Dec. 13th, 2011 12:52 pm
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Wow, I haven't updated in nearly 2 weeks? That must be some kind of (recent) record for me. Partly it's because it's SO FRIGGING COLD that I don't want to do anything but be in bed. Partly it's because my mom's staying with me (kind of last minute) for the whole month, and we've been spending a lot of time eating out. But mostly it's because I was on vacation all last week, and updating LJ is more fun when I'm at work. >.>

I've been making... dun dun DUUUUUUUN... fanvids

I've been stretching my creative wings. Rather than writing fanfic, I have made... two fanvids! It's much harder than it looks, but also fun. Even making fairly basic vids like I have is super time consuming. O.o I had no idea. The two vids are Yi Jeong/Ga Eul (from Boys Over Flowers) based, so there's only a limited amount of footage I can work with -- both a curse and a blessing.

If you're interested in watching them... )

Cool/fun cookbook/gift rec

If you need a cool coffee table book, or a fun gift for just about anyone (well, any adult), I recommend My Last Supper: 50 Great Chefs and Their Final Meals / Portraits, Interviews, and Recipes. I've been wanting it awhile and now I finally have it! It's really cool -- basically, 50 well-known chefs play the "death row" game (though they don't call it that): If they could choose their last meal, what would it be? Some, of course, get super fancy and specific, but a surprising number, maybe even half, would go for something really simple and comforting -- scrambled eggs, rustic bread with cheese, etc. The last part of the book the chefs share recipes from their selections.

Icon making!

Every three years or so, I get a bee in my bonnet and want to make icons. I've been playing around with textures and what not, and as practice, made some from past/present fandom interests. :D They're just for me, I haven't really made any that are intended to be shared out on icon communities or anything like that, but I think they look pretty good!

A bit of TV

I've been watching a bit of TV... caught up on Merlin (OMG!) and have watched the first six episodes of Once Upon a Time (I blame drunk![personal profile] akscully for this), which isn't GREAT TV or anything, but is fun enough to continue now that I'm out of TV I'm really interested in watching. Also I really like Jennifer Morrison (though Cameron > Emma).

My latest cookware obsession

CorningWare. That's right, the stuff our mothers (well, not mine, but you know) used to use. There was a whole thread about it on my foodies list at work, and now I really want to use it. But it should be noted, however, that I'm not talking about CorningWare as it exists today (at least, not 99% of it), but literally mean the stuff someone's mother used to use -- the vintage pieces from the 50s/60s. Know why? It turns out that that stuff was made from Pyroceram, a type of glass ceramic invented by a guy who was working on rocket nose cones (as part of a U.S. ballistic missile program). The beauty of glass ceramic, apparently, is its ability to resist thermal shock, which means you can cook with it on the stovetop, put it under the broiler, bake it, or freeze it (and all directly from one to the other, if you choose). You can use it like you would cast iron, except there's no seasoning involved, and unlike cast iron you can use it for tomato sauces/wet foods. You can even bake no-knead bread in it.

So what's wrong with the recent stuff? Probably more than you want to know. )
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I have been crazy productive this weekend. Well, for me.

The weather's been cold but not rainy, so I finally took the opportunity to clean out my raised garden bed, which was full of weeds and crap from the previous season. This summer I basically did no gardening, unlike the previous summer, which ended up being a good thing since I was away for most of it anyway, and a garden was the last thing on my mind. Besides, it didn't really even start to get warm this summer until August, so it would have been another exercise in frustration. BUT! I've decided I'd like to garden again next season, so in preparation I cleaned out the bed and planted some cover crop, which will hopefully infuse the soil with some nutrients. That is, if the freaking birds don't eat all the seeds; I saw half a dozen of them in/around the bed today, merrily poking away. Hopefully there were just some seeds on the surface that they were eating; most of them should be buried in the soil. Birds don't usually dig for seeds, do they? Wouldn't most gardening be impossible if they did? Then again they do dig for worms... and if a tasty seed should happen to be there... SIGH. Birds!

The other thing is ... I mowed the lawn! Well, the half of it that's considered my "backyard," anyway. It wasn't that long, but I figured I'd do it, as it'd be good exercise and also prevention from it getting as bad as it got before. It remains to be seen whether I will do the other half, which is also dependent on weather.

