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On my list of things I never thought I'd ever have to do, which I wish were still on my list of things I've never done: Pull dental floss out of my cat's butt. Yeah, seriously, I don't know. Why would he pull that out of the trash and eat it? What the hell is wrong with him?! It was just as disgusting as it sounds.

I have now watched The Avengers with Joss's commentary. I usually don't like watching commentary tracks, regardless of who's commenting, but in this case I felt guilty NOT to, considering so many overseas fans are missing out completely. (Empire's tweet was hilarious: "It's Shawarmageddon all over again!") Plus Joss is funny as hell. But I have to say, I kind of wish I hadn't listened to it. :/ I really, really did not like what Joss had to say about Hawkeye or Jeremy Renner. I mean, maybe I'm just inferring things more negatively than they were meant, but after listening to what Joss had to say, I am now very pessimistic about the direction they're going to take both the Hawkeye character and his relationship with Black Widow. *sad face* )

UK fans who want Joss's commentary are apparently being encouraged by Disney to buy the U.S. Blu-ray (linking bundle I got), because the U.S. Blu-ray is region free (the U.S. DVD, which also has the commentary, is region 1 encoded, though). According to them, Joss recorded his commentary too late for the UK release (which, seriously Joss? I know you must be super busy, but think of your fans all over the world!). Their mistake, imho, was in thinking people would rather have the movie sooner, without the commentary, than wait, and get the commentary. It seems so OBVIOUS that that would not be the case. Anyway, they currently don't have plans to reissue a version with the commentary, because they don't feel that they can ask the fans to buy the movie twice. I thought that was a fairly reasonable alternative (though not ideal by any means), until I read that apparently there was some kind of fuck up with the transfer, and the UK got some other country's censored version of the movie, which edits one of the scenes (the death of one of the characters). There were some early conspiracy rumors that they did this to retcon the scene so that said character could actually come back to life at some point -- but I have to say, not only would that be super lame (especially since it'd only be true for part of the world), but having listened to Joss's commentary, I'm as convinced as I ever was that the character is dead and isn't coming back. Anyway, since the transfer error *was* actually a mistake, I think Disney ought to reissue/replace the discs for free, and if they do that, they might as well also include the Joss commentary. Edit: Also apparently the UK also doesn't have the shawarma scene, is this true? I have read differing reports. I always figured that "Shawarmageddon" would eventually pass, because while the scene wasn't filmed til after the movie had already premiered in many countries, there wouldn't be a reason not to include it on the DVD/Blu-ray version. O.o

I have now watched the first two seasons of Teen Wolf. I know many people love it, but god, what a silly show. I really only love Stiles. And I reallllllly love him. Derek's fine, but is hampered by the utterly silly werewolf mythology. I really like Erica -- or at least, I really like her origin story -- but they haven't developed her very well (or any characters who aren't in the opening credits, really). I want to like Lydia more than I do. I fucking HATE Allison, and Scott mostly bugs me also. Did no one notice when they cast Tyler Posey that HIS FACE IS CROOKED? OMG, it's so distracting. I've always felt that werewolves were kinda lame, and been far less interested in them than in vampires, witches, and other supernatural creatures. This show does not make me change my mind about that. When they "wolf out" it looks soooooooooooo fake and lame. >< They're not frightening at all; they just make me want to laugh. Whereas the vampires on The Vampire Diaries are actually scary looking (way more so than the vampires in the Buffyverse, which Teen Wolf's wolves remind me of -- but BtVS was made YEARS ago). Anyway, much of the mythology, 'plots,' and character development so far are dull at best and nonsensical at worst (the whole thing with Peter Hale is so WTF). I read my first Sterek fanfic the other day and it was good, but mostly because it was in Stiles's POV and very in character, so it was fun.


Aug. 21st, 2012 10:40 pm
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Back from Vancouver, where [personal profile] adelagia, [personal profile] slitherhither and I had a blast. We didn't kill each other and remain friends, which is always a 50/50 prospect when traveling with people for the first time. So yay for that! :D More details about the trip. Warning: Many pictures of food contained herein. )

Edit: I was so concerned with detailing all the food we ate that I didn't make note of the non-food stuff. >.> So I am copying and pasting some other stuff from [personal profile] adelagia's post on this exact same trip, for posterity. Non-food stuff! )
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So... Jaime went on a blind date today to meet A.'s cat Phoebe. I don't think he made a very good impression though, because he was a scaredy cat -- get it? -- and hid under A.'s bed the whole time. Or at least I assume that's what he did; we did leave and have lunch for an hour, but he was under the bed when we left and also when we got back, so... I don't think Phoebe even got a good look at him. I doubt he came off as very manly, though, since there was just the hiding under the bed and then the being forced out from under the bed by Mommy and Aunty A. before being stuffed back into his pink cat carrier. He seemed relieved to see Talis when we got home and is now sleeping next to me. Phoebe was totally looking at A. like, "Did you know there's another CAT here?"

The Market Arms was very cute. I was expecting a dark, dank bar atmosphere, but it was actually very open and bright. We both ordered the fish and chips, which was fine, but the fries were a bit soggy (even for me, and I usually like soft fries). I should have ordered the Full English as I'd been planning to, sigh. The butterfly shrimp appetizer was excellent, though.

