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Update on Lasik: I'm still enjoying not having to wear contacts/glasses, but my right eye seems to have gotten "fuzzy" again. Fuzzy is perhaps too strong a word; if I cover my left eye, I can see fine out of my right, it's just not as SHARP as my left. The result is that when I have both eyes uncovered, it "feels" like I have something in my right eye making things not as sharp, which makes me want to rub it, which is a big no no. Sigh. I'm not sure what's accounting for it, because previously I was told that it was due to post-op inflammation, but that should no longer be a factor. I guess I'll just have to see what comes out of my 1-month post-op checkup.

I have been making a lot of food recently. Details + recipe for Hong Kong style milk tea )

I've also finished a handful of K-dramas since the last time I think I wrote about them... Okay, maybe it's more than a handful... )

Football season has started again! I'm participating in 3 fantasy football leagues this year. Two are on ESPN and one is on, which totally sucks. Yahoo is my favorite, but it's not as popular as ESPN, and the one league that uses it, I bowed out of this season.
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I am on a kitchen goddess ROLL. I've gotten pretty good at making jajangmyeon, if I say so myself (and I DO, okay). I've made it four or five times now, and I've got it down to a science. So delicious! The only negative is that I can't seem to find the right noodles to use. I'm using fresh Korean noodles, but I've tried various kinds and they're all a little too thick. Besides, jajangmyeon is a Korean take on a Chinese dish, so the noodles should actually be more Chinese-style. There's apparently "jajangmyeon noodles" labeled as such out there, but I've never been able to find them. :( (In related news, [profile] jade_okelani ate jajangmyeon for the first time and now understands what all the hype is about.) The other day I also made chicken tamale pie, and that was reallllllllly good also.

Never let it be said that I neglect dessert! I've also made two kinds of ice cream: vanilla with chocolate stracciatella (basically, chocolate chip ice cream) and chocolate almond walnut. Sooooooooo good. I recently had a disappointing experience with a store-bought ice cream, and decided to make my own. There was one summer when I was making ice cream constantly, but it's been awhile, so I was a little rusty. The custard for the vanilla one seemed a little dicey initially, but after straining it, it turned out great. Next up: I'm going to try and make my favorite sea salt with caramel ribbons ice cream from Salt & Straw. My experimentation so far. )

[profile] jade_okelani and I are sooooooooo **HEARTEYES** over Park Hyungsik it's not even funny. We just LOVE HIM in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, and love the show, period. Yes, it has its flaws. But they're easy to overlook when there's so much else we enjoy! I'm both happy and sad that we started watching while it's airing. It's such a great show to look forward to, but it's sooooooooo disappointing when there's no new episode for another week. The problem is, when we decided to watch SWDBS in real time, we had expected to like Goblin a lot more (or I did, at least), and not expected to like SWDBS quite so much. Sigh.

Isn't this an awesome shot of Park Bo-young and Park Hyung-sik? She looks so much better with her normal dark hair like she has it in everything else I've ever seen her in. I'm not sure why Bong-soon has to have the light brown/orange hair, even though PBY is so attractive she can pull it off anyway.

SWDBS spoilers through ep 8. )

The main theme song from SWDBS is sung by Jung Eun-ji! <3!! I love her voice.

I'm giving Reply 1994 another shot. [profile] jade_okelani and I started Reply 1988, but we got to talking, and it seemed to make sense for her to see at least the pilot of Reply 1994. If she could take it, then I could probably get through it with someone else to watch with me, and then we'd be watching things in chronological order. The interesting thing is, on rewatch, I actually do like 1994 better than I did before! Maybe it's watching with Jade, or maybe it's just having the distance from 1997, which I loved sooooooooooooooooo much. I'm not as bothered about the parents being the same actors, and even Go Ara doesn't annoy me as much. I'm still not a fan, but I don't dislike her as much as I did the first time around. This also bodes well for my plan to watch Hwarang (for Park Hyungsik). Spoilery comment. )

One of the shows that's on our watchlist, that must now be bumped up, is She Was Pretty. Why? Because in episode 9, there are cameos from Seo In-guk AND Park Hyungsik!!!!!!!!! If they are on screen at the same time, I might actually not survive.

I was forced to buy a new iPod because my old iPod, the discontinued 120GB one that I got yeeeeeaaars ago, stopped working after the latest iTunes update. It was super annoying, but I've had issues with it over the years, I don't actually need 120GB of space on my portable music player, and I figured this might be Apple's way of stopping support for it once and for all. And by "stopped working" I don't mean that it literally stopped working. I can plug it into my car or any speakers, and it will play fine. However, iTunes and my PC can't read it, so I can't update it. In fact, I thought I might have to wipe the whole thing and re-input all my music, which I've had to do several times before, but I can't even do that. It's basically a time capsule at this point, with only the music I've put into it before March 2017. :P Part of me wondered if I should just be patient, and with the next update of iTunes, it'll fix itself. But like I said, I just figured it was time to get a new iPod, so I did. Only days after I got it, however, I learned from [personal profile] adelagia that she only got her new iPod last year, and the same thing happened to her! So... WTF!

Anyway, what's done is done, and I don't really regret it. I liked that I was able to personalize it with an inscription on the back (I used a song lyric, since it's an iPod!). I like that it uses a touch screen. And I LOVE that I can connect to it via Bluetooth from my car and wireless headphones. So, all in all, despite being resentful of Apple for breaking their own shit so that I can't use it, I'm not sorry I upgraded.

Subject line: Bong-soon's Mom to Min-hyuk, in order to manipulate him into joining them for breakfast.
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Tonight I made ganjang-gejang, raw marinated crab, Korean style. I've had it in restaurants and enjoyed it, and I've even made it once before, but I've never used Maangchi's recipe so I'm giving it a go. I cut my palm on one of the sharp crab shells, but I'll accept it as my due for being a crab killer. :(

I've just finished episode 10 of Answer Me 1997, and I wanted to get some of my thoughts down before I finish the whole thing.