I also cleaned out my AeroGarden, in preparation for another round of herbs! This time I'm going to try to make my own pods, rather than purchasing their overpriced seed kits. We'll see if that ends up being a big fail or not.

I actually watched last night's Merlin! Though this was because [personal profile] akscully emailed me just saying "oh my." I had to find out whether that "oh my" was "oh my, we got to see Gaius naked" or if it was actually something good. Spoilers! )

And finally, I made banana bread with the three overripe bananas I've had sitting around for a week.


My reward for all this hard work is that tonight is the first night of Restaurant Week! Poppy is up first. Meeting K in about an hour!

This is what we ate. )
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Rose Leslie (better known as Gwen, the housemaid who wants to be a secretary, in Downton Abbey) has been cast as Ygritte in S2 of Game of Thrones! I'm not gonna lie; I never really liked Ygritte much, but maybe this actress will make me change my mind.

I started Merlin S4. It "looks" way better than previous seasons did, much less campy. Spoilers. )

I've been rewatching Vampire Diaries S2 in preparation for S3. [profile] jade_okelani is finally watching the show (she's almost midway through S2), so we're going to watch S3 together, which is why I'm not starting yet.

Right now I'm set to go to TEN Restaurant Week lunches/dinners. That makes me very excited and happy, which I need right about now.

I'm a little disappointed with Stephanie Izard's Girl in the Kitchen. It doesn't SAY that it has any recipes from Girl and the Goat, but that's what I was looking forward to. My bad for making that assumption, sigh. I mean, I wouldn't expect it to have recipes that wouldn't be friendly to home chef (like Pig Face), but I was realllly hoping for her recipe for sauteed green beans. [personal profile] ropo says she probably wasn't allowed to share that one because it almost certainly has crack in it. LOL. Also, I went to her site after getting the book, and like, all the recipes were there! So I just paid to get them in book format, I guess.

I am going to revisit the Anne of Green Gables-athon that got shelved when all the craziness happened in the summer. [personal profile] akscully, I think you should come.
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1) Howard Overman, who created and writes Misfits, is one of my favorite writers for Merlin. I was worried that with the success of Misfits, he would stop writing for Merlin, but he's said he will write for S4. Woohoo!

2) So many good things coming in April. HBO's Game of Thrones premiere. City of Fallen Angels. Hmm that might be all. But both those things are so exciting it's like having 10 things!

3) This weekend I am going to make homemade Pop Tarts, from Flour, with strawberry filling. Only thing is making the pate brisee, which is easy enough, but then you have to wait for it to chill and I'm an instant gratification sort of person. Also, my kitchen is not ideal for making pastry, because of the limited counter space. Oh my kingdom for counter space!

4) The Snickers Kudos bar I just ate was really good, and it was only 100 calories. That means I can eat 10 of them, right?

5) I am one episode away from finishing Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I've enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would, and am bummed that they never got a third season. I mean... even Roswell got a (terrible) third season and that went off the rails in S2. I guess the ratings for T:TSCC must've been really bad ... or bad enough for what I am assuming was a fairly expensive show to make. It's too bad.

6) I've made my own balsamic vinaigrette to take to work when I get salads. I just don't like their salad dressings. I feel kind of lame taking my bottle to the cafe, but oh well.

7) With Swag Bucks, Bing Rewards, and the Living Social deal, I now have $40 in Amazon g.c.s! I think what I'm going to do is build up my Amazon credit this way, and eventually I'll have enough to buy an eReader. I don't need one immediately, and I can just slowly build up to one.

8) So... I used to hate Swiss cheese. It was flavorless and pointless to me. But I guess as I've gotten older my palate has changed, because now I find myself wanting to put Swiss cheese in my sandwiches and burgers. Gruyere is still my fave cheese, though! Jade recently found a gruyere-cheddar melange at Trader Joe's that is AWESOME.

9) I'm still loving my Keurig. Favorite flavor: Tully's Kona blend. I don't even know why I bother trying any others, because that one is heads above the next best.