Tonight K. and I are going to have Mediterranean food and go watch The King's Speech. Woot!

It is so flippin' cold and windy here. It wouldn't be so cold if it weren't so darn windy. Isn't CHICAGO supposed to be The Windy City? Dude, I'm not going till May! Stop giving me a preview!


Feb. 15th, 2011 09:45 am
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I'm in a good mood this morning, who knows why. Maybe it's the lemon ricotta cookies I made last night (they were soooooooooo good). They're almost more like little cakes. Or maybe it's the breakfast I had (mashed avocado on an English muffin). Or maybe it's looking forward to my lunch (leftover chicken fried turkey club sandwich from Spring Hill). Who knows. WHY ASK WHY.

I'm now reading a book recommended by [profile] corianderstem called In the Woods, by Tana French. Summary: When a 12-year-old girl is found murdered with chilling similarities to the disappearance 20 years ago of two children who had been his best friends, Rob Ryan and his partner must probe deep into the victim's troubled family history. I'm enjoying it so far -- Ryan and his partner have a Mulder-and-Scully thing going on (though to be honest I wish they didn't).

This weekend, A. and I are going to do a "meet and greet" with our cats. :D If they get along, A. has very kindly agreed to watch Jaime while I'm in Chicago. (Speaking of Chicago, waiting has paid off! My airfare has dropped by $72!) Then we're going to The Market Arms, where I'm going to likely get a classic "full English" breakfast. :D :D :D

So I guess there was a big uproar at the Grammys because there was a bunch of upsets (sorry, Justin Bieber fans). I looked at the winners list, and Lady Antebellum, who I'd never even heard of before, won all these categories with their song Need You Now, including Record of the Year (it's the title track). I really, really like the song, but I'm not sure I get why it's sooooo fantastic. It doesn't seem particularly unique or a breakthrough or anything. It's lovely though. And Arcade Fire won Album of the Year. WTF is the difference between Record and Album? Is there really a big enough difference to warrant two separate categories?

If you're looking for a distraction today, fill out my 2011 Academy Awards poll!
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The video shoot went REALLY well last night, so I am pleased. Sometimes, I really love people. Basically, when they do what I want. :)) Cab fare, in case you're wondering, was $53.

I've heard/read that cats are nocturnal creatures, aka they sleep during the day and go prowling around at night. Jaime just sleeps when Talis and I sleep. Sometimes he's not in the room when I'm watching TV or writing on my Netbook or whatever, but when the lights go out, he comes in and sleeps with us. On the weekends when I tend to sleep in late, he'll wake up earlier than me, but otherwise sleeps through the night (and on weekdays, I get up before either of them). He doesn't wake me to be fed or anything. This is good because when I start turning on the heater, I'll need to close the bedroom door in order to maximize energy, which I can't do if he needs to come and go.

I was at Walmart last night to pick up toothpaste and a soap dispenser, so I checked the cat toys area and they had the Bouncy Mouse again!!!!!!! This is the beloved mouse that turned all grimy and disgusting that Jaime once liberated from a trash can. I've never been able to find it anywhere else, and the first one I got was the very last one they had, found in a pile of toys like junk. Every time I've checked after that, no Bouncy Mouse. But yesterday they had 4!! I bought all of them. >.>

Alaska has a sale going on for Seattle-Cali right now, and I was just able to buy my winter vacation tickets for $65/one way! :O

[personal profile] akscully just forced me to read spoilers for Merlin 3x10, and ... holy cow. I'll say nothing more. Okay. I lied. ONE spoilery comment. )

I've started rewatching Firefly because I got it on Blu-ray, and I'd forgotten HOW MUCH I LOVE JAYNE COBB. And I'm even more into Jayne/Kaylee this time around. I never liked Simon/Kaylee.

I'm SO TIRED this morning despite going to bed at 10:30p last night. Hasn't anyone invented a coffee IV drip yet?
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First of all, sorry in advance that I am making a post with, like, very little to say, but I have a new mood theme and new icons and I MUST USE THEM because they make me happy.

I think I am going to write Merlin fanfic. I have a couple of ideas, but I don't want to say it's going to happen for sure because you know how unreliable I am about these things. If you haven't seen the show, dooooo iiiiiiit. I won't even take it personally if you don't ship what I ship. I might be a bit offended and won't talk to you for a few days, but that's it. <3

I've borrowed a book from the library called Sword of the Rightful King by Jane Yolen. It's teen lit and "Arwen" friendly. It was actually recommended by [profile] sydney_lynne ages and ages ago (I don't think she's even on LJ anymore), and it made enough of an impression on me that I've half-remembered it all these years, and since watching Merlin, I remembered it again. Couldn't remember the name of the book or anything though, so I had to go to her memories section and hope that she had memoried it, and she had! Thank you, SL, wherever you are.

