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On my list of things I never thought I'd ever have to do, which I wish were still on my list of things I've never done: Pull dental floss out of my cat's butt. Yeah, seriously, I don't know. Why would he pull that out of the trash and eat it? What the hell is wrong with him?! It was just as disgusting as it sounds.

I have now watched The Avengers with Joss's commentary. I usually don't like watching commentary tracks, regardless of who's commenting, but in this case I felt guilty NOT to, considering so many overseas fans are missing out completely. (Empire's tweet was hilarious: "It's Shawarmageddon all over again!") Plus Joss is funny as hell. But I have to say, I kind of wish I hadn't listened to it. :/ I really, really did not like what Joss had to say about Hawkeye or Jeremy Renner. I mean, maybe I'm just inferring things more negatively than they were meant, but after listening to what Joss had to say, I am now very pessimistic about the direction they're going to take both the Hawkeye character and his relationship with Black Widow. *sad face* )

UK fans who want Joss's commentary are apparently being encouraged by Disney to buy the U.S. Blu-ray (linking bundle I got), because the U.S. Blu-ray is region free (the U.S. DVD, which also has the commentary, is region 1 encoded, though). According to them, Joss recorded his commentary too late for the UK release (which, seriously Joss? I know you must be super busy, but think of your fans all over the world!). Their mistake, imho, was in thinking people would rather have the movie sooner, without the commentary, than wait, and get the commentary. It seems so OBVIOUS that that would not be the case. Anyway, they currently don't have plans to reissue a version with the commentary, because they don't feel that they can ask the fans to buy the movie twice. I thought that was a fairly reasonable alternative (though not ideal by any means), until I read that apparently there was some kind of fuck up with the transfer, and the UK got some other country's censored version of the movie, which edits one of the scenes (the death of one of the characters). There were some early conspiracy rumors that they did this to retcon the scene so that said character could actually come back to life at some point -- but I have to say, not only would that be super lame (especially since it'd only be true for part of the world), but having listened to Joss's commentary, I'm as convinced as I ever was that the character is dead and isn't coming back. Anyway, since the transfer error *was* actually a mistake, I think Disney ought to reissue/replace the discs for free, and if they do that, they might as well also include the Joss commentary. Edit: Also apparently the UK also doesn't have the shawarma scene, is this true? I have read differing reports. I always figured that "Shawarmageddon" would eventually pass, because while the scene wasn't filmed til after the movie had already premiered in many countries, there wouldn't be a reason not to include it on the DVD/Blu-ray version. O.o

I have now watched the first two seasons of Teen Wolf. I know many people love it, but god, what a silly show. I really only love Stiles. And I reallllllly love him. Derek's fine, but is hampered by the utterly silly werewolf mythology. I really like Erica -- or at least, I really like her origin story -- but they haven't developed her very well (or any characters who aren't in the opening credits, really). I want to like Lydia more than I do. I fucking HATE Allison, and Scott mostly bugs me also. Did no one notice when they cast Tyler Posey that HIS FACE IS CROOKED? OMG, it's so distracting. I've always felt that werewolves were kinda lame, and been far less interested in them than in vampires, witches, and other supernatural creatures. This show does not make me change my mind about that. When they "wolf out" it looks soooooooooooo fake and lame. >< They're not frightening at all; they just make me want to laugh. Whereas the vampires on The Vampire Diaries are actually scary looking (way more so than the vampires in the Buffyverse, which Teen Wolf's wolves remind me of -- but BtVS was made YEARS ago). Anyway, much of the mythology, 'plots,' and character development so far are dull at best and nonsensical at worst (the whole thing with Peter Hale is so WTF). I read my first Sterek fanfic the other day and it was good, but mostly because it was in Stiles's POV and very in character, so it was fun.
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1) Why. Why is Sunday already almost over? Why do weekends pass so quickly?? /SOB The only good thing about Sundays is that I have Breaking Bad to look forward to... except there are only two episodes left in this season cryyyyyyyy.