Spoilers! )
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The budae jjigae was an unqualified success! [personal profile] adelagia and I both, surprisingly, enjoyed it. She felt that the American cheese was an unnecessary component, while I felt the same way about the baked beans. I like hot dogs, but wasn't too impressed with what they brought to the stew. You know what was surprisingly good, though? The Spam. :/ It turns out Spam is DELICIOUS. Dang it. It's really salty and full of umami... it's no wonder so many people like it. I've always thought of it as being this disgusting thing, because, well, canned meat -- it was clearly something only desperate people would eat during times of war. WWII was, after all, when it became popular. And it's the name of allllllll our unwanted email! Buuuut I kept hearing about various peoples who enjoyed it. The Hawaiians, for example. And while watching K-dramas, I'd see it here and there (pan-fried slices of Spam were Min-seok's favorite dish in High School King of Savvy). And now I know why! It's got to be horribly bad for you, but it's delicious, that can no longer be denied. Here's a gif of it bubbling merrily away. :D

I was also really happy with the mung bean sprouts. There were SO MANY, OMG. I waited an extra half day to harvest them so that [personal profile] adelagia and I could cook them fresh, but they grow very quickly the last couple of days, so they were SO TALL by then. I'd been keeping them in the oven, then the microwave (you're supposed to keep them out of light) with a wet paper towel over the top, but by Day 6 I just had to keep them out in a dark corner because they were too tall. You're supposed to water them every 3 hours, but I wasn't extremely religious about it; I tried to keep to that schedule (easier to do when on vacation), but just did it when I remembered and always kept the paper towel covering them wet so that they would keep moist that way too. Since they were all packed into the tub I couldn't really tell how tall they really were, or what color they were, etc. They weren't as plump as I might've liked, but I was really pleased by their length. It's weird though that homegrown bean sprouts have their "bean" parts still attached, but when you get them in the grocery store, they're not (whereas soybeans always have the crunchy bean parts intact; that's why my mom prefers those and I prefer mung bean sprouts). Anyway, also because they were so packed in, I couldn't tell how many of them there really were. And OMG there were a LOT. About 4lbs worth. Washing them (so that the green skins would wash away) was the most onerous part of growing my own, honestly! I hadn't expected that!

Pictures! )

All in all, a very cool experiment. It took constant care, but it was extremely simple and easy, no soil or anything required. [personal profile] adelagia and I each made sukjunamul-muchim from a pound of bean sprouts, and put a bunch of them into the budae jjigae, too.

I also made a sandwich that is supposed to be Korean street food; it actually turned out really well. >< It's basically eggs fried with various veggies, then put between two buttered pieces of toast along with sugar, ketchup, and mayo. O.o Sounds disgusting, right? I fully expected it to be, but it was actually really tasty. I didn't use as much sugar as called for, though, and instead of a slice of ham I just cut up some Spam (since I had some) and put it in with the veggie mixture. I tried it with and without American cheese; it tastes good either way. Oh and -- it appears that she uses Kewpie mayo, though she doesn't actually specify. Since it's a dish originating in Asia, given Asia's obsession with Kewpie mayo (and it's not just Asia, but legit chefs everywhere), I can only assume that's the type of mayo used on the streets of Seoul. Since I only had regular mayo on hand, I made my own version of Kewpie mayo by diluting regular mayo with rice vinegar, sugar and MSG. (No, MSG is not evil. And though that fact has been "thoroughly debunked," the conspiracy against it has been too vast to overcome. Same goes for egg yolks and Spam. :P)

I've also been watching more K-dramas... )

I also finished S2 of The Man in the High Castle. I enjoyed the season, particularly as it seems they haven't really given up on the Joe-Julianna thing. Either they want to keep it at a slow burn, which I'm fine with, or maybe they won't end up together at all, which I could also see happening. One quickie spoilery comment. )

My new Apple Watch arrived last night! It's sooooo pretty. I got the one with the rose gold plating and pink/blue band. I'm still figuring it out, but so far I've been happy being able to check my email, and I can tell that having Wunderlist on it is going to be awesome. I chose one of the Minnie Mouse variations as my watchface. :D (Min-seok has a Mickey Mouse watch, so I told [profile] jade_okelani that I was just like him now! LOL.) Her hands point to the time, but since it's digital, she's even dancing a bit and her foot taps out the seconds! So cool. However... I was in my open space office this morning, and I touched the watch somehow -- I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I DID, there was nothing about this in the instructions and despite all my playing around last night, this NEVER HAPPENED -- and suddenly Minnie Mouse said in her squeaky little voice, "It's 10:30! Good morning!" and everyone stopped typing. So then I was like, "Haha, oops" and could feel myself turning red. :))))) HOW/WHY DID THAT HAPPEN!!! Why you do me like that, Minnie?!
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Well I have been a busy little cooking bee! It's amazing how much I can do when I'm not working. Turns out time + energy = motivation! :P Much of what I've made has come from Maangchi, so a lot of Korean stuff. It's all turned out really well, and there's still budae jjigae to look forward to with [personal profile] adelagia!

Over the last week I've made:

- Sigumchi namul
- Tongbaechu kimchi (in addition to the mak kimchi [personal profile] adelagia and I made last weekend)
- Kimchi jjigae
- Sea kelp banchan (as Maangchi suggests, I used the expended kelp from making anchovy broth, stir fried it with a little soy sauce and sugar -- it was actually really good!)
- Ttukbaegi gyeranjjim
- Japgokbap
- Chili (using [profile] corianderstem's recipe, plus added some red wine and chocolate)
- Peach crisp
- a pot of soup (pork and various veggies)
- And I've been growing my own mung bean sprouts (today is Day 4)!


After my annual physical I found out I'm pre-diabetic. :/ My doctor says I should exercise more (natch) and stop eating out so much (which is more because of my mom than me). So my plan is to make big batches of homecooked meals, then freeze a lot of it, so that I don't have to worry about cooking on weeknights if I don't want to. To that end, I've ordered a 7 cubic foot chest freezer that will go in my garage, because my fridge freezer is so small and is constantly bursting at the seams.


Other than K-dramas, I've been watching a couple of other shows:

1) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy can get a bit much sometimes, but for the most part I really like this one. It's funny and charming, which is one of Tina Fey's singular talents, I suppose -- making something that shouldn't be funny at all somehow humorous.

2) The Man in the High Castle: It's good enough to keep me watching, but not good enough for me to rec wholeheartedly. I really want to like it much more than I do. The problem is that they don't really give you any characters to root for in any real way. They're all kind of superficially drawn and only vaguely interesting. I also don't really ship anything on the show, but I could ship Joe/Julianna if only they'd give us a little more on that front... Instead, they seem to be cooling off on it entirely. So now I'm just kind of like /shrug.
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This weekend, [personal profile] adelagia and I made kimchi! :D We are totes ready for when we're dating and/or married to Onew and Seo In-guk, respectively. LOL. (Links go to pics of said celebs, in case you're curious.)