Meanwhile, I threw Jaime's rat in the trash the other day. This morning, I found it lying on the floor. So either it was able to crawl out despite having no arms or feet, or a rescue mission was conducted in the middle of the night.
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Gorgeous day today. Might explain why my allergies have gone crazy -- at least I assume they're allergies, since other than sneezing, itchy eyes and needing to constantly blow my nose, I feel perfectly fine. :P I don't get it though, I've been taking my antihistamine pill every day for Jaime, shouldn't that work for seasonal allergies also?

Speaking of Jaime, he has this toy mouse. It's like a little puppet. It was very cute at one point, with dangling arms and legs, whiskers, pink ears, etc. Both its arms are now gone, its feet have been amputated, and its body is now quite grimy and sad. It actually resembles a REAL dead mouse, as opposed to a cute stuffed animal. You do not know how many times how many times I have found this disgusting thing on my bed. He sometimes carries it around in his mouth like it's a fresh kill, and all I have to say is that I am very thankful I don't have a mouse problem, because if I ever found a real dead mouse in my bed, I would freak. out.

I had the most amazingly delicious dish at Ka Won, my favorite local Korean restaurant. It's a black cod stew/casserole, served on a huge sizzling platter. Since it's supposed to serve like 4 people, it's not cheap. I'd love to try making my own sometime, but online searches for recipes have yielded nothing, and none of my Korean cookbooks have it, either. Sigh. If you know of a recipe for this dish, called "Eun Dae Gu Jo Rim" in Korean, please let me know, I'd be so grateful!

In the last few days I've rewatched all three Bourne movies, and I must say that it's one of the best action/suspense trilogies out there. (And Die Hard, of course.) Usually a good movie's made, then subsequent sequels follow, which don't live up to the first. They have a great blend of action, character development, shades of romance, and intrigue -- with enough complexity to keep things interesting and provide depth, but not so much that it becomes ridiculously convoluted and unintelligible.
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Jaime is making me insane.

Lately he has taken to wanting to remove all the books from the bottom shelves of the bookshelves. I don't know why he wants to do this. He just scratches at them until they tumble out. I've had to block them off in an ad hoc way to deter him. He particularly likes to do this when I'm trying to sleep, because when I'm up and about, and when I come home from being gone all day, I can tell he doesn't touch them (as they're all still on the shelf). I think it's because he likes being in the same room with me and Talis, but there's nothing else to DO when Talis and I are sleeping.

The other thing he's doing is that he wakes up around 5:30am and starts trying to "play" with things on my bed, like the remote control, or my mouse, or a book, or whatever. It wakes me up and it's brutal because my alarm is going to go off in an hour and my sleep's been interrupted. Usually he'll just start messing around in the room (like with the books) rather than go back to sleep, so then I always have to kick him out of the room and close the door (the door is otherwise open and he COULD leave, but he doesn't want to, he wants to be with us, only he wants us awake) so I can get that precious hour of sleep.

It's come to my attention that I have 113 hours of vacation subject to forfeiture if I don't use them by the end of the year (it's really annoying that we aren't allowed to just cash that out). And that's just going to go up as the days pass by and I work more. What this means is that I'm going to be cramming in a lot of time off. I've decided to go to LA for the week of Thanksgiving (which I never do), come back, and then two weeks later, leave for my winter vacation. Plus I will take about 3 extra-long weekends before Thanksgiving. This crunch happens almost every year. I wish I were better about spacing out my vacation, but I tend to want to hoard it just in case I need it... and then this happens. Sigh. In any case, I'm going to bring Talis and Jaime with me when I leave in November, then they will stay with my parents until I return in December, and take them back with me when I come back to Seattle in January. Since that's over 30 days, I'm going to have to find an inexpensive vet down there to do a general check up for them so they can get their health certificates that they'll need for traveling. I'm also thinking I might be able to carry Jaime onto the plane with me (Talis has to go in the cargo hold), in which case I'll need a soft carrying case for him. Except, scratch that, if I carry Jaime on board with me I'll have to check in any luggage, and that costs extra, so he might as well go in the hold as well.

I've completely rediscovered my love for XF, but I enjoy it on a slightly different level than I did when I was deep into fandom, over a decade ago. I'm going to start posting my old thoughts from various episodes here, probably undiluted for the most part, just in case that website ever goes away I'll have some record. If you read them, yay, you're welcome to take a trip with me down memory lane -- just keep in mind that these are thoughts from a much-younger me. :D

My Intro/Caveats from 1999 )

XF 'Squeeze' )

My favorite quotes from this ep. )
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OMG. I'm reading Mockingjay, and no plot spoilers, but I've just gotten to a part where we meet two minor characters, brothers, who are named Castor and Pollux. The second I saw those names it struck a chord of recognition in me, so I went to Wikipedia. And I was right!! Those are the names of the brothers in Face/Off (one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies)! Castor Troy (played by Nicolas Cage) and Pollux Troy (played by Alessandro Nivola)!! Now that I know Suzanne Collins must be a Face/Off fan as well (I mean, I just can't believe those two particular names could be coincidental), I'm super tickled. Yeah, and how big a fan of Face/Off must I be to recognize those names like that? LOL.

Edit: OMG, whatEVS you smarty pants with your knowledge of mythology and what not. Way to be a buzz kill. It was so much more fun to imagine SC being a fan of Face/Off. Also, it's pretty sad that after loving mythology all through school and even taking a class on the subject in college, I never once learned about brothers Castor and Pollux.