2) OK, I have taken a moment to pull myself together. I did so by watching this Firefly-style Avengers intro for the billionth time. If you haven't seen this yet, what are you waiting for? Take my love, take my land... )

3) I made cheese yesterday! Three kinds to be exact. One gallon of whole milk (well, just shy of a full gallon, I also made waffle batter and needed to take some) yielded: 11oz mozzarella, 4oz ricotta, and 2oz gjetost. (Links go to the methodology for each.) Except I messed up on the gjetost, I didn't pay enough attention at the end and the bottom of my pot is totally burned. >< Boy is that going to be a bitch to get out.

4) I did all my other dishes, though, which was a lot (and I haven't even made pesto yet, which I need to do by EoD). I told myself I could have a nice cup of coffee as a reward. Except I do not like this roast at ALL. It's some kind of Sumatra roast that I got at Whole Foods. I was picturing this idyllic time where I could browse Tumblr and drink coffee and now that dream has been shattered. </adult tantrum>

5) <consoles self with two new "Woman, this is Jeremy fucking Renner Talking" meme images> They just get better and better. )

6) You guys, you know I love all things Hawkeye... well, I thought I did, anyway. But this is just no. )

7) Remember how I was all excited about my new Blu-ray player and the fact that it could stream stuff wirelessly? I started watching Mad Men S5, and every 10 minutes, the player would say "cannot play." It doesn't have the best ffwding functionality (and besides, how annoying is it to have to ffwd to your last spot every 10 minutes?), so it was driving. me. crazy. I called Panasonic, which said that the player requires a minimum speed of 6Mbps, so I needed to call Comcast. I have pretty slow internet at home -- it's 3Mbps -- but it suffices for 99% of what I want to do. However, I have upped it to the next level (12Mbps -- that's right, there's nothing between 3 and 12 -.-) to see if it works. If not, I'll have to return the player as it's defective (and it doesn't even have resume playback functionality, which I assumed it would, like my Panasonic DVD player!). And if it does, I'll have to pay double what I currently pay for internet if I want to keep that speed. THERE'S NO WINNING.

8) Clearly, it's time to calm myself again. I think this time I will use... Jeremy in glasses. I know [personal profile] adrith will appreciate this. Glasses + arms = ded. )

9) OH OH OH I have another video rec to share. It's called "Reaching as I Fall" and it's about Hawkeye and Trickshot (as in Clint's brother Barney, not his circus mentor). It's flipping awesome because not only is it well put together, the artist used NORMAN REEDUS to play the part of Barney. OMFG at how much I'd watch a Hawkeye origins movie with that kind of casting. I know [personal profile] laria_gwyn would agree with me. Right? RIGHT??? 'Reaching as I Fall' )

10) I have nothing else to say so I will leave you with some Avengers porn. You heard me. )
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I seem to be the only person who's ever on the internet on Fridays. Hello? **echo echo ECHO** But that just means I can be as random as I want.

1) Today was a pretty awesome day. I didn't get into the office until after 9:30. A bunch of people are out of the office, including my two immediate managers, so I took a 2-hour lunch. On the way back from lunch, we decided to get some coffee at the cafe, and on the way we were randomly stopped by a guy who was giving away fancy cupcakes (he was a vendor who was here to schmooze clients). I mean, talk about serendipitous!

2) I sound like the worst employee ever, but you have to cut me some slack. One of my coworkers has left the group for a new job at the company, and until we hire someone to replace her I am doing two jobs. I'm already fairly stressed out about it. :/ And while August was fairly quiet, we are rapidly approaching busy season. I don't know how I'm going to survive.

3) I was also bummed to miss our intern -- it was her last day today as well, and I didn't realize she was going to leave so early. She left a card on my desk, along with some Lush (Whoosh) shower jelly, which was super nice of her. I LOVE LUSH. I'm not as obsessed with it as I once was, but I still love their bath products.

