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Very happy birthday wishes to [profile] jade_okelani. <3

I am very happy with my Tumblr queue at the moment. :D Bwahahaha

So suddenly [personal profile] adelagia and I are terrible at Pandemic. We don't know what's happened. Possibly it is just the Pandemic gods punishing us for our hubris. We got really good at it, even trying Legendary mode after 5 and 6 epidemics seemed like child's play. But the last few times we've played, we have sucked. We must have played 20 games without A SINGLE WIN. We had various role combos, some good, some bad. They all resulted in us letting the world succumb to horrible disease. We always played with purple and 6 epidemics. We refuse to go back to 5 for an 'easy' win, but 6 is totally owning us. :/ I refuse to believe that all the times we won before was a fluke!!

Last weekend T., [personal profile] slitherhither and I met up for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, then we went to see THE AVENGERS!!!! It was B.'s first time (and my seventh >.>), so that was awesome. Later we asked which of the guys she liked most, and she totally went against type (androgynous and thin) and picked Thor! Just goes to show, Chris Hemsworth is completely irresistible.

So I read this fanfic that started out very promising, but petered out by the middle for me. It was a Sherlock xover, and had John Watson taking over for Coulson in the Avengers handling department. I freaking love Watson/Martin Freeman, but I had several issues with the story as it progressed. Cutting in case of spoilers for the show/fic/etc. )

Celebrity quotes that have made me laugh recently:

- When asked if older sister Maggie ever beat him up, Jake Gyllenhaal responded, "Depends on what you call beating up. She performed the musical Cats for our parents, and she made me lick milk from a bowl while she sang, which was, in a way, abuse."

- Joshua Jackson on A Song of Ice and Fire: "I've got a slightly obsessive problem in that when I get into books, particularly a series of books, I cannot put the fucking things down. Nobody told me that the story is not done yet and that he takes, like, seven years between books. Last summer I plowed through something like 9,000 pages of A Game of Thrones and I finally started saying, 'Wow, that's weird. I don’t feel like there's an end coming.' I got to the end and my friend said, 'Oh no, it'll be like ten more years.' I grabbed him by the shirt, pulled him close and said, 'What?!! I will have kids in high school by the time these things are finished!'"

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Hmm I thought it was less than a week since my last post but apparently I was wrong. >.> TUMBLR HAS EATEN MY LIFE. I can't even be sorry about it. I'm dazzled by all the pretty pictures there. I start to write, but then after a sentence or two I just go to my dash and refresh. >< And depending on what's there, I then totally get sucked in. Apparently I just need the internet taken away from me if I want to get any writing done, because I have no willpower to speak of.

I'm also running on very little sleep. I did it while Jade was here, but that's because we were packing our days with FUN things. Now I'm getting up super early because of work, even though I don't go to bed until like 1am. The other night I went to bed after *2*, because I was watching GoT S2 w/ Jade and we went off on a big random tangent afterward. I really just want to find the nearest bed and sleep for aaaaaaaaaages. But speaking of GoT, I realized that I never talked about the S2 finale. I'm sure you all have been dying to know what I thought of it... not. But I'm a completist, and one day I might want to know what I initially thought, and will be annoyed with myself if I don't do it, so here we go. Spoilers for GoT 2x10 'Valar Morghulis.' )

OK, and the following is for [profile] dearnana. She wanted to know exactly what Jade and I ate at all the places we went to during Jade's visit, so heeeeeeeeeere it all is!! We don't overeat. Why do you ask? )


Yesterday I hung out with J. We took a little walk (omg at how out of shape I am, it's seriously sad), then watched Moonrise Kingdom (which I only saw because she SO wanted to see it, and also because Bruce Willis and Edward Norton were in it -- otherwise I never would have, because I generally can't stand Wes Anderson movies. I hated Rushmore and actually walked out of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. MK was ok), then had dinner at El Camion, which I think is the Mexican food truck that [personal profile] slitherhither told me about ages ago and I've been wanting to try. It was DELICIOUS. I had the pollo verde tamale, two tacos lenguas, and one taco carne asada. You guys, I've had a revelation about tamales. I've always hated them growing up, because they were always, without fail, dry and disgusting. For the first time ever, I had a tamale I enjoyed when in Chicago, at one of Rick Bayless's restaurants. It was moist and wonderful, and I realized that that's how they're supposed to be. I had another good one at a Salvadorean place near Crossroads, and now from El Camion. So now I love tamales, but they have to be done properly. Because when they're dry and wrong... ugh, they're terrible. And [personal profile] adelagia, the tacos lenguas were REALLY good, the chunks of tongue were cut really big and tender. Mmmmmm. I really regretted getting the carne asada one, lol.