Can't really tell yet if the antihistamines are working. My eyes seem less itchy, maybe? Hard to tell re: my arms, since they already have the rashes going on it'll take time for those to heal on their own before I'll really be able to help if the antihistamines are going to prevent them from happening.


Tried Zippy's Giant Burgers in West Seattle today. It's gotten tons of write ups. I think there's a bitter feud between them and Red Mill Burgers, which is possibly Seattle's most well-known burger joint. I've only been there once, and that was a long time ago, so I can't directly compare the two. But Zippy's grinds their own chuck in the morning and hand-shapes their patties, which is great. I prefer the fries at Five Guys, though.


I curse and love [profile] corianderstem for introducing me to Ciao Bella's key lime graham gelato. It is AMAZING. The only thing, in my mind, that would make it better is chunks of graham cracker crust. I bought some of Ben & Jerry's key lime pie flavor because theirs does have the crust, but it was disappointing. The flavor of the ice cream isn't as good as Ciao Bella's (and, being ice cream instead of gelato, the texture isn't as creamy), and the chunks of crust aren't really all that great either. I think I may actually just make a graham cracker pie crust and crumble it on top of the Ciao Bella gelato. In the last few days I've eaten so much ice cream that I've run out of spoons before washing, which hasn't happened in I don't know how long.
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So I think I might be allergic to Jaime. Or if it's not Jaime, it's something. In the past couple of months I've developed some weird itchiness on my arms and around my face -- nothing too bad or serious, but today it feels extra bothersome. I've been suspecting that I might be allergic to Jaime/cats, as he's basically the only thing in my life that's changed recently. I have the usual symptoms of itchy eyes and sometimes feel congestion, but that part's not that bad. I'm not sure if it all points to allergy, though, because the itchiness on my arms doesn't seem like it's a normal symptom. Maybe it's just a bout of eczema that I've somehow developed at this point in my life? O.o That seems weird, though.

Anyway, I've purchased some otc allergy medication and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works. Because if it doesn't and there's something else wrong, I'll have to make a trip to my doctor's. I've already seen her a number of times this year for other, unrelated problems... she's going to be like, omg wtf's wrong w/ you.

On the other hand, if it does work, it means I'm allergic to Jaime, which means I'm going to have to keep taking antihistamines for years. ><


HPB's having their annual 20% off sale and I went and picked up Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn books. Tom Sawyer/Becky Thatcher is one of the earliest pairings I can remember shipping -- not that I knew what to call it back then. It might have pre-dated Anne/Gil. Anyway, if the Internet had been around back then, I probably would've gotten sucked into Tom/Becky fanfic.
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Sorry for blurriness, but it is so hard to get photos of the two of them together because they're constantly moving! Anyway, a recent cute photo of Talis and Jaime. I like to pretend they always get along this well.

Talis & Jaime Being Friendly

Also, a wacky coincidence... I got contacted by someone whose name is Jaime, and her fiancee's name is Talis. O.o She found my LJ because she was searching for her wedding site or something. Anyway, she asked for a couple of photos of my pets because she wanted to share with friends/family about "the other Talis and Jaime," which is a cute idea. But how crazy is that?! Talis and Jaime, getting married! LOL. Makes me want to dress up my pets in little wedding outfits. But I won't.

The car saga seems resolved, for now. Knock on a lot of wood.

I picked up the Pontiac from the Nissan dealership on Friday. They made me sign a form that said I understood this was a one-time fix only, that they did as a courtesy (due to my threatening to be a huge PITA). Joe said, "I'm going to be candid. It's an older car and it IS going to break down again in the future." Which, of course, is something I realize. I just hadn't expected it to break down the day after it left their lot.

I left the car at work overnight, then the next day my mom and I picked it up. We drove a couple miles to a local lube place I've used before, when I had my Corolla -- I remembered their oil change to be really inexpensive and I had liked the guys there. The oil change was $25, which I think beats even Wal-Mart's price. I asked them to let me know if they found anything else wrong with the vehicle. They said the car was leaking oil from at least 3 different places, and if I planned to keep the car, I should probably fix them (I guess the valves were bad), but if I wasn't going to keep it, then maybe not. I asked how much it would cost to fix; they quoted $660. I asked if the car was dangerous to drive. They said no, but that it would use oil a lot faster than normal. So I'm probably not going to do any repairs. Even if I changed the oil every month for $25, that would be much more cost effective considering I'm not planning to keep the vehicle. Also, if at this point that is the worst thing that can be said about the car, it's more than I could have hoped for.

My mom and I opted not to take it on the freeway, and drove it home (well, she drove it, following me) on surface roads. It made it home, and I have been able to use it a couple of times for short-distance trips, so, so far it seems to be doing OK. *crosses fingers*

Many people have advised me to sell or trade in the car as soon as possible (after I get the title). If I sell it privately, I'll disclose what I know of its recent problems and that it needs those valves replaced. I'll bet some car-minded person could fix those valves at very little cost, since most of the expense is in labor. Alternatively, I could trade it in at a dealership for another vehicle (a Japanese car for sure, if I go this route), and will likely get much less for it, but without the hassle of selling it privately. I can't sell OR trade it until I have the title, though, so hopefully the car will hold out at least until then.

