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I am on a kitchen goddess ROLL. I've gotten pretty good at making jajangmyeon, if I say so myself (and I DO, okay). I've made it four or five times now, and I've got it down to a science. So delicious! The only negative is that I can't seem to find the right noodles to use. I'm using fresh Korean noodles, but I've tried various kinds and they're all a little too thick. Besides, jajangmyeon is a Korean take on a Chinese dish, so the noodles should actually be more Chinese-style. There's apparently "jajangmyeon noodles" labeled as such out there, but I've never been able to find them. :( (In related news, [profile] jade_okelani ate jajangmyeon for the first time and now understands what all the hype is about.) The other day I also made chicken tamale pie, and that was reallllllllly good also.

Never let it be said that I neglect dessert! I've also made two kinds of ice cream: vanilla with chocolate stracciatella (basically, chocolate chip ice cream) and chocolate almond walnut. Sooooooooo good. I recently had a disappointing experience with a store-bought ice cream, and decided to make my own. There was one summer when I was making ice cream constantly, but it's been awhile, so I was a little rusty. The custard for the vanilla one seemed a little dicey initially, but after straining it, it turned out great. Next up: I'm going to try and make my favorite sea salt with caramel ribbons ice cream from Salt & Straw. I've made the ice cream base, though I kind of have to guess at how much salt to put in it. I've added extra sea salt to the base (about 1/2 tsp), and I think I will add 1/2 tbsp of flaky sea salt when churning, because I KNOW I have encountered actual bits of salt in Salt & Straw's version. I also made a caramel ribbon. I found a recipe online for one that sounded right -- a caramel that was pourable at room temperature. Only, when I made it, the sauce broke. (I think it was because I hadn't heated up the heavy cream before adding it to the caramel, which in my defense, the recipe did not say to do. I only realized I should have done it when consulting the internet about why a caramel sauce would break.) I did what I could to fix it, but there was still an oily film on top of it. I left it to cool, figuring that I would throw it away, but when I got back to it, it had suddenly fixed itself. WTF, I don't even know. But it was soft and FREAKING DELICIOUS. Even after it sat in the fridge all night, it's still soft and scoopable, and 15 seconds in the microwave makes it super nice and runny. I put it on top of ice cream, and surprisingly it didn't immediately harden/seize up. O.o It stayed runny. So I don't know wtf magic elf helped me with this caramel ribbon/sauce, but hallelujah!

[profile] jade_okelani and I are sooooooooo **HEARTEYES** over Park Hyungsik it's not even funny. We just LOVE HIM in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, and love the show, period. Yes, it has its flaws. But they're easy to overlook when there's so much else we enjoy! I'm both happy and sad that we started watching while it's airing. It's such a great show to look forward to, but it's sooooooooo disappointing when there's no new episode for another week. The problem is, when we decided to watch SWDBS in real time, we had expected to like Goblin a lot more (or I did, at least), and not expected to like SWDBS quite so much. Sigh.

Isn't this an awesome shot of Park Bo-young and Park Hyung-sik? She looks so much better with her normal dark hair like she has it in everything else I've ever seen her in. I'm not sure why Bong-soon has to have the light brown/orange hair, even though PBY is so attractive she can pull it off anyway.

- I am so fucking sick and tired of the stupid gangsters. They're not funny or entertaining at all, and I hope that when Bong-soon kicks their asses in the next ep, it'll be the end of that ridiculous and annoying storyline. It's frankly ridiculous that, given how many of them have seen what she's capable of, they think they have any kind of chance with her. Unless they were in America and had guns that could shoot her dead, she's going to kick the shit out of all of them, and easily. It's so stupid that they think otherwise. Kim Won-hae is wasted in his role.

- A lot of the dialogue in this show seems somewhat vague. I'm not sure if it's the Korean language, or if the translators aren't getting the full meaning across. A prime example of this is the talk Bong-soon and Min-hyuk have by the river. Jade and I were soooooooooooooooooooo confused. Was Min-hyuk talking about himself? Or Guk-doo? Or himself! ...Or Guk-doo? Tumblr seemed to have the same confusion. Some people were totally excited that Min-hyuk had declared himself, while others seemed to think it was obvious that he was talking about Guk-doo. The answer is likely that it was both. He was ostensibly talking about Guk-doo, but the underlying meaning was, of course, that he meant those words for himself. The confusion is more about what Bong-soon understood. What was she supposed to have understood from that interaction? Does she know that he's talking about Guk-doo, as intended, or does she think Min-hyuk is talking about himself? When Jade and I thought he was actually declaring himself, I did find it a little odd that she wasn't more shocked.