What a boring update. Sorry I don't have more interesting things going on. Why don't I top it all off by saying that I am still waiting for @#%@ing summer to start in Seattle. It's &#&@ing JULY already! Right now it's &#!@ing 59 @#$&ing degrees. <caps>$@*$</cap>

A few things from Tumblr that I want to share, that's not my usual Clint/Natasha squeeage:

- "Clint" flips off Loki - very well done animated .gif that totally always makes me grin

- Some pretty awesome artwork of the Avengers if they were Death Knights (from WoW). At least, according to me, not the artist. But that's what they look like!!

- This is a drawing -- that's right, DRAWING -- of Hawkeye that someone did, with some artistic "Loki blue" flowing out of his eyes. Seriously, it's so realistic it looks like a manip'ed photo.

- And a non-Avengers rec: An excellent, excellent essay titled "In defense of Sansa Stark." Sansa haters to the left. I didn't start out liking Sansa, it just gradually happened as the series went on, and I don't know if it's as easy to like her if you only watch the show, but this essay articulates much better than I could why she's just as much a kickass heroine as the other kickass heroines in the series.

Also, this is old news by now, but I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that I am SO JEALOUS OF UK SUBSCRIBERS OF EMPIRE MAGAZINE, who get this subscriber-only cover of the August issue. I NEED THIS. )

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I am slowly surfacing from my Clint/Natasha coma, by which I mean I am able to once again do things and be interested in stuff that doesn't involve them. I still mostly want to spend all my time with them, but at least it's not an exclusive relationship anymore. *snicker*

I did watch GoT 2x8 'The Prince of Winterfell,' but I barely remember anything about it, other than that it's probably the last time I'll see one of my favorite characters. :/ My lack of memory is partly due to the BlackHawk haze, and partly due to the fact that I had a really bad tummy ache when I watched it. That, my friends, is the price of gluttony. I seriously thought I might have to go to the emergency room. The only thing that stopped me was the idea of telling people that I had done it to myself by eating too much. >< Cutting the shameful story, might be kinda TMI. )

I also finished The Good Wife, season 3. TGW is one of those shows that I shouldn't like. It's on CBS, which is like, the most boring network ever, it's a procedural, and it stars Julianna Margulies, who I don't particularly care for (and never have, even on ER). And yet. It is a REALLY good show. The case-of-the-week plots of the weekly eps are almost always interesting and well written, while advancing the non-case-based plots, and it's well acted. It helps that I love both Josh Charles and Matt Czuchry, but they're honestly not the defining reason why I like the show. The only other person I know who watches TGW is [profile] corianderstem, which is weird considering it has like 10 million viewers (if only so many people could have been cool enough to watch Community). Anyway... my thoughts on The Good Wife S3. )

Oh, and of course the Other TV Thing I had to shoulder this past week... Dan Harmon being fired as showrunner of Community. The first thing I did was scream and rage and call both NBC and Sony a bunch of frickin idiots. The second thing I did was very similar to the first thing. The third thing I did was feel glad that there's at least going to be a final 12 episodes at all. Here's the thing. I feel strongly that when you take a smart, funny show that appeals to a small, select group of people because they all share in and appreciate that kind of humor, to then remove the guy who brought that vision to life, in order to make it more "broadly appealing," all you're going to do is ruin what it is, alienate existing fans, and not succeed ANYway, especially if you also combine it with moving the show to Friday evenings. But whatever. They have their reasoning, and Vulture has been able to lay some of those reasons out objectively in these two articles. Because I am a reasonable person, and because it seems they're trying to retain some of the writers (like Megan Ganz), I can now see where the other side is coming from, and I will give S4 a chance. I want it to succeed. But I pretty much think that by getting rid of Dan they're changing what the show is, and I just don't know if I would enjoy Community-lite. I do hope they prove me wrong -- but again, even if the show maintains its quality and awesomeness, they're not helping it with its current slot, so in that way they're dooming it ANYway. In which case, they might as well have either canceled the show outright or brought Dan back to run the final 12 eps.

And because this would not be my LJ if I didn't include some Clint/Natasha prettiness, here we go:

From here.
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They aired the last 3 eps of S3 of Community all in a row last night. >< WHY DO THEY HATE THIS BRILLIANT SHOW. No one ever watches the good comedies, which means shows like Community and Arrested Development get undeservedly short runs. It makes me sad. Spoilery comments through S3. )

I had a FANTASTIC dining experience with K. on Wed night. She was invited awhile back, after being noticed at Tom Douglas's restaurants a lot, to join this special mailing list for VIP customers. Occasionally she gets invited to special events. Wed it was "Thai night" with guest chef Joseba de Jimenez (who used to own Harvest Vine). Cut for length. )

And finally, I bring you... The Avengers fanwork recs! I keep meaning to do this, but then another day passes and I consume more fanworks, so the list just keeps growing and it's getting overwhelming. Since not everything is on LJ, this is a good way for me to keep track of my favorites. This is a compilation of stuff I've found that I enjoyed, as well as recs from others.

