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All right so, I have to say, I am really enjoying Answer Me 1994 now. Jade and I just finished episode... 8, I want to say? I'm just enjoying the show all up more, meaning I really like all the characters' interactions with one another. It's kind of nice to watch a show where I'm not obsessed with any pairing, which means I can enjoy it on a different level, without the exhausting shipping. :))) SWDBS is taking up all the energy I have on that front. :)) Spoilers. )

I have seen the BEST interview ever between Park Bo-young and Song Joong-ki, from when they made A Werewolf Boy. (Good movie right up until the last 15 minutes, which is maddening.) Even though I kinda sorta ship PBY with Hyungsik because of SWDBS (he is just SO CUTE/FLIRTY with her in all the behind the scenes videos they've released!), seeing that interview really put me on the fence. They are so adorable together, and Joong-ki is one of those guys who has a totally irresistible sense of humor! It comes across in his acting, which I think is why I love him so much. They even got together again last year to do a plug -- of their own accord -- of the latest movie from the director of AWB. Anyway, PYB calls SJK "oppa" in the interview, which made me think about the fact that she seems older than Hyungsik, to the point where I couldn't actually imagine her calling him oppa. So I looked up their ages, and she's almost two years older than him, which I think they're preserving for the show (her being his noona, I mean, not the exact age diff). Anyway, I'm going to try and gif that PBY/SJK interview, but not sure how successful I'll be, because I couldn't find an HD version of it, boohoo.


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