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Korean classes start next week!! Eeee!! The weird thing though was that other than the initial registration confirmation, I'd gotten NO email/notices from them at all. [personal profile] adelagia was like, check the website, duh!!! Which to me is a little nutty. Seriously, you can't email your students some pertinent info like where to go and whether they should buy any textbooks? God, the education system in America... Then [personal profile] adelagia said that since this was community college, she would be happy just to not have Senor Chang as our professor. But you know, NOW I'LL BE DISAPPOINTED!!! That would be so awesome. "Anneyong, CHILDREN!"

Seattle Restaurant Week starts this weekend, and I'm going to try and make it to a few! [personal profile] adelagia and I may do one or two, and I will do a couple with my mom, too -- she looooves RW.

Another ep of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon tonight! Eee!

I'm going to try out some Laura Mercier lip glosses. A coworker of mine uses them and I just LOVE the way they look on her. That said, of course, makeup is super personal and it could look like shit on me. That's why I'm getting a few travel-size ones on eBay, rather than committing to a full tube of one color. My travel-sized Laura Geller gloss (which I still love) is lasting me forever, so really, a small size is really all that's needed. Also, in researching this stuff, it actually reaffirmed my desire to keep going with my Birchbox and Sephora Play subscriptions. High-end makeup/skincare is SO pricey (the cost of a full-size LM gloss is $26), and the sample sizes are really very generous. For the cost of a year's beauty box subscription, I could buy fewer than 5 LM lip glosses! But with the subscriptions I get so much more than just lip gloss, I'm able to use most of what I'm sent, *and* I get the fun element of getting a box of surprises to try out each month. I'm going to cancel the Ipsy subscription, though. I'm generally less impressed with their products/samples, and I definitely don't need three beauty box subscriptions. I should probably also give up either Birchbox or Sephora Play, but I love them both too much right now.

I have gotten sucked back into Groupons because of their irresistible deals to their users who haven't used them in awhile. :)) Luckily, I'm not interested in looking for random deals without those special codes and what not that turns a deal into a steal, so hopefully I won't run into the issue I ran into a number of years back, where I was buying anything that looked remotely interesting, just because it was a good deal!
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It's over. :( Watched the finale of Oh My Ghostess last night, and now there’s no moooooooooore. Waaaaaah. (I’ve gone ahead and ordered the DVD set from Amazon, if only to make a bunch of gifs. There’s a dearth of them on Tumblr, weird considering how popular the show was.) It’s always hard to read/watch something you love and know it’s about to end… harder still when you’ve seen two such awesome shows in a row. I mean, what are the chances I can make it three?

Then again, I did manage to watch a bunch of great movies in a row, so I suppose there’s that. Also, I always meant to go back to finish Master’s Sun, so I suppose I can do that. I can’t remember now why I stopped watching that one. I think it might be because I was actually watching that in real time and it got to a point where I wasn’t enjoying it that much, so I just stopped following it. That’s the danger of watching stuff in real time, because when a drama loses a step or has a slow episode, it’s much harder to get over the hump. If you have more episodes in front of you, you can just keep going and another ep might capture your interest again. Master’s Sun also suffers from the fact that I’m not really into the male lead. I don’t even remember Seo In-guk in it, and he’s apparently the second male lead. He had an amusing cameo in the OMG finale, so that might be what’s sparking my interest in watching it again.

It’s possible that more than anything, I’m going to miss the antics of everyone who worked in the Sun Restaurant kitchen. Those guys were the best!

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In beauty stuff news, I’ve purchased an Air Repair kit. I just wanted the moisturizer, but apparently they really only do travel-sized things, and the kit had the full-size moisturizer plus a bunch of other stuff for only $10 more or something. I know it’s a little ironic that the first thing that I actually bought after trying a sample from the beauty boxes was something that I initially pooh-poohed, but I just love that moisturizer. I still don’t understand how it can feel so thick yet go on so light, and it smells like lemon verbena.
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You guuuuuys I am so in love with this show!!!!! It's like, everything a romcom should be. <333333 I was afraid of it being like Master's Sun, which was a little too heavy on the ghost element for me. Oh My Ghostess is much, much more light hearted, and the ghost stuff is at a bare minimum -- it only actually matters in the context of main characters, rather than as an active plot device that requires the involvement of other ghosts. That probably makes no sense unless you've seen them both, lol.

I am so, so, SO into Kwak Si-yang, who plays Joon. Joon is possibly the most perfect secondary rival ever in terms of Asian dramas, in that he isn't really one. He just shows up from time to time to be fucking awesome. He's super good looking, aloof, perceptive, and kind to the heroine. I just love him. I don't think it's ever happened before that I wished the heroine would be more involved with the secondary love interest, but that is definitely the case here, because she's adorable, he's adorable, and they are adorable together. That said, maybe I feel that way BECAUSE he's not an obstacle to the main pairing; in fact, he ships it himself! Also, it might not even be accurate to call him a secondary love interest, because it's not clear that he actually thinks about her that way... but he's sort of set up as one just because he's so hot and has at least minimal 1:1 interactions with the heroine.