I could have saved myself all that typing. :)) According to the Drama Beans recapper, the language is deliberately vague, so the words Min-hyuk are saying could mean himself OR Guk-doo. I think he's talking about himself, while he wants Bong-soon to believe -- and she takes his meaning to be -- that he's talking about Guk-doo.

Then again, he talks about taking a step forward, which she does, and Bong-soon acknowledges that Min-hyuk did take a step toward her that day, so whoTF knows. Narratively, though, it's more interesting if Bong-soon doesn't realize yet what he feels for her. After all, it's only in this episode that she realizes what everyone has been saying might actually be true, that Min-hyuk isn't gay.

- Speaking of gayness, there's been criticism that the show treats homosexuality as a joke. I can understand the distaste for that, and don't appreciate it in the instances where it's really being used as such (example: when the two guys who break into Min-hyuk Manor sleep on Bong-soon's mom's blanket with the talisman inside, and then suddenly fall in love). However, I'm not sure I see the stuff with Guk-doo that way. Min-hyuk seemed to lean into the misconceptions about his sexuality because he just didn't give a shit what people thought (until he did), which is part of what made him such an attractive character. Even when people thought he was gay, none of the characters judged him for it (other than the amorphous "shareholders" of Ohsung Group) or thought him any less of a person. Bong-soon's mom's disappointment stemmed from it being an obstacle to making him her son-in-law. :))) Bong-soon herself only cares because she sees him as a rival for Guk-doo's affections. But as her family tells her: "You're just as good as Guk-doo!!" LOL.

- One thing I do feel the show has missed out on -- though I keep holding out hope -- is changing things up with the K-drama trope of a love triangle and making the third leg of the triangle be Guk-doo being into Min-hyuk rather than Bong-soon. It actually makes sense for Guk-doo to be gay. It would also go a long way to quell the criticism about the show's treatment of homosexuality. When the two guys get totally smashed in episode 6, it's Guk-doo who puts the moves on Min-hyuk first. He instigates their drunken embraces, and that makes sense because if he were actually gay, living in the society he lives in, he's probably very repressed, and alcohol lowered his inhibitions. (They're clearly making Min-hyuk heterosexual though, and not gay or bi, so I do criticize their decision to make him respond to Guk-doo's advances. That does smack of using homosexuality as a punchline.)

It would also explain why he doesn't seem to care that much that his relationship with Hee-ji isn't working so well. It seemed like he did care, when she told him that she was becoming attracted to someone else, but we learn in episode 8 or something that he didn't, and found that strange, himself. It would make sense if he were gay! In fact, Jade wanted her to be in the know about it, and that the two of them had worked out an arrangement where she was his beard, because that would also give HER an out for being attracted to his friend Bong-ki! IT ALL WORKED SO PERFECTLY. But nope, they didn't take this golden opportunity, and is now going to just go the predictable route of Guk-doo being into Bong-soon.

Which, don't get me wrong, I like Ji-soo and I like PBY, so this is one of the least painful triangles I've had to watch/sit through, but I still think it would have all worked a lot better if they just made Guk-doo gay.

- I really cannot support the Hee-ji/Bong-ki couple. I just think it was super scummy of Hee-ji to basically ask Bong-ki out on a couple of dates, and basically pursue him, and him to accept, when Guk-doo is her boyfriend and his good friend. It doesn't matter that Guk-doo isn't really that into her or that he'll soon be actively into Bong-soon; it's just a shitty thing to do, particularly when he and Hee-ji were technically still dating. Like, they totally gave her an out with his confession about the fact that his heart hasn't been in it this whole time, and that she should feel free to leave him with a clear conscience, but in reality, she really should have waited until they were officially broken up before doing all that stuff with Bong-ki, little though it was.