4) I was watching Psych last night (S5E02), and out of the blue, Shawn and Gus are eating hot dogs, and Shawn goes, "These Japadogs are delicious." And Gus replies, "You know, I almost took Lassiter to the Japadog cart once, but I felt like I was cheating." !!!!!!!!!! The show takes place in Santa Barbara, and I was like, whaaaaat Santa Barbara has Japadogs?! (This was one of the places we went to in Vancouver.) Except they totally don't. JAPADOG is only located in Vancouver and New York (and that location only opened this year). Then I remembered that [personal profile] adelagia told me Psych films in Vancouver. So it was a shoutout to that city. :D I love the idea of the whole cast/crew sitting around eating Japadogs.

5) There's a new meme, similar to the "Hey girl" Ryan Gosling meme, only this one involves Jeremy. They all start out "Woman--" and use f**k liberally. And is most decidedly not PG-13, because of language and suggestiveness. Here are a few of my favorites so far. #FLAIL )

6) Can't get enough of Hawkeye. )

7) I have absolutely nothing going on this weekend. It is great. Maybe I will make cheese, like [profile] carrie_leigh did. Maybe I will watch Bourne Legacy for the fifth time. Maybe I will just make some pour-over coffee and read some bad teen lit. WHO KNOWS. THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER.

8) OMGGGGGGGGGG I love my new Blu-ray player. I guess I'm just totally behind the times and don't keep up with technology, but I had NO IDEA you could do so much stuff with them now. I only just figured out how to wirelessly connect my Xbox 360 to my computer so I can watch all the stuff on it; I didn't know you could do that with Blu-ray players now too. WOW! It took me a little bit to configure the settings on my computer and on the player to make it work, BUT NOW IT WORKS AND IT'S AWESOME.

9) I saw this today and totally thought it was Jon Snow. Seriously, doesn't it look like it?! But no, it's not. It's fake Jon Snow.

10) I have just ordered more fancy coffee. I'm so Seattle.
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*surfaces from Tumblr* Gawd, wading in there is like going into a black hole from which there is little chance for escape.

Anyway. I've been inundated with Renner awesomeness all evening so I think it's only fair to share.

First, this isn't new, but for those of you who haven't seen Sarah Dunn's video of Jeremy from the Empire shoot, you must. It's not embeddable, but you can watch it on her site here. Specifically, the second video (it's only 40 seconds long -- and while you're there you might as well watch the third one too). I absolutely love that the background music is Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, which Jeremy has said would be the song he'd choose if he could listen to only one more song before he died. <3333333 So it's either a freakish coincidence or that's exactly why she chose to use it.


Third, I love these expectation vs reality gifsets. :))))))))))

And fourth, I was forced to create this gifset after watching the Avengers gag reel, followed by Fury talking to the security council. It was just so funny to me, the juxtaposition of Clint being a badass and Jeremy being a derp. Reposted here for your convenience and giggles. )

I wish the last two gifs were higher quality, but I didn't download an HD version of the gag reel (don't know if one existed) before it was taken down from all the obvious places on the internet, and I haven't looked that hard to see if I can find it in hidden corners. If someone actually knows of where I could get it, please tell me!
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You guys, this is the best recipe ever posted. You must read the comments. I saw an article on Slate this morning that was all about this recipe, and my coworkers and I have spent the last 30 minutes crying from laughter. No recipe comment stereotype is left unsaid!

I have had a revelation about pour over coffee. Using a gift card that I got last year, I bought all the equipment necessary to make pour over coffee, and stopped by Whole Foods yesterday to buy some single-origin coffee beans. I wasn't sure what to expect, if this would be yet another disappointing hype, or if it'd be amazing. If you like coffee, I think the pour over method is definitely worth it. I can't believe how many flavors I got from the cup of coffee I made last night (though less so with the cup I made this morning, so it's still dependent on the type of coffee). Finally, I know what all those descriptions are talking about, when they say that a particular type of coffee has hints of chocolate/caramel/orange/what have you!

