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All right so, I have to say, I am really enjoying Answer Me 1994 now. Jade and I just finished episode... 8, I want to say? I'm just enjoying the show all up more, meaning I really like all the characters' interactions with one another. It's kind of nice to watch a show where I'm not obsessed with any pairing, which means I can enjoy it on a different level, without the exhausting shipping. :))) SWDBS is taking up all the energy I have on that front. :))

- I'm fine with the main pairing -- you can't convince me it's not Na-jung/Trash -- but I could also ship Na-jung with Chilbong. I mean, their relationship is actually really cute and natural. But I don't feel strongly about either one. Partly it's because I'm not a huge fan of Na-jung, but also because I don't find Trash OR Chilbong very attractive... other than their bodies. Wow, holy abs Batman. I think they got cast purely for their height and bodies, lol.

- One thing I like about the triangle in this one is that, unlike with Shi-won and Yoon-jae, Na-jung and Trash actually consider/call each other oppa/dongseng, so there's more of an awkward familial tie than SW/YJ had; the latter were BFFs, so even if they got together, no one would look at them askance. With Na-jung and Trash, though, there would be weirdness, including with each other, because it's obvious they both think the other doesn't see them as anything more than a sibling. And in fact, you can see them struggle with

- Or should I say, it's one thing I like about one of the triangles? Because it seems they want to do a triangle between Curtain (I can't remember her real name lol), Haitai, and Samcheonpo too. Which is so ridiculous. Do we need TWO love triangles in the same show?! Sigh. Anyway, Haitai/Samcheonpo 4ever, honestly. But if she has to end up with one of those two guys, I prefer Haitai. He's not only better looking, he has a way better personality. Then again, Curtain herself doesn't have the best personality, so... I could have been into Curtain/Samcheonpo before they brought Haitai into it, but now that he's a contender, I'm going with him.

- Ha, never mind on that one. We watched one more episode before I could post this and they basically resolved that one, which is nice. We really did not need two triangle mysteries, though I have to admit, it certainly was a bigger mystery to me than the central mystery. Despite the fact that I had voted for Haitai, after what happened with Curtain's mom at the train station, it really couldn't have been anyone but Samcheonpo with her in the end. And I'm okay with that. The great thing about watching this show is that, since I don't really care, I can accept pretty much anything they want to do. :)) I do hope that Haitai finds himself a nice girl in Seoul though, after his girlfriend broke up with him in such an insensitive way. (Or maybe that's the way people break up in South Korea; how would I know? Seemed heartless from my American perspective for her to return all the stuff he'd gotten her, when he'd stayed (mostly) true to her despite being the one to move away and meet a bunch of new people and have so many new experiences.)

- We have discovered the identity of the boy (Duk-hwa from Goblin) in the pilot! We had guessed that he was the older boy of the two boys whose mother is dying in the hospital, because he was too old to be Na-jung/Trash's son (if they married in 2002 and it's 2013 in the present day, he would have to be 11). That was, of course, before we discovered that Na-jung's mom was pregnant. So he's her brother! <3

- I just love the parents.

- The fact that, in the future, they're trying to trick us into thinking Chilbong is her husband, kind of proves that he's not. And it would be ridiculous for it to be any of the other guys who aren't Trash. I mean, there's NOTHING THERE. It's actually a pointless endeavor to hide their names from us, when it's so obviously a two-horse race. I suppose, though, that they also want to keep us in suspense over who Curtain ends up with.

- Given the fact that there are ~20 episodes, and they're all over an hour long, yet Na-jung and Trash don't get married for another 8 years, I do wonder what the hell they're going to fill the show with. I mean, do I really want to see her and Chilbong develop a long relationship before they have to break up? Do I want to see Trash angst for that long? I might not actually care about any of the ships that strongly, but I like both Trash and Chilbong enough that I don't necessarily want to see either of them in pain.

- I really don't get what must happen for Na-jung and Trash not to get together almost immediately, when it seems that they both recognize their feelings, and Curtain's drunken antics spilling Na-jung's beans to Trash openly (about liking him) would seem to spur some kind of confrontation. Why would either of them hold back at that point? And Chilbong, seeming to realize what's between them, continues to pursue Na-jung why?

- I also don't understand how they're even going to fit the 1997 cameos into this show. :)) That's 3 years from where we currently are, and in what scenario would it make sense for these adults to run into these high schoolers on a bus? (I've seen gifs.)

I have seen the BEST interview ever between Park Bo-young and Song Joong-ki, from when they made A Werewolf Boy. (Good movie right up until the last 15 minutes, which is maddening.) Even though I kinda sorta ship PBY with Hyungsik because of SWDBS (he is just SO CUTE/FLIRTY with her in all the behind the scenes videos they've released!), seeing that interview really put me on the fence. They are so adorable together, and Joong-ki is one of those guys who has a totally irresistible sense of humor! It comes across in his acting, which I think is why I love him so much. They even got together again last year to do a plug -- of their own accord -- of the latest movie from the director of AWB. Anyway, PYB calls SJK "oppa" in the interview, which made me think about the fact that she seems older than Hyungsik, to the point where I couldn't actually imagine her calling him oppa. So I looked up their ages, and she's almost two years older than him, which I think they're preserving for the show (her being his noona, I mean, not the exact age diff). Anyway, I'm going to try and gif that PBY/SJK interview, but not sure how successful I'll be, because I couldn't find an HD version of it, boohoo.


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