Here's [personal profile] adelagia mixing up our batch. I had a HUGE tub, so there's more kimchi there than it might seem. More than six pounds worth!

I also made buchu (Asian chive) kimchi and dwaejigogi-bokkeum (spicy stir-fried pork), both of which were AMAZING. Soooooooo delicious. I only have a pic of the pork pre-cooking because I was too hungry to remember to take a picture of it after it was cooked. >< Also, I didn't have a pound's worth of pork belly, so subbed some shrimp instead. ALSO DELICIOUS. I think you could easily substitute with firm tofu for a more healthy version... which I may try in the near future. The buchu kimchi is a little too salty, which may or may not be because I didn't have enough chives... I halved the recipe, but I was using older chives, so I had to weed out a lot not-so-good ones. Anyway, I will probably use less fish sauce next time.


One of my Christmas gifts to myself arrived today, and I'm soooooooooo happy. I love American Giant's stuff, especially their Essential Full-Zip Hoodie. I have several of the Classic, as well, but I like the lighter weight and softer feel of the Essential.

ANYWAY... Recently, they came out with a new product, a stadium blanket. I saw the email about it, but wasn't able to actually take a look until two hours later... and they were all sold out already! GRRRRR. A few days later, they said they'd made a limited quantity available again, and I was able to nab two in the only color that remained at that point, a heather navy. I would link it, but it looks like they're totally sold out now, and have even deleted those webpages. Sheesh. Like all their stuff, the blanket is really well made, heavy with quality material, and very warm. <333333

(I was going to link a promo code for 15% off, but it looks like it can only be sent through email. So let me know if you want it! And of course, I get something out of it as well, natch.)

I'm a big blanket person, kind of like Linus. Even when I'm not cold, I like having a blanket on me. It just feels so much cozier! Anyway, I have a lot of blankets.


Watched another episode of Descendants of the Sun. I'm actually still OK with the show, despite the fact that, as expected, the two leads are already "broken up." It helps that I like the male lead, and the female lead isn't super annoying.


I wasn't going to take any time off during the holidays -- other than the days off that everyone gets -- because it's a super quiet time anyway, and I was thinking I'd save my vacation days. Only... it turns out that I have so much vacation saved up (I can only carry over a year's worth, which for me at this point is 200 hours/5 weeks) that I would be forfeiting over 43 hours if I didn't take it! Which would be intolerable. So now I'm going to take Wed/Thu off, as well as all of next week. I still might be sacrificing a few hours, but that's better than 43. I don't work for free, yo.


Speaking of work, we did a white elephant gift exchange... only I had my annual physical during that time so I couldn't actually participate. I contributed a set of R2D2/R2Q5 salt and pepper shakers and an R2D2 measuring cup set. (I may have little use for Star Wars, but I know other people love it, so that stuff makes for good anonymous gifts.) My manager played for me, and he had told me ahead of time what he'd gotten for the exchange (a cast-iron fondue set). Since they were going to allow "me" to go last, thus being able to nab whatever I wanted, I told him that that's what I wanted. I figured it was a safe bet -- I didn't know what random crap other people were going to bring, and I don't really trust my manager to know what I'd really want, so it seemed the most prudent course of action. I still need to get it from him, though.


My December beauty boxes have arrived! I know, it's once a month but seems so much more frequent, doesn't it?

What this month brought! )
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Finished another one of my WiP K-dramas last night, Oh My Venus. :D Overall I do recommend it; it has a great cast, and for the better part of the first half, was extremely cute and charming. There was a whole chunk of the middle/end, though, that I really could have done without. The end was good, so at least there's that. It also manages to accomplish something pretty impressive... surprise and charm me with the hero's proposal. It happens in a way that I didn't expect, was unique, and was actually good. It's hard these days to have a proposal on a show that is any of these things, because it's done so much and in so many different ways.

I feel that this earns me the right to start another drama... I just have to decide which Seo In-guk series I want to watch next. Reply 1997, which stars a younger SIG? Hello Monster, where he plays a hot criminal profiler? Or Shopping King Louie, where he plays a chaebol who loses his memory? SO MANY LOVELY CHOICES.

I'm feeling fine now, but have lingering cold symptoms like having to blow my nose and a stupid cough. I have a dental appointment tomorrow AND my annual physical; I reallllly hope it's not going to be an issue.

[personal profile] adelagia and I are supposed to make kimchi over the weekend (rehearsal for being married to our future hot celebrity Korean husbands), and I have purchased a large tub, a fermented vegetables container, fresh squid, and a couple of other things. I'm planning to use regular plastic gloves as opposed to dishwashing gloves, but that should be okay. I've made kimchi once before and did the same thing, even if it was a slightly smaller amount. Then we're going to make tapioca coconut cookies. :D

I accidentally -- YES, IT WAS AN ACCIDENT -- opened [profile] jade_okelani's Christmas gift early, and it's awesome, a Breaking Bad-themed cutting board. I can use it for the first time for the kimchi making!
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Wow. Words can't express how sad I am. Earl Thomas, my fave Seahawk, had to leave tonight's game early due to a broken tibia, and he tweeted that he's considering retirement. Honestly, he should do whatever's right for him... I love watching him play and there are certainly more important things in life than football. However, I also know how much he loves the game, and for him to say that, it probably hurts him more than it hurts me, which is what makes me sad. He's so passionate and crazy and I love that about him. I also think that whatever chances the Seahawks had in the playoffs just went down dramatically. They just aren't the same team without him; that's the plain, unvarnished truth. Look how horrific they were last week without him. And now the most important part of the Legion of Boom might not be back (certainly not for this season). :( Get well soon, Earl!!

I had a pretty productive day. It really helps when the Seahawks game is in the evening, because then I have all day to do what I need to do, and then watching the game is like a reward. When it's in the morning or middle of the day, it not only takes out that chunk of daylight, it also can affect my mood for the rest of the day, depending on how they do! Sometimes I'm too depressed to do anything than sit around like a slug!