I have beautiful Jeremy Renner images to share with you from Tumblr. You know you want to click. )

So I forgot to mention another teen book that I read recently, maybe because it doesn't belong in the category of "terrible teen lit" that was the theme from yesterday's post. I finally read Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. I enjoyed it. It was well written, which is like, 90% of the battle. BUT. Potentially spoilery. )
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I can now un-ban the internet, as the weekend is over and I have seen The Bourne Legacy... twice. Yes, already! I agree with [profile] jade_okelani's assessment of a 7.5/10 score for the movie. Depending on how strongly one feels about its flaws, I'd even accept a 6.5. But a score lower than that is clearly being colored by the inability to accept a lead in the franchise who isn't Matt Damon, because the movie itself was solid. I don't think I liked the movie as much as I did because I like Jeremy Renner; I think the fact that I like Jeremy Renner allowed me to look past the Matt issue and judge the movie on its own merits. So yeah, I liked it -- enough to see twice during opening weekend, though okay, the Jeremy Renner might've had more than a little to do with that. Also, like all the Bourne movies, I just felt that I needed to see it again to get a firmer grasp on the plot. Or in this case, the "plot." The Bourne Legacy spoilers, the good and the bad. This is super long. )

Edit: You might enjoy this Other Franchises That Need Jeremy Renner slideshow from TWoP. It goes from the totally ridiculous (Jeremy as Katniss Everdeen! Jeremy takes over for Jason Segel in The Muppets!) to stuff I'd totally see (Jeremy takes over for Johnny Depp in PotC as a new swashbuckler! Jeremy and Donald Glover reboot Men in Black! Jeremy takes over as Optimus Prime's human sidekick! "The fact that he's not Shia would instantly win viewers over to his side. Furthermore, they'd actually believe his character could score a chick like Megan Fox or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.") Buuuuuuuuuurn on Shia. But totally true re: chick scoring.
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This is a post restricted to things that make me smile.

Jeremy Renner. It's hard to fathom how someone so utterly DORKY (like, all the time. Seriously) can be so hot. Somehow he manages.

- My top 5 favorite photos of him. )

- Being forced to sing "New York State of Mind" by Jimmy Fallon, and the look on Jimmy's face/his reaction afterward when Jeremy actually starts to sing. Everyone who forces Jeremy to sing (it's bizarre how often it happens) has the same reaction! :)) They just don't expect it. Watch the video here; I have no clue how to embed it and you can't find it on YouTube.

- In his Academy Award nominee questionnaire, under "Do you use social media? If you tweet, what is your Twitter name?" he wrote, "NO. Can't be bothered." Ahahahaha so awesome. <333333333333 Plus he's left handed and his Starbucks drink is an Americano. CLEARLY ALL THIS MEANS WE ARE MEANT TO BE FRIENDS. ...yes.


- This is a movie that needs to happen. )

- Does it, or does it not, look like they are one second away from planting one on each other in this? )

- There's tons of Clintasha art on Tumblr, but this is one of my recent faves. I love protective!Natasha and hurt!Clint, probably because it's reminiscent of the movie. OMG this gives me so many feeeeeeeeeeels. )

- Jeremy and Scarlett being really cruel. *cries* )

- My icon!! [personal profile] allisnow and [personal profile] sugar_fey are right, it is the adorablest thing ever.

- It's been awhile since I last did a recs post, and I've read a crap ton since then, so I'm just going to rec the stories that have really stood out for me. That's not to say that I haven't enjoyed others, or that I've read every fic -- I'm sure I've missed some, so if you can't believe I left a fabulous fic off this list, enlighten me! I tried to keep the list fairly manageable. Have some C/N fic recs. )

Green Day. This is "Oh Love," a new single from ¡Uno!, the first of three upcoming studio albums that will be released between Sept 2012-Jan 2013.

I don't know how they can continue to be so awesome. Oh wait, yes I do. His name is Billie Joe Armstrong. Billie Joe is one of those guys I've loved for forever. I mean, he's incredibly talented, writes/creates quality music that is consistently thoughtful and catchy, is a total superstar, holds ideals I agree with, and has been married to his wife, with whom he has two kids, for eighteen years, since he was 22. In this day and age that is a minor miracle from anyone, much less from a highly successful punk rocker. Seriously, how can anyone not be at least a little in love with him?! I've only seen Green Day in concert once, but it was amazing. Or rather, Billie Joe was amazing. I'm sure Trey and Mike must've been there too, but... Billie Joe is Green Day.