Avengers recs! Clicky this way. )

Wow, that was so fun. More to come, I'm sure.

Totally random cuz I just saw it on Tumblr: Look how cute Emilia Clarke is as a natural brunette!! I didn't recognize her at first! )
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Spring has arrived at last! I am LOVING the long, warm days. What I don't love so much? THE DAMN BIRDS. They're constantly trying to break into my house! Pecking at the chimney stack super early in the morning, setting Talis off, which wakes me from a sound sleep, and also they're trying to get into the attic. I hope those bird repellers I had installed hold out... I hated hearing the birds scuffling around in there in the mornings.

Had a fabulous weekend that consisted of meals and Pandemic with [personal profile] adelagia (though we did not win a SINGLE game). We had a great lunch at Boiling Point and a pretty darn good dinner at Rikki Rikki. It's amazing we didn't choke on our food because we started quoting Jimmy Fallon's "Downton Sixbey," and much hilarity ensued. Then there was Tilth brunch on Sunday with K. and her fam, and I'll admit right now that despite being family, being around those small children is very, very challenging for me. I'm just not a kid person. At all.

I've also been learning how to make fabulous beef roasts. I've been pretty happy with the results I've gotten so far, though I have yet to get a perfect medium rare -- that is my ultimate goal. And tonight is The Avengers with K.! We already have our tickets and everything.

Plus there is Game of Thrones. [profile] jade_okelani has now watched the first 3 episodes! Wheeeeeeee! She hates Sansa, but that's no surprise. Everyone hates Sansa at first. You'd be kind of weird if you didn't. After awhile, though, that forks into people who hate Sansa and people who love Sansa. I fall into the latter camp.

Game of Thrones 2x7 'A Man Without Honor' spoilers. )
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GAME OF THRONES. OMG. How great was last night's episode?! Vanessa Taylor, you are my new Jane Espen! GoT 2x6 'The Old Gods and the New' spoilerrrrrssss )

Meanwhile, [profile] jade_okelani and I are nearly caught up on The Vampire Diaries. Spoilers through 3x18 'Heart of Darkness' )

Had brunch this weekend with some local UCLA alumni. I only went because I felt I owed it to the organizer, H., who I met a year+ ago at a Dinner for 12 Strangers. But I ended up having fun. I always seem to dread these things, but then end up having a better time than I think I will. We ate at Emmer & Rye, which I was not impressed by at ALL. We all ended up having to season our own food with condiments, which would NEVER happen at Tilth. I'm so never going back there. The neighborhood was cute, though. Anyway, ended up talking ASoIAF with a copule of the girls and now we MAY be starting a book club. I've always wanted to be in a real book club! Though initially all we may end up doing is talking about ASoIAF, trading theories and what not. The problem with this is that I am so convinced that I am right about my own theories, I'll just be like, how can you not see how wrong you are? :))
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I have a bag of roasted plantain chips (recommended by [personal profile] adelagia -- they are DELICIOUS) by my elbow and I'm ready to talk TV.

I've finally finished The Wire. What a great, great show. I will definitely miss it, but in some ways it's a relief that it's over. It's hard to care about so many characters and then have terrible things happen to them. >.>

Spoilery spoilers covering the series. )

Game of Thrones 2x4 'The Ghost of Harrenhal' + book spoilers )

After finishing S1 of American Horror Story, I had no desire to watch S2. And yet I've just read an article talking about the next season, the fact that it's going to be focused on Jessica Lange (the best part of S1), the fact that many of the cast LIKE JL are actually returning, but in whole new roles... it's kind of intriguing.
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Hello LJ chums! I find myself in a very good mood because it's FRIDAY and I'm looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow [personal profile] adelagia and I are going to Boiling Point, and then there will be gameage. Last week we ROCKED the game of Pandemic that we played. That's right, we saved the whole world from disease and no one even realized it... it's like we're real superheroes.

I lost to the esteemed [profile] carrie_leigh in the last round of the Hump Bracket Challenge, so here are the drabbles I wrote. It was really fun to participate, and I got to stretch a bit and practice writing outside my comfort zone. Great experience.