Anyway, so I:

1) Made Pad Thai! I used Pailin's recipe from Hot Thai Kitchen (watch the video). She's like the Maangchi of Thai food. Other than fish sauce and peanuts, sooooooooo many of the ingredients were not a part of my pantry. It was worth it though; home run on the Pad Thai! I was eager to try her recipe, because a number of years ago, I had authentic Pad Thai -- which wasn't red, from ketchup or tomato paste or paprika or whatever it is that American Thai restaurants put in it to make it that color -- and it was so amazing that I'd always wanted to have it again. Making it seemed super arduous, and yet it's been surprisingly/depressingly difficult to find a Thai restaurant that actually makes authentic Thai food that doesn't cater to American tastes. The best place I've found in Seattle (actually, recommended to me by a Thai coworker) is Thaiku. But it's alllll the way in Phinney Ridge, so I can't get there regularly. Most Thai restaurant food is way too sweet for me. I mean, Thai food should be a little sweet. It's got a very well-rounded flavor profile, where everything is supposed to have elements of salty, sweet, sour, spicy, etc. But sweetness seems to be the predominant flavor of most Thai food in restaurants. :/ ANYWAY, after getting Pailin's recipe book and watching her video, I realized that Pad Thai wasn't hard at all; it was just a matter of getting the right ingredients. It was simple after that!

2) Made Vietnamese spring rolls! Okay, so this I've done before. It's also really easy and a matter of having the rice paper and all that. What I hadn't done before was make the peanut sauce that usually comes with them, from scratch. I made both nước chấm (a fish sauce-based sauce) and the peanut sauce... surprisingly -- though really, it shouldn't have been -- the peanut sauce was far more savory than I'm used to from restaurants, and it was delicious. I was a little meh on the homemade nước chấm; the recipe I used didn't call for any lemon or lime juice and I think it needed that element.

3) Built a cat washroom! :)) WTF? you might be thinking. Well, this was one of those things I ran across during Black Friday, and I was like, omg, this is brilliant! Must have! It hides the litter box, and I also bought a really good litter mat to put in it to help with not having bits of litter scattered all over the laundry room. At the same time, I also got a Litter Genie, which I wish I'd known about before. I always have issues with litter bags, and this thing supposedly even masks the smell of the litter, so bonus if that's true. The only problem is... it's wider than I expected. (This is what comes of not measuring before you buy something.) I was originally going to put it in front of the washer/dryer, with the Litter Genie and box of litter in the "hidden corner" next to the dryer. It would have been a nice setup, because from the doorway you wouldn't have been able to see any cat litter paraphernalia at all! But it juts out further than expected, so there's danger of hitting your hand on a sharp corner when loading the dryer, which means now I've put the washroom in the corner (with just enough room for Jaime to get in and out), with the other stuff exposed like they were before. :/ And now it's going to be (even more of) a pain clean the litter box, because I'll have to pull out the bench in order to open the door to pull out the litter box. >< Me and my great ideas...

I also woke with a sore-ish throat. It's not like my typical sore throats, it just... feels funny. Don't know what that's about, but I hope it clears up by tomorrow. :/
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I've started watching Hidden Identity, another K-drama. It's like Ocean's 11 crossed with Mission Impossible crossed with The Departed (because for at least the first few episodes, the lead is a plant in the bad guy's organization).

It's pretty fun and entertaining to watch, and it doesn't hurt that Kim Bum is in it. He joins an elite, off-the-books arm of law enforcement. He's ex-SEAL (Korea's version of it) and ex-SWAT. He is suuuuuuuper hot in it, because he's a badass fighter, tortured by the loss of his girlfriend (of course). There are a number of scenes that gratuitously show off what a badass he is. :)) And there's definitely a gratuitous shot of his physique. We never saw his naked chest in Boys Over Flowers, but I believe this hard-muscled version of him is fairly new. (Check out this brief shower scene. Oh my.)

I don't know if there's any romance on this show; there's a female agent, but that doesn't mean they'll get involved. In fact, I hope they don't... this isn't a show where I need any romance.

Some of the scenarios are kind of silly, which I found to be the case in Signal, too... I'm not sure if it's that I'm being too hard on it, or if I'm just used to the "realism" of American shows (meaning, not that they are more realistic, but I might be more used to their form of realism. Or, really are just more realistic. :)) ) Here's an example: )


While rewatching Oh My Ghostess, I was inspired to make congee. See, it's set in and around a restaurant (the hero is a chef/restaurant owner), and one of the things that's made as "comfort food" is cabbage congee. Traditionally, congee is made with protein-based items, so it sounded kind of weird to me. But then I thought, why not expand my idea of what congee can be? Then Jo Jung-suk did something that made me REALLY inspired to make it.

There's a part where he has water and a white something in a blender. First time through, I idly wondered what it was, but quickly forgot about it. On rewatch, I found myself wondering about it again -- and then I realized... it was rice! And then I was like, ohmygod... blitzing rice in a blender to make congee... BRILLIANT. One of the hardest things about making homemade congee is that it's really hard to get it to the consistency of restaurant congee. I've been able to do it in a slow cooker, but that's cooking it for like 16 hours. But what if using a blender is able to shorten that time?

And guess what? IT WORKED. It didn't happen instantly, like it did on the show, but it only took like an hour or so of cooking on the stove. The consistency isn't EXACTLY like when you make it with un-blitzed rice, it's a lot smoother, but it's still creamy and luscious. In fact, if you blitzed it a shorter amount of time (and maybe don't use a Vitamix like I did), you could probably achieve a similar result with a faster cooking time.

Also, I made it like on the show, with carrots, onion, ground beef, and cabbage. Which is the WEIRDEST-sounding congee ever. But guess what? It's delicious. HA! Just goes to show, trying new things, always a plus.
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Good news, the lemon meringue pie was a success taste wise, as well! Woohoo! Of course, it's best on the day it's baked... after that the crust starts to get soggy. Le sigh.


You know what's not a success? The Seahawks. Especially versus the Rams. Gawd they were awful. Other than Rawls and the D, I sat every Seahawk I had in my FF lineups. I know all too well how much they suck against the Rams. I don't know what it is, why the Rams can be so terrible with every other team in the league (getting shut out by the depleted 9ers? Seriously?!), and yet always have the Seahawks' number. Always. This is like the fourth time in a row they've beaten Seattle while somehow losing to worse teams. Rams, you do you. As for the Hawks, well -- I wouldn't have felt good about this game regardless, given the history, but with Russell hobbled, there was just no way.