Dog pictures are on a roll. First there was that baking dog. Now there's this. )
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Okay, so I have this epic fic planned wherein I use like a dozen different prompts from the [community profile] be_compromised promptathon. I have an outline planned out and everything. But it's SO big and daunting that I don't know if I can actually write it -- at least with any kind of speed. And I kind of feel like speed is important, because I don't really want to use a prompt that's been done (and probably very well) before. >< I mean, given the amount of time and effort that would be involved to tell the story I want to tell, seriously, I don't want to produce something that's just a retread of someone else's work. But I can't stop thinking about the story. For this I blame [personal profile] allisnow, whose "friends with benefits" prompt got the muse whispering in my ear. I wrote a big old "friends with benefits" story in my XF days, and I have always loved the concept and would love to apply it to Clint/Natasha, but... yeah. Start from the beginning of this paragraph and go in an endless circle.

And before even tackling that, I'd really like to get this other story I have written edited and posted, but Jade has been super busy lately so hasn't had time to beta it. And I just can't post a story (not a drabble) without that; everything in me rebels at the thought. No posting unbetaed stories. Period.

Last night I indulged in a spending spree, buying an Avengers-related t-shirt that I've been wanting for awhile (what kept stopping me is the idea of paying $20 for a t-shirt. No t-shirt should cost more than $5 imho, lol). Once I get it, a photo will be forthcoming. Then I bought a gazillion Blu-rays/DVDs, basically to round out my Jeremy Renner collection. I'm still missing Take, Fish in a Barrel, Thor, and The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things, but I have most of the others now. A photo of all of them will also be forthcoming. I also preordered The Avengers. The end of September is soooooo far awaaaaay.

For Mortal Instruments fans... this is something worth reading, imho. Cassie recently made (or rather, re-made) this post on Tumblr, regarding "Magnus and whitewashing." Going to copy the full text here, because I think it's important. )

She's completely right, and after reading it I felt vaguely ashamed for ever wanting Robert Sheehan to play Magnus. I even said, not too many posts ago, that I thought he was perfect "other than the fact that he isn't Asian." I guess it's because there are so few Asian American actors being given work, period, especially in that age group, that not one single appropriate actor occurred to me. And yes, other than not being Asian, Robert Sheehan did fit my idea of what Magnus would be like: tall, thin, fabulous.

But I shouldn't have lessened the importance of his ethnicity, given that I am Asian American myself, and should be supporting minority characters, given how few of them there are. And especially because it would seem, just like from the Rue situation from Hunger Games, that some faction of people are confused as to why they would hire an Asian actor (or in Rue's case, a black actress). Never mind that BOTH OF THOSE CHARACTERS are fully described by the author as being Asian and black, respectively. Do those people just not know how to read, or is it just so ingrained in them to think of all people/characters being white that they can't imagine any differently, despite being outright told so, and multiple times in the books? It boggles the mind.

Anyway, this was the bit that got to me most: Technically, Magnus is biracial. I would be perfectly happy with a biracial actor playing him — but otherwise the option is an Asian actor, not a white actor. It doesn't matter if any of Magnus' background is white. Casting him white would erase that part of his background that is Asian. And important. There are plenty of roles out there for white actors. Most roles are for white actors. This is not one of them. There is very little I have control over as regards casting. I cannot pick an actor for Magnus. I don't have that ability. But I can say, and say strongly, that I want them to cast an Asian or half-Asian actor, and I did. It is pretty much the one ironclad demand as regards casting that I have made, i.e.: if you don't cast an Asian actor, I'll never talk about this movie again, nor will I see it.

I should've felt that strongly about it myself from the get go, but sadly I'm also somewhat cynical when it comes to Hollywood, been let down countless of times before, so rather than take up my pitchfork about something I figured was probably inevitable (that they'd just cast however they wanted to, with no regard to "how it's supposed to be"), I just let it slide. But I am super glad that she made a stand about it -- any kind of stand, really, because hardly anyone ever does, and the fact that it's just accepted (by myself included) is disappointing and sad.
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So... [profile] jade_okelani and [personal profile] ropo are going to an advanced screening of The Bourne Legacy tomorrow.