Round One: 'Keeping Promises' | Marcus Flint, Katie Bell, Draco Malfoy, Adrian Pucey | PG-13 )

Round Two: 'More Than This' | Pansy Parkinson, Draco Malfoy, Ginny Weasley, Seamus Finnigan | NC-17 )

For the third round, I actually have three drabbles to share with you. >.> The first is the one I actually submitted. The second is the one I wrote first. And the third is the one I wrote second. Clear as mud? See, what happened is that the first drabble I wrote, [profile] jade_okelani and I both had qualms about whether it really spoke to the prompt I was given. So then I wrote another one. I sent it over to Jade to beta almost at exactly the same time that she sent me her story to beta, which which I resisted reading until I'd finished my story. The second I started reading her story my heart sank -- WE HAD CHOSEN THE EXACT SAME PAIRING! And not only that, approached it in a nearly identical way. Guys, for the most part it's great to share a brain with someone, but at times it can be a trial. :)) So it was back to the drawing board once more, to write the story I actually submitted. There's no reason for me to hold any of them back, so here's all three of them. :P

Round Three (submitted): 'Just Once' | Sirius Black, Lily Evans | PG-13 )

Round Three: 'Fueling the Flames' | Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley | NC-17 )

Round Three: 'He Remembers' | Severus Snape, Lily Evans | PG-13 )

I finally watched the last episode of S4 of The Wire. Even though I knew what was coming, I still cried. I didn't even cry when this happened! Though I was still super bummed. I ended up really enjoying the season -- I really liked the kiddie crew. I also watched the first season of S5, and it's always tough at the beginning to get used to a whole new host of characters again.

Every now and then I get a bee in my bonnet about ASoIaF theories, particularly my two favorite: Who are Jon Snow's parents and Who is Azor Ahai? I wish people would update their essays with ADWD text/proof. Le sigh.

This is a "Who are Jon Snow's parents?" essay that I haven't read before. It gets more in depth than this one about all the potential mothers and fathers, but the latter essay provides more actual book references. Both are good reads.

I loved reading this about what exactly happened during Robert's Rebellion. We get our info in such bits and pieces from various characters that it's hard to put together a clear picture of what happened when. This essay provides a great timeline of events.


Have a faboo weekend everyone!
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I HATE WIKIPEDIA. No, I didn't mean it baby, I love you, you know I do. Except why do you have to piss me off and make me say things I don't mean? You bring it on yourself, Wikipedia! Well, I have been spoiled AGAIN for something huge because I was looking up info on actors/characters (which, yes, I should just refrain until I've watched the whole series, but damn it, it's HARD). Major S4 spoiler. )

I stayed up too late so I could watch Game of Thrones. I just took some aspirin for my headache. :( Spoilers for 2x4 'Garden of Bones' )

I've been going a little crazy with fish lately. When I was at Whole Foods the other week I decided to buy some fresh black cod. I LOVE black cod, and it's not easy to find -- I've only ever seen it at H-Mart, and only frozen. So when I saw it fresh at WF I decided to splurge, even though the 1-lb fillet of it cost $25. I also bought 2 small trout at the same time. I smoked the black cod and the trout, but was really unhappy with the way the black cod turned out. It was mushy. I've had black cod plenty of times and it's never been mushy; its texture is silky. I wasn't sure if it was because of my cooking method or if it was the fish itself. I was going to chalk it up to it being my bad, but my mind kept going back to it. What if it wasn't my fault? It was way too expensive a fish to just assume fault on my part! So I decided to go back to WF and talk to them about it. They gave me a full refund and I ended up using the leftover fish to make a really great cream cheese spread. :D

Then this weekend I bought a "yellowtail," which was labeled as "hamachi," but I knew when buying it that it probably wasn't that. There's another fish called yellowtail that's not actually hamachi and that's likely what it was (it did not taste anything like hamachi). It was huge so I ended up broiling it. Wasn't too crazy about this fish at all, but Talis and Jaime both enjoyed it, lol. I'll use them to help with the leftovers. I also got a red tilapia, which I didn't know existed. I steamed it Chinese style, and it was wonderful. I don't know if it was because it was a particularly fresh specimen, or whether red tilapia is always this good. I also got two regular tilapia, which I salted for 24 hours then smoked. After the experience with the black cod I decided to read up more on smoking fish, and it seems that most smoked fish is salted first. (That may have been the problem with the black cod, except I did also smoke those two trout, unsalted, at the same time, and those came out fine.) It turned out well, if a little salty, so now I'll have to see what I can do with it!
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I love all the Sexy and I Know It parodies. First was the Nerdy and I Know It Starcraft video, now there's these Hunger Games "texts." Seriously this new LJ cut sucks. )

Game of Thrones 2x3 'What Is Dead May Never Die' )

Restaurant Week: Tilth )

I'm starting to realize that I really don't need to wait for RW to enjoy these restaurants more often. What generally ends up being the case is that we basically get the dessert for free... yet the desserts are often the weakest part of the whole meal (with the exception of Mistral Kitchen and maybe the Tom Douglas restaurants). I'd almost always rather have another savory course.