I finally took some photos of both cars. If you're curious. Photo intensive! )
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Jaime was grooming Talis! Licking his fur in intense concentration! LOL. So cute. Meanwhile Talis was just licking himself. So selfish.
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Some coworkers with kids just told me that it's been the rule for awhile now that kids are not allowed to bring peanut butter to school (in sandwiches and otherwise), due to the prevalence of peanut allergies. Is that true?! This is super shocking to me. PB&J is *the* school lunch! I mean, I know the times, they are a-changin', but man, this more than anything else has illustrated just how different they have become.

Jaime's nonstop hunger has not abated. A coworker of mine who has two cats (well, one is her cat, the other is her partner's cat) says that it's due to alpha behavior. When one of their cats died, one of the two remaining suddenly started eating nonstop. Her theory is that cats who do this are trying to bulk up in order to become the new alpha. It would make sense, I suppose, since Jaime has Talis to contend with, and Talis is nearly twice his weight.

LOL: How to Tell If Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You. Jaime does almost all these things except bringing me dead animals and throwing up grass, but that's only because he's not allowed outside. He also doesn't paw at my face while I sleep -- thank God, because his nails are SUPER sharp.

TV Show Meme... Day 08 - A show everyone should watch: Mad Men

Totally and completely brilliant. The authenticity (such as I can tell) is amazing. Great actors, storylines, execution, etc. I don't know how this show ever got the greenlight (studio execs seem in general to be totally unimaginative and I can't even imagine pitching this show), but I'm glad it did. It deserves all the accolades it's gotten. It does take a few episodes to draw you in, and maybe more than that to get you totally hooked, but once you're in, you won't be sorry.

Edit: This is exactly what I think of Twilight.
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Had a pretty uneventful and relaxing weekend, though it passed by all too quickly. I thought 4 days would feel like longer.

My pets, especially my dog, would beg to differ about the weekend being "relaxing." Talis basically spent all of July 4 in his carrier kennel, hiding from the fireworks. The couple of times he ventured out, his entire body shook uncontrollably. It's the saddest/cutest thing. This happens every July 4, which is why I knew to take out the carrier kennel so that it would be ready for him to hide in. Jaime was only fazed during the particularly loud bangs (they're SO loud where I am that the big ones actually make the house shake, and things fall off the walls if not completely bolted on), and when those happened he hid under the bed. But he ventured out once in awhile -- unlike Talis, who was basically like, "I live in this carrier now."

I'm still not a Tweeter, but I do have an account -- sareaokelani -- for the day when I decide not to live in the Dark Ages anymore. I haven't even Tweeted once, lol. I checked the account today, though, and I was following 20 people/accounts! HowTF did that happen? I hadn't even heard of 99% of them! I wouldn't have followed them on my own (to be honest, I wouldn't even have known HOW to follow them until like 3 weeks ago), and no one else has access to my account. So how the hell did I start following them? Does Twitter just randomly add you to ones over time, or is there a way people can force you to add them, or what? I'm disturbed by all of these scenarios.

A few posts ago I shared some pics of my garden, including a lovely catnip plant I was growing in a pot. Well, it's no longer lovely. :-( It's been violated!! I went outside the other day and saw it had been knocked over. At first I thought it was the wind that had caused it, but it's a pretty heavy pot so that seemed odd as it hasn't been very windy. I turned it right-side up, and it was in a shambles. A few branches had broken off, some of it was just plain gone, as it no longer looked as full as it once did, and generally looked as if it had been mightily abused. And -- there was cat hair ALL OVER IT. Sigh. One of the neighborhood cats must've finally found it and made mad, fierce love to it, because the poor plant was looking positively wrecked. I could have wept. It had been growing so nicely. There's nothing I can do, though. I don't want to grow it indoors because it loves the sun, and my house doesn't get my sun. (Plus, in the house it'd be in danger from Jaime, or if I kept it in a room with the door closed, I'd probably forget to water it.) Outdoors, there's really nowhere I could keep it that would be out of the reach of a cat. For now I've placed it in between some tall weeds that keep growing back no matter how much I rip them out; hopefully it will offer some protection. I suppose I could try and put bird netting over it...

Speaking of the garden, I've had my second harvest from it. :-) I cut off the scapes from the garlic and made garlic scape pesto. I had some of it with farafelle and it was so. freaking. good. I've frozen the bulk of it (not that there was much) for later in the summer, when the tomatoes have hopefully come in. I was actually pretty productive in the kitchen this weekend, so go me. (BTW, K.'s verdict on my rocky road ice cream? "Best rocky road I've ever had." See Dad, SEE.)

Also, finished Empire of Ivory. It was very good and went quickly. It was only book 3 that really dragged on. Now I just have to hope the library queue for book 5 goes quickly. Of course, my turn still hasn't come up for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies... actually wait, I just checked my account and I don't even have it on hold. So I either imagined that I ever put it on hold, or my turn came up and I somehow missed it. Anyway, did you know that there's now a "prequel" to that book, but it's written by some other guy?
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I love Tippr/Groupon. Today I bought a voucher for an hour-long massage for $35. I haven't had a proper Swedish massage in like 7 months. Plus because it reached its maximum value we all get a free neck pillow.