When Jade told me this morning, I was like

Then I went through the various stages of grief over being the one missing out. In Tumblr macros. )

I may have briefly considered flying to LA to join them, but it's too short notice that would be crazy.

I NEED TO MOVE BACK HOME. All the fun things happen there.
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Hmm I thought it was less than a week since my last post but apparently I was wrong. >.> TUMBLR HAS EATEN MY LIFE. I can't even be sorry about it. I'm dazzled by all the pretty pictures there. I start to write, but then after a sentence or two I just go to my dash and refresh. >< And depending on what's there, I then totally get sucked in. Apparently I just need the internet taken away from me if I want to get any writing done, because I have no willpower to speak of.

I'm also running on very little sleep. I did it while Jade was here, but that's because we were packing our days with FUN things. Now I'm getting up super early because of work, even though I don't go to bed until like 1am. The other night I went to bed after *2*, because I was watching GoT S2 w/ Jade and we went off on a big random tangent afterward. I really just want to find the nearest bed and sleep for aaaaaaaaaages. But speaking of GoT, I realized that I never talked about the S2 finale. I'm sure you all have been dying to know what I thought of it... not. But I'm a completist, and one day I might want to know what I initially thought, and will be annoyed with myself if I don't do it, so here we go. Spoilers for GoT 2x10 'Valar Morghulis.' )

OK, and the following is for [profile] dearnana. She wanted to know exactly what Jade and I ate at all the places we went to during Jade's visit, so heeeeeeeeeere it all is!! We don't overeat. Why do you ask? )


Yesterday I hung out with J. We took a little walk (omg at how out of shape I am, it's seriously sad), then watched Moonrise Kingdom (which I only saw because she SO wanted to see it, and also because Bruce Willis and Edward Norton were in it -- otherwise I never would have, because I generally can't stand Wes Anderson movies. I hated Rushmore and actually walked out of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. MK was ok), then had dinner at El Camion, which I think is the Mexican food truck that [personal profile] slitherhither told me about ages ago and I've been wanting to try. It was DELICIOUS. I had the pollo verde tamale, two tacos lenguas, and one taco carne asada. You guys, I've had a revelation about tamales. I've always hated them growing up, because they were always, without fail, dry and disgusting. For the first time ever, I had a tamale I enjoyed when in Chicago, at one of Rick Bayless's restaurants. It was moist and wonderful, and I realized that that's how they're supposed to be. I had another good one at a Salvadorean place near Crossroads, and now from El Camion. So now I love tamales, but they have to be done properly. Because when they're dry and wrong... ugh, they're terrible. And [personal profile] adelagia, the tacos lenguas were REALLY good, the chunks of tongue were cut really big and tender. Mmmmmm. I really regretted getting the carne asada one, lol.

What a boring update. Sorry I don't have more interesting things going on. Why don't I top it all off by saying that I am still waiting for @#%@ing summer to start in Seattle. It's &#&@ing JULY already! Right now it's &#!@ing 59 @#$&ing degrees. <caps>$@*$</cap>

A few things from Tumblr that I want to share, that's not my usual Clint/Natasha squeeage:

- "Clint" flips off Loki - very well done animated .gif that totally always makes me grin

- Some pretty awesome artwork of the Avengers if they were Death Knights (from WoW). At least, according to me, not the artist. But that's what they look like!!

- This is a drawing -- that's right, DRAWING -- of Hawkeye that someone did, with some artistic "Loki blue" flowing out of his eyes. Seriously, it's so realistic it looks like a manip'ed photo.

- And a non-Avengers rec: An excellent, excellent essay titled "In defense of Sansa Stark." Sansa haters to the left. I didn't start out liking Sansa, it just gradually happened as the series went on, and I don't know if it's as easy to like her if you only watch the show, but this essay articulates much better than I could why she's just as much a kickass heroine as the other kickass heroines in the series.