I just found out that ordering an entire case of Head Country BBQ sauce was totally unnecessary. It turns out that the butcher I occasionally go to carries it. >< SIGH. I wonder if there's any chance at all they'd take it off my hands and I could get meat in exchange. Hmm.
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I FIXED MY WATER HEATER! Yay. I found the breaker panel (it was in the garage) and it wasn't super well labeled so it took me two attempts, but I found the right ones for the water heater. The switch wasn't actually in the "off" position, so I was a little afraid that that wasn't the answer, but as soon as I flipped it back and forth, I saw the little light on the heater's control panel go on. There was a small moment of panic when, checking it again after 15 minutes to make sure it was still on, it was instead giving one blink, meaning that there was a start-up failure. So I flipped the breaker back and forth again but had to run off to dinner with [personal profile] slitherhither so couldn't wait around to see if it had really taken the second time. When I got home, it was blinking. I finally had to pull out the owner's manual and figure out that I actually needed to reset it (consisting of changing from one mode to another). And after that it was all good! I woke this morning and was able to take a hot shower, yay!

So dinner last night was at Lark and had a blast with B. Good convo, good food, it's nice to be an adult. I'd been to Lark once before and it was good, but last night was better than my first experience. What we ate. )

Lunatix Loop, the Matt Leacock game I bought from that guy in the UK, arrived the other day. Yay! Sadly I didn't do a lot of research on it beforehand, and it turns out that it's a 4-player game. >< BUT the cool thing is that our little group will have one more player come June... because that is when [profile] jade_okelani is visiting! Eeeeeeee! She's purchased her tickets and everything. I'm trying to plan out our itinerary -- because I'm like that -- and there's just NOT ENOUGH TIME to do everything. She's only going to be here 7 days, and there are a number of things we've planned that are immovable (such as seeing American Idiot, which is going to be here during that time! Actually that helped us narrow the dates), and so very many things we'd like to do. So that's exciting.

Nearly forgot. I wanted to share my favorite buttermilk biscuits recipe with you guys. I know, I know, everyone has their own favorite recipe for buttermilk biscuits, but I swear this is the best! Mile-high biscuits. )

And finally -- Game of Thrones renewed for season 3! Not that there was really any doubt. As expected they're going to split ASoS into two seasons. [personal profile] grrm has already said which episode he's going to write in S3. And he still thinks he can finish the book series before the the TV show catches up with the current published text? HA. The producers also confirm that, as I theorized, they're planning to deal with AFFC and ADWD as "one" text, since they deal with parallel events.
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I think I'm getting the hang of Tumblr. It's, as [personal profile] akscully says, a "superficial way to interact with fandom." I can't imagine building friendships or having meaningful conversations over there the way you can on LJ, but it's a great way to consume and share amusing things. Two GoT 'The Night Lands' examples. )

I'm such a loser that I didn't step foot outside my house all day yesterday, so I didn't even know that it had reached 70°F. !!! But I'm not going to let Seattle fool me this year, as it has every spring. There are a couple of warm days and I think, "Yay, spring is really here!" forgetting that spring does not come to Seattle until July. In ASoIaF terms, THIS IS THE TIME OF THE FALSE SPRING. It'll get us all excited then turn into winter again. -.- Mark my words.

The reason I was such a shut-in yesterday was because a) I was mainlining The Wire; and b) making delicious things to eat, like the Best Biscuits Ever and a veggie burrito that's so good, I don't even notice or care that there's no meat in it.

OK, The Wire. IT'S SO GOOD. I mean, that should come as no surprise, because every critic ever says that it's a great show, but after The Sopranos I'm a bit wary of such claims. Not that The Sopranos isn't a good show, but after watching 4+ seasons of it I didn't feel like it was the best show that's ever been on television, which is something that's commonly said. It's also said of The Wire, but while Breaking Bad still has my vote on that score, I can at least understand why people say that of The Wire. It's just so fucking real, and has heart, and tells a good damn story. It's inspirational at the same time that it successfully conveys the gray areas of life. I like the characters, even the bad ones, because I can understand where they're coming from. That is totally juxtaposed with the characters on The Sopranos, who I pretty much hated all the time. They all seemed like selfish assholes, whereas The Wire's characters are about living the life you've been given or have chosen, but it's real life and you do what you have to to survive. I guess that's supposed to be what The Sopranos is about too, but it's just different.