Deep breaths. Deep breaths.


Okay, but you know what has been surprisingly successful so far? My fantasy football teams! BOTH of them have been doing really well. I'm sure that's all about to change, but for now I'm enjoying WINNING, for once. Last season, inevitably if I won with one team, I lost with the other. Or just lost both. ><

This season, I've won all my matchups thus far (so, 4), particularly surprising because in my ESPN league I'm usually projected as the underdog. But last week I got the highest score among all teams, and this week I got the 3rd highest. I'm really meh about my upcoming matchup, though. It's against the person I'm tied with in the division, so one of us is going to come out being the division leader and the other will... not. Unfortunately for me, they have a really strong team, including Antonio Brown. I hate going up against people who have Antonio Brown. -.- It's like you just sort of have to pray that they don't cream you too badly (or that he has an uncharacteristically bad game, like he did last week, but will that happen twice in a row?!). Also, he has Greg Olsen, who I have on my Yahoo team, so it's like, do I root for Olsen to do well or not?! Urg.

On my Yahoo team, I'm in first place in the standings so far, due to how well my team did this week. Totaled 151.96 points. My matchup was the "biggest blowout" of the week, lol. Second-highest score this week was 127.86, so I was comfortably ahead of everyone else. I DON'T KNOW HOW THIS IS HAPPENING. But I like it. Anyway, the only players on my team to score single digits was my D (Pats -- but they were close, with 9) and Allen Robinson, who laid an egg yet again. Like, you're supposed to be elite dude, stop sucking. I'm going to sit him this week in favor of Stefon Diggs, who has had two strong games (he was the highest scorer on my team this week, not that it counted)... and done me no good at all, since I had him benched both weeks. You know, of course, that this means Robinson is finally going to breakout and Diggs is going to whimper out of relevance. SIGH. FF is so maddening. (Also, I dropped Travis Benjamin to waivers last week because he had a bad first week outing and I needed the space for a backup QB. Someone else picked him up, and OF COURSE he immediately posts a great game. GRRR.)

Anyway, I'm also going up against a strong opponent in the Yahoo league. He has Cam Newton, Matt Forte, and Seattle D. -.- He also has Theo Riddick, who is on my ESPN team. The ideal scenario for me is if Seattle and Riddick do well, while everyone else on his team sucks. At least with Cam, I have the hope of countering his points with Greg Olsen. If Olsen is Cam's target for many passes and especially TDs, I can partly neutralize Cam's outrageous number of points. They're playing against a pretty great D, though, so we'll see.


Instead of torturing myself by watching the Seahawks vs Rams game, I instead went apple picking!

So many freaking apples. )

Oh my lard

Aug. 29th, 2016 09:50 am
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Got an email from Birchbox today to ask me what my September box preferences are; I now have a lot more clarity on how the customization works. On a monthly basis, you get one of three choices:

1) Total surprise box - You don't know what any of the 5 samples are going to be, but they will tailor it based on your beauty profile.
2) Surprise + 1 box - You get to choose one sample from a selection they give you, and the other 4 will be based on your profile.
3) Know all 5 samples - They tell you what the 5 samples are.

I'm not too crazy about this month's "known" samples, so I'm going to go for the full-surprise box.


I've done something probably crazy, considering how my first experience turned out, but I have 3 more paintings from Afremov coming. I don't know what they look like; it'll be of their choosing. All I know is that they are original paintings.

Here's my thought process: I clearly like his original work more than the recreations, and these were reasonably priced. I specified that I preferred landscapes and flowers over people and music. If I don't like them, I can return them at their cost. So I feel like there's very little risk involved; they clearly pride themselves on their customer service. The worst thing that would happen would be that I would have to get some unwieldy paintings mailed back; since FedEx should be able to pick up, I'm willing to see what comes of this venture.


Football season is around the corner, and that means fantasy football is starting up again, too. I can't even remember how I did last season. I seem to recall that while I didn't win any of my leagues, I also wasn't too terrible. That could alllllll change this season.

Edit: Apparently I actually placed 3rd in one of my leagues! Well, that's exciting.



I have a lard issue. This weekend [personal profile] adelagia went with me to Chef Shop, a local artisan food shop, so that I could pick up some rendered Mangalitsa leaf lard. I'm subscribed to their newsletter, and the latest issue was all about pie baking (mmm). I've actually rendered my own leaf lard before, but it was a long process and it made my house smell like pork for days, everything I used to make it was greasy for a long time, etc. This lard was reasonably priced and high quality, so score!

There was some confusion with the front counter people about the lard -- which one it was, the size, etc. They asked if I was planning to bake that day, and I said no (the lard was frozen solid, so how could I?!), I paid, and we went on our merry way.

Well just now I got a call from the shop, very apologetic, saying that they had given me the wrong lard. They had given me just regular lard, not the Mangalitsa leaf lard, and hoped I hadn't baked my pies yet. I said that I hadn't (thank goodness). The plan now is for me to go pick up the right lard sometime this week, and they said I could keep the lard I had. (On the one hand, I was glad they said this, because for sanitary reasons alone, that should be the case. They would have no way of knowing if I'd kept it at the right temperature, etc., so if they'd taken it back to sell to someone else, I would feel really skeptical of them as a food store operator. On the other hand, I have zero use for regular lard, especially four pounds of it, so I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with it. I feel bad just throwing it out, though.) Also, apparently, they have new pricing on the leaf lard, so I'm actually going to get a credit on my credit card for the difference in price. So, other than the pain of having to go to Seattle twice, it's worked out OK.


I forgot to mention in my LA post that I tried Lyft for the first time! I've added those details now, in case anyone's interested.
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The Seahawks lost in the most frustrating way possible;

My fantasy team is doing that thing AGAIN wherein the person playing against me has players who all do inexplicably well, so that even though my score would beat out just about every other person in the league, I'm still going to lose my matchup;

One of my star WRs (Odell Beckham, Jr.) that is on my team in BOTH leagues looks like he might have a hamstring injury, something that is totally unpredictable in terms of healing and has kept Marshawn Lynch out for two straight games (though part of me wonders if it's on purpose, so that they can work Thomas Rawls into the lineup in preparation for Marshawn leaving/retiring at the end of the season);

Players who I dropped the previous week inevitably have monster games this week;

I slept funny so that now my left shoulder and arm ache like crazy;

The no-knead cinnamon rolls that I made came out waaaaaay too sweet;

I worked Friday night, half of Saturday, and part of today;

Which led to me having to cancel plans with a friend.