10) I'm going to be better this year about taking more vacation time during the year so I can spread it out, rather than lumping it all up at the end. With carry-over vacation, I have 8 weeks this year. I don't plan to use it all, but I need to use at least 4 weeks. Anyway, I'd like to go somewhere in the U.S. where I've never spent significant time (nixed: most of California, NYC, Boston, Washington D.C., D.C.-area Virginia and Maryland, Las Vegas, Hawaii). Any suggestions? Where do you think I should go and why? I'm looking for ideas!
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Title: All This Beauty
Authors: Jade and Sarea Okelani
Rating: R
Spoilers: Through 3x10 'Queen of Hearts'
Pairings/Characters: Arthur/Gwen, Merlin/Morgana, Gwen/Lancelot, Uther, Gwaine, Elyan, Morgause, Gaius
Authors' Notes: This is a late Christmas present for our dear friend [personal profile] akscully. We had her pick a few elements (revealed at the end) and crafted a story around them. So everything can pretty much be blamed on her. We began plotting and writing this story after 3x10, so the story is technically AU. Any similarities between elements of this story and canon after 'Queen of Hearts' are purely coincidental -- but awesome!

Summary: It's up to Merlin to keep Arthur, Gwen, and Lancelot from falling apart when Uther puts them in a situation that threatens the future of Camelot. )
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Hello lovely LJ people! I tried to keep up while I was in LA, but I failed.

Big news: the ongoing saga of my trying to buy a house for my parents is finally coming to a close. They've found a place, and it's rather a lot more than I was planning to spend because it's a new development, but various things contributed to the change. The house is supposed to be finished before the end of the year, so I'm in the loan process right now so we can try to close by then as well. Of COURSE the rates would spike right on the very day I was finally ready to lock (4.75% instead of 4.35%, which was the lowest rate I'd seen from my credit union during this process). Sigh. Anyway, fingers crossed that something random doesn't happen so that the loan gets turned down, because that would really suck (not the least of which is losing all my deposits). Before they decided on this place, I hadn't bought the new car yet, I hadn't refinanced my own house, etc. So all that piddly little crap might influence the lender, I don't know. There are various reasons I'm not very happy with the overall situation, but I don't want to get into it right now.

I have another British show to rec (introduced to me by [personal profile] akscully): Misfits. It's about 5 juvenile delinquents who discover they have superpowers. It's created and written by Howard Overman, my favorite Merlin writer. But this show is NOTHING like Merlin (other than being British). It's most definitely not family friendly -- profanity and sex abounds (oh if only Howard could exercise these energies for his Merlin stuff...). The first season only has 6 episodes. They're in the second season now and I believe a third has been confirmed (how I hope this doesn't mean Howard won't have time to write for Merlin, because I LIVE for his episodes). Anyway -- none of the actors are very attractive (except Nathan is growing on me), but that's part of its charm, I think. Plus it's hysterically funny.

Speaking of Merlin, tomorrow is the season finale! I watched eps 11 and 12 at [profile] jade_okelani's and I have to tell you, I was pretty underwhelmed. I just don't understand how, first of all, a show that has 13 episodes can take 8 months to film. Second of all, why can't they figure out what to do with a main character who's not in like 75% of the episodes?!?! Third of all, if they need to give the principals a break from time to time, why can't they come up with more compelling plotlines than Gaius or Other (Gilly)-centric crap?! Tomorrow's episode better be epic. It's going to be the last episode for like a YEAR, and if it's crap, I'll be sooooooo disappointed. Unfortunately, precedence is not my friend.

Finished Sopranos S2. I am so relieved that certain character(s) have been written off the show. Also, am rewatching It Started with a Kiss, which is the most wonderful guilty pleasure of all time.
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All my bags are packed
I'm ready to go

Except none of that is true. I haven't packed a single thing. And J. wanted to have dinner tonight, so instead of saying, "I have to pack," I said, "Sure!" Luckily my flight out isn't until the evening manana. But... still.

I got my Samsung Focus yesterday and OMG it is freaking awesome. I can't wait to show everyone. My favorite new app is Shazam, which most people already know, but those of you who don't... basically if you're in a bar or the car and a song comes on that you want to know the name of, you just have it listen to the song for a few seconds and then it'll tell you the name, album, and artist. It's really amazing (I'm easily amazed, okay?!). Basically I've just about wasted a fully charged battery trying to stump it. I've only been able to stump it once (with Tara MacLean), but it's gotten everything else, even the Merlin Series 2 soundtrack. /slow clap

I feel obligated to share this fanvid, mainly for [profile] frances_lopez, a shameless Gwen/Lancelot shipper, but also for EVERYONE because it's fabulous and on crack. They call me Arthur, ruler of Camelot... )


BTW I am on S2 of The Sopranos and am loving it now.
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The Facebook recapper has pissed me off one too many times. I now shun her stupid biased recaps. I'm doing my own, non-Facebook style.