Slightly spoilery thoughts from S1. )

I also watched a British movie called Exam, which had a fantastic premise but didn't actually deliver on it. I had many issues while watching it (though it was entertaining enough), and even more after talking about it with [profile] jade_okelani. Premise: The film is set in present-time United Kingdom in an alternate history, where a disease called The Virus has made a large part of the population dependent on medication that must be taken every few hours to prevent falling into a coma followed by death. Most of the film takes place in a single room, where eight candidates take an exam for an important job as the Personal Assistant to the CEO of a mysterious bio-tech company that is said to work on a cure for The Virus.
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Sooooo this morning I watched the second episode of Game of Thrones S2. Apparently it was available 4 days ago had I only looked for it at my favorite torrent place, but I didn't and it was Jade who alerted me. <3 I love the internets.

This might sound weird, but this episode made me feel really good about my rack. Or as Tilly from Miranda would say, my "chesticles." More TMI explanation (spoilery) under the cut.

Spoilers for Game of Thrones 2x2 'The Night Lands' )
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Hilarious: Ryan Gosling saves writer's life

Jarett Wieselman‏: "Ryan Gosling saves woman from being hit by cab, NYC-ers begin hurling themselves into traffic."

And Rock musician gets rabies shots after bat pees in his eye

Everyone knows you should get a rabies shot BEFORE you have a bat pee in your eye.

One of our vendors at work yesterday catered Din Tai Fung for lunch and I am practically still full today from it. I love DTF even though it's extremely overpriced because the food is good and there is a dearth of good Chinese dumplings here (in fact, the supposed second "best" place to DTF around here is so crappy I won't even go). It's 1,000 times better to eat at the restaurant though, because the food's piping hot.

[profile] jade_okelani is finally getting an Xbox! This means I might have some motivation to tidy up my living room after all -- I'll need the Kinect space to play multiplayer games w/ her. :))

I confessed to [personal profile] akscully yesterday that I'm starting to develop an interest in Robb/Sansa. I put it in my interests, and even trying four different variations, I was the ONLY person who had it listed. Wow. I'm MORE OF A DEGENERATE than anyone else on LJ when it comes to this? Really? I almost feel duty bound to start a Robb/Sansa comm, except I'm kind of afraid that [personal profile] grrm is going to come yell at me. True story: I was never that interested in Robb until Richard Madden made me like him.
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That's right, [personal profile] adelagia. You want my userpic.

I have made two purchases recently that some might find difficult to understand. Heck, I myself waffle between giddy/excited and WTF was I thinking?

First, I got this diamond sharpening steel for my knives, the Global G-38. I've been coveting this ever since my knife class. I figure, I have really expensive knives, so why wouldn't I take care of them by using the best knife sharpener for them?

Second is related to my icon. I keep talking about my new favorite board game, Pandemic. Well, Pandemic was made by Matt Leacock, who has designed several other board games. Two of these board games, Borderlands and Lunatix Loop, are out of print. They had a limited run to begin with (only 100-200 sets of each were printed). I also have his games Roll Through the Ages and Forbidden Island, which are fun but not as good as Pandemic. Anyway, I couldn't find either of the out-of-print games on eBay, but I did find a couple of private sellers on BoardGameGeek (where game designers actually hang out and will answer questions/clarify game rules) selling the games. They are QUITE pricey, being such rare prints, but I figure I'll get hours of enjoyment from playing the games, so it's worth it. The guy who has Borderlands got back to me to say that his games are all in storage because he's going to Afghanistan for a year (!!!), but to contact him next June if I'm still looking. I did, however, buy Lunatix Loop from a guy in the UK. He has a good feedback score and has provided a tracking number, so I'm feeling pretty good about the transaction. VERY excited to play the game.

Watched Game of Thrones S2E1! Spoilery comments for 'The North Remembers.' )

I've been reading about the insane ratings jump between season 1 and season 2. Hope they keep it up. Also, from what I've read, the producers and/or GRRM seem to be under the delusion that he's going to be able to finish the book series in time to keep up with the TV show schedule. Ummmmmm NOT BLOODY LIKELY. They're already on S2. Even if they split A Storm of Swords into two seasons, that's still just 2-3 years from now. I'm guessing they'll want to combine the events of books 4 and 5, since they kind of run parallel anyway (I can't see them doing a full season without half the characters), so let's say that's another 2-4 years. That's 7 years max. It took GRRM 6 years to come out with book 5. And they think he's going to be able to put out books 6 *and* 7 in that same timeframe, considering he also has to write an episode every season and has his fingers in like a dozen other projects? Assuming 7 books actually is the final number? (GRRM has said that he's firm about 7 books unless he decides not to be firm. LOL. He's also said he won't let the story be limited by an arbitrary number of volumes.) Also, I've read that he's told the producers two big secret things from the series in case he should *knock on wood* pass away. But guess what? He's also said that he won't let anyone continue the series for him! So what's the good of them knowing what happens, if he's not going to let them tell the story? I guess he specifically means that he doesn't want anyone writing any books in the series, but the TV show is OK. In which case, it's possible that the TV show will actually eventually tell us MORE than the books, and be the definitive continuation (at least to whatever point of the plot elements they're aware of) of the series... which is just crazy.
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OMG, awesomeness.