- I would much prefer Kyung-shim/Bong-ki. Unfortunately I don't think that's where they're going, which is a shame. BTW I'm pretty proud of myself for being able to identify her Busan accent; I think it's partly because I find it very singsong and pretty, and loved hearing it in Answer Me 1997. I also love the word "gashina," which is apparently only a Busan-area word. (As far as I can tell, it means something along the lines of "bratty girl" -- others have said it means "bitch," but isn't a profanity.) Even though I can't be 100% certain, I think a couple of things did confirm it's that accent: When she first appears, she says that she's brought fish cakes from Busan because Bong-ki likes them so much, and in the most recent episode, Bong-soon encourages Kyung-shim to return to Busan immediately after she's healed, for her safety.

- It was nice, but ridiculous, of Min-hyuk to just forgive his second brother for the bullshit he put him through. It doesn't fucking matter that he was nice to him as a kid; what he did was dirty, evil, and disgusting, and is made WORSE by the fact that he was the brother Min-hyuk trusted, not better. Terrorizing Min-hyuk the way he did, in order to make Min-hyuk not accept their father's company, was just so fucking low. It doesn't matter that he was just trying to "scare" him -- Min-hyuk got SHOT. And mental terror can be just as bad as physical harm. So fuck you, asshole second brother. Who, by the way, was easily guessed as the culprit from early on. I do hope that this storyline is dropped, however, along with the gangster stuff, and the second half of the series can focus on the serial kidnapper.

- It doesn't seem likely that they'll drop the storyline with Min-hyuk's family entirely, but hopefully it's just more Bong-soon and he pretending to be a couple, and no more of the damn struggle over the company. If you ask me, Min-hyuk, already being successful with his own company, and not caring for his father's business tactics in the past, should have just declined the offer on his own, even without the other brothers trying to force the issue.

- Jade and I really hope we get to see the next generation of the Do family by the end of the series, in the form of an ass-kicking granddaughter for Mom. The whole scene with Grandma, Mom, and Bong-soon just seemed to be setup for that to happen, especially since Min-hyuk himself seems okay with -- and eager even -- to have a daughter with such abilities. We just looooooooooooove how much Min-hyuk is the opposite of threatened by Bong-soon's strength, and is attracted to it, instead.

- Speaking of Bong-soon's strength, [personal profile] adelagia and I are in complete agreement that the inconsistencies with it are pretty frustrating. All of her training with Min-hyuk to control her strength is super cute and welcome, but at the same time, there's no fucking way she hasn't already, on some level, been able to control it all her life. Otherwise, especially as a child, she would have been exposed long ago, or accidentally killed someone. Or, for example, what about the time she and Min-hyuk fell asleep on the same couch, and she's startled by it when she wakes, and shoves him away? Seems like he should have sustained serious injuries from that, if she couldn't control her strength before!

- I'm really bummed that Mom is so abusive. :/ I never liked that Dad was so henpecked, but her beating him up actually ratchets it up to good ol' domestic abuse. If she was a man, the outrage would be off the charts and she'd be hauled off to jail! It's a shame because she's one of my favorite parts of the show, what with her shameless attempts to get Min-hyuk and Bong-soon together. :/ Sigh.

- I don't understand Bong-soon's reluctance to work with Min-hyuk and instead wanting to be on the Planning & Development team. Dude, you have the CEO's ear! There's no better place to be to meet your ambitions at the company! Honestly.

- It was funny that her desktop wallpaper of choice was of Jo In-sung, who was the star of the movie The King, which [personal profile] adelagia and I watched in a proper theater last month or so. It was only okay.

- My one complaint, as a Bong-soon/Min-hyuk shipper, is that it's pretty clear what he's thinking. With Bong-soon, I have little to no idea. The focus of her romantic interest so far has obviously been Guk-doo, but she's supposed to end up with Min-hyuk, so why haven't we seen much softening toward him in this regard? I mean, we've seen a little, but in general I don't really have a sense for what she's thinking or feeling. She's into Guk-doo, but we've seen her argue with him more and more, while she's gotten closer to Min-hyuk. She doesn't really talk to anyone else about what she's feeling or where she is in terms of her headspace, so it's a total mystery to me how she would feel about, say, Min-hyuk taking that one step closer to her.