So I am going to slather on some Biofreeze, then go to BED, and there may be watching of The Strain, and possibly reading of a guilty pleasure book, and I am NOT going to do my writing assignment. Because all of those things above have combined to kill any creativity I might have had.
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Normally I look forward to Fridays, but this week I was looking forward to Thursday, because today is the pre-screening of The Martian! Wheeeee! Should be fun. We've been told that there will be no snacks provided. Boooo, what sort of ghetto screening is this, amirite? What they should do is give us cold, raw potatoes to eat, just to keep it real (on Mars). ;)


Speaking of eating, my mom and I have been trying to eat at home more often. She really dislikes cooking, and I don't have time to cook, so we end up eating out a LOT, which is both expensive and unhealthy. Anyway, there are some dishes she makes that I always liked as a kid (she does traditional Chinese cooking, usually), and since I'm a more adventurous cook than she is, there are some dishes I've made that she's never attempted. I really liked what we had last night! More deets. )


My piano finally arrived! Can't remember if I said that already. Anyway, here's a picture of it sitting in the basement: )

I hope it's going to be okay there once winter hits... so cold and damp. :/ In a couple of weeks, after it's had time to acclimate, a piano technician is coming out to tune it. It probably also needs a good cleaning, which I'm hoping he'll be able to do at the same time. I thought about putting it off until I moved to a new house, but who knows when that'll be. And I'd like to tinker around on it, but am a little afraid of playing it right now given all the delicate parts and knowing there's prob a ton of dust and crap on the inside. So might as well just get it tuned/cleaned and do it again later when/if I move.


I have run into another snag with the story I'm working on. It's not necessarily a bad snag, but... Let me explain. )


Subject line: Jake Peralta to Amy Santiago in Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x01
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How does time pass so quickly? I swear I just updated this thing!


One thing is that I'm feeling very run down. I thought I might be coming down with something, but I think it's that I don't get enough sleep, and what I do get isn't very restful. My dog often wakes me up at odd times during the night, my mom gets up way earlier than I do, I like sleeping late, etc.


A few days ago, my internet went out. This happens from time to time, and usually hard cycling the thing does the trick. Or it's a broad outage, and there's nothing to do but wait for Comcast to fix it. This time, they couldn't reach my line remotely, and there were no outages reported, so they scheduled a technician to come out and take a look. My appointment was for noon-2 on Saturday. For two whole days, I lived without internet. [profile] jade_okelani suggested that wild animals might have been the cause, and I replied that yeah, and now they were making me live like one. -.- At 11 a.m. on Saturday -- no joke -- the internet mysteriously came back. WTF? No idea what happened. I canceled the technician, half convinced that at 12:01 p.m. it would go out again. Thankfully, it's been on ever since, but as I have no idea what caused it to go out in the first place, I will have no recourse the next time it happens except to complain to Comcast again. I've been hearing about a lot of people switching from Comcast to something else, but I'm resistant to doing it myself unless something really pisses me off, because I think I'm grandfathered in on some internet plan that they don't offer anymore. My internet bill is significantly lower than what I've heard others having (though granted I only have very basic cable).


Since it's been awhile since my last update, two more football weeks have come and gone. The Seahawks lost to the Packers, which I expected but was still disappointing. Then they shut out the Bears, but the Bears are super terrible so it's actually concerning to me that we couldn't put it away early. I have no idea how the rest of the season is going to go.

In terms of Fantasy Football, things are not looking great this week. I've lost all 3 of my ESPN league matchups, which is annoying because it's like I'm benching the wrong players every week. It's such a crapshoot! I get FF advice from SB Nation, but I'm starting to think that I'd do better just eeny-meeny-miney-moe-ing it. I'm doing better in my Yahoo league -- in fact, I'm pretty proud of the fact that after 2 weeks of play, I am in first place (as the only girl and only non-doctor/engineer!). However, my lineup this week killed me. Why did they declare Chris Ivory eligible if they weren't going to play him?? Why couldn't Eli get OBJ the ball? Why did all my starting RBs suck so much?? Right now I'm ahead of my matchup opponent, but tonight he has two players playing -- including Aaron Rodgers -- so I fully expect him to pull ahead and deliver my first loss of the season. :(


I finally finished The Martian. I really liked it, though I thought it ended rather abruptly. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the movie is going to do "the next scene" after the last scene in the book. The voice actually reminds me of Tim Urban of Wait But Why, author of the article about the Fermi Paradox that I loved so much. I'm going to get to see the movie on Thursday at a special pre-screening, because of something I did at work. Woohoo!


Made zucchini bread this weekend but it was disappointing. :/ The zucchini bread I'm used to having in restaurants is really dark and moist. This recipe, which had such high ratings, delivered a zucchini bread that was light tan in color and nowhere near as flavorful.


Finally finished The Vampire Diaries season 6, so I should be all caught up now. Spoilers. )


Has anyone heard of the band Right the Stars? I think I heard about them from one of those self-published YA books, and I really like two of their songs. But I couldn't find any of their stuff in the usual places, and they don't even have a Wikipedia page. WTF?? And they have 3 albums out! I finally had to buy their CDs from Amazon. What strange thing is this, that I actually have to buy physical CDs to listen to music? (Okay, they're on iTunes, but it was actually cheaper to get the CDs.)


Jade and I watched Need for Speed last night. Her first time, not mine. It's not a good movie, but it's definitely guilty pleasure, and as she said, "It's so close to being good!" :)) Love Aaron Paul, and I actually really like the ship in the movie. Dakota Johnson is in it, though at the time that I first saw the movie, I had no idea who she was or what she had been cast to play. I just thought she was a random actress with a "charming" gap in her teeth. Also Rami Malek is in it. He even smiles! Weird. Also we see his butt.


In going through old LJ posts, I noticed that I used a lot of quotes in my subject lines that I didn't ID, which drives present!me crazy, because it sounds so familiar and yet I can't place it. I've decided that whenever I use a quote in a subject line from now on, I'm going to ID it in the post. That's all; carry on.

