work? Because if so, I'm getting one for Talis and never taking it off again.

Finally, have y'all been following the posting of stories on [community profile] dgficexchange? I believe we are nearing the end. I participated, but can't tell you which story is mine, obvs. But there have been a number of good ones (again, can't tell you which I liked or that would make it obvious which ones I didn't write), so if you like D/G you should check it out!
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My Bag of Crap from Woot has arrived! :D :D :D There was some panic when I thought it had been lost in the mail, but it arrived safely yesterday. A Woot Bag of Crap is a legendary(ish) item for Wooters. It costs $3 (with $5 shipping plus tax if you live in WA or TX) and contains misc crap. But you see, there's a chance that it WON'T contain crap -- it could contain something valuable, like a digital camera or something. And I really love the not knowing, the part of it that feels like gambling. LOL. But I know I'm not the only one, because the BoC is so popular that people created scripts and auto-bots and what not, so that when it comes up in a Woot, these automated tools just buy out the BoC before a normal person just going to the site (like me) can do it. It often also crashes the server. To counter this, the last time Woot offered a BoC, they created a Flash game that you had to play and go through several levels in order to qualify to buy the BoC (by proving you're a human and not a robot, and are decent at bad Flash games).

I was lucky and was able to buy one at level 4 (each level has a certain number of BoCs available, and when those sell out, you have to play to the next level to qualify). The servers were a NIGHTMARE, they kept crashing. [profile] jade_okelani was not as lucky (the Flash game was really, really bad), and the level you needed to reach got higher and higher and then they were sold out.

I know, all this to buy something called a Bag of Crap.

Anyway, so it arrived yesterday. I did not get a really high-end item like a digital camera. I did, however, feel that I got $8.50 worth of stuff. The Crap. )

Cassie Clare and Holly Black were at Third Place Books (Lake Forest Park) last night, and it was fun. I was sorry that [personal profile] elle_blessing missed it due to RL stress. :( They both did a short reading -- Holly from her latest book Red Glove and Cassie from Clockwork Prince, which is yet to be published. There was a Q&A session after that, then book signing. I got all my MI books signed. I looooooooooooove signed books. *pets them*

Cassie and another girl in line admired my anal mylar-protected books. LOL. I have a thing about my books and always have... they need to be kept in pristine condition. I don't like lending books because the few times I did it in elementary school and they came back with the spines creased and pages dog eared, I was totally traumatized. So now I don't lend books unless I know the other person will be careful with them (or if it's a book I don't care about).

Anyway, Cassie and Holly were both funny and entertaining. I'm interested in reading Holly's various series now, especially her latest Curse Workers trilogy (I admit it's because Jace makes a cameo). I've only ever read Tithe by her. One piece of MI news that we did get is that after MI and ID are both done, Cassie does have an idea for another series based in the Shadowhunter universe -- in which we will get to see cameos of the MI characters as 20-somethings! Eeeeee!

I've started Downton Abbey. So it's Gosford Park with the Titanic tragedy as the backdrop. Y/N?
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The insane shopping spree continues. It's not my fault! Suddenly all the stuff I've been considering for weeks if not months has become available; it's not my fault it's all happening at the same time, is it???

The first thing is that today's Woot deal is the WiFi-3G Nook (refurbished) for $99. Hello, this thing is $199 new/retail! And Barnes & Noble sells the refurbished version of this Nook on eBay for $140! You guys might remember that around January I was asking about eReaders. I've been hemming and hawing about it ever since. But with a deal like that, how can I refuse? I can't.

The second thing is all [profile] corianderstem's fault. I looooooved her Twiggy Union Jack Studded handbag and wanted it, but it's been sold out at HSN for ages. On eBay people have been listing it at nearly double what it cost retail, which I refused to pay. But then recently someone listed it at retail price, in the brown leather (which is super rare)! So I had to get it too!!

*blows smoke off credit card*

Both things are good for my Chicago trip, though! Now I can return all my library books and check them out digitally! And that means there won't ever be a 'checked out' copy that I can't get, right? So the whole library catalog is mine! Or is that not how it works? As for the handbag... it's a really big bag so I can use it to travel with! It's a good bag to take onto the plane with me.