Also, this is old news by now, but I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that I am SO JEALOUS OF UK SUBSCRIBERS OF EMPIRE MAGAZINE, who get this subscriber-only cover of the August issue. I NEED THIS. )

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Clint, Natasha, Jeremy, Scarlett, and MORE. Some of this is NSFW, or at least iffy for work, so click at your own risk. Some of it is kind of schmoopy and will make your teeth hurt. But also makes me go "awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww."

BlackHawk love from Tumblr. )
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New Bourne Legacy trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My mind is a sticky mess from having been blown up by all the sexy images of Jeremy Renner as a super badass saving scientist!doctor!Rachel Weisz. God I hate her. And want to be her.

Must go recover now.

Matt Damon who? Jeremy Renner is unstoppable in new 'The Bourne Legacy' trailer

New 'Bourne Legacy' Trailer: Five Key Scenes
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Guess what? [personal profile] 13oct has posted that Clint/Natasha is her new OTP and she wanted recs.

*cue evil laugh* Mwahaha. MwahaHAHA. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ahem. No, really, it is just very exciting to ship things with one's friends. Y'all agree with that, right? This is probably the first ship since... D/G that I have found so many of my flist in agreement and it's a great feeling. [personal profile] laria_gwyn, [personal profile] akscully, and [profile] jade_okelani are just a few others. I hope I'll discover that more of you are too, or will be! <3

So! Today I have more Avengers fanworks recs. Enjoy! (Be warned: There are a lot of them and is graphic intensive toward the end.) )

Then, separate but related, there is my deep and abiding love for Jeremy Renner. I've recently discovered that he can SING and play the PIANO, so as [personal profile] adelagia knows, this means it is all over. There's no going back from this obsession now.

A few vids -- if you like JR totally must watch. )
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They aired the last 3 eps of S3 of Community all in a row last night. >< WHY DO THEY HATE THIS BRILLIANT SHOW. No one ever watches the good comedies, which means shows like Community and Arrested Development get undeservedly short runs. It makes me sad. Spoilery comments through S3. )

I had a FANTASTIC dining experience with K. on Wed night. She was invited awhile back, after being noticed at Tom Douglas's restaurants a lot, to join this special mailing list for VIP customers. Occasionally she gets invited to special events. Wed it was "Thai night" with guest chef Joseba de Jimenez (who used to own Harvest Vine). Cut for length. )

And finally, I bring you... The Avengers fanwork recs! I keep meaning to do this, but then another day passes and I consume more fanworks, so the list just keeps growing and it's getting overwhelming. Since not everything is on LJ, this is a good way for me to keep track of my favorites. This is a compilation of stuff I've found that I enjoyed, as well as recs from others.

Avengers recs! Clicky this way. )

Wow, that was so fun. More to come, I'm sure.

Totally random cuz I just saw it on Tumblr: Look how cute Emilia Clarke is as a natural brunette!! I didn't recognize her at first! )
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I am fangirling The Avengers so hard right now. I require all the Hawkeye/Romanoff fanfic you have. I know what you read was, "I would like some Hawkeye/Romanoff fanfic," but what I said was, "GIVE ME ALL THE HAWKEYE/ROMANOFF FIC YOU HAVE." (Bonus points if you can name what I'm referencing there... [personal profile] adelagia is disqualified since we just giggled about this not two days ago.) I thankfully have [personal profile] laria_gwyn on my flist because she has recced this story, which is several shades of fabulous.

I need to watch it again SOON. Maybe this weekend. It's one of those movies that won't be nearly as amazing watching on TV, so I have to enjoy it in the theater multiple times. I hope it's still playing while [profile] jade_okelani is here, because THAT IS HAPPENING.

Right after the movie ended and the credits were rolling, K. turned to me and said, "OK, WHO is this Jeremy Renner?!" :))))))))) HE IS MAGIC. HE IS EVERYTHING.