"They're really blue" -- Jules to Tobey (about his eyes) in Need for Speed
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I won my Yahoo FF matchup, but I didn't get the high score for the week. I was seriously bummed about that. It was in the bag until the final Monday night game, and it would figure that it would be the 49ers who screwed me. Carlos Hyde got freakin' 30+ points!!! That elevated some other guy to the top of the point totals, while I got second. GRRRR. In prime fantasy football drama, that guy and I are matched up next week, so that's exciting.


Finished season 1 of iZombie. This show makes me so frustrated. It's fun to watch, and I like (most of) the characters, but it doesn't get my blood going. I don't support any particular ship, and none of the plot stuff that happens makes me feel like I'm dying to know what happens next. Spoilers. )


My next cooking project is going to be a chocolate souffle. I need to get some appropriately sized ramekins first! I am such a level 7 suggestible... even if I'm the one who suggests it. I wrote a scene in which the hero and heroine order chocolate souffles at a fancy restaurant, and suddenly I was looking up videos on YouTube. Sigh. The best chocolate souffle I've ever had was at this French restaurant [profile] jade_okelani and I went to a couple of times. It was hideously expensive, but the food was sooooooooooo good.

I really need to find some friends who are into gourmet cooking. (I know, it's sad, so many of my lamentations are about how I need more friends.) All my friends are like, "What? I have to boil water for that? Too much trouble." OK, maybe not that bad, but they're not... cookers. I need cooker friends! :))))))

I feel very envious of my manager whenever he does this dinner thing with his friends, where they all prepare gourmet dishes. A sampling from their dinner this weekend:

- Shigoku oysters with Sevruga caviar and dashi
- Garden velouté with king crab, deep fried squash blossoms and mustard cream
- l'Arpège farm egg (served in the shell - egg yolk, sherry cream, minced ginger, barrel-aged maple syrup)
- Seared foie gras with compressed preserved strawberries, cumin caramel, black pepper papadam
- seared halibut with spicy eggplant, peas and potatoes, feta cream, pine nut vinaigrette, pickled raisins
- Rouelle of poulard wrapped in Swiss chard, with bacon and prunes
- Candy cap mushroom ice cream with pine nut pudding, cocoa sweet potato chips, maple gel and a beignet

I mean, obviously a ton of work and expense goes into these annual dinners, but for the right crowd, that's part of the fun/excitement of doing it! You know, for people who like to cook. (I always think of cooking as being like a science experiment, and I've always enjoyed chemistry. I bet Potions would have been my favorite class at Hogwarts.)


Look out, I'm doing a Rory/Logan compilation. It makes me angry all over again, what they did to that ship. But also happy to see them. Fanfic will fix all this.

Finished S5, now about a quarter of the way in to S6.
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I'm now in two paying fantasy football leagues. A guy from the first league asked if anyone was interested in participating in his league on Yahoo (which I did for fun last year), so I was like, why the hell not. He made league-wide introductions today, and it turns out that I'm not only the only girl, but am the only non-doctor/engineer! Ha! Fantasy football: underrated method to meet eligible bachelors. Okay, not really. I have no idea how old any of them are, how attractive any of them are, or even if any of them are bachelors. The draft for this league is tomorrow.

For the first (ESPN) league, our draft was last week, and I did okay, assuming my players perform up to expectations. I didn't get any Seahawks for many rounds. I chose Andrew Luck over Russell Wilson (because Luck passes all day long!), and from there on, all the Seahawks (including D/ST) I wanted at certain times got chosen before my turn came around again. However, I did select Tyler Lockett toward the end, as a potential explosion player (and of course, no one else would know who he was), and took a flyer on Fred Jackson, just in case he actually signed with Seattle. And a couple of days later, he did! So I have two Seattle players. I also did something kinda risky. A couple weeks back, I read an article that claimed running backs were overvalued, so to not even pick them until the later rounds. When Marshawn Lynch was selected before my first pick, I decided to give the strategy a try. And all the other top backs were taken almost immediately, so I didn't select a running back until waaaaay down the list. I have no idea if this strategy is going to bite me in the ass. I think for my Yahoo league I will go the more traditional route.

Meanwhile, I found the recipe for Lola's tzatziki (my mom's favorite spread) at Tom Douglas's blog, so I decided to give it a shot. I am REALLY happy with the results. It's not exactly like Lola's, but it's just as good, if not better. It's chunkier than what they serve in the restaurant; not sure if they're skimping or if I used more cucumber than I'm supposed to, but the directions aren't exactly 100% clear. Anyway, it doesn't matter. It's delicious. There's nothing like fresh tzatziki! Recipe and notes. )
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[personal profile] adelagia and I saw The Maze Runner today. Actually, it was my second time, and she really, really had to twist my arm to make me see Dylan O'Brien again (NOT). It's really nice to be able to see Dylan in a lead role. Up until now, he's mostly been a secondary character in the things I've seen him in, and he's so talented (and hot) that he really deserves to play a character who carries the plot. It's the one big failing of Teen Wolf (though there are many). They're not stupid and are trying to get him more involved in the plotlines, but the fact is still that the show is called Teen Wolf, not Friend of Teen Wolf (though really that's what it should be).

I digress. I thought it was a really good adaptation of the book. The book always seemed to plod along a bit, and while reading I felt that it would make a better movie than book -- and I was right! They were able to get to the meat while cutting the stuff that dragged, and any changes they made (minor from what I remember) weren't egregious. It isn't like the Harry Potter adaptations, in which huge chunks of awesome things are cut in the name of expediency. I'm actually looking forward to the second movie quite a bit. I'd like to see if they're able to improve upon the story, because the second and third novels were huge disappointments to me. In fact, my enjoyment trajectory was not unlike what I felt about The Hunger Games trilogy, and for a similar reason. Spoilers. )

The one big issue that I had with the movie and the books is this: Spoilers. )


I have found a new fictional hero that I adore from the young adult genre: Jay Heaton from Kimberly Derting's "The Body Finder" series. He's mega lovable in the mold of good boys such as Michael Moscovitz, Harry Potter, Pacey Witter, Stiles Stilinski, etc.

There are four books in the series, and I've read the first two. I can already tell that I won't like the next two as much, but I'm still planning to read them.

Here's the summary of the first book:

Violet Ambrose is grappling with two major issues: Jay Heaton and her morbid secret ability. While the sixteen-year-old is confused by her new feelings for her best friend since childhood, she is more disturbed by her "power" to sense dead bodies — or at least those that have been murdered. Since she was a little girl, she has felt the echoes that the dead leave behind in the world... and the imprints that attach to their killers.