No more spending money, I swear. Well, there's the Restaurant Week stuff I already have planned, but that's it. No more merchandise.

Am more than halfway through B4 of the MI series. It's going really quickly. I just love Jace. And Simon's growing on me. I never really liked him as much as I think CC wanted me to, in the previous 3 books, but I'm getting there. I find that I like his interactions with the male characters a whole lot more than his interactions with the female characters (maybe because, for the most part, I like the guys more than the girls in this series).

Did some more Wii Fit yesterday. It can't decide whether I'm a couch potato or a yoga trainer, lol. Some of the yoga exercises I kick ass at, and then others... we won't speak of the others. The strength exercises are mostly fine, except for the one with the push ups. SCREW THOSE.
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I'm slowly coming out of my funk about Robert Sheehan leaving Misfits, though if he were actually near me I'd be clinging to him saying "Don't goooooooo" and he'd have to drag me along the ground as he walked. Sigh.

I have changed my mood theme to being Nathan specific. Apparently we won't be getting any more images of him. :(


I brought doughnuts into the office today from Frost Doughnuts. Frost changes their doughnut selections daily. Today I selected the (in)famous bacon maple bar, Bavarian cream, double chocolate, banana walnut, Southern red velvet, coconut island, banana split fritter, and white chocolate raspberry truffle, among others. Photos of artery-clogging deliciousness. )


The new TV arrived yesterday, woohoo!! I worked from home so that I could be there to sign for it -- it's way too big for me to try and haul from UPS myself, neither car I have would have been able to fit a package that big. It was over 70lbs and I seriously doubted my ability to get it set up... but I did it. I was sweating like a pig perspiring delicately by the end, but I got it set up on the stand as I wanted, and even set up my Wii and Wii Fit. Personally I think the Wii Fit should have allowed me to input the effort I spent setting it all up.

I even started using the Fit (I've had it forever but never set it up before due to lack of space), just the balance stuff (I like ski jump the most), but half the time was spent shooing Jaime away because he was bound and determined to attack the moving stuff on the screen. /sigh I really fear that one of these days I'm going to go home and find that he's knocked the TV over during one of his crazy cat sprints around the house (or digging around in the back for the wires). :/


I've finally started City of Fallen Angels (speaking of which, what are our plans for this Thursday, [personal profile] elle_blessing)? I've only gotten to the beginning of chapter 2. Also, because I am a good friend, I transcribed Jace's letter to Clary from City of Glass, which was a bonus in the Barnes & Noble version, for [profile] jade_okelani. I'm posting it here for anyone else who would be interested (and if you haven't read the books, it's probably not that interesting).

Clary... )


And because I'm apparently on a huge spending spree, I might as well confess that I have purchased six -- that's right, SIX -- pairs of shoes in the last 3 days or so. Lots of sandals... I figure spring is right around the corner and I'll be getting a pedicure soon!

I have no willpower. )
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So after all the drama and controversy (on my LJ if not RL), I ended up going to the Indian dinner after all. LOL. Long story short, K. got a sitter (without ANY prompting from me, I was not reluctant or passive aggressive at all in any of my talks with her about it) so I got to go. I'm really glad I didn't say anything to her now, even though I totally understand why so many people thought I should, because I would have created strife for nothing! I mean, I suppose there's still the fact that she asked me to do it in the first place, which I agree wasn't cool, but I also understood that at the time, she felt that she had no other choice, and she does a lot of cool stuff for me. (Like, say, the Billy Elliot musical!)

Case in point: She was at the farmer's market and one of the vendors was selling their special apple cider balsamic vinegar, which they age for 7 years. It's only sold once a year. She picked up a bottle for me. It is SO RIDICULOUSLY GOOD. It doesn't taste like any vinegar I've ever had. It's so apple-y and flavorful it's almost like a syrup, except it's also got the tang of balsamic vinegar. Delicious.

Currently [personal profile] ropo and I are still homeless in Chicago, lol. I won't start to panic until about a week from now. At the moment I'm still trying to get the best deals on Priceline/Hotwire. I've gotten many awesome suggestions for food places. :D They're in LJ and email, so I'm going to consolidate and have this be my easy reference post.