Cutting for spoilers spoilers spoilers. )

I'm sure there are a billion other things I want to say, but it's 1am, I had a very greasy late-night dinner, and I really just want to fall into bed.
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Thanks to [personal profile] akscully for this.

Jeremy Renner's Shot at Playing Hero

I reaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllly hope The Bourne Legacy does well.

Highlights from the article:

[Re: Avengers]

"He's an amazing fighter -- his fight work is wonderful: precise, heroic, and you seldom have to double him," says director Joss Whedon. "But one day he just turned wrong and his whole body shut down. He could not do anything. He was in enormous pain, and we had to shut that sequence down and shoot it a couple of weeks later." (Explains Renner: "I tore the muscle from my back to my shoulder. I got chewed up pretty good.")

[I cannot WAIT for The Avengers!]


He tells the story of how, on Christmas Eve a few years back, when he was with his family in a bar, "This guy chokes me with the scarf I was wearing. He called me a fag 'cause I was wearing a scarf! Then he shoved my sister and I got behind him and I choked him out -- put him to sleep." Without a trace of irony, he adds, "I'm not violent."



Most recently came the death in March of his 8-month-old French bulldog, Franklin, of a heart attack. For a moment, Renner's eyes go moist because the puppy touches on the singular problem that has most bedeviled him the past two years. Says Renner, "He was my solution for being so lonely."

[The entire internetz will volunteer to help Jeremy with this problem.]


"I want my personal life to be personal, and it's not f--ing true," he says of the suppositions. "And I don't care if you're talking about things that are true, you're still talking about my personal life. How about I go peek in your window, take what underwear you wore last night, whose husband you were f--ing, and shove that in the megaphone throughout your neighborhood? How does that feel? It's none of your goddamn business."

Notes Renner, who becomes passionate discussing this, but never angry or unpleasant: "Any person I touched during the Hurt Locker campaign, I was f--ing. They had me f--ing Kristoffer Winters, my brother," as he describes his live-in business partner, who restores houses with him. "Goddamn, I must be busy!"

[He sounds just like I imagined he would IRL, lol.]


With his usual dispassionate nature, he adds: "The star thing, the celebrity thing, is new to me. I don't want to be a good celebrity, a good f--ing star. I want to be a good human being."

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I have slowly but surely been developing a huge crush on Jeremy Renner. HIS FACE. He wins at everything.

I don't think I realized that he was starring in the fourth Bourne film (I like Matt Damon and those movies). That makes me SUPER EXCITED for it. I would normally not be into any franchise movie without the original star, but... JEREMY RENNER. Plus Edward Norton is in it! And Joan Allen's back! I'm so there.

He's practically the only reason to watch Mission Impossible 4 (which was admittedly a fun action flick). And of course, he's one of the many, many reasons I'm excited about The Avengers.

Pink's video for "Trouble," which is a great song but a fairly ridiculous video, is watchable because Jeremy's in it. True story.

Also, this.

I made this lemon-scented pull-apart coffee cake today. It's pretty time consuming, as most baked goods involving yeast are, but it's delish (and makes your house smell awesome). Pictures and some baking notes. )

The other day while at Whole Foods I impulsively picked up a couple of heirloom tomatoes, even though they're not exactly in season yet and the price was outrageous (hurry up and get here, summer! I want to eat ALL YOUR TOMATOES). Today I made a simple and delicious tomato sandwich, recipe courtesy of Saveur. It's not much of a recipe, really. Just thickly slice a tomato. Butter two thin slices of toast, then spread mayo on both (yes, BOTH butter and mayo). Stack a few tomato slices inside, add a smidgen of salt and a tiny bit of sugar, then devour. It's incredible. I might've eaten two of these sandwiches. >.>

Tonight I'm going to be healthier. Making my favorite black cod dish along with a stir-fry vegetable medley. D made it for us for dinner last night, and I scarfed tons of it. Sometimes nothing is better than a heaping plate of veggies. Afterward he, K and I played a few games of Pandemic, none of which we won, lol. I couldn't really tell if D was all that into it; I know K really likes it though. Pandemic's turning into a pandemic. :))


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