That is not to say that I don't love and appreciate the actual hero. I TOTALLY do. In fact, I'm a little surprised by how much I like Jo Jang-suk. But he's cute, he has great comedic timing and expressions, and his tender looks are great too. And you know what's most awesome of all? He is a fantastic on-screen kisser. :))) I know that's probably a weird thing to flag, but if there's one thing about Asian dramas that's a little less than satisfying it's the kissing. The girls are all so wooden and statuesque, and even when they aren't, it looks super awkward, because the guys try too hard or something. So let me give credit to both Jo Jang-suk and Park Bo-young, because their kissing looks super natural and hot. :D

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I finished Signal! It was excellent. Of course, I was expecting it to be, so anything less would have been a disappointment. ;) I now have a little crush on Lee Je-hoon. I'm going to try that period drama he's in, Secret Door, which he received a number of acting accolades for. Actually, now that I'm looking, apparently he's won a bunch of acting awards in general, so I'll probably check out some of his other stuff, too.

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Since I now have a DramaFever subscription, I've started watching other shows in my queue. I started Oh My Ghostess, which has really high ratings on DF, and my Korean co-worker and [personal profile] akscully both rec it as well. I was hooked within the first 30 min!! It's AWESOME. Signal was so emotionally intense; this show is like eating a big, delicious slice of cake. I love the lead actress (I first saw her in a movie to or from Atlanta, called , about a budding journalist. I wasn't sure what I thought about the lead actor from his picture, but in live action, I like him. In terms of the ghost stuff, it's really minimal, though there are a couple of really minor parts that might be alarming to those who are sensitive to such things. :)) Ahem.

I watched two episodes last night, and I CANNOT WAIT to watch more. It's soooooo fun/good.

Here's the premise and further thoughts. )

Now that I'm using DF more often, I'm also seeing the benefits of Amazon Fire vs Chromecast. Amazon Fire is WAY better for this purpose. Amazon has a DF app and a remote control, so that's all I need to watch. With Chromecast, I have to have my phone or iPad in order to fire up the app from there, which means I have to have one of them with me when watching. But there doesn't seem to be any way to fast forward or rewind or do any of those functions, which is frustrating. And then sometimes, doing the casting goes awry, and it either only casts audio with no picture, or the subtitles don't show up, or whatever. There are none of those issues using Amazon Fire and the native DF app.
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Gah, being sick is the wooooooooooorst. I don't even feel that bad anymore, except for being congested and having to blow my nose and other PITA stuff like that. Ugh.

Also, there's a storm a-comin' to the PNW. It's supposed to be the biggest in like 60 years. I'm planning to stock up on all the food. I have one of those portable gas stoves, so even if the power goes out, at least we'll be able to have some hot food, hopefully. I should probably check to make sure I have extra gas canisters... And there's a forest of trees in my backyard that could potentially fall down on my house... Anyway, hopefully it will be fine.

I have finally caved after many years and have subscribed to DramaFever Premium. Being able to cast to my TV, and having no ads, were big deciding factors, especially after I started watching episode 1 of Signal (finally!) and saw how many freaking commercial breaks there were. Seriously?! Those minutes back of my life are worth the annual fee, especially since I'm going to be watching a lot more. I enjoyed the first ep, though there's something about the way they did the subtitles that makes it hard to read them and follow the action at the same time. I don't know what it is... I never felt that way with any of the movies I saw on the plane. Anyway, I like the story so far, though it seems like it's about to be resolved in the first episode. I guess it's more about various cases than one overarching case? My biggest problem right now is that the older detective is NOTHING like his younger self. I know people change, but this actually just seems like a mischaracterization, at least so far. I mean, as a kid -- an an older kid at that -- he's totally quiet, an introvert, and there was apparently some trauma in his childhood. He didn't seem to have a lot of adult supervision or care. But as an adult, he seems totally well adjusted, even gregarious, as if he had a normal upbringing; he doesn't seem like the same character AT ALL.

Last night I watched a movie on DF and the subtitles there were fine, too. So whatever is going on with Signal, I hope it improves in future eps.

The movie I saw was Penny Pinchers. I really loved it. I don't know if I have a lower bar with Korean content or what, but I have somehow enjoyed everything I've randomly picked to watch. If this were a Hollywood romcom, would I have enjoyed it as much? I have no idea. I liked that the romance was something they fell backwards into, rather than it being the driving force of the movie. In fact, it was even more powerful as a story of friendship. The other thing that was unusual in the movie was that a Korean woman not once, but twice, made the first move on a guy!!! WHAAAAAAAAT.

I actually want to see We Got Married for the episodes Kim So Eun is in, even though she's not paired with Kim Bum. :'( But DramaFever only has the first two seasons, so I'm out of luck. WHAT AM I PAYING THEM FOR!!!


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