Grub in Chicago! )

I introduced K. to The Mortal Instruments series (she liked it) and she in turn introduced it to C., who loved it. Now C. is asking me for more recommendations and I find myself hard pressed to come up with any. I mean... I guess there aren't as many of those types of novels as I thought (she's already read The Hunger Games and Twilight) -- at least, good ones. I don't want to recommend really typical teen lit that has no other plot than the teen angst (like Meg Cabot or Elizabeth Scott). I'll mention A Song of Ice & Fire but I'm not sure that's what she's looking for. She's looking for books like The Mortal Instruments, and to my surprise I don't think there are any others of its ilk that I'd recommend.

I have a new shopping weakness: HauteLook. They sell really high-end designer stuff at steeply discounted prices, but you can't see what the deals are unless you're a member (it's free to join). Every day there's a different set of items/designers on sale that day (about a dozen), from makeup to clothes to rugs to vacation spots. As I said, it's all very high end and discounted. The other day I picked up a couple pairs of designer jeans, just because I couldn't resist! >< It's a brand I've heard of -- Not Your Daughter's Jeans -- but don't know how they actually look on me. This is the danger of HauteLook!! A few weeks ago I also ordered some makeup by Rock & Republic, and I have to say I LOVE it. Really good makeup and the packaging is awesome. I could never justify buying this stuff full price.
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I still haven't purchased my Chicago ticket yet. The unrest in the Middle East and other factors have been driving up gas prices, and the airfare rates have been hiked accordingly. I SO should have bought it when it was at $134/each way. /cry

I've pre-ordered A Dance with Dragons!!!!!!!! \:D/ Borders is currently offering it at 50% off, which is more discounted than both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I also said I would pick it up at a local store, so I wouldn't have to pay shipping, and ensure I'd get it the day it's available.

City of Fallen Angels is coming out April 5. Wheee! Cassie Clare has announced some of her tour dates, and on April 14 she's going to be at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, which is actually really close to me. So I think I might go and get all my MI books signed. I don't know if anyone else would be up for this -- [personal profile] elle_blessing maybe, as she's the only one who I know locally who loves the series as much as I do -- but let me know!

And of course on April 17 HBO is premiering Game of Thrones.

This Friday J. and I are going to Pair for dinner, and on Saturday, I'm going to a get together with my work team. My manager is cooking an Indian feast for us (he's a foodie like me), so I'm looking forward to that. I've signed up to bring appetizers, and right now I'm torn between bringing Chinese drunken chicken, or bacon jam (homemade).
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With that subject line, is it possible I don't have your attention? :P

I hope the DG gals don't mind, but we didn't finish all of the cheesecake at work so I'm bringing it with me to our get together tomorrow! It was the first time I'd made this particular cheesecake (and second time overall), a recipe from Dorie Greenspan. I was worried because the photo of the cheesecake in the cookbook is pale on top, whereas my cheesecake was very brown (as it says it should be in the recipe). There was a post about her cheesecake on Dorie's blog, so I replied and asked about it. I was wondering if I'd missed a step or something. You don't know how excited I was when I checked my email this morning and saw an email from Dorie! It is so cool that she took the time to respond to me and so quickly. (Answer: She doesn't know why the photo shows the cheesecake being pale on top, when she makes it, it turns brown just as mine did.)

Cheesecake pictures. )

In other, totally frivolous news... Bradley James is one of the 10 'finalists' in the poll for Mortal Instruments casting (as Jace)! Eeeeeeee!!!!! Go vote for him! He's a tad old for the role, but they always cast older anyway. And even if he won there's of course no guarantee that he would actually be offered the role or would even want to take it, but I would hope that at that point it would at least be a possibility. :D So I must once again say: BRADLEY JAMES FOR JACE!
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Ughhhhh another day at the grind. At least traffic was great this morning since everyone else has MLK off but us.