It turns out that I'm likely not going on the Portland trip over July 4 after all. K. isn't sure she wants to go anymore, and to be honest I wasn't super keen on it either. Maybe that's why I was so blase about booking Talis into his usual kennel, which apparently has a one-week cancelation policy during peak periods (May-Sept). It's actually probably a good thing that I didn't, given the uncertainty K.'s experienced now, otherwise I'd be out a deposit. I could still try to get him in, if they decide they want to go at the last minute, but there's no guarantee. I also wasn't looking forward to leaving Jaime home alone for ~4 days. I was going to travel by train, though, which would have been fun. Anyway, it's looking unlikely at this point, which I think is all for the best. I think I'm still going to take tomorrow off, because, why not? I have like 8 weeks' worth of vacation to use this year. O.o


More Jaime weirdness. Actually, I don't know if it's really weirdness, as I've never had a cat before. But it's weird to me because of things I've read and been told about cats!

A litterbox story. )


My dad's not a foodie like me. Mostly he just likes certain things and a certain way of preparing those things. While he was here we went to a number of places, but only two really stood out: Fatburger and Chandler's Crabhouse.

On burgers and overpriced seafood. )


TV Show Meme: Day 07 - Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show

Since I used Glee as my favorite TV show for the last question, I'll stick with it for the sake of consistency. My least favorite episode by FAR was the finale. It sucked. It was rushed and incohesive, and a glaring wart on an otherwise blemish-free season (mostly). It was not worthy of such a brilliant and fun show.


Next Friday is K.'s eldest's 5th birthday party, and they're celebrating by renting Molly Moon's ice cream truck to serve ice cream to all of C.'s little friends. Now, this may sound like she's super spoiled, but that's not the case. K. and D. just seem to be able to find fun and original activities to make things special, rather than just going with the tried and true like everyone else in their parenting group does. The cost of the ice cream truck isn't actually that much, and they're not serving anything else at the party or renting bouncy houses, and they've asked that no gifts be brought. The kids are just going to play at the park and have ice cream. But not a lot of people would have investigated the option to do anything but the usual -- the parties all seem alike, with hot dogs/burgers, kids' fruit juice, and the ubiquitous mountain of Safeway cupcakes that is supposed to resemble one big cake, but is easier because you don't have to slice it, you can just pull cupcakes out (and they taste like crap, btw).
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The subject line says it all.

Someone's slowing down the Internet. Whoever you are, stop it. Last night I was having issues at home, and now I'm having issues at work! Grr!

Toy Story 3: Loved it. Saw it at the Pacific Science Center IMAX with my dad. It was in 3D, but I have weird eyes and I rarely can actually see 3D shapes. Mostly it just looks "normal" or the slight feeling that I'm going cross eyed. But if I take the glasses off then the screen's blurry.

I haven't had Jaime that long, obviously, so I'm still learning about him. In some ways, he's really turned my assumptions about cats upside down. For instance, he's a really friendly cat who really likes people, as far as I can tell, and is bolder than most cats I've heard about. I mean, he was mingling with me and Talis from like day one, instead of hiding under things to scope out the sitch. I thought he might make himself scarce when my dad was here, but he didn't hide at all, even at the beginning, though my dad was a total stranger. I wouldn't have blamed Jaime for being alarmed at the intruder and cautiously hid until he felt more safe... but he didn't. He started sitting on my dad's lap the very first day, and showed no extra alarm at being confronted by another strange human being.

I made my poor man's version of Kom Tang again. It's just so easy and delicious! It's gotten chilly again here, so hot soup is actually quite fitting. I also made Marion Cunningham's raised waffles. It takes more effort than normal waffles because you have to prepare the batter the night before (and let it rise overnight), but it makes for the lightest, fluffiest, most delicious waffles! They've got a slightly yeasty scent, and when they're cooking it actually smells like bread baking. But they're waffles through and through.

TV Show Meme: Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite TV show

It doesn't specify which "favorite" TV show (I mean, the whole list practically is listing your "favorites"), so I'll speak to favorite show of the moment, Glee. My favorite episode so far has been the Lady Gaga episode. Not only was the Gaga homage/number super fun, but there were other great scenes... the one between Kurt/Burt/Finn, Puck singing "Beth," Finn dressed in the red shower curtain, lolol. This ep made me laugh AND cry!
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Jaime's food problem

Still a total piggy. He eats all his food, and if Talis doesn't immediately eat his, Jaime will go after it, especially if there's any wet food in it. After all the reading I did about how dogs like to eat cat food because it's more strongly scented, I totally thought I was going to have the opposite problem -- the typical problem of getting my dog to stay away from the cat's food. Instead, Talis is as picky as ever, and I have to keep Jaime from eating dog food. SIGH.

The cool thing is that I was at Trader Joe's and their canned cat food seems to have all the good ingredients that Wellness has, but is much more reasonably priced -- $0.59 for a 5.5oz can (a 12.5oz can of Wellness costs about $2.50). I bought a few cans and will see if Jaime likes it, though I can't imagine he won't.