This artist is celebrating the return of Community by artwork depicting each of the characters as a Game of Thrones character! Two of my favorite fandoms colliding!

Greendale is coming! )

And the fun doesn't stop there. There's also the return of Arrested Development. And this blog brings you... Arrested Westeros!

I've made a huuuuge mistake. )

March Madness update: OMFG MISSOURI WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. That's my first Elite 8 team to be out. DAMN IT. At least others had them going to the Final Four, but STILL. &$@#&$#@* I am BOTTOM DEAD LAST in my office pool. FML.

This is funny... but also how I feel about spoilers. :))

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This will be my only concession to the holiday I loathe most (in fact, the only holiday I loathe), and only because it has to do with Game of Thrones:

My mom and I had a row this morning. This turned into a big rant. )

<deep breath> Onto calmer topics. The homemade bacon. I promised I'd write about how this turned out. The answer is: Not as great as I'd hoped. I think it is just as easy to make at home as I've read, but there are several things I'd change the next time I do it, and I think there are two things you need to have at home to achieve bacon that's like the kind you buy in the store: a meat slicer and a smoker. The former is more important than the latter. You just cannot hand slice bacon to be as thin as the kind you get in the store. It's impossible, at least for the normal home cook. In theory you can make tons of bacon and freeze it, so it's probably worth the investment if your household consumes a lot of it ([personal profile] elle_blessing, I'm looking at you). Other notes: )

I haven't done a meme in awhile, but this will help pass the day more quickly. Stolen from any number of people.

Name a character and I'll tell you my top 3 ships for them.

My fandoms:
- Harry Potter
- Merlin (BBC)
- Downton Abbey
- Misfits
- Roswell
- Alias
- The Vampire Diaries
- Mortal Instruments
- Lost
- Game of Thrones (specify TV or book series, so I don't spoil you accidentally)
- Friends
- Community
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- Angel
- Firefly

I obviously watch many more shows/read more books than that, so you can also go off this list and if I'm familiar with the fandom I'll do my best to answer!

Speaking of books, I finished The Woman in Black. It was creepy, but not as much as I wanted, and I liked the style, but it was entirely predictable. Once one hint was given, I figured out the entire plot and all the details.
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I've started using MyFitnessPal again. I started it like 2 years ago, used it for a bit, then stopped. After my latest doctor's appointment, I felt inspired to go back to it. I really need to lose weight. I barely recognize myself anymore! Usually when I think of dieting, I get really discouraged because it seems like some far away goal, I won't see results right away, it'll take years do undo what I've done, etc. But right now I am on a "lose 1 pound a week" plan on MFP, and I realized that that meant if I really stuck to it, I could be close to my goal weight by the end of the year! An actual, real day that's within sight! So I'm giving it a shot. I have terrible self control, so we'll see. I keep telling myself that I did it before so I can do it again, but back then I had more things going for me -- I lived in a neighborhood where I could safely take long walks, I wasn't running a food blog (there's a certain amount of pressure to, you know, be making/consuming good food when you run a food blog), and I had good distractions... namely, World of Warcraft. >.>

It's made me want to play WoW again. I know, losing weight through playing WoW is like the antithesis of the image people usually think of when they think of video gamers (see South Park's "Make Love, Not Warcraft"). But for me it worked. In order to have fun, you have to interact with the game. Your hands are kept busy. I often ate only a bit of my dinner before I'd get distracted playing, and then I felt full. It's the opposite of watching TV for me -- when watching TV, I like to be doing something else, and eating is perfect. So I just eat and eat. Portion control is very difficult when I'm watching TV -- I don't eat until I'm no longer hungry; I eat until I'm stuffed.