Sooooooo confess: How many of you have a Keurig? I'd never heard of it until Thanksgiving when I was down in LA and using Jade's like, every day. I'll admit up front that I don't like that the K-cups aren't recyclable, seems super wasteful. :/ The convenience really can't be beat, though -- especially for what you get, a really decent cup of coffee. At first I thought it was instant coffee, and wanted to run away screaming, but it's not... it's real coffee, but vacuum sealed in the K-cups so you don't have freshness issues the way you do when you buy a bag of coffee (even whole beans that you grind yourself), and you don't have a pot of coffee sitting out, you just brew a fresh cup every time. I told myself I didn't need a Keurig... I have a really nice French press and a very decent espresso machine... yeah that lasted about a week. I got a REALLY good deal on one, though -- I used Craigslist for the first time ever and got a Keurig B60 plus a My K-cup (which you can use to put in your own ground coffee, sold separately) for $50. Keurig.com even let me register it as a gift, so I have the typical one-year warranty that comes with new machines (I don't know how old it actually is)! Plus they gave me the new member deal of 2 boxes of K-cups free! Mmmm coffeeeeeeee.

This is awesome -- the other day for SwagBucks, I got chosen to do a survey for Mortal Instruments!! (The other two possible choices for me were Hunger Games or Shiver, but I really wanted to be selected for MI.) OMG. Usually I HATE the surveys, as they're a waste of time for what you get (imho), but this was SO FUN. Probably the best survey I will ever take. It asked a bunch of questions about the MI universe, and then got to asking about the movie (!!!) which is in pre-production. It asked what scenes in particular I was looking forward to, what special effects I wanted to see, what I felt was critical to the story and had to be kept in, what actors I thought might make a good Jace (!!!!!!!!!!), etc. Teehee! On the latter, it first asked, open text box, what actor I thought would make a good Jace (both Jade -- who also got selected to take the MI survey -- and I said Bradley James). THEN they showed a bunch of actors THEY had selected, and had us rate them. OMG they were all AWFUL. I had to rate nearly all of them as "totally wrong for the part." Seriously. Has anyone who's READ the books tried to cast this movie?

There are various ways to get SwagBucks points, but today you might get search points for "Martin Luther King, Jr." (for obvious reasons). I saw someone on FB mention it, so I tried it, and it worked for me, too. Could be total coincidence but worth a try, right? Here is my referral link in case you want to sign up.

Oh and as you might have guessed: weekend goals, failed.
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UPS's delivery schedule annoys me. Yes, why don't you deliver during the hours when people are most likely to be at work? GREAT idea. It's not so bad when they can leave the package at the door (then the worry is just that someone's going to take the package before you get home), but when it requires an in-person signature, sheesh! There's so much delay as they try to deliver over and over, and then you end up having to drive out of your way to pick it up from their service center. That's what I had to do today to finally get that Nikon macro lens I bought. I could have had it DAYS ago!

Lunch with the DG girls yesterday was fun and fab as usual, even if poor [personal profile] adelagia was slaving away at work and couldn't join us, and [profile] lyndsiefenele forgot what day it was and woke up when we were all supposed to meet (but [personal profile] slitherhither and I did walk around with her at the Ballard farmer's market and also to look for an ATM). Heehee. I was forced to order something new at Senor Moose because what I always get at dinner isn't on their lunch menu, and I really liked it! It was their carne asada sencillas, which came with seared steak, avocado, salsa, beans & cheese, and grilled bell pepper. I also tried [personal profile] elle_blessing's cactus, which was actually pretty good! The texture was like grilled bell pepper, but more cactus-y in taste. :D

It was pretty warm the last couple of days, and I repotted a number of my seedlings that were getting rather large, as well as the potted basil. The basil, btw, looks absolutely fine now that they haven't been in that window. I KNEW it was sunburn. Anyway, I've been trying to harden off the seedlings, except the 10-day forecast says rain, rain, rain! Argh. So how can I harden them off in terms of heat, when there's no heat to be had? Sigh. I guess I'll just have to restart the process in June, when it will hopefully be drier and warmer. I also think I am going to try to make my own organic pesticides because something has been eating the basil plant that's outside in the bed, and I can see other insects around. Ew. BTW, I totally thought that outside basil plant was dead, but this weekend I noticed that it has new growth! So it's trying to survive! All the rain that's expected in the next 10 days may end up drowning it though. :/

I went to Flower World again this weekend to pick up some soil. I took many, many pictures of chickens. I will have to share them sometime.

I've started Kushiel's Dart. I'm finding it a bit difficult to get into because of the writing style. I need another fun, fast read like The Hunger Games or Mortal Instruments.


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