My dad complained about how I wasn't treating Talis fairly because I wasn't giving him the good wet food that I was giving Jaime (he's a dog person through and through, and Talis is definitely his favorite grandpet). I explained how I had tried wet food on Talis before, and he just wasn't into it, but to be fair I had never tried giving him the good stuff, i.e., Wellness. So I bought him a can of Wellness, and as per the usual, on the first day he ate it up and enjoyed it immensely. The next day? He didn't want to have anything to do with it. I ended up giving it to Jaime (I only mix in a tablespoon or two with his dry cat food, so it's not like it's really bad for him, as he'll get his taurine as usual).

Also, I have to admit at this point that I tasted both Jaime and Talis's cans of Wellness. >.> And it actually does not taste bad at all. Mushy, yes, but it doesn't taste like crap -- it tastes like real food. I can totally understand the people who are down on their luck and eat pet food now. Of course, you can get canned human food for cheaper than a can of Wellness, so they're probably not eating Wellness. Plus you can get fast food these days for really cheap that tastes better than pet food.

My Garden

I've had my first "harvest" -- five strawberries that ripened during our warm last few days. Unfortunately the birds had gotten to 2 of them. Still, they were very pretty (and yummy). :D I see a few more baby tomatoes -- yay! I think it'll be another 2 months before they actually resemble anything I can eat, though. Some of the garlic scapes are starting their second loops, but I'm still trying to hold out until they all have at least one loop before I harvest the scapes. However it occurred to me today that I could harvest the scapes at different times, so as to stagger the actual harvesting of the garlic heads... but that might be a bit ambitious for a first-time grower.


I've started Empire of Ivory, the fourth book in the Temeraire series. I don't think I mentioned when I finished book 3, Black Powder War... that's because it was pretty unmemorable. Not nearly as good/interesting as the first two books.

I'm also reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but it's slow going because I find it hard to keep the unfamiliar names of people and places in my head. I'm lame like that.

TV Show Meme

Day 05 - A show you hate

My answer to this one isn't going to make me very popular, because everyone and their mom seems to like this show. Actually, it's a tie, but most people seem to like them way more than me. Anyway, my answer? It's a tie between all reality shows and True Blood. I hate them all. Reality shows I find vile in general. Not only are they totally lame (and I personally don't find them the least entertaining), but they are KILLING good TV. Why should networks fork out the cash for a great drama when they're getting the same ratings if not better with a cheap reality TV show? It's a travesty to me that so many people watch them. I weep, WEEP, for the days when they were rare and not a dime a dozen. Now I can only depend on HBO for quality television.

As for True Blood... I just don't get the hype or the love. I watched both season 1 and season 2, not because I enjoyed it, but because I was doing it for someone I loved and wanted to be able to share it. Well, that reason no longer exists. So I can let fly the fact that I think it's total dreck. The characters are super annoying, the storylines are trite and, in the case of season 2, a total mess, and the vampire thing has been DONE. And BETTER. (And no, I am not talking about Twilight.) There is not one thing about it that makes me want to tune in week after week to watch it. And yet, it seems to be universally liked. I guess this is just one where I am not in touch... I just don't get it, why it's compelling to so many people. The one thing I will give it is that I think the show has fine actors. They are, however, wasted on these characters and this show. I even tried to read the first book, thinking that it might explain the furor over TV series... but what I read of the book was even worse than the show, which is saying something. Seriously, after Twilight and True Blood, I feel like all I need to do is write some vampire dreck and I will catapult to overnight success. :P

Now y'all hate me for dissing all the shows you love... but I had to be honest.
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Dad's visit - the new car

Okay, so the whole point of my dad's visit was for him to help me make a new purchase/lease on a new car, because I'm crap at haggling/dealing with car sales people, etc. I'm fine at the outset, but once they start getting into the nitty gritty of the terms and moving things around and using terminology I'm not familiar with, I get lost. And then I feel really flustered and uncomfortable and hating the whole situation, because it makes me feel like I'm being taken for a ride without knowing it.

Well, no one could have predicted what ended up happening. It just wasn't meant to be, I guess! )

The Pets

Jaime/Talis: They're still not best friends or anything, but by this point they definitely tolerate each other's company, and from time to time, even enjoy it, I think. Sometimes Jaime will deliberately bat at Talis playfully, or flirtatously run by in order to provoke Talis into running after him, or nip at Talis's tail when he walks by. They constantly sniff at each other, and the other is better and better about letting the sniffing go on for longer and longer periods of time without complaining.

Then! Yesterday! They were both on the bed with me, Jaime was sleeping on the left edge of the foot of the bed, where Talis normally likes to be. Talis was next to me, got up to go to "his" spot, saw Jaime there, and instead of chasing him away or whining until I did something about it, he just flopped down just below him! And when he moved again, it was to sleep right next to Jaime, and their tails even touched! At one point Jaime woke up and meowed when he felt Talis on his tail, but he didn't seem overly concerned and didn't leave, just went back to sleep!

