Feb. 8th, 2017

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It snowed here over the weekend, and I worked from home the last two days because I hate driving on icy, snowy roads. It's supposed to rain a lot over the next couple of days, so hopefully that will melt everything away.


A coworker of mine's mother has her cosmetology license, and she offered to put in an order for us if we wanted anything (at wholesale). I ended up buying Kevin Murphy and Davines shampoo and conditioner, along with Davines's Oi All-in-One Milk treatment. I can't believe how much this stuff normally costs! Woohoo for hookups!


I've been watching Shut Up Flower Boy Band. It's been on my DF watchlist for forever, even though nothing about it appealed to me enough to actually get me to start watching. I finally did it after finishing Answer Me 1997, and seeing several comments from people mentioning SUFBB in the same breath.

Wow, lucky I wasn't expecting too much, because it is NOT good. It's not bad -- well, some of it is bad -- but it's nothing I'd ever recommend to anyone. I do like some of the music, and the story as a kind of wish fulfillment is okay, but... yeah.

The lead actor is pretty much the opposite of attractive. The lead actress is pretty but bland (well, her character is, and she doesn't help). The high school drama part of it is super weak, full of the same stuff that I can't stand from other K-drama high school dramas -- a ridiculous amount of bullying, with the student population constantly changing their minds about who's cool and who's not, rumors that get blown completely out of proportion, etc. The supporting characters are also incredibly annoying -- the heroine's best friend, the second male lead's minions, all ugh. The second male lead is played by one of the standout actors from BOF, who played brothers, I believe -- one who was bullied by F4, the other who took revenge for his brother. He is FAR less compelling in SUFBB, and his career seems to have petered out since, so I can't be the only one to feel that way.

I like the boys in the band, especially Kim Min-seok and L, but I've liked them from other things, so I'm predisposed to liking them. Kim Min-seok I first saw in High School: Love On, playing one of the bully's minions, but I ended up loving him, and he also has a small role in Descendants of the Sun. L I know from playing the younger version of So Ji-sub's character in Master's Sun, and thought he was really cute. He's also in Infinite, the boy band that the lead guys from High School: Love On are in, as is Joon-hee from Answer Me 1997.

L (I have no idea how he came to be know as that; his real name is Kim Myung-soo) reminds me of Kim Bum. They actually look alike, with handsome, babyface features and dimples -- L could literally be Bummie's younger brother. Unfortunately they also have the same acting ability, in that it's a little questionable. >< You can see them trying so hard, particularly in scenes where they're trying to be intense. Poor dears. :))

The thing I like most in SUFBB is the secondary pairing (like BOF all over again!), of Hyun-soo (L) with Ye-rim. But they give the secondary pairing hardly any screen time at all -- I would say it takes up about 5% of the overall story, whereas Yi-jeong/Ga-eul was at least 30% in BOF, from what I recall. Maybe it's because of L's lack of acting ability, but I definitely would be more into the overall story if there was more of it. The main pairing started off well, then devolved into something that didn't seem to make a lot of sense or have much feeling behind it.


OK, so I knew Seo In-guk was an excellent actor and singer, who could also play the guitar and piano. But the fact that he can also dance like this is insane. INSANE!


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