So I'm going to try. Keeping the fitness diary really helps because 1) seeing how many calories something is, is really an eye opener; 2) I don't want to have to add stuff to the diary; and 3) it helps me realize what '1 serving' really amounts to. Last time I cut out, like, everything that was 'bad' -- ice cream, chips, fried foods, bacon, other junk food. I'm not going to do that this time because I think it was so restrictive that I had to fall off the wagon at some point, and I want something I can keep up with long term. Then again, last time I did it not to lose weight, but to improve my cholesterol. That seems under control now (at least so says the physical that I got in September), because I've generally been eating better (just too much of it).

I want to be able to wear all those nice jeans I've unearthed in my closet! LOL.

But speaking of bacon and TV... >.> Today is the last day I'll be curing my bacon. I had enough dry cure to cure it for 6 days, so I'm stopping here. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (the British "meat guru" whose advice I'm taking) says that a 5-day cure is perfect for breakfast slices. Longer cures allow the bacon to last for months, but become unpalatably salty (you have to boil away some of the salt before using). I obviously don't have some drafty shed in which to hang my bacon, so I'll just have to use his alternate suggestion and keep it wrapped in cheesecloth in the fridge. I've also been reading other food blogs about homemade bacon, and there's this ultra simple method of doing it (even simpler than what I did, which was already pretty darn easy), where you just keep it in a plastic bag the whole time with the cure and flip it over every other day to redistribute the liquid (because it does release a lot of liquid). Since I had two slabs of pork belly I probably should have tried one of each method to test which was better, but oh well.

Finished American Horror Story. Spoilery. )

Watched through ep 4 of Downton Abbey S2. )

How awesome does the new season of Game of Thrones look?! The trailer (thank you, [personal profile] akscully):

Also, [personal profile] ropo found this for me. We'll stop by the next time we're in Vegas. In fact, I think I saw this place the last time I was there!


Jan. 19th, 2012 06:53 pm
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I HAVE DEATH NOTE VOL. 7! Yay!!! It was a near thing though.

I double checked the shipping info, and while B&N usually ships stuff to me by UPS, this time they used the USPS. So I checked the tracking number, and it said it had been delivered 2 days ago! But I haven't checked my mail since, like, last Saturday, convinced that there was no way the USPS was delivering mail. I'm sorry to have doubted you, USPS. So I ventured out through calf-height snow to my mailbox, which is usually like a 1-minute walk but which took me like 5 minutes, because of gingerly having to go through the snow. I finally got there, put my key in and turned... AND THE MAILBOX WOULDN'T OPEN. It was sealed shut!! All the ice and what not had made it impossible (for me) to open. I kept trying and trying and trying, pulling with all my limited strength, but there's only so much grip you can get on a small key, getting colder by the second because it's still lightly drifting snow out there, my sneakers/socks were wet, etc. I figured I'd have to trek back home, get some warm water, and pour it over the mailbox edges, except I couldn't face actually going through all the snow and then back out again. I was like, ohmygod that Death Note Vol. 7 is in there, one inch away, TAUNTING ME, and I STILL CAN'T READ IT. I was extremely lucky though, because the guy who lives in the house that the mailbox is in front of, came home, and using pliers to get a grip on the key, managed to yank it open. Yippee.

I was rewatching Batman Begins, and the kid that Rachel saves/Batman gives one of his gadgets to looked SO familiar, but I couldn't place him. And then I finally realized who he was... JOFFREY BARATHEON. OMG. Thanks a lot, Batman. That kid's going to grow up to make a whole lot of people miserable. :))
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Rose Leslie (better known as Gwen, the housemaid who wants to be a secretary, in Downton Abbey) has been cast as Ygritte in S2 of Game of Thrones! I'm not gonna lie; I never really liked Ygritte much, but maybe this actress will make me change my mind.

I started Merlin S4. It "looks" way better than previous seasons did, much less campy. Spoilers. )

I've been rewatching Vampire Diaries S2 in preparation for S3. [profile] jade_okelani is finally watching the show (she's almost midway through S2), so we're going to watch S3 together, which is why I'm not starting yet.

Right now I'm set to go to TEN Restaurant Week lunches/dinners. That makes me very excited and happy, which I need right about now.

I'm a little disappointed with Stephanie Izard's Girl in the Kitchen. It doesn't SAY that it has any recipes from Girl and the Goat, but that's what I was looking forward to. My bad for making that assumption, sigh. I mean, I wouldn't expect it to have recipes that wouldn't be friendly to home chef (like Pig Face), but I was realllly hoping for her recipe for sauteed green beans. [personal profile] ropo says she probably wasn't allowed to share that one because it almost certainly has crack in it. LOL. Also, I went to her site after getting the book, and like, all the recipes were there! So I just paid to get them in book format, I guess.

I am going to revisit the Anne of Green Gables-athon that got shelved when all the craziness happened in the summer. [personal profile] akscully, I think you should come.


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