Photo evidence! )

TV Meme

Day 04 - Your favorite show ever

There were several contenders for this one, but in the end I have to go with Friends. I was never as obsessed with Friends as I've been with other shows, never wrote fanfic, wasn't completely invested in any one storyline for very long. For the most part I was content to go where they led. There were episodes that were hysterically funny and episodes that made me cry. It was probably the show my friends and I quoted the most from, and made us crack up every time. Almost every episode is memorable in some way, which is saying something considering it was on the air for 10 years. On rewatch you can jump into any episode from any season and enjoy it without having to watch everything that came before. It never fails to bring a smile to my face or make me laugh, which is a big deal on days when I find it hard to do either.
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A quickie post before bed.

The Jaime/food problem came to a head this afternoon, lol. When I came home from work the bag of cat food, sitting on the counter next to the stove, was in shambles, torn into. You veteran cat owners are shaking your heads at me that I was naive enough to leave the bag of cat food out in the open like that, but I honestly didn't even *think* of it as being a problem. I'm not used to having a pet who can jump that high and get to stuff on the counter. It never occurred to me that Jaime could/would get to it.

Who knows how much he ate, lol. He probably glutted himself. He totally didn't meow for food like he usually does when I get home -- GEE I WONDER WHY. I ended up putting the food into two gallon-sized Ziplock bags and storing it in the cupboard where it belongs. Later on, if you can believe it, he begged for food. I gave him his usual 1/3 cup plus 1-2 tbsps of wet food, and he gulped it down. And asked for more! I swear I don't know why he's so hungry all the time. Now I'm wondering if he has a medical condition or something (worms? parasites?) wherein all the food he ingests goes somewhere else and that's why he acts like he's starving.

The whole bag-being-ripped-into thing is particularly ironic considering I had taken the advice of several people and purchased an automatic feeder online. But of course that won't be arrive for several days yet. Sigh. I got one that has a timer -- you can select a certain amount of food (from 1/4 cup to 2 cups) for it to dispense, up to 3 times a day. I figure that will be really good for when I'm traveling. I also have a Catmate fountain that holds enough water to last 1 cat for several days (at minimum), but both Jaime and Talis prefer a regular bowl of water rather than the fancy filtered fountain. SIGH.

Meanwhile, I have taken some pics of the garden!! It's actually at a pretty promising stage, so hopefully the weather will hold out and not drop down to the 50s again.

Yay garden! )
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Strawberries! So many strawberries are suddenly developing nice color in my tiny little patch, it's awesome. And today I saw, for the first time, A TINY LITTLE TOMATO!!!! Eee! Here's hoping this decent weather holds out. It's not super warm today but at least the sun is out. I haven't been able to take pictures recently but I'm going to soon. Right now I'm still trying to decide if I should just cut my garlic scapes now or not. Most of them have one loop, and I wanted to wait for them to develop two loops, but it's slow going.

Got my car back from the body shop today with its repainted door. Looks good. But then, it looked good the first time too, and the darkening of the color didn't happen until after a few months. Hopefully I'll get a good deal on another car this weekend and then I can just turn this one in.

On the pet front, things are going better. They're definitely at least tolerating each other at this point, even if they don't play or anything. I am getting a bit stressed about Jaime's eating habits, however. In that, HE WON'T STOP EATING. He constantly wants food. He's a cat food fiend. I really wanted to free feed him, but I can't because he just eats everything I give him in a short amount of time. At first I was feeding him 1/2 cup dry cat food (with 1-2 tbsps of wet cat food) twice a day. The vet thought that 1 cup of food was a lot for him (he's 10 lb, 10 oz, which she says I want to keep him at). I was just going off of what it says on the package, which is 1/2-1 cup of food for cats between 10-14 lbs. But the package also recommends free feeding, to put that much food in the dish once a day. If I did that, Jamie would be done with it in a few hours and then be starving the rest of the time! I've cut his food down to 1/3 cup, twice a day (for a total of 2/3 cup per day), but he polishes it off very quickly, even when I don't put any wet food in the dish. So I don't know what to do. I don't want to put him on a path to become obese, which leads to other health problems, but neither do I want him to go hungry (he's always meowing for food). The other stressful thing is that if he eats like this, I don't know if I can go out of town for a couple of days and just leave him a pile of food. He'll probably just eat it all on the first day and then starve the rest of the time! Have any of you cat owners ever experienced this with your kitties? What did you do?

Since my dad arrived the day before, we have so far had Chinese food and Fatburger, lol. Their cajun chicken sandwich is actually quite delicious, and my dad really enjoyed his mushroom swiss burger.

TV Meme, Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)

I think it's pretty obvious that I'm going to say Glee. I just love it. Okay, the season finale was bad, but in general, this show makes me Smile with a capital S. The storylines are pretty trite and many of the characters are annoying, but for all that, it's almost always fun and frequently brilliant. I generally like the music they feature and I love that they're getting super talented guest stars. My favorite character is, of course, Sue Sylvester, because no one can touch Jane Lynch. I'm glad the show's already been picked up for two more seasons; it's so rare that a show I like doesn't need mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to get it renewed that I am a little afraid Glee is going to start becoming a show I won't like (aka, if they do more episodes like the season finale).


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