- Speaking of Guk-doo, it seems likely that he'll be learning about her superstrength soon, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, one of the ways Min-hyuk's character distinguishes himself from Guk-doo is in his total support of Bong-soon's strength, while Guk-doo seems to prefer weak females. But will Guk-doo really reject Bong-soon if he knows she's actually strong? He doesn't seem like that kind of person, either; he just didn't have the information. And what if the reason he's said he likes girls of that type before because he saw Bong-soon as that type of girl, meaning he just likes Bong-soon for who she is, strong or weak? That's good for Guk-doo's character, but kind of takes away from what makes Min-hyuk different from regular guys. Yet it's not like I want Guk-doo to totally be a chauvinist, either.

The main theme song from SWDBS is sung by Jung Eun-ji! <3!! I love her voice.

I'm giving Reply 1994 another shot. [profile] jade_okelani and I started Reply 1988, but we got to talking, and it seemed to make sense for her to see at least the pilot of Reply 1994. If she could take it, then I could probably get through it with someone else to watch with me, and then we'd be watching things in chronological order. The interesting thing is, on rewatch, I actually do like 1994 better than I did before! Maybe it's watching with Jade, or maybe it's just having the distance from 1997, which I loved sooooooooooooooooo much. I'm not as bothered about the parents being the same actors, and even Go Ara doesn't annoy me as much. I'm still not a fan, but I don't dislike her as much as I did the first time around. This also bodes well for my plan to watch Hwarang (for Park Hyungsik). I'm still totally convinced that the ship they want me to ship is Na-jung with Trash. In fact, I think they're being even more obvious about it than they were with 1997, and that's saying something. Jade is 100% convinced. The only reasons I'm not 100% convinced: 1) [personal profile] akscully said that they didn't tip their hand. And yet they're making it sooooooo obvious that it's Trash (some of the interactions between them are so intimate!), that it makes me wonder if it's a big red herring. And 2) it's basically the same type of love story that 1997 had, with the childhood best friend type, only this time, the girl realizes she likes the guy early on, whereas in 1997 Shi-won was slower on the uptake than Yoon-jae. At this point, I have to hope that [personal profile] akscully is just on crack, because given everything they've done with Trash/Na-jung, it will actually be disappointing if it's not him. Just like Jon being a Targaryen, it would be a total waste of a bunch of set up if it doesn't happen.

The kid who may or may not be Na-jung's kid at the beginning of 1994 (right now, my money is on her and Trash having adopted the two kids whose mom just died) looked familiar this time around, and I realized who it is: Duk-hwa from Goblin, aka my favorite character! HAHA! His name is Yook Sung-jae. He also seems to be the lead in School 2015, which was one of the shows that we watched the pilot for, and that I was into. Now I'm even more excited than I was before! I do wonder why he took on such a minor role in Goblin, though, after having been the lead in a drama.

One of the shows that's on our watchlist, that must now be bumped up, is She Was Pretty. Why? Because in episode 9, there are cameos from Seo In-guk AND Park Hyungsik!!!!!!!!! If they are on screen at the same time, I might actually not survive.

I was forced to buy a new iPod because my old iPod, the discontinued 120GB one that I got yeeeeeaaars ago, stopped working after the latest iTunes update. It was super annoying, but I've had issues with it over the years, I don't actually need 120GB of space on my portable music player, and I figured this might be Apple's way of stopping support for it once and for all. And by "stopped working" I don't mean that it literally stopped working. I can plug it into my car or any speakers, and it will play fine. However, iTunes and my PC can't read it, so I can't update it. In fact, I thought I might have to wipe the whole thing and re-input all my music, which I've had to do several times before, but I can't even do that. It's basically a time capsule at this point, with only the music I've put into it before March 2017. :P Part of me wondered if I should just be patient, and with the next update of iTunes, it'll fix itself. But like I said, I just figured it was time to get a new iPod, so I did. Only days after I got it, however, I learned from [personal profile] adelagia that she only got her new iPod last year, and the same thing happened to her! So... WTF!

Anyway, what's done is done, and I don't really regret it. I liked that I was able to personalize it with an inscription on the back (I used a song lyric, since it's an iPod!). I like that it uses a touch screen. And I LOVE that I can connect to it via Bluetooth from my car and wireless headphones. So, all in all, despite being resentful of Apple for breaking their own shit so that I can't use it, I'm not sorry I upgraded.

Subject line: Bong-soon's Mom to Min-hyuk, in order to manipulate him into joining them for breakfast.
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