Violet has never considered her strange talent to be a gift; it mostly just led her to find the dead birds her cat had tired of playing with. But now that a serial killer has begun terrorizing her small town, and the echoes of the local girls he's claimed haunt her daily, she realizes she might be the only person who can stop him.

Despite the focus of the summary being on the supernatural element, I'd say the book is a very satisfying 50/50 on the romance and plot, one complementing the other really well. Most supernatural YAs don't balance it very well, mainly because most supernatural YAs are based on plots that aren't incredibly complex nor interesting, but the author forces the issue. With The Body Finder, both the plot and the romance are given Goldilocks amounts of focus. I really loved it.

I can already tell, however, that the further the series goes, the more she's going to be focusing on plot, and having to throw wrenches (such as triangles) into the mix, in order to "keep things interesting," and I just have no interest in such things after I've gotten my HEA. So, who knows how long it'll take me to get around to finishing the series? IMHO you can read the first one or two and stop there, since they stand alone.


I've also read The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith, JKR's pseudonym. I really enjoyed it! She really has a talent for world building, and writing in a way that sucks you in immediately. In very few words, she can get you interested/invested in a character and the story she's telling. That's her magic.


Have you ever heard of Sakura shrimp? I had it recently at Looking for Chai (stir fried with cabbage), and it was delicious. Most of the stuff on the internet is about it being a pet/part of an aquarium. In Chinese I guess it's called "shrimp skin," which is why it took forever for me to even get what the waitress was talking about when I asked what exactly Sakura shrimp was. At 99 Ranch I found little shrimp in packages that my mom said read "shrimp skin" in Chinese, and they went for $3-4. I found REAL Sakura shrimp from Japan today at Uwajimaya, and 0.40 ounces cost $10.99. O.o Now I'm not convinced that the restaurant actually served real Sakura shrimp; they were fairly generous with it, and the dish itself cost $10.95 (at the time, I thought this was kind of pricey for cabbage + little shrimp). I'll have to get it again to do a comparison.
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Practicing my gif making and using gfycat. Here's a gadget play that the Seahawks ran during last season's game against the Atlanta Falcons.

3 GIFs )

Aaaaand here's a GIF of my cat Jaime eating grass, why not. (Edit: I was going to try out how to use gfycat video instead, because that would reduce the size by a ton... but I have no idea how to make it work with LJ/DW. So I'll just put it behind a cut.)

Kitty eating grass! )

I made a drink that I've been wanting to try ever since reading about it in A Song of Ice and Fire. :D A lot of people complain about how much GRRM focuses on food description; personally, it's part of why I love the series so much! :)) Anyway, iirc, in the first book Pycelle offers Ned some "iced milk sweetened with honey." Someone, maybe it was Jade, remarked that that sounded disgusting. I actually felt the opposite when I read it again not too long ago. I thought it sounded really nice and refreshing.

Now, I have to admit that I'm one of those people who used to find the idea of ice in milk strange and a little off-putting; I don't know why. Then a few years ago I was down in SoCal, and all the young 20somethings were all about Half and Half Express, a bubble tea chain down there (you can see their extremely extensive drink menu here). I'm also one of those weird people who haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaated bubble tea, finding the boba disruptive to my drinking enjoyment. However, this place's hot honey boba was really good, and my favorite drink to get there was the iced milk drink with pudding and honey boba. That made me realize that my prejudice against iced milk was possibly unfounded.

Initially when I thought about making this simple drink, I figured I would have to heat the milk, in order to dissolve the honey completely... but I didn't like the idea of doing that because milk tastes different once it's been cooked, and not in a way I like. So because of that, and because I'm lazy, I decided to try just mixing honey with cold milk. The honey was very thin because it's been warm here lately. (If my honey had gotten crystallized I'd probably have microwaved it to turn it to liquid first.) It dissolved in the cold milk surprisingly well. I added ice and viola!

Long story short... IT WAS DELICIOUS. I used 2% milk, but it tasted so incredibly rich that I felt like I was indulging in some super decadent drink. Definitely would make again. ;)
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Last night I made ganjang-gejang, a Korean dish of raw, marinated crab. I've been thinking about it all day and how I can't wait to eat it, but it needs to marinate at least 24 hours, so I probably won't get to until lunch tomorrow. I had it for the first time last week at a Korean restaurant; it was so good that I had to find out how to make it myself, since it's a little pricey. Normally I don't have any use for Chesapeake/blue crab, as I much prefer the meatier Dungeness, but now I do!

I'm a crab fiend. I love everything about crab, from its succulent meat to its flavorful tomalley (as an aside, can I say that I have wondered for years what the heck that is called in culinary terms? I never liked or bought into any of the other terms that I was able to find online, such as "butter").

Apparently in Korean this dish is known as a "rice thief," because before you know it, it's all gone! :D

While I was at the market, I also couldn't resist when I saw that they had live sea urchin (in sushi terms, uni) for sale. Bought a purplish one that I hoped would be really good (last time I bought live sea urchin, the "tongues" were huge and thick, but didn't taste very good)... AND IT WAS. There were 5 normal-sized tongues, and they were absolutely delicious. I used to be very intimidated by the idea of retrieving uni from a sea urchin -- but it's so easy! Well worth the cost, given how expensive uni is in sushi restaurants, though there is a risk of losing your investment if you don't select the right one.

In Seahawks-related news, we still don't know what the final 53-man roster is. -.- They're taking their sweet time in releasing the information. I was super bummed that they released Kiero Small; I had a soft spot for him, and hope he's able to land on the practice squad. Not too crazy about the fact that we traded for Marcus Burley, costing us a 2015 6th-round pick, but I guess I should trust that they know more than me what they're doing. :P That said, I thought the Terrelle Pryor trade was a waste as well, and I ended up being right about that!

Aaaaand of course as soon as I wrote the above, the final roster cuts were posted. None of it is surprising at all except for Phil Bates over Bryan Walters. Bates was unimpressive to me in the preseason games, while Walters... well, I'll admit that the first thing I said when he fumbled in the Raiders game was "cut him," but after that he showed some mettle when he then played very well, proving that he didn't let the mistake get to him. That's important, imho, because that kind of crap is going to happen. Oh well.


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