The screencaps are by [personal profile] potthead. The original artwork is by [profile] felix_aeternus.

Pictorial summary of Merlin 3x10. Extremely image heavy. )
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Slowly but surely, I am getting all the things done that I need to do in order to be able to leave on Sat.

- returned all library books to the library (I got 1/3 of the way through The Magicians)
- put my mail on hold
- put various lists on vacation hold
- mailed off Merlin to three cool ladies
- took pets to vet and got health cert
- watched Vampire Diaries 2x09 (and now I know why there was not a peep from my flist about it, what a forgettable episode, though the C/S interaction was cute. I don't even want to TALK about the D/R)
- finished Sherlock (once again, [personal profile] adelagia was spot on and warned me that the second episode was far weaker than the other two, which are great, especially the first ep)

I don't know why, but the Seattle area has a lot of self-named European Delis that specialize in imported European goods, especially cheese and salami. It's very general, there's never any specificity (sorry, Inception!Arthur) as to which countries in Europe are represented, exactly, though they seem mostly Russian. Or something. Anyway, I love those places. My favorite thing is Estonskaya salami or something like that. I think it must be made with crack. It is SO GOOD. I bought half a pound today and my plan is to make myself a sandwich to take on the plane with me.

Die of adorableness. Two paws up! )

I'm getting a facial at Julep after work today. I don't really like facials and I've only gotten like two of them in my entire life, but this was part of a package, so. It's not even that I don't like people touching my face (which I know is an issue for some people); I like it when I'm getting a massage. It's that I don't notice ANY difference before/after.

I loved Merlin 3x10 so much I am thinking of doing a pictorial summary of it, even though I know my time should be spent elsewhere.
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Um. I just found out that the name of the Merlin season finale is called "The Coming of Arthur." Seriously? LOL. Okay, I know they like to pretend that as a family show nothing ever compromises their umbrella of innocence, but SERIOUSLY???? I mean, I suppose it's better than "Arthur's Coming." I'll give them that. Or maybe they're just trying to ensure that they'll get a huge audience. Since it's about the coming of Arthur, obviously size matters.

Here's a spoilery pic from that episode. OMG /DED )

Also, [personal profile] akscully doesn't want me to show you this, because she's convinced that pandas don't actually exist and they are all men in panda costumes, but how cute is this?? It's a panda! It's a dog! It's a panda dog! )

Speaking of pandas, I might as well share this "fanart" that I "drew." Only [profile] jade_okelani and [personal profile] akscully have seen it, because I came up with it (giggling to myself the whole time) in 20 minutes after Jade kept referring to Arthur as "such a SAD PANDA" in the "Lancelot and Guinevere" episode. I am a terrible, terrible artist. )
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Holy crap, I'm leaving for CA in 5 days. How can that BE????????

I did take the pets to the vet this weekend to get their health certs so they can fly -- I suddenly remembered that there was very little time left. Talis has an ear infection AGAIN. The vet advised me to do the cleaning/medication for a full 14 days this time to hopefully clear it up once and for all. He, of course, hates the whole procedure. He shakes frantically, trying to dispel the wetness, or he scratches, or rubs his ears against the bed/floor. I'm like, don't make me put the doggie cone on you!!! And he just stares at me like, I dare you.

Last night I watched the first ep of BBC's Sherlock, and it was, as many have said, brilliant. I stayed up far later than I meant to, watching it. Now I'm tired and grumpy. But I don't regret it.

Had a fantabulous time yesterday with the D/G gals. We finally did the podcast, in the presence of one of [personal profile] elle_blessing's non-fandom male friends, which wasn't embarrassing AT ALL. I'm sorry to say that I took pictures, but most came out kind of blurry. Sigh. Next time!

Now I love Katie McGrath even more. )

I suspect I may miss the next two weeks' Merlin episodes and will have to catch up when I get back. Unless something super shippy happens, in which case [profile] jade_okelani will force me to watch it. She's even crazier than I am now, I think.

Tonight: preliminary packing and probably finishing Sherlock. D'oh and I haven't even caught up on the most recent ep of Vampire Diaries yet.
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Tonight [profile] corianderstem is taking me to the Stone House for a bday celebration. Woot! I just love that place.

I haven't cooked anything in a really long time... there was Restaurant Week and then my mom and aunt being in town, then it got so cold that I don't really want to be anywhere but under my covers! But last night, after getting my Amazon Fresh groceries, I made a complicated red sauce (recipe given to me by a coworker) that involved pancetta, Italian sausage, and country-style pork ribs. PORK! Also an entire bottle of red wine. The pork rib meat isn't even used in the resulting sauce; you take them out after two hours (and eat them!!); their only point is to infuse more flavor into the sauce. How hardcore is that? The resulting sauce is extremely complex and delicious.

I'm already wibbling because I won't be able to watch Merlin 3x10 at the earliest until late tomorrow night. That means I must avoid LJ like the plague for fear of being spoiled.

All right, you coconut haters, I will admit that coconut shavings are not my favorite. But the FLAVOR of coconut is so awesome!! In fact, I got a Ciao Bella coconut gelato in my Amazon Fresh order. All the flavor of coconut without the shavings. MMM.

Dead Poets Society: one of the best movies of all time. Y/Y?

Tomorrow: massage, pick up chocolate cake, B.'s birthday party, Merlin 3x10. SWEET.

I just found out that these extendable lamps on all our desks that no one uses are these designer ones that cost $375 each. WTF. Seriously, what? I can think of at least 10 better ways to have spent that budget.
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Finished The Sopranos S1. I like the show. The politics of it all fascinates me. I still don't get how people can be known criminals in the mafia and the law somehow can't touch them, but whatever. What's missing (so far) is a prominent lawyer character. I mean, a lawyer *can't* be insignificant when you're talking about a broad criminal organization, right?

I also started HIMYM S5. I'd forgotten how hilariously funny this show is! Oh BarneyRobinTedLilyMarshall, how I've missed you guys! *huggles* The problem is how quickly the episodes go by. They're only 20 minutes long!

Looks like I'm going to be going to Berkeley with K. mid-December for a weekend. Insane. I'll have just returned from Thanksgiving vacation and three days later I'll be getting on another plane to go back to SoCal for winter vacation. The thought of that much flying in such a short space of time freaks me out. Thank goodness my doctor prescribed me some Xanax at my annual exam just for this purpose. I've never tried medicating myself before; hopefully it will help. A lot. >.> I really do want to try Chez Panisse and the Zuni Cafe though...

Wrote another Merlin fic. Ficlet, really. Usually I write about things I'd like to actually see. So not the case with this story, lol. If that actually happened on the show I'd /wrists. It was one of those rare occasions when a plot bunny showed up and I had to write it, regardless of whether anyone else would like it or if I'd even want to read a story like that myself. I feel the most sorry for Jade, who was all excited about betaing before she realized what I'd done. LOL. Some might say, given what I posted about yesterday, that it was revenge. But it wasn't! At least, not consciously. Teehee.
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Title: Painted Memories
Author: Sarea Okelani
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Through the trailer for 3x10 'Queen of Hearts'
Pairings/Characters: Arthur/Gwen, Merlin, Gaius, Uther, Morgana
Author's Notes: This is a slightly different interpretation of the events of 'Queen of Hearts.' It's basically an AU of the trailer. I don't actually think this will or should happen in the episode! It was just a plot bunny that hopped into view and I wrote it. I apologize for the angst in advance. No Arthurs were actually harmed during the writing of this story.

Much love and thanks to [profile] jade_okelani, who did get a bit bruised during the beta process.

Summary: When Arthur needs him, Merlin once again proves himself a true friend. )
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I'm slowly getting used to the fact that my entire Merlin relationship with [profile] jade_okelani WAS A LIE. There are still moments when I remember something I really wanted to say, but held back because I didn't want to spoil her, and then it occurs to me that I probably wouldn't have been spoiling her at all. Or the times [personal profile] akscully and I were flailing and giggling at her behind her back on locked Merlin threads, except that it turns out she was reading them all along and laughing at us behind OUR backs. Grrr.

One of my favorite bands of all time is Linkin Park. I just love their sound. Last month they released a concept album, "A Thousand Suns," that's gotten mixed reviews. One critic said, "This sounds like a really good Linkin Park cover band." Ouch! LOL. I recently listened to the full album, and after several play throughs, I've decided that I like it. Screw the critics. Yes, it's quite different from their other albums. Despite the nuclear warfare theme, the general sound of the album is fairly mellow (especially for LP). I think Chester only screams in one song! My favorite songs right now -- Waiting for the End, Burning in the Skies, and The Messenger. I actually like ALL the songs, but those are good ones to start with. Actually the entire album should be listened to in order, since as a whole it's supposed to tell a cohesive story, but I won't ask that of you. ;)

Had a great weekend. I took Friday off, and in the morning K. and I went to Julep for pedicures. Now it's ALL ABOUT FOOD. )

I've been dreading my blood workup results because I was sure my cholesterol must be really terrible, but it was shockingly not that bad. I mean, it wasn't good by any means, but I think it was actually better than last time, and it wasn't too far off the mark. The one thing that was really bad was that I was low in vitamin D, which is true of every person who lives here, lol.

I have so much TV to watch, it's awesome. Currently almost done with The Sopranos S1. I still don't see why all the critics say it's the best show that's ever been on TV, but I'm enjoying it. I like most of the main/featured characters in their own way, except Christopher, who I wish would get killed off but probably won't. Then there's How I Met Your Mother, which I'm apparently a season+ behind on (I thought I hadn't watched S4, but oh how wrong I was). Really looking forward to S5. There's also Dexter S5, but Jade has convinced me not to watch it until the whole season has aired. It's only 13 episodes, so I'm pretty sure I can resist as long as I don't start it. Then, of course, there's the current seasons of Glee, Merlin, and Vampire Diaries (I finally had to look up when they each actually air, so that I'll know when the next ep is available for download). I've paused on Supernatural for now. It's just not the kind of show where I'm dying to see the next episode. I gave my discs to my mom, who loves that kind of thing.

Oh that reminds me, I saw a movie recently, The Last Exorcism. Spoilersssssssss. )

Because of the Merlin 3x10 trailer, I have plot bunnies hopping around madly in my head and they seem to be multiplying by the hour. I'm just like, don't you guys know it takes me like 3 years to write a story? Go away! And take your chicken with you!
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This was me and a bunch of other dorks while watching next week's Merlin trailer over and over and over:

<33333333333333333333333333 Marshall.

The actual trailer for Merlin 3x10 'Queen of Hearts.' )

Merlin 3x09 'Love in the Time of Dragons' live commentary (spoilery) )

Vampire Diaries 2x08 'Rose' live commentary (spoilery) )
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Last night after my bday dinner (at Monsoon, SO DELISH), I got home and [profile] jade_okelani gave me the GREATEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER. She led me along a merry little breadcrumb trail where she revealed something HUGE.

Now I need to back up a little bit. As y'all probably know by now, I'm obsessed with Merlin. I've been trying for WEEKS to get Jade to watch the show, which she was doing, but slowly. Verrrrryyyyy sloooowwwly. She'd watch one every few days or so, then send me and [personal profile] akscully little commentaries about each episode, which were highly entertaining, but we were DYING because she was going so slowly and we really wanted her to get to 2x02 to see if she'd ship A/G like us or go her own way. (Pretty much, your reaction to that episode kind of determines it.)

The day before, she sent us live blog commentary for 5 episodes, ending with 2x01. We were totally flailing and going, "WHY. WHY. WHY STOP THERE."

But it turns out that there was a very good reason why she stopped there. It was to DELIBERATELY TORTURE US.

[profile] jade_okelani - 1
[profile] sarea_okelani - 0
[personal profile] akscully - 0

You see, it turns out that not only had Jade watched 2x02, but she had COMPLETELY CAUGHT UP with Merlin through S3, 10 days ago. 10 DAYS AGO. But kept it secret from us so that she could do a slow reveal for my bday. It was pretty awesome. Want to experience it for yourself? Click on these links in order:

More exciting than that she was actually caught up on Merlin this whole time and that we can now talk about the episodes in real time, is that she DOES ship what we ship!!!! Yayayayayayayayay!!!!!!!!!!

And the final surprise? SHE'D WRITTEN A/G FANFIC FOR ME. Eeeeeeeee!!!!! I haven't read it yet because it's just too much happy stuff all at once and I want to space it out (plus I'm super busy at work today).

O joyous day!

I was afraid to wake up this morning in case it'd ALL BEEN A DREAM and I didn't have a totem to tell me if I was still